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by William Lolli, ©2011

Donald Trump has exhibited his long-form birth certificate but Obama has yet to, whilie he is preparing to officially announce that he will run for president again in 2012

(Mar. 28, 2011) — In Part 1 of Those Darn Birthers I examined why the Birthers are so despised. In Part 2, I touched on the many reasons why Birthers refuse to give up their quest for the truth. In Part 3 we look at the current state of the Birther Movement and what is next.

So what are the Birthers up to? Well, the scale of involvement and participation is quite wide:  At the grass roots there are active Tea Party members who continually call, write, and confront their local congressmen on the issue. At the celebrity level you have moguls like Donald Trump asking “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

Volunteer researchers continue to help litigation and FOIA efforts to unlock the secrets of Obama’s past. Birther activists are working with pro-eligibility-validation state legislators in 11 states crafting laws that require Article 2, Section 1 eligibility-enforcement before a 2012 candidate can get on a ballot. And some professional investigators are cracking the wall of linkage between the missing long-form birth certificate, a study of infant deaths in 1961, Obama’s late-1970s Selective Service registration and his acquisition of a Connecticut social security number.

Lucas Smith’s affidavit and Kenyan Birth Certificate continues to circulate the internet and be sent to every member of Congress with requests for an investigation. Congressman Issa’s office is constantly asked why he hasn’t subpoenaed the Hawaiian long-form Birth Certificate to put an end to the controversy.

Many volunteers continue to barrage other congressional offices with demands that Lt. Colonel Lakin’s trial outcome be revisited. Birthers are now involved with local and state watch-dog groups, keeping a close eye on each state’s Secretary of States’ offices to prevent foreign nationals from running in local elections and to lobby for Voter ID legislation. Because of these efforts, more attention is paid to the integrity of voter registration now more than ever before–and the expansion of involvement by other groups into this segment is growing.

The Left, however, is not standing still. They have realized that they have lost the argument about Obama’s privacy, his non-disclosure and his promise for transparency in government.

To counter this, they assert a non sequitur:  In a recent discussion on the topic with an Organizing for America Left-leaning liberal he told me, “Well, it doesn’t matter. Those Birthers wouldn’t believe it, even if you had the birth certificate in your hand.”

This is a clue as to the next step in the Obama ‘make-Birthers-into-kooks’ strategy:  The coming 2012 election-cycle, public presentation of a “long-form Birth Certificate” which will be denied any forensic validation by competent independent authority.

Will it work? Will the American people be fooled again by a 3 Card Monte Switcheroo?

Not if the Birther Movement starts now in adopting a forensic-validation mantra to state officials and a proof-requirement built into the election code.

The only problem is time is growing short– and 2012 is right around the corner.


William Lolli is a regular columnist for SanDiego.com, which chose not to publish his series on the “Birthers” but granted permission for them to be published at The Post & Email.  His bio can be found here.

Update, March 29, 2011:  Mr. Lolli reported the following:

SanDiego.com management has agreed to move forward with a “debate” on the birther issue.  They submitted a list of positional questions to me and I responded [word count limitations were imposed].  Next they will send my opponent’s position to me and allow me a rebuttal.


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  1. After reading all of this and watching Trump I have a theory about the birth announcement. It is possible that Ann Dunham had an obsession about having half-foreign babies in foreign lands. She returned days after he was born. A young healthy woman would be able to do so. But she did not want to certify her kid as foreign born because the paperwork required some information about her “husband” that she didn’t didn’t want to divulge. Barack senior doesn’t seem too up and up like her second husband Soetero whose kid she did certify as foreign born. For that reason she decided to simply pass him off as a hawaiian born. She had her family post that birth annoucement just to cover her base. However she ran into an issue when came time for a social security number. There is some cloud surrounding the CT number when no one ever lived in CT and that number apparently was linked to some Ludwig guy now deceased. That is the only explanation I can think of for the mysterious birth annoucement.

  2. Thomas Morato; You postulate two possibilities for outcomes, namely, that he produces a document or that he is deposed. There is a third possibility, which is that he continues to sit like a stone, makes no response, and the nation continues to tolerate that foul behavior. Me, I that that this third possibility is most likely. We may be very angry, but it is all internal. No marches, we aren’t threatening anyone. We write letters (big whoop!) and grouse a lot, but we as a nation show every indication of putting up with it indefinitely. With every new piece of data about his criminality, we cluck out tongues, say that this is the Last Straw!, and settle back down. As some smart person said right after the 2008 election, it is bad that he was elected, but much much worse that the U.S. has an electorate that is capable of electing him. It think that that same electorate is also capable of tolerating the full knowledge that he is a criminal, fraud, usurper, communist, racist, incompetent, and thug.

  3. Don’t forget that if a certificate of live birth were to appear, there would have to be hospital records for the mother for prenatal care and for the delivery care, and a second record for the care of the newborn infant. Retro-creating medical records is very tricky, since there have to be a lot of specific personnel who sign each shift, several physicians (anesthesiology, obstetrics, pediatrician, at a minimum, and probably several shifts of each), nursing shifts, all the accompanying other information on the mother and child, and so forth and so on. The forgers have shown surprisingly little skill on the other forged (COLA, selective service) documents so far. Of course, they have had a LOT of time to prepare these documents, so they might do a better job now, but the Governor has already said that there were no birth records for either mother or child in the local hospitals, and other boots-on-the-ground researchers also have said that there are no records for either mother or child. In addition, there is the problem of inserting a patient number into a system where there is a sharp time frame. It would be fairly easy to check the reality of any chart number that is being fraudulently reassigned…and a number for both mother and child would be needed, so doubly difficult to disguise reassigned numbers. All in all, I think that the production of a certificate of live birth would provide an enormously fertile opportunity to demand release of everything, and would on that basis be avoided at all costs. Which is exactly what is being done.

    P.S. Maybe the reason that the briefly appointed and then unappointed Director of Health (Palafox?) in Hawaii was so quickly trashed by governor Abercrombie was because he was unwilling to push along with the frauds that are being perpetrated on the U.S. public? I can just imagine the pressure he is likely to be under to shut up. As far as I can see, the Hawaii Dept of Health does not have a functioning Director any more. Does anyone have up-to-date information on that?

  4. Since it is commonly (tho falsely) asserted that Obama is a legitimate because he was born in the U.S., today’s report in the N.Y. Times about a Chinese citizenship factory in California is relevant. Chinese women have long been coming to a hospital-like institution on tourist visas for the sole purpose of birthing a child with U.S. citizenship. Similar operations are run in New York and no doubt elsewhere. This is a business, and adverts for “maternity visas” are run openly in China, Mexico, Turkey, etc.

    Using the false argument commonly applied to Obama, any of these Chinese Communist babies could return here in the future and follow Obama’s footsteps right into the White House. What a self-destructive bunch of fools liberal-minded Americans are.

  5. The latest media blitz about Obama’s missing birth certificate does appear to be a set up.

    Which is more likely?

    1) Obama under pressure releases yet another forged document in an attempt to squelch Birthers.


    2) Obama is arrested for fraud, usurpation and treason and placed in jail.

    From what I’ve seen over the past 2 years… I’d place my bets on #1.

    1. to thomas morato / once again obama would have to change who his father is because that is what makes him ineligible. it seems people keep forgetting this. i do not believe he will change that.

  6. to mr. lolli —– i have stated this before. any forged document will need 2 u. s. citizen parents listed on it or it will not help him. he is required to be born on american soil and have both father and mother as american citizens to be eligible to be potus and c. i. c. you seem to ignore the definition of a natural born citizen. if he changes who his father was he has still committed fraud.

  7. I don’t think the lost BC is going to suddenly appear…too little..too late, no one would expect anyone to accept it at face value…and what would the excuse be for waiting 2 1/2 years? They can’t say they “just found it” because at least once the Hawaii Department of Health said they had it. If it has all the information on it all other 1961 long-form Hawaii BCs have they better be tieing up a lot of lose ends unless they are going say everyone named on the BC is now dead and every record they had is lost…too late for even a “perfect” fake.

    1. Bob, I wouldn’t put anything past the CIA, Hawaii, Washington nor the state-controlled-media in providing the public another fake document/story about Obama’s nativity. The entire government is in full turtle protection mode of Obama’s past with no discovery, head fakes, misinformation, and propaganda warfare against disclosing the truth about who this guy really is.

      1. Article II Section 1:5 No person except a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, or citizen of the United States, at the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be ELIGIBLE to the office of the President.

        Article I Section 8 The Congress shall have the power to define and punish Piracies, and Felonies committed on the High Seas, and Offenses against the LAW of NATIONS

        LAW of NATIONS, Book I, Chapter 19, The NATIVES, or NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, are those born in the country , of parents who are citizens. As society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the conditions of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights…IN ORDER TO BE OF THE COUNTRY, IT IS NECESSARY THAT A PERSON BE BORN OF A FATHER WHO IS A CITIZEN, FOR, IF HE IS BORN OF A FOREIGNER, IT WILL BE only the place of his birth, and not his country.

        This same issue was brought up over Chester Arthur’s eligibility, and like Obama, Arthur tried to hide his information. He burned his family’s documents in his backyard, It was later proven that Arthur’s critics was right, because Arthur’s father at the time of Arthur’s birth was a citizen of Ireland, and this made Arthur ineligible to be President.