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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

The Knoxville FBI was located in the John J. Duncan Building, named after former mayor of Knoxville and father of current Congressman John “Jimmy” Duncan, who refuses to do anything about the corruption in his district.  The FBI now occupies a new building whose photo is as yet unavailable. 

(Apr. 1, 2011) — This has been germinating for some days, and I am outraged.  I am at a point now where I haven’t been before.  People can decide for themselves what that means.  These events haven’t been planned; it’s been one thing on top of the next.

There was a threat made by Dean Burger.  His wife is Annette Burger, head of the McMinn County Tea Party.  Dean came up to me on Monday night, February 28, 2011, just a month ago, and threatened me, out of the blue.  He said, “Don’t come back here.  Don’t talk.”  He was standing next to another gentleman whose name I do not know yet.  I’m telling everybody I can about this.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people a lot, and Mr. Burger is trying to defend himself by saying that I was overly aggressive at these meetings. He said, “You’re not welcome here.  Don’t come back, and if you do come back, don’t say anything.  We know what you’re up to; we don’t support what you’re trying to do.” He was very vague in the comments that he was making.  I tried to pin him down and said, “OK, what is it that you think I’m trying to do?”

All of these vague accusations that he made against me remain today.  We’ll talk about the kinds of connections that Mr. Burger has in the McMinn County environment, and I sent you the documents.  Ms. Burger, the head of the McMinn County Tea Party, has said that she knows Joe or Joel Riley.  The Burger family knows Mr. Riley, and I’m going after Mr. Riley in the Tenth Judicial District in McMinn County because Mr. Riley is standing today unlawfully as a grand jury foreman in McMinn County.  He has been illicitly put there by three different judges since 2005.

I believe that the threat against me is to back off of Joe Riley.  I can’t prove that, but it’s consistent with other things that I’ve been told as recently as yesterday and other things that I’ve been told at other points in this journey that I’ve been on for some time.

It makes sense to me that I would be threatened again because of Joe Riley and because of the three judges who are tied to him.  I’m tired of the threats; I’m tired of being stopped on the street.  It’s good and bad.  I have names of people…I have Mr. Burger as a negative, a threat; there was an email that came in back at the end of October to The Post & Email that threatened my life.  Then there are people who are coming up and saying, “Good job, you’re on the right track; keep going for it.”  Or, “Knock it off; don’t go there, or bad things are going to happen to you; you’re going to be the next Jim Miller.”

So I’m tired of it.  It’s not out of fear; I’m just tired of it.  What we’re seeing here is that the police, the federal agents, the state agents, the special agents, however you describe them…the sheriff, the city police, however you describe the law enforcement officer, have all walked away from enforcing the law.  The Constitution of the United States doesn’t work anymore because the law that it represents isn’t being supported.  We’re going to name the people who refuse to enforce the law.  This is at the center of what’s wrong with America.

We have people who are duty-bound to support the law, and we have people who are duty-bound to protect the Constitution to the point of their lives, their deaths, and they refuse to do their duty.  They are derelict in the performance of their duty to the point where America now can’t trust its court system, they can’t trust the police officers; they can’t trust the sheriff; they can’t trust many people in the military.  So at this point, we again have a very real and aggressive vetting process to find out who’s with it and who’s not.  And I’m going to name the names of the people who are not with it.  I’m going to point to our enemies:  people who know that the laws are being broken and refuse to enforce them, for whatever reason, and it doesn’t make any different what those reasons are.

We can write one article after the next after the next about why law enforcement officers have walked away from the Constitution, and the challenge is, at this point, for any police officer, sheriff, any special agent in any bureau to come forward and prove to us that he is worthy of the description of  “untouchable.”  You must prove to us that you’re on the right side of the Constitution.  If you’re not, you’re going to be named accordingly.

I had called the FBI the week before Mr. Burger made his threat to set up a time to go in and talk to them.  We know how much information has been reported to them, and they’ve been in the community asking questions and nosing around, but they haven’t done anything to act against the people whom we know are committing crimes in the courthouse.  We’re talking about the judges:  Judge Ross, Judge Reedy; we’re talking about Steve Bebb, who is the District Attorney General at this point and a former judge; we’re talking about Jon Kerry Blackwood, a judge; we’re talking about J. Reed Dixon, a judge.  These men, working with other court officials, to include Martha M. “Marty” Cook, the court clerk here in Monroe County, are criminals, and they’re proven criminals.  The documentation is in place, and it’s because law enforcement officials refuse to enforce the law that they continue to break it with impunity, with a cavalier sense of “We can do whatever the hell we want; just try and stop us.”

OK, Sharon, it’s me working with you to try and stop that.

So I called the FBI and spoke with a lady named Polly Paul and tried to set up an appointment, and there was no response.  I think that was the 24th of February.  So it was just days later on the 28th when I went to this Monday night meeting at the Tea Party and Mr. Burger came up and said, “Don’t come back.  If you do come back, don’t say anything else.”  It was a veiled threat, and I said, “That’s it.”

I had speaking engagements the first week of March.  On Tuesday night, I spoke in Bradley County, and then on Thursday night, I spoke in Polk County, so I wasn’t able to get into the FBI until Friday, March 4.  I drove in and spoke with an agent whose name I will keep confidential.  I have spoken to these people and they have been told that our lives are being threatened.  I have told people that your life has been threatened and that mine has been.  We know now why they’re being threatened:  because of the exposure that we’re bringing to the corruption in the state of Tennessee.  People want us dead because we’re exposing something that has been very good to them; it’s made a very good living for them.  They have gained a lot of money and a lot of power, and they have destroyed our court system.  It’s going on in other places because they’ve gotten away with it here.  It’s because of the Tennessee model.

There are people whom we would describe as wanting to come forward, but they’re afraid for their lives; they’re afraid of their professional stature; they’re afraid of losing their job, their retirement…they’re afraid of something.  Please quote me:  I’m done with them.  I am not willing to sacrifice my freedom for their safety.  That’s the end of it.  I am not willing to sacrifice my freedom and the freedom of my children and their children and for generations to come for your safety.

On March 4, I told the FBI duty agent that something bad was about to happen.  I told him that because where you and I are being threatened, as others are, I believe these threats are becoming more frequent and they’re becoming louder.  And I named Dean Burger to the special agent on that Friday afternoon.  I told him that people I don’t even know are walking up to me, and then they walk away.  Or I’ll be in a meeting, and they’ll walk up, and they’ll say, “You better knock it off” and walk away.  I’m getting this kind of stuff a lot.

On the evening of October 5, 2010, I was at a town hall meeting in uniform which Senator Corker held here in Sweetwater.  It happened that night, and then they walked away into the crowd.  As you’re engaged with somebody else, you get this tap on the shoulder, and you turn around, and someone says, “You better watch out, buddy; knock it off.”  Or people come up to you and they shake your hand and thank you and engage you in conversation.  That’s when the other challenges come in.  I’ve had enough.  I’ve had enough.  I do believe that somebody is planning to kill me. I do believe that there is an effort to stop me from doing what I’m doing, and I am very clear about why that is right now:  it’s because of the exposure that we have  effected which goes to the justice system which has become a criminal industry.  The people who are criminals are the judges on the benches, and we have to stop them, because there’s no law enforcement.  That’s why the judges keep doing what they’re doing.

So I told the special agent on that Friday afternoon that something bad is about to happen.   The following week, I got a call on Wednesday, March 9, from FBI Special Agent Mike Harrell.  He is a task force agent.  It’s the same Mike Harrell who came out here and spoke with Daniel Morgan some months ago.  He said, “Would you mind coming in?” and I said, “No.”  So I put together a package for him as I did for the other agent and drove into Knoxville the next morning.  I was there on time at 9:00 a.m., and we ran for four hours.  The first question I asked him when I walked in was, “Are you looking at me, or are you looking out for me?”

They were looking at me.  This is a very big deal, because I’m really tired of this, too.  These men know I’m not a terrorist.  These men know that Daniel Morgan is not a terrorist.  They are themselves acting criminally with the police officers.  They’re trying to intimidate people to back away from reporting what we know is going on around us, and they’re also telling us, “You better get used to it, because that’s just the way things are.”

Robert Mueller is the Director of the FBI and has failed to take action on over 3,000 complaints of treason and fraud filed last August against Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi, among others

I was going to write them a letter.  Well, here’s my letter to them; we’re going to do this publicly.

It was during this four-hour meeting that the task force team of three men – one of them is a senior trooper on the Tennessee Highway Patrol – that’s J.C. Parrott.  The other guy who was in there was Andy Corbett.  So you have this highway patrolman; you have a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent in there, and you’ve got Mike Harrell as the FBI agent, and they were looking at me…I am going to be gentle in my language today, but I am really furious about this.

Beware the fury of the patient man. I’m at a place today where I haven’t been before.

It’s not just me; there are other people out here, and the message to these law enforcement officers is, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more; not for you, so stop wasting your time looking at guys like me as terrorists and go and start arresting these judges, prosecutors and court clerks en masse, because they have taken over our justice system.  They have taken away our juries.

You want to talk about a terrorist act?  You want to talk about people who are terrorists?  I’m naming the terrorists now.  Quote me.

Judge Carroll L. Ross is s a terrorist.  Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy is a terrorist.  Judge J. Reed Dixon is a terrorist.  Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood is a terrorist.  And there are others.

They have taken over our court system, and they have made it into a profitable criminal industry.  They are enriching themselves, and they are the people in this country of whom we regular folks need to be afraid.  They’re involved in creating the terror, and I saw this terror in the courtroom on Monday.

I sat there all day.  I was thrown out of the courtroom again by Deputy Crowder.  He’s a jerk.  Quote me.   He’s part of the criminal industry here in the state of Tennessee where the sheriffs have become the enforcers, just a mob.  They are terrorists, and they are terrorizing the people in this community.

Something like 70%+ of the people in the Tenth Judicial District are under some kind of misdemeanor court probation.  Mr. Gary Pettway was discovered in a jury for 20 years.  The fact that that hasn’t caused more of an upset in this country is astounding.  Part of the reason is that people who want to speak up are afraid to.  They’re afraid because officers such as people whom I’ve named will act against them and bring them into a courtroom where they don’t stand a chance.

I am naming all the judges in the state of Tennessee  as criminals.  In order for them to recover or to gain back their name, to remove that stain, that smell and that stink, they’re going to have to come forward and prove to us that they’re worthy of the title or the recognition as an “untouchable.”

I’m not looking at starting a group up here; I’m not looking at collecting money.  If people do the right thing, people will be described appropriately as being “untouchable” because they stood up and did so courageously, without fear, and that’s what it’s going to take.

Let me make the point another way.  I sat with these agents on the tenth of March, and Andy Corbett called me back the next day and talked for another hour.  So I’ve spent something like seven hours with special agents from the FBI and the other two men; seven hours in the last three weeks, telling them about the crimes in this community.  I have sent information to the two grand juries in Knoxville, which has been taken away from us, as you know.  We have been reporting one crime after the next after the next, and every day that we wake up is another day when nothing happens.

There’s no more excuse for inactivity.  The way they should do this is to start effecting arrests and making statements.  This is a public cleaning of the house.  They can build the case as they go out and start taking statements and arresting the judges and the clerks and the prosecutors who are acting against innocent local citizens with this kind of impunity, this kind of malicious judicial terrorism.  That’s what we’re talking about here; it’s not the people who live in the country; it’s not us, the military veterans, who are terrorists; it’s the judges and the clerks and the prosecutors who are using this system that has only a casual acquaintance with a state or federal constitution because they’ve incorporated the name as if they’re acting under the constitution, and they’re not. These people are criminals, and we’ve proven it.  The problem is that we can’t take it to any law enforcement officer in the country to do anything because those law enforcement officers are either part of the problem or afraid to act for whatever reason.

I am tired of hearing that excuse.  I am not willing to sacrifice my freedom and my liberty for their safety any more.  I’m done with it.

I’ve told you before today that I sat in that courtroom freezing to death on the first of December surrounded by prosecutors, federal officers, state and federal agents; there were policemen everywhere.  They were controlling citizens from coming into the courtroom.  I’ve been told that people were turned away.  We’ve talked about that, too.  I was sitting there, freezing, looking around the room, and there was not a single person, as I was looking at these documents which expose Ms. Cook for rigging my jury, to whom I can report this to enforce the law and say, “Excuse me, but this jury has been hand-picked.  I couldn’t go to one single law enforcement officer in the room that day.

On the tenth of March, we got the names of two of the officers who were actually in the room that day, and I recognize them now; I saw them.  I couldn’t recognize them back on the first of December, but I can identify them now.  Do you want to know who they are?

Andy Corbitt and J.C. Parrott, two of the three men I met with on the tenth told me on the tenth that they were in the courtroom  on December 1.  I recognized them then.  I said, “Yeah, OK, you were there.”  Then all three of them took issue with me to think that I was naive enough to believe that anybody is going to get a fair jury in this day and age.  And that’s why this telephone conversation is going the way it’s going – because they knew.  Two of those guys were in the room that day, and they knew that the jury was rigged and did nothing.  And they’ve done nothing since.  State Trooper Parrott and TBI Agent Corbitt are Army veterans.

They’ve been caught.  The jury has been caught.  Ms. Cook has been caught, and the response that we get from the law enforcement officers is, “Well, what’s the big deal?  You’re surprised by this?  This is the way it is.”

Two agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are culpable as well:  Special Agent Washington and Special Agent in Charge Dennis Daniels, who is Washington’s boss.  Both work in the Chattanooga office of the TBI.  I met with Washington last June, and nothing has been done.  Washington would neither give his full name nor his business card (as I handed mine to him).

In other words, what they said to me on the tenth is that no jury can be trusted anywhere.  And these are law enforcement officers.  They need to be called out and named and ridiculed and besmirched, sullied and degraded and recognized for their complicity.

I don’t care what reason they have for not doing their job; it doesn’t make any difference.  I don’t care.  It’s because they haven’t done it that these judges and the others are getting away with what they’re doing.  On Monday, March 28, Carl Swensson was in the courtroom.  I had no reason to be there.  I wasn’t called that day.  But there were several cases that day that I was involved in, so I was there.  I talked to the press that day.  It’s the complicity.  Michael Thomasson, the guy who wrote the article about Marty Cook and her statement that “the judges can pick the foreman from wherever they choose…”  No, they can’t.  It’s against the law.

You have county attorneys stating that it’s OK for the judges to pick whomever they want year after year after year, because they get to do that.  No, they can’t.  It’s against the law.  That’s black and white, and the problem is that it’s not a law until it’s enforced.  That’s the bottom line.  You have law enforcement officials who refuse to enforce the law, and they can act against anybody in the community who might challenge them because they walk into these profit centers, these fake courtrooms with pretend judges who are working in what has been described as “Prisoners for Profit,” and they’re locking up innocent people, like me, who have defended this country with their lives, naming us and looking at us as terrorists.  Do you know how obscene and how objectionable that is?

I am prepared to give my life in the fight…quote me.  I am prepared to give my life in the fight to get back to the Constitution, because that was the oath that I took. And the veterans in this country who refuse to come to the fight I name, here and now, cowards.

I’m not willing to protect their safety and their profit motive with my freedom and my liberty.  It isn’t going to work like that anymore.  So we better find out who in this country is going to stand for the Constitution.  I’m in a different place today than I was at the beginning of March.  I’m tired of being threatened by people in my own community for trying to undo this criminal industry which is institutionalized in the culture.  People are looking at me as if I have two heads because it’s against the law.  It’s not OK.

This is the frustration that this country faces.  Do you know who Sheriff Mack is?  I’m condemning Sheriff Mack here and now as a coward, because as far as I can tell, Sheriff Mack hasn’t caused or effected or been responsible for the arrest of a single judge.  I don’t care what his past career looks like.  I don’t care what he points to.  I’m telling you right now that  we have gotten to the point where we are right now in this country, and certainly in the state of Tennessee, because of the Sheriff Macks of the world who are out trying to sell their books.

There are others I can name.  This guy who started Oathkeepers, Stewart Rhodes…he’s a fake.  Because, you see, the criminality in the country that we’ve exposed locally is found everywhere, and it could have been found anywhere…it’s massive.

As an example, there’s a woman with whom I’m working right now named Tammy Gable.  There’s an attorney named Brent Horst.  This comes out of Bradley County, and the inmate involved is in Bradley County right now.  The family is trying to get an audio recording of the events of the day in an open, public court with Judge Amy Reedy. It would cost pennies to have the audio recording reproduced and given to the family, but the court, as a policy, won’t release it.  I had an exchange with Atty. Horst, and he said, “Don’t ever write to me again.”  So I said, “OK, fine; here’s my message to you, Counselor Horst:  you’re part of the problem, and you’re a coward.  Come sue me.  Come and get me.”

Counselor Horst and all the other attorneys that I’ve had to deal with here are part of the problem.  I can’t find one yet who can be trusted.  There’s not one that I can name; they’re all part of the problem because they haven’t spoken out publicly; they haven’t become untouchable.  They haven’t exhibited the courage and the integrity that it’s going to take for them to stand up and say, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.  We see the problem, too.”  And it’s because of the attorney, in fact, that we’re in the situation that we’re in right now.

Do you know of an attorney who has reported to you the kind of corruption that we’ve had here in Monroe County?  Can you think of one attorney who has come forward and said, “We’ve seen it ourselves”?

The public defenders know that you can’t live here and be walking around and not know.  This is their business.  This is like taking the watch on the bridge of the ship and running the ship aground and what do they do?  They put the captain on another ship, and then he runs that ship aground.  You can’t do it and continue to stand the watch on the bridge of the ship and keep running ships aground.  But they keep doing it.  And they’re locking up innocent people along the way.

We the People are reporting to law enforcement officials of every sort an extraordinary circumstance whereupon we find the absence of a forcing function to overcome their adamant refusal to enforce the laws found in our Constitution.

A judicial dictatorship installed its own government as judges, prosecutors and other court officials have sent constitutional juries to their death. The judicial dictatorship replaces constitutional juries with their own patronage picks…their own political appointees.

Our juries have been kidnapped and the unending law enforcement response is: “Live with it!”

So many military and former military have turned their backs on the Constitution. I highlight this aspect of our present day awareness as the most sinister regarding the danger we face right now as veterans willingly join in the overthrow of our constitutional Republic.

The real terrorism our fellow countrymen face is found in our courtrooms, everywhere in the nation, every day.

Editor’s Note: Part 2 of LCDR Fitzpatrick’s recent research, discoveries and observations will be presented in the near future.  This piece was published one year to the day after Fitzpatrick was arrested for effecting a citizen’s arrest of the Monroe County grand jury foreman, who had been illegally serving in that capacity for 20 years.

A photo of Judge Carroll Ross can be found here.  In Part 2 of this interview, The Post & Email will expose Ross for lying from the bench.

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  1. Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick,
    I commend you for taking the stance you have. You are truly a brave soul, we need more citizens like you and your wife. I agree with other though, we need you as does your family to be around much longer and enjoying good health. Remain diligent at all cost. I was sickened to see Sheriff Mack’s books listed on Amazon as well, with such high reviews.
    Bless you and yours.

  2. I can’t speak as to the Tenn. officials, but the FBI is controlled by the (in)Justice depart. and Mr. holder is controlled by Mr. obama and they both have decided to not investigate any cases where the victim is white. I don’t remember the exact phrases that was used or where I read it on the internet., but Issa in congress is trying to investigate the charges.

  3. LCMD Fitzpatrick is mad as hell and so am I. I am sick and tired of being lied to, ridiculed, manipulated and stolen from by this band of thugs who have taken over our government. Quite simply, you cannot placate, cajole or “wait out” your enemy. I refuse to be intimidated or threatened with loss of income, property or life. What kind of a life would be worth living if I knew I had no integrity or hope for my family? This is the question each American needs to answer and hold themselves accountable for. Preferably sooner than later. We don’t have much time to turn this around.

  4. Walt, you are correct. The judiciary here has been high jacked and the law enforcement officers refuse to act, or are a big part of the problem themselves enabling it to continue and fester like an infective pustule and carbuncle.. That is exactly how TN has gained the reputation of being the number one corrupt state in the nation. People are dying and being wrongfully harassed and incarcerated or politically backed wrongdoers are going free, while crime victims of all ages suffer.

    The FBI is negligent and derelict in their duties. The TBI is a joke, as they protect the wrong doers in both Monroe and Sevier Counties and simply waste state monies. The TBI cannot even tell a straight story as to what falls under original jurisdiction and what does not. The governor refuses to act. The ACLU is supposedly unresponsive. The news media is tainted, at least in the county of Sevier, which results in covering their sordid activities enabling them all to proceed with their wrongdoing. The professional board of responsibility, who governs the activities of lawyers and district attorneys is useless.

    . I could add many more to your list of those who are corrupt from the judiciary, federal, state, and local law enforcement realms and are responsible for death, negligence, destruction, and corruption.

    It is we the people who must unite and stand together. How long will it be until we are fighting civil war in the street? It seems not long. Our liberties and rights have been taken from us.

    Hang in there in this fight and I also thank you and Sharon for the fine article. There are many of us with you and fighting too. I believe too, it is a fight worth fighting as no one wishes to live under the tyrannical conditions evolved from the unwillingness and negligence of people who can really make a difference and put a stop to this.

    Seems we were all safer in the lawless west days of Judge Roy Bean. At least he had some backbone and was not simply bought off either by money or by cronyism. The good ole boy system so prevalent in eastern TN has destroyed the very fabric of justice and liberty.

  5. This is breathtaking.

    I am having a hard time getting my mind around the depth of the corruption that apparently exists in Tennessee. If it is there, it is almost surely here in San Diego County, CA as well, and in hundreds of other counties across the country.

    We have certainly witnessed the corruption in the federal courts.

    It seems that the entire machinery of government, from local to county to state to federal, has been taken over by some sort of cabal of criminals and traitors.

    I need to think about what I can do.

    LCDR Fitzpatrick – your courage is inspiring. I am very concerned for your life. You may not survive this. If they take you down, you will be remembered as a man of honor, a patriot, one of the few who took his oath of office as a U.S. naval officer seriously.

    Now is the time for all military veterans to come forward to fulfill their duty to the Constitution of the United States of America.

  6. Oath Keepers was founded with a very specific mission and immediately came under attack by the SPLC who are currently attempting to intimidate the membership with federal sedition statutes. Any adventures away from the task of RTI will only jeopardize the very existence of the organization.
    However most OK members are oath takers and many from the outlying areas in TN, NC, and GA have been active in support of the issues in Murfreesboro and Madisonville. The veteran members of Oath Keepers are involved but not as tee shirt wearing members in order to protect the existence of the organization.

  7. “If you’re REALLY REALLY gung ho, get your relatives, friends, and neighbors to register at http://www.LawlessAmerica.com and http://www.GetAGripAmerica.us
    Bill Windsor is trying desperately to form a group to enlighten and motivate people about the corruption going on in the judicial system across this Nation. I will be sending him this article. PLEASE, Walt, be VERY careful, we cannot afford to lose you to this vermin!
    Sharon, I WISH Walt could contact me, I have some information I would like to relate to him in a non-public forum. I hope you will ask him. There is just so much more going on…….I wish I were at liberty to speak about it here, but for now, I cannot.
    Walt, you are so correct about what is happening……I don’t think even YOU realize how deep this corruption has gone. GOD Bless you, Sir!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I will put him in contact with you immediately.

  8. Dear Walt;

    You need to run for Sheriff. If you became Sheriff then you would be in a position to begin arresting people yourself. I think that is your best option at this point. As a Sheriff, you might then get the support and help of the FBI. They might not be so afraid to act if you make the arrest as a Sheriff and present the evidence. You could clean up the system from within. You could deputize people you know and trust to back you up. I would seriously consider running for Sheriff.

  9. Walt, it’s good to hold your head high but you may have to duck into the foxhole to keep in the fight. That isn’t cowardice, it’s being a tactical combatant. As for knowing an attorney who has stated he has seen what we see, yes I have. In fact we spoke on the phone recently over a case and he educated me on police officers who are known to their captains and tacitly allowed to be the enforcers. To the lawyers who stand against them, representing survivors, they are known as assassins. While many cops are just keeping their mouths shut just to earn a living they have in their hearts a heaviness because they can not make a change and can only serve to actually protect while they are employed. Should the critical mass emerge from the people to break the stranglehold the system has upon us they will be there. We need them quietly waiting for that day so don’t prejudice all. It may surprise you to find one of those who kept the lid on rise to a position where his power can be used justly like Sheriff Joe Arpaio. My wish for you sir is to remain the patient man and live to taste the fruit of victory.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: As one who has been reporting on LCDR Fitzpatrick’s search for justice for almost a year, I can say that it appears to me that he has been very patient. Judges, prosecutors, court personnel, including the court reporter, continue to break the law and incarcerate the innocent. The FBI stated last October that they were investigating malfeasance in Monroe County, but what evidence have we seen of that? When people’s lives are threatened, it appears they simply sit back and say, “This is just the way it is.” That makes them guilty of treason.

  10. It makes sense that Oathkeepers are a fraud. I know I have written to them on several occasions begging them to do something to help LCDR Fitzpatrick. I wondered where they were and wrote again. Same response that everyone is getting – a big, fat nothing! Who got to the Tea Party? I remember the early days carrying my favourite sign, “Where’s the birth certificate”. It was OK then, not now. Maybe there’s no way to prove the birth issue but what about the SSN#? The cold, hard evidence is there! There’s no way to misinterpret that. The more I see, the more I believe that a coup has already taken place and it just hasn’t been reported.

    1. RSA9999- Perhaps someone can ask the newly elected constitutionalists such as Rand Paul, Allan West, etc “Why has everyone in congress and the judicial system decided to IGNORE the CONSTITUTION and ALL of the LAWS in the US”? You have a very valid point regarding the coup! Has anyone heard anything about Col. Harry Riley march on Washington on March 19th? Not one word on the internet about it.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Perhaps Rand and West are not really constitutionalists. It is going to be up to We the People.

    2. Just what “action” do you think Oathkeepers is supposed to take? We are faced with an obstacle that must be dealt with strategically, morally and only in defense of our constitution. The OK mission is to reach, teach and inspire. As Samuel Adams made clear, education and virtue will preserve the republic. Tactically we face an ignorant populace that must be educated about everything to do with our founding before they can understand the goal of our society is to participate in government wisely informed instead of propagandized. That work is paying off but is never finished as each generation must be primed well before it can take the reins. Should the government turn to violence against society, then those who are sworn will be expected to refuse to aid that government and defend those who are under assault. It is no less an obligation to work peaceably to ensure our liberty is preserved.