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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Feb. 23, 2011) — Sometimes we can’t help but to question the intellect of the average American. The adjectives that come to mind are, disengaged, naive, uneducated, not too smart, oblivious, brain dead, apathetic and a few others we can’t mention here.  It appears that so many of us are but puppets on a string and a puppeteer is having the time of his life dancing us around.  Unfortunately, many millions of Americans don’t seem to care one whit ….. about anything, except maybe their favorite TV program, or how some sports team is performing.

If anyone with an ounce of intellect looked at the two graphs in this article, it becomes abundantly obvious why the price of gasoline continues to go up.  It’s economics 101 ….. supply vs. demand.  Since 1970, America’s oil production has dropped off 50% in just 40 years, while American oil consumption has steadily increased to now over 20,000,000 barrels of crude oil per day.  Most analysts say that we are now importing at least 70% of that oil consumption from foreign sources.   70% amounts to 588,000,000 gallons of gasoline per day that we are having to import from unstable mid-Eastern, South American and African countries.  Many of those countries hate our guts, or are our enemies and would love to use oil exports to bring us to our knees, if it wasn’t for the fact that they are getting filthy rich off of American dollars …… your dollars.

source 1: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/ene_oil_con-energy-oil-consumption

source 2: http://www.eia.doe.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=MCRFPUS2&f=A

But the next question is, why has American oil production dropped by 50% in 40 years, when our domestic consumption has increased substantially in that same period?  If the answer isn’t obvious to you, you aren’t aware of the domestic enemy that has been, for the last 40 years, working on your guilty conscience and manipulating you, in order to penalize America and Americans for being so successful, resulting in the steady decline of American oil production.

Haven’t you heard?  Americans are evil and decadent and they are destroying the planet with their decadence, greed and gluttonous consumption  Americans are guilty as charged without benefit of judge and jury and must pay a price for their evil ways, in spite of what America and Americans have given to the world.  In contrast, or so we are told, the rest of the world is “good” and they need to be compensated by rich Americans for our transgressions.  We, Americans, are killing the planet by destroying the environment and spewing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, single-handedly creating run away man-caused global warming.  We must be stopped at all costs.

If you believe this malarkey, you fall into the categories we described in the second sentence of the first paragraph.

To extract the price America must pay, the rest of the world, in partnership with the corrupt UN and national and international radical environmentalists, have decided only America can’t drill for its own oil.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world, including the two other major super powers, are drilling for oil, mining coal and building hydro-electric dams for a fair-the-well.  It has been reported that China is building at least one coal-fired power plant PER WEEK!  They could care less about the environmentalist’s claim that CO2 from burning coal is causing global warming.

Russia is busy tying up oil and mineral resources in other areas of the globe.  They don’t care about causing environmental harm to the planet, or causing global warming either.

So ladies and gentlemen, how many coal-fired power plants is America building?  None!  Does anyone realize that 50% of America’s energy needs come from coal.  How many nuclear power plants is America building?  None!  How many new power sources and additions to the power grid are being built? Only a few highly taxpayer-subsidized wind and solar power facilities.  A drop in the bucket to our rising energy needs.  How many new refineries are being built in America?  None!  How many hydro-electric dams are being built to supply power, irrigation and water reservoirs for domestic water consumption are being built?  None!   Why?  Blame it on the environmentalists and the government that never saw an environmental law they didn’t like!

But now the rooster has come home to roost.  One of our major foreign sources of oil, the Middle East, is disintegrating before our eyes.  Riots and revolution are attempting to replace long-reigning brutal dictators.  This bloody battle could rage for years, while America and Americans stand by helpless to do anything about it.  Radical Islam could very well be attempting to obtain a major foothold in the middle East and unite many Arab countries into a Caliphate.   That doesn’t spell well for American interests.

The 1979 Iranian revolution sent oil prices skyrocketing.  Iran is having another revolution as we speak.  Iran is also sending warships into the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.  An Arab war with Israel looms ever closer and it could be triggered by the smallest of events.   The Iranian warships could be that event.

Our supplies of oil depend heavily on the Suez Canal and the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.  In an Arab-Israeli war, as much as 60% of our imported oil could be shut off by their closure.   The outcome of the middle east break down is unpredictable, even by the best political minds.  But none of these events bode well for American energy needs.

What then, Mr. and Mrs. America, if your oil supplies are cut off?  Where will you get the gasoline to make your car move, or the energy to heat or cool your nice homes, or where you work?  But even worse, where does the military get its oil, gasoline and diesel to run its machines, ships, airplanes and other weapons of war?  Wouldn’t we then be vulnerable to the other two super powers joining up to take us on while we are weak and caught with our pants down?

Obama, his administration, most of the rest of the politicians of Washington, DC, the inhabitants of most state capitols and every short-sighted, brainwashed environmentalist want to continue to shut off drilling for oil on American soil, either off or on shore.  California, Oregon and Washington have decided to fight global warming all by themselves, by regulating and taxing the heck out of their constituents.  A foreign enemy couldn’t have designed a more diabolical plot to take down America and render it impotent.

You ask, who is behind this hellish plot?  Radical environmentalists, that’s who!  And who is pulling their strings?  International financial and political interests that would like nothing more than to take the starch out of American power and exceptionalism and rob it of its wealth, resources, freedom and sovereignty and then absorb America into the one world order.

Sure, there are other factors that can vary the price of oil, such as increasing world demand, speculation in oil futures, shut downs of refineries or oil pipelines, dwindling reserves in different areas and war in other parts of the world.   But supply is the biggest driving factor, as demand increases and demand is increasing and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.  America has purposely restricted exploring for massive oil reserves that are in abundance, both on and off America’s shores.  This act of restriction by the American government, driven by the wealthy and politically influential environmental lobby, is not only grossly negligent, it borders on treason.

We predict that by Memorial Day, the average price per gallon of gas in America will be $4.00 per gallon.  By the end of 2011 it could very well be $5.00 per gallon and maybe even higher.  All this because Americans allowed radical environmentalists and the government that aids and abets radical environmental causes to drastically restrict or shut off the one element that drives America’s high standard of living ….. energy!  Without energy we are just another third world country.  But even worse, without energy we are a third world power and highly vulnerable to being conquered by a country who increased their energy supply, rather than reducing it as America has done.  Only traitors could pull this deed off.  Only stupid, uninformed idiots would allow it to continue unabated.


Many of our articles have spawned responses that say, “we know all that but what can we do about it?”  In our last article we said we would provide a solution to America’s difficulties and we shall.  The solution is simple.  The implementation of the solution is a little more problematic.  You decide!

Egypt is a country of about 80,000,000 people and yet only about 250,000 to 300,000 of those 80 million brought down Mubarak, a dictator that had ruled with an iron fist for 29 years.   250,000 people only represents 0.3% (less than 1%) of the entire Egyptian population.  The American population is between 300 million and 310 million.  0.3% of 310 million is 930,000 people.   For the sake of argument, let’s just say that 1,000,000 people in the U. S. decided to focus on one problem and relentlessly pursued that problem by leaning on, yelling at, writing to, calling, or faxing politicians in Washington, DC with their anger and they kept up the pressure day in and day out until the politicians surrendered.  Now 1 million people is not that many to focus on a single problem.  What if instead, there were 10,000,000 people who focused on a single problem?  You bet there would be change.

America has hundreds of problems from financial, to jobs, to social concerns, to foreign affairs, to energy, to infrastructure, to food, to water supplies, to housing, to property rights, to health care and a whole host of smaller issues that are driving many of us nuts.  They appear as a whole, unresolvable.  In fact, if we try to look at and solve these problems as a whole, we will be overwhelmed and ultimately fail.  But if we take the problems on, one by one and focus our energy on just the one, our odds of effecting change go up dramatically.

So this is our proposal.  Get all of the major players in the freedom and liberty movement at one table (in-person conference or conference call) and have them decide which American problem would be addressed first.  Let’s say they decide on ObamaCare.  It doesn’t matter what they decide as long as they are in agreement.  They then would go to the people they represent and encourage them to relentlessly focus on that one problem.  And let’s just say these leaders represent at least 10,000,000 people.  From every corner of America 10,000,000 people would direct their attention and energy on this one problem and direct that energy at those who make the decisions in America.  Can you imagine what force this would have?  Just think.  10,000,000 e-mails; 10,000,000 phone calls; 10,000,000 letters; 10,000,000 faxes, all on the same issue.  This activity would shut down DC’s phone and fax lines.  It would shut down their e-mail servers.  It would overwhelm the mail rooms.

Do you want to see crude oil prices come down?  Put 10,000,000 people telling Washington DC to start up the drilling rigs and let’s get rolling, on or offshore and tell those environmental traitors to get out of the way.   The second the word got out that America was going to “drill”, gas and oil prices would come down immediately and dramatically.   If 10,000,000 people sung the phrase, “drill, or get out of the way”, it would be a worldwide news story that would gather momentum across the globe.  When oil prices came down, all other prices would follow.  Huge amounts of capitol would be released into the monetary system and the energy and creativity of American entrepreneurs would fuel the rest.

What if we then all rallied around the slogan or battle cry “Force 10 from Libertas?”  (“Libertas” is the Roman Goddess of Freedom) Or, we could call the movement “The Libertas 10 Rebellion.”  Whatever slogan we decide to rally around, let’s get on with it.

The beauty of this proposal is that Americans wouldn’t have to go to meetings or spend any serious money to be a part of the 10,000,000.  It all could be handled by e-mail, letters, faxes, or phone calls from the leaders to the 10,000,000 and from the 10,000,000 to the politicians.  But we can virtually guarantee that if 10,000,000 people were of one mind and focused on one problem until that problem was resolved, the rest of America’s problems would fall like dominoes.  Ladies and gentlemen, 10,000,000 people only represents 3% of the American population.  The “Force 10 from Libertas” could be the 3% peaceful solution to restoring America’s freedom, liberty and sovereignty, instead of that other 3% solution that we all dread.  The fact is, if we can’t get 10,000,000 people to raise their voices as one and direct their peaceful energy at one problem at a time, we don’t deserve to call ourselves Americans.

To leaders and subscribers to the freedom movement, if you concur, let us hear from you.  Will you commit to being part of the 10,000,000?
Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO).

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  1. American Jews all voted for Obama. They donated heavy to Obama election. When Israel is gone the Jews can look in a mirror to find the problem.

    If American jews in Florida had voted against Obama then he would have lost the election.

  2. When Democrats talk jobs they mean give 700 trillion tax dollars to the unions. So the unions will give money back to the democrats.

    Democratic president Carter started the Department of Energy to end our dependence on foreign oil. We were importing 25% of our oil at that time. How much do we import since then. Our oil production has only gone down since the Dept of Energy was formed. The Dept of Energy stops the drilling for oil.

  3. Will I commit to being part of anything is somewhat doubtful, and I’ll tell you why. Used to be when someone said “This ain’t rocket science” when, in fact, it was rocket science, heck, they knew, and were told, that the ‘O’ rings, after being subjected to freezing temperatures, would fail the stress, and they did and we watched the school teacher and the others fall to their deaths after the space shuttle blew up. Did you know that they were all alive ’till they hit the ocean?
    But I digress. Suffice to say, this energy problem isn’t a problem for some. For some, it’s a gold mine and for others it’s a real hardship. We’ve been hearing for sixty years about “energy independence” and “mass transit” and wind, tide, solar, and even rodents running inside a caged wheel to generate power. Big deal. Lots of hot air and for nought, I tell you.
    It’s all about preception. It’s all about the definition of terms, and, in this case, the case of importing oil from amywhere. It all comes down to you very own definition of freedom. My definition of freedom is the absence of dependence. And you say that nobody can be 100% free and I agree, but, as a nation, we sure as hell can be 100% free of ANY dependence on, for sake of discussion, arab oil.
    They say that the almighty dollar has had its day but let me ask you this: how do you think this stupid jihad is being paid for, green stamps? No, it’s being paid for by what is called “petro dollars, oil that is traded for green pieces of paper that were printed by the United States, given to the Federal Reserve, and then the Federal Reserve lends the money back to the United Staes, plus interest, mind you, and then, after all of that, is traded for a liquid that we light on fire and burn up.
    Meanwhile, back at the oasis . . .

  4. The “ELITES” are like “THEY”. It is imperative that they be identified/exposed and tried for treason if American citizens, if foreign all American/World asset should be seized or frozen. Our government should immediately open all American sources of oil. If the Feds don’t then the States should exercise their Sovereign rights and open them and they need to do it now. Get us off any dependancy on foreign oil immediately. The government should develop regulations to prevent the current and continuing rape of our economy where oil can be produced at $16/barrel and sold for $200/barrel when it is the key resource that fuels the economy and provides the security for its people. If Lindsey Williams is correct we have less than 2 years.

    Extrapolate the anger of the middle east after our melt down. Do you think we will have any friends in that area? Do you think Israel will survive that anger as our ally? Where have the leaders in our country gone?

  5. The blame for America’s dependence on foreign oil goes directly to the White House! Whether a person likes it or not….oil gives the most energy bang for the buck! And the United States of America for reasons of National Defense should be 100% oil independent! A Constitutional argument can and should be made in defense of America becoming oil independent. IT’S THE OIL STUPID! America needs oil for it’s military. These days America’s enemies control the worlds oil supply. Can you imagine what the world would look like today if just only fifty years ago America told the rest of the world to take your oil and shove it! Remember standing in line to buy a gallon of gas? Do you think that would have happened if America were to be oil independent back then? Do you think it’s going to happen again sometime in the near future? Point the finger of shame in the right direction at the White House!

    1. You are correct again NUTN2SAY, Obama is absolutely and directly to blame; he wants America to fail, to implode, to go bankrupt, to be taken over by jihad, aliens and terrorists. Why can’t everyone see this. There’s certainly enough indicators are there not???… look at the economy, look at the oil industry… look at the breakdown in our values system… look at the unions of America … look at how he is overloading every system in our Republic … look at our National Debt. Just what do we expect??? crap-in = crap-out. UNTIL WE CHANGE THE CRAP-IN we will never heal; in fact we are very rapidly deteriorating, and becoming a “Third World Dictatorship”

  6. Well, I like the idea of the “solution”, but the author is way off base on the cause of the oil problem and who is to blame for it….The “enviromentalists / greenies” are simply brainwashed “useful idiots” that have bought into a lie – hook, line and sinker.

    Want to know the truth behind our oil woes?
    Start here: http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com/

    We don’t even need oil for an energy supply and haven’t for many years….Various forms of refined petroleum are needed as ingredients for the production many industrial and household goods, but not for energy….Oil is still being used for energy/fuel because it lines the pockets of oligarchs with vast wealth and provides them with the power to rule the world….That is why THEY need oil. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-647500399229222409#