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January 17, 2011

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal served in the U.S. House of Representatives before running for and being elected governor in November 2010

Dear Editor:  The following letter has been sent to the indicated Georgia officials:

An Open Letter to:

Governor Nathan Deal
Office of the Governor
State of Georgia
203 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Tel 404-656-1776; Fax 404-657-7332

Sam Olens
Georgia Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SWAtlanta, GA 30334

Tel 404-656-3300; Fax 404-657-8733

Senator Bill Jackson
319-A Cordell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334

Tel 404-656-5114; Fax 404-657-0797


Representative Ben Harbin
245 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Tel 404-463-2247


Dear Georgia elected Officials;

I know it is early days in the present Georgia Administration. However, I am writing to you now because of the importance of the current Constitutional crisis that the United States of America and, by default the State of Georgia now finds itself in. The Georgia Constitution is very specific as to the protections afforded the citizens of Georgia as to their freedoms and liberty. These freedoms are being severely eroded by the overreach of the Federal Government that are in violation of the Tenth amendment to the United States Constitution concerning States sovereignty.

First, a man who calls himself Barak Hussein Obama was put on the ballot in Georgia as a candidate for the office of president of the United States. To date, there has been no validated documentation that has been provided that such a person exists and that such a person has the qualifications under Article II of the United States Constitution that requires the Office of the President of the United States be a “Natural Born Citizen”. The person in question has admitted publicly that he was born as the son of a British subject and, that alone, disqualifies him to reside in the White House. Also, investigations have shown that he has used several different Social Security numbers. The main one that has been used appears to be one that belonged to someone else from the state of Connecticut. The individual in question has never been known to reside in that state. He also claims education that has for all intents and purposes purposes has been proven to be fictitious and he has never disputed the findings, nor have any of the persons involved with the facility ever come forward with proof of such activity. Further, he has traveled to a foreign country when travel to that country was banned by the US Government for US citizens. No such passport has ever been found that supports such travel. For all intents and purposes, we really have no idea of who this person really is. It is requested that an investigation be done to determine if the laws of Georgia were broken when this person was placed on the ballot for the position of President of the United States.

Second, the circumstances surrounding this situation have been made known to the elected representatives of the State of Georgia that represent the people of Georgia in the US Senate and the House of Representatives. Specifically, I have informed Sen. Chambliss, Sen. Isakson and Rep. Broun as to the apparent violation of the US Constitution and the possible violations of the law. There have been many more citizens (too numerous to list) who have also contacted these elected officials. They (these elected officials) have been silent in this matter. They all took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. They did so without any reservation as to which part they would honor or not honor. It is requested that an investigation be performed to determine if the elected officials have violated their oaths of office and, if it is found that such violation has occurred, then appropriate charges be brought forward.

Third, the certification that was provided to the State of Georgia was done so by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee. That Certification was not done in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of the United States of America. A properly worded Certification was submitted to the State of Hawaii. However, the other 49 states received a different letter of Certification. It is requested that this certification be examined to determine if there was voter fraud perpetrated in its submission. Also, if the Certification was attested to under penalty of perjury and it is determined that the person placed on the ballot does not qualify under Article II of the Constitution as a Natural Born Citizen, then charges of perjury be made for those who made the attestation.

Lastly, It is requested that the citizens of Georgia be protected from the overreach of the federal government with the same type of legislation being proposed and passed by other states (like Montana). The federal government has shredded the Constitution. Most important, for the citizens of Georgia is State Sovereignty. Georgia needs to assert its’ Tenth Amendment rights and adhere to the Georgia Constitution.


Robert H. Cipperly, LCDR (USN Ret.) CIA (Ret.)

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  1. It is about time someone did something about Obama, all they do is talk, and do NOTHING, I had him peg from the first time I heard him give a speach

  2. Lord Acton’s pronouncement –

    Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. THERE IS NO WORSE HERESY THAN THE FACT THAT THE OFFICE SANCTIFIES THE HOLDER OF IT.”

  3. RE: “If I were a Republican candidate for President in 2012, one of my campaign tactics would be to carry around with me a certified copy of my original long form birth certificate…. “

    The GOP’s not well-publicized (half-secret) position is that the eligibility issue would hurt the chances of the 2012 GOP candidates. If you revisit Attorney Frank’s statement in connection with the Wikipedia entry of Lakin, he pretty clearly says something to that affect. He was McCain’s top campaign attorney.

    The lack of objection in January 2009, at the joint congress elector confirmation hearing, shows that this line of thought goes back to 2008.

    Strangely enough, it was Hillary, who once in 2008 said that Mr. Transparency has “no American roots”. However, after listening to her advisers she dropped that line. Her advisers did not explain the reason any more than the GOP advisors explained to the Repub membership. One can only assume that that Alinsky-method that Mr. Transparency’s supporters used worked perfectly on the GOP leadership.

    The fact is that without the cooperation of one of the major parties, the eligibility issue will be swept under the rug (by the media and by the Judiciary Branch) and Mr. Transparency will serve a second term. Will Hillary run? Will she use that issue? We don’t know?

    The only viable alternative is to put pressure on the new GOP members of the House, before Washington changes them. Of course, letters to the new governors won’t hurt either. But a governor who is still under the old guard GOP leadership will do nothing.

  4. Deal is a RINO with a RINO House caucus. He switched parties to stay in office as a U. S. Representative. And he campaigned for governor on a platform of challenging PBO’s stuff. He won’t and he’ll slide on his campaign statements. Georgia is still good ol’ boy politics and to challenge PBO’s birth record will rock the boat, something good ol’ boys don’t do.
    However Georgia does have a bill going in this session to block another attempt at usurping the presidency.

    1. Zeb & Carl, Our good (???) Senators have been sent the info many times by email, fax, and on the telephone. They are named here as the ones who should be investigated, and, if appropriate, charges be brought. If either of you have Walts’ phone number, please send it to me. It is time to work on the TN Gov. Bob

  5. P.S. If a big number of patriotic republican governors file litigation over Obama eligibility , asking for EMERGENCY HEARINGS due to a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS–how many judges in their states will rule THEIR GOVERNOR has no standing? Probably none! We the people will get discovery and a new 44th president. It cannot be Boehner. He has not upheld his oath to defend the constitution, has lied to the people, is a fraud who participates in the cover up of the usurper. On TV, when asked about the Obama eligibility issue, he said “Hawaii said he is from there and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me”!???? He got a letter from the congressional research department stating Obama was never vetted with stupid talking points to explain eligibility to his constituents! Boehner works for We The People and MUST be IMPEACHED ASAP! There is no corporate job where a newly hired CEO goes on TV and publicly lies and commits fraud against them and retains his position. Please notify your congressman to start immediate impeachment proceedings. When Obama is ushered out, America wants a PATRIOT and not ANOTHER FRAUD!! If he tries to claim he did not understand anything, we certainly do not want a MORON as POTUS and he is next in line if everything Obama did is nullified.

  6. Kudos to Robert H. Cipperly…
    We should all send letters to Nathan in support.
    As to why the US Senators were not on the list? They are complicit.
    I’m also a GA resident and have had many communications with our US CONgressional Representatives prior to 2011 (Nathan included). Gov. Deal was the only one to at least send a letter to BHO requesting he clear this matter up so maybe, just maybe he’ll be receptive. Hey, one can dream, can’t they?

  7. Thank you LCDR Robert H. Cipperly for your service and your conviction for directly addressing our elected officials here in the great state of Georgia. If you recall Nathan Deal just about a year ago had sent a formal letter to Obama to provide disclosure regarding his eligibilty (see link below).

    White House confirms receipt of Nathan Deal letter questioning birthplace of Barack Obama


    Therefore our newly elected governor should be well aware of the rights of citizens, that have until now been ignored, to know with absolute certainty that our President meets all of the qualifications to hold the highest elected office of the land.

  8. Great letter! But WHY ONLY send it to 1 Republican Gov & staff? It needs to be sent to EVERY Republican Gov & staff ASAP. There could be a very serious impact if the majority of the 26 republican states agreed to file lawsuits ! Due to EMERGENCY SITUATION– ask for VERY FAST HEARINGS! This appears to be a solution to find more then 1 judge who will allow discovery???????? Please send the letters NOW!!!!!!

    1. Barbi Dee: The letter was sent to my state Reps. Two of the people I know and have direct contact with. You don’t say which state you live in. Are you sending a similar letter to your direct state Reps? I have had direct contact with my federal reps and the results are a big fat zero. I agree – all Republican Govs and their AGs should receive this letter or a similar one from their constituents.

    2. Barbi Dee: The letter was sent to my immediate contacts in GA. Please feel free to send it or a similar letter to all your state reps.

  9. If I were a Republican candidate for President in 2012, one of my campaign tactics would be to carry around with me a certified copy of my original long form birth certificate. I would very publicly show it at all campaign stops and say “look here, I’m not afraid to show my real birth certificate, unlike some other candidates.” With me, you know who you are getting. There is no secret about who I am. There is no doubt. I won’t keep you in the dark. Here it is for everyone to see. I am a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Can you say that about the other candidates?

    Perhaps we can convince one or more Republican candidates to do this. It would definitely bring the issue to the forefront and force Obama’s hand.

    1. “If I were a Republican candidate for President in 2012, one of my campaign tactics would be to carry around with me a certified copy of my original long form birth certificate. I would very publicly show it at all campaign stops and say “look here, I’m not afraid to show my real birth certificate, unlike some other candidates.” With me, you know who you are getting. There is no secret about who I am. There is no doubt. I won’t keep you in the dark. Here it is for everyone to see. I am a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Can you say that about the other candidates?

      Perhaps we can convince one or more Republican candidates to do this. It would definitely bring the issue to the forefront and force Obama’s hand.’



      Truly outstanding.

  10. Who the hell indeed………..
    A supporter of Islam.
    A Black Liberation Theory supporter.
    A supporter of Marxist ideology.
    A supporter of equal distribution of all things of value.
    A supporter of Big Government dictates.
    A believer in Chicago style criminal community organizing.

  11. Agree NUTN2SAY!
    Do we really think the gov. in GA is going to do anything? Take it from me, I live in the state and I cant even write what is really happening here.

    The clinging of full U-Haul doors is the only sound you hear.

    1. I know two of the reps and have met the Gov when he was at a Republican breakfast long before he formally ran for office. I expect him to honor his commitment.

  12. For all other residents of the State of Georgia, please send this letter or a similar one to the representatives listed and/or your own local Georgia Reps. The more the merrier.

  13. VERY, VERY WELL STATED Robert H. Cipperly, LCDR (USN Ret.) CIA (Ret.). Now we are getting somewhere. These extremely serious issues need to be addressed immediately, or else we all must be the dumbest peoples on the face of the planet. WAKE-UP AMERICA. If we think that liberty, freedom, and a fair-play legal system, are all good – then we really must use our God-given brains, to protect same – OR LOSE IT ALL, AND BE DESERVING OF LOSING IT.

  14. An excellent concise summary of the overall consensus in America. Is there permission to use the format with changes conducive to the state Congress/Gov. being addressed?
    Also, with the previous experience of Robert H. Cipperly, LCDR (USN Ret.) CIA (Ret.) perhaps his loyal contacts (ones trusted with integrity) from years ago can find more facts on this escalating need to expose the fraud of barry soetero.

    I find it extremely hard to believe barry is announcing a second term run off? Is he that confident all the players will keep his past hidden?

    1. Please use the letter as is or change it to your liking. The CIA is short for Certified Internal Auditor. However, our elected officials don’t need to know that.

  15. From the very beginning (2 years ago) I have said “The question is not “Who works for the CIA, but “WHO DOESN’T WORK FOR THE CIA?” Bob, obviously works for the Part A division!
    ms. helga from USURPERVILLE

    1. Ms. Helga: Not everyone works for the CIA or even thinks very highly of them. I did work in the intelligence area (some black world type stuff). However, the CIA mentioned stands for Certified Internal Auditor. It won’t hurt for the politicians to think otherwise.

  16. Have you ever asked yourself….Why is it so I am not allowed to know who my president is? Why is that? How can it be that presidents can be elected without any sort of disclosure about their past? How can it be that presidential candidates have developed the audacity and arrogance to solicit votes from American Citizens and yet tell those same Citizens….VOTE for ME BUT DON’T ASK ABOUT MY ORIGINS AND PAST! And the gullible citizens fall for it. What does that say? What does that say about a society of over 300 million people? Does it say that most Americans are gullible? How, is it so that America will elect strangers to live in the People’s White House? What happened to America? WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA? What in the hell happened? How, is it so that presidential candidates can run for the office of the president with the self personal expectation that, as a candidate, the candidate does not in the most courteous way have to reveal to American Citizens for which he solicits votes from the STORY OF HIS LIFE? Who in the hell does this presidential candidate think he is? This is a precedent! This is a precedent that must not ever be forgotten about! It is a precedent that must never occur again! It raises many, many Constitutional questions that require Constitutional Truth! Who in the hell do these people think they are that they do not have to HONOR OUR CONSTITUTION AND THEY DO NOT HAVE TO HONOR ANYMORE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYING CONSTITUENT?