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by Neil Turner

Rep. Allen West was elected to Congress on Nov. 2, 2010 from the 22nd District of Florida

(Feb. 14, 2011) — Honorable Congressman Allen West;

Congratulations and kudos on your great closing speech at CPAC 2011.  While I was moved by your impassioned and patriotic statements of what you will and will not do, I was also moved by the avoidance of some patriotic statements that you did and did not say. I will highlight these points in italics, if I may:

You said: “I shall never let Israel down!”

But you failed to say: “I shall never let fellow patriot military officers like LTC Terry Lakin and LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick down!”

You said: “We cannot give Constitutional rights to terrorists while we imprison soldiers for killing terrorists.”

But you failed to say: “We cannot give Constitutional rights to the muslim Usurper and his cohorts (aka terrorists) in our White House, while we imprison fellow decorated officers (like LTC Lakin) for questioning the ‘killing’ of our Constitution!”

You quoted Abraham Lincoln when you said: ‘You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” You then went on to say:

NOW IS THE TIME … to reform our individual tax code and reset our business tax rates…

NOW IS THE TIME … to eliminate Capital Gains and Dividends taxes, and to cap federal spending;

NOW IS THE TIME … to develop a balanced budget Amendment, and eliminate failed federal government programs.

So I was waiting with baited breath for you to say:

NOW IS THE TIME … for all members of Congress to either:

a) Shed their yellow-stripe of cowardice and stand up for all elements of the Constitution, including Article II, Section 1:  No person except a natural born Citizen, shall be eligible for the Office of President! or;

b) Explain to the 180 million Americans who want to know just why all members of the 111th and 112th Congress feel that they must show their yellow-stripe of cowardice! WHY? WHY? WHY?

As Dietrich Bonhoeffer so famously said: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Representative West, NOW IS THE TIME for you and your fellow Congress-members to speak and to act, lest you all be chargeable with misprision of TREASON.  The Truth will set us all FREE.

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  1. I emailed West the following: My name is removed here but I sent my correct name and address to Allen West

    Your CPAC speech was wonderful. So many patriotic Americans talk about voting for you for President. However, so many are disappointed in your lack of courage. We patriotic Americans desperately need someone with courage. Our country is falling apart. We have a Constitutional Crisis of momumental proportions.

    You quoted Abraham Lincoln when you said: ‘You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Everyone in the government is avoiding this issue. It is destroying America and no one will talk about it. The TRUTH shall set you free. Be not afraid of the truth.

    To be a Natural Born Citizen one must be born in USA soil to 2 parents who are citizens. Obama father was never a citizen and therefore he can never be a NBC. You in Congress have the power of subpoena. Please subpoena the necessary information to prove to all members of congress that we must act immediately.

    All the citizens of this country are having their eyes open to the incredible corruption of our government as everyone refuses to defend and protect the Constitution. All members of Congress and more have taken and solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution agains all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    George Washington our first president gave a speech upon leaving the Presidency. It is all over the internet called his Farewell Address. In it he warned of the danger of having a President who is not a NBC. Please stand up and defend the TRUTH. You can never go wrong defending the truth because god is truth is love is freedom.

    I deeply believe that the hero that will stand up and say the Emperor Has No Clothes will be hailed by all patriotic Americans who will want to make that person President. We need such a person to lead us.

    I am writing to you because I believe you are a military man of courage. Please show your courage and save America from a Constitutional collapse of epic proportions as it will take down most of the world into dictatorship and totalitarianism. Never before in history has American needed you more. God put you into Congress to save America.

    Please uphold your oath of military office and your oath upon taking the position of Congressman.

    May God save all of America.

  2. OMG cnn anderson cooper just had a “birther” segment and he did mention natural born but stated that it means only born in the US…then they totally twisted Vattel, etc and said that birthers are saying that both parents also had to be BORN in the US and of course, there are plenty of previous President’s whose parents were not BORN in the US. OMG I’m FURIOUS! This is gonna be their new way to get BO outta the pickle he’s in…they admitted BO’s dad was not born in the US but say that doesn’t matter GRRRRR Hear this cnn…we never said the parents have to be BORN in the US, they just have to BOTH BE CITIZENS at the time of the baby’s birth. Well, according to Anderson Cooper and his joke of a legal authority, Jeff Toobin…natural born is just born in the US, same thing as native born soooo now all those anchor babies born here from illegals can be President, isn’t that great??? Osama can sneak a pregnant girl in here to drop her baby, take that baby back home to raise as a terrorist, ship the kid back over here for 14 years and voila, when the kid turns 35, that terrorist can become our President, isn’t that cool?

      1. I don’t know offhand, I’ll see if I can find it but you could try cnn.com or ac360.com This segment also had a rep. from Montana I believe who was defending the state bill requiring proof to be on the ballot and cooper was just pounding this poor guy. The rep is the one who first said by mistake that the parents had to be born in the US…either he is misinformed or cooper had him so rattled that he misspoke, I don’t know.

    1. Hey dot! Isn’t it disgusting how Cooper and Toobin are deliberately misleading cnn viewers with their deliberate misrepresentation of Constitutional Law? They keep citing the 14th Amendment, but excuse me….when did the 14th Amendment supersede Article 2 Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution? Cooper in his foolishness is talking apples and oranges. As you know (and apparently Cooper doesn’t know) only a Constitutional Amendment can change A2S1 and not a peripheral newly added amendment that was by design meant to address a civil matter that has no relation at all to A2S1.

      1. In the case of Minor v. Happersett, the Supreme Court said (and I will paraphrase as I don’t have the exact quote with me) that “the Constitution does not say in words who shall be natural born citizens …” This case is from 1874 and the 14th amendment was ratified in 1868. The 14th amendment had been a part of the Constitution for 6 years when the Supreme Court made the above statement. If the 14th amendment had redefined what a natural born citizen was, then the court could not have said what they said.

        And if I am not mistaken, the Supreme Court made a similar statement in the 1898 Wong Kim Ark case.

  3. Well this is just an opinion and I hope it is right.We the People elect Citizens to
    go to Washington and this is where Our responsibilities stop and Our communications to them,stop as well.Then all of a sudden We ask them to go to battle,alone and defenseless.Would YOU !?!? I think NOT ! There has only
    been a handful of Patriots who have shown this type of raw courage.In fact,it was only 39 Good Men who had this raw courage who founded a nation and gave us Our Constitution.We as Patriots MUST join the Army of citizens ,show support and get into lock step before We can ever hope to get things changed.End of rant !

  4. Maybe an effort should be made to compel any candidate running for office to state their position on the eligibility issue-beforehand-while they are in campaign mode-so we know what we’re supposed to be getting. I do not recall West being asked or having answered any question regarding his stand on eligibility-If he never took a public position-then he is going to be able to continue to avoid the issue. How come the song-wont get fooled again-keeps ringing in my head?

  5. Stop looking for approval and confirmation from Congress. We are not going to get it. We must go to DC and stay there until they give it up. They are being threatened and I would not b e surprised that as part of the newbies’ orientation they were warned not to talk of it.

    We all know what is wrong here and that is that our country is being held hostage. So we must do the work because congress Can’t period.

  6. Oh so sorry , you cannot work for the Government in the 70’s and now the 2011, because you are the wrong color now (or again). I never forgot the 70’s when it was against the law to hire a white male in this country for five years, in any govenrment job. Remember?? I did not think so. Funny I was to too white to get a job, got to love this country. Now you are all too white again to get a job. LMAO some more. That was my gift from America (no job) thank you President Johnson. Oh and you too Kennedy. Johnson was a drunk and Kennedy made the whiskey. You got to love it only in America. Now back to black american TV. Go get your child support check and spread the wealth america.
    Please take note of my disclaimer if the truth hurts then it should.

  7. You are all communist now.
    The world is calling for the death to all white people and you still just don’t get it. For three thousand years the Muslims have tried to kill the west, and yes you all voted for Mr. West. You just did not learn nothing from voting for Obama. Stay political correct to the end keep the faith, while I go back to Texas to farm for a while. I got mine, And how are you today. America the country of liars and crooks, you had your chance but now it is too late the money is gone. (Remember the Alamo ? I did not think so).Short minds for short lives. Your computer is owned by George Soros “fools” LMAO. Work for the government and get a pay check.
    Tuxkabin has spoken, now eat dirt the south was right.(don’t save the Union).

  8. I’m with Bob1939 on the next move. We still have a right to peaceably assemble. We also have a right to deprive government of our support via business investment, hiring or banking and bartering. It’s put up a fuss now or face a much worse fight when the social divisions Obama has engineered are called on to foment violence. Michele is already trying to incite the illegals and the Pigford clash will set up the race fight and we know the Islamists are here in the tens of thousands and armed . We are looking at a regime attempting to go marshal law to evade prosecution should they lose this election.

    Allan West knows he can not say certain things or he will give the MSM all they need to keep him out of the race. If we elect presidents to do what ever they must to secure the nation I’d put my trust in a man who has shown he will do that and will never back down. There is not a single candidate that has that credential proved like Allen West. We need a man who would fire a shot if he needed to in order to get to the truth. How long do you think it would take the state of Hawaii to produce every record they have if Mr West was demanding it? And all we have to do is trust he would go into that fire. I trust he would. Let the media squirm not knowing. It’s high time they got a taste of their own medicine. We should back Allen West by not asking questions that Obama wouldn’t answer. After he is in office, as BHO did, he can work at displaying his values.

    1. i heard the same thing when allen west was running for congress. he would act after he got to washington. then when he did not act the excuse was he had not had time but we could depend on him later. i say nonsense and no more excuses either speak up or get out now.

  9. Mr. West also voted in favor of the Patriot Act the other day. I was disappointed to see that.
    I like him, but I will be keeping a close eye on him. I know no one is perfect, but right now, we need the next best thing.

    1. I have been thinking about that. I think he did it because we may very well need it with the heavy threat of Islamization of our country under the Obamanation. At least until we can get rid of Obawa.

  10. Politics seem to be equated to an ‘animal party’. If that is the case, then there is something to the scientific theory that female elephants do in fact have a long memory. The opposite ‘party animal’ is the jackass with a ‘conditioned’ memory. When danger is present, there is the fight or flight response. Horses will always choose the flight response. One certainly would not want to ‘run’ with the rhinos. Through millennia, their territory is confusing, in conjunction with this ancient species, have evolved parasites.

    We the 4th Party Patriots know the common watering hole is DC. As Larry Meyer (above commenter) refers to it, most appropriately I might add, “The District of Criminals!!” Avoid this place at all costs. During the day the ‘animals’ hide in buildings and come out at night to join their party group. This group hire children, they call interns, to guard the phones, fax, emails and doors. These people are often seen but not heard, but can be found sitting in front of a screen (picture book) and pecking at the key board sending out form junk mail. The older animals use the young species for this task because they still haven’t learned their address and believe the mail is not working because it keeps coming back to them.

    In 1776 the Patriots founded a Militia. If you don’t have one of these in your state you may want to create one, because you might need it some day.

  11. Yes, they are all cowards. I am surprised at Allen West. I had high hopes for him but so far nada. If they would at least acknowledge the truth and give reason for their failures to act, but No, they have to act like we are stupid morons and they can continue to sweep this under the rug like they are the rulers and we are the peasants. Damn them all !!

  12. Let’s face it: Rep West said what he needed to say for the audience he was speaking in front of to be able to whoop and holler. In other words, he’s a politician.

    If the dam ever breaks on Obama, then everyone will jump on the bandwagon as if they were on the right side all the time.

    Anyone with two brain cells knows that he is a usurper, he is in no way a natural born citizen. Even Fox News seems to be in the tank on the issue. Beck, for example, the big ‘constitutionalist’, but he won’t even discuss the nbc issue. That’s one of the most important issues in the Constitution, but he ignores it. The truth will be known by all, one day.

    1. Fox News and their talking heads are the leaders in covering up Obama’s ineligibility.

      People still wrongly believe Fox news is “Conservative”, or at least “fair and balanced”. Truth is they are in the tank to protect Obama and are more effective than the overtly Obamabot News outlets. I placed Fox on my worthless list over a year ago. I used to watch O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and occasionally the others, no more, they have proven they do not care about the Constitution and are nothing more than controlled opposition for the Barry regime.

      Fox only says what the regime allows them to say, otherwise they would be talking 24/7 about the only issue that matters and the one issue that could kick Obama and his enablers to the curb and save America….but they won’t.

      1. You have hit the nail on the head fair and square. Fox is going the way of all the cable news outlets. They can only say what they are told they can say. Freedom of Speech…..Ha Ha Ha. I quit watching Beck months ago, the Pied Piper I cannot take his bull. He has brought some information forward on our history, but he avoids one of the biggest Constitutional travesties we have had to endure.

    2. I think they should pay into social security.Until they start backing the constition,they should all resign for being traitors for this usuper,and commiting treason.Its time to get rid of the corrupt Fed,and audit all banks in this country and other countries,which part of the tarp money went.Endfinancialfraud.org sound money now.Lt.Col. Lakin is the one I would back.

  13. Here are the FACTS, along with the PLANE AND SIMPLE TRUTH FOLKS, of what and who we currently have in Washington, D.C… WE HAVE:

    (1) A bunch of self-centred idiots, “living in that totally delusional bubble”, who are ONLY interested in making all the money they can, for themselves, by any means possible.
    (2) Irresponsible fools, who should be ashamed of themselves, IF THEY ONLY had a modicum of brain-power, or decency in them.
    (3) Traitorous individuals who continue to accept “THE BIG LIE”, (for money), being that of obama’s usurpation of the Presidency, and of his blatant, and intentional plan to bankrupt America “In-Full-Jihad-Mode”; in spite of all the screaming and hollering of the Constituents, who they arrogantly ignore, as if they had been appointed by God, to serve life-time appointments. (and believe me, “They Have-Not” on either count).
    (4) They are all “Spending-Maniacs”, who are rapidly bankrupting our Country while maintaining their lofty position, completely devoid of common sense, and/or the ability to display the same responsibility of a three-year-old.
    (5) Sanctimonious, Treasonous, Stupid, Greedy, Arrogant FOOLS THEY ARE, who will eventually be put in jail for high crimes against the Citizens of America, and for ignoring the Constitution and their OATH OF OFFICE, as if both never existed.
    (6) What these idiots are really doing is calling our bluff, by forcing a Revolution, and if we don’t give them one, then “you can certainly imagine what we will have”. If this is where we are now going, we had best examining how life is in… Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Palestine, Lebanon, Ethiopia, etc., because that “way of life” is rapidly coming to America.

    If we have any intention of stopping this madness, then we had better mobilize, get off our butts, and make a dedicate effort to attend a peaceful and meaningful rally, as was just observed in Egypt, and as is discussed by Col Riley, for March 19th, 2011, in Washington, D.C., per the following link… http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/33227 . If one and a half million were to attend, then this would indeed get the results we require, and enable us to overhaul our existing, wasteful and tyrannical system, which is what our “Founding Fathers” were very-much aware of, and tried desperately to spare us of this agony. BETTER AGONY NOW – THAN MOST ASSUREDLY LATER. NOW IS STILL TIME TO SEE THE LIGHT but it is obviously already too late for the likes of Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Palestine, Lebanon, Ethiopia, etc, etc, etc…..

    1. “ROGER, THAT!! Suit-Up, Move-OUT, Form Closed-Ranks, Check 6 & Flanks~AND GIVE ‘EM, H**L, “The Battle of San Juan Hill Was a “TEA PARTY!!”

  14. Very well said!! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of everyone in the country knowing that Mr. obama is NOT eligible and no one in authority will approach the subject or do anything about it. I am so afraid for this country and its lack of leadership.

  15. The following are a few of the comments I made at another site under an eligibility thread, they fit here too *sigh*


    I just faxed for a couple weeks, I did the eligibility letters again (available for anyone to use at http://www.stamppeeve.com under the link “Presidential Eligibility”) to every damn republican in congress and senate plus to governors, lt. governors and attorneys general…how the hell can we make anyone in power stand up on this issue??? Even the media is complicit in this, they refuse to let anyone talk about the real issues of natural born citizen, it just makes me SICK!!!!!

    The fact that they ignore the eligibility issue and the criminal background of this con man, fraud, criminal while he destroys our country means THEY ARE ALL COMPLICIT AND NEED TO GO TO PRISON RIGHT ALONG WITH HIM…ISSA, PENCE, DEMINT, BACHMANN, ALLEN WEST, ALL OF THEM, IF THEY DON’T STAND UP AND THEY LET THIS CONTINUE, IF THEY LET LTC LAKIN ROT IN LEAVENWORTH AND DON’T SAY A WORD, THEY ALL NEED TO GO TO PRISON TOO, I’VE HAD IT!!!!!

    You know, this is just so sad…your buddy Issa has the authority, he has the means, he could save our Republic, he could be a hero, he could subpoena all the hidden records and documents, he has the power…Obama would be removed and all his crap would be null and void, he would go to prison where he belongs and yes, there would still be a lot of work to do but this would be a helluva start and we could restore our country after this but Issa refuses…WHY???

    1. . . COM …. My same questions, EXACTLY … We just have no other choice right now but to keep nailing everyone in congress to DO THEIR job !!! THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO !!!

      1. You’re welcome, Bill, but no need to thank me even tho I certainly appreciate it…I do what I do and I keep going no matter how frustrated and angry I get because there is no other choice. Giving up or giving in is not an option because if we do, we will lose our Republic. Feel free to check out the site I listed above, all kinds of contact info. including fax numbers is posted there too, scroll down past the letters…help yourself to anything on the site.

    2. dotdotcom;

      Yes, it really is sad. ‘my’ buddy Issa and his entire Committee of 23 members were all formally served with the transcripts of the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL in January of this year (www.CRS-Reports.org).

      Now none of them can say they ‘did not know’, and are therefore all chargeable with misprision of TREASON. All we need is ‘ENFORCEMENT’. Perhaps The Republic for the United States of America can do just that. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DC43C33686FE6CFC

    3. It kind of makes a person wonder whatever happened to America doesn’t it. In my opinion, I’m starting to believe that WE THE PEOPLE no longer have a corrupt government but instead now have a corrupt “CULT” in Washington D.C.! This cult has killed the concept of representative government in America. In the process the killed the Constitution of the United States of America! And the people of America don’t care enough to do what needs to be done which to rise up just like other people are doing in other parts of the world! ELECTIONS ARE THE CAUSE OF THIS AND JUST HAVING MORE ELECTIONS WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM THIS TIME!

    4. I remember the news in 1961 pertaining to obama’s mom-i’m 64 years old-ALL of the politicians that are a little older than i am have to remember it too! After reading “Hawaii,The Fake State” i see why no one asked to see obamas papers.

  16. What we have here is a NEW COLOR of RHINO, the problem is the “YELLOW STRIPE” that is still there, just like the rest of Congress!! “WE the People” who had such HIGH HOPES for Change~~Got nothing, and got Shoved into it by our DIFFERENT COLOR, NOV. RHINOS!! BooHoo Boehner, Issa, Cantor, The Dr;’s Rand and most of the Freshmen are ALL Guilty of “Contempt of the Constitution” The “Let Them Eat Cake, Crowd” still reigns Supreme in “The District of Criminals!!”