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by Neil Turner

A formal letter to members of Congress was formally served on January 12, 2011 with delivery confirmation

(Jan. 13, 2011) — So that None can Say “We Did Not Know’” (plausible deniability cannot be claimed), this is to inform you that on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, Congressman Darrell Issa, as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was formally served with the transcripts of the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL.

Confirmation of this has been received from  www.SameDayProcess.com in Washington, D.C.  Their ‘proof of service’ report is as follows:

Our Job#: 42529 v. Recipient: Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Date Completed: 01/12/2011 – Time Completed: 2:44 PM
Person Left With: WILL BOYINGTON – Administrative Assistant & Authorized Agent – Manner: GOV AGENCY

Description Of Person:
Sex: Male
Skin/Race: White
Hair: Brown
Age: 30
Height: Sitting
Weight: 131-160 lbs

Completion Address:
United States House of Representatives
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

This service brings the number of key persons in Congress and on the Joint Chiefs of Staff to a total of 17 who can no longer deny that our Nation is in a condition of Clear and Present Danger, with our Top Secret security information now in the hands of a complete unknown entity – except for the fact that he is a proven and self admitted non-Natural Born citizen.  Here is the list of those formally served so far:


Harry Reid, Majority Leader ( D-NV)
Richard Durbin, Majority Whip ( D-IL)

Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader ( R-KY)
Jon Kyl, Minority Whip ( R-AZ)


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker  ( D-CA, 8th)
Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader ( D-MD, 5th

John Boehner, Minority Leader (R-OH, 8th)

Eric Cantor, Minority Whip ( R-VA, 7th)

Dana Rorabacher, 21 year member (R-CA, 46th)

Senate Judiciary;

Patrick Leahy, Chairman (D-VT)

Jeff Sessions, Ranking member (R-AL)

House Judiciary;

John Conyers, Chairman (D-MI, 14th)

Lamar Smith, Ranking Member (R-TX, 21st)

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Admiral Michael G. “Mike” Mullen (Chairman: JCS)

Gen. George W. Casey Jr. (US Army Chief of Staff)

9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, DC 20318-9999

Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region

Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst (US Army-Commander, JFHQ National Capital Region)
103 3rd Avenue, Ft. McNair, (Bldg # 32)
Washington, D.C. SW 20319-5058

Here is the cover letter that accompanied this ‘service’:

Hon. Darrell Issa, Chairman
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
2347 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0549

January 11, 2011

Dear Congressman Issa;

Together with this open letter to you, as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, you are being formally served with the transcripts of the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL (www.CRS-Reports.org), the evidence, deliberations, and verdicts of which prove massive fraud and cover-up in the seating of a constitutionally ineligible candidate in the Office of President & Commander in Chief.

This ‘serving’ therefore puts you and your Committee on notice of a massive crime in progress: a Constitutional Crisis that we believe lawfully demands your immediate attention and action.

Chairman Issa, over 180 million Americans (over 60% of the population) have expressed doubts over the Article II constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama (President SHALL BE a Natural Born citizen) to serve in the Office of President and Commander in Chief, and consequently his inability to issue anything but unlawful orders.

Considering these overwhelming and grave concerns by a majority of American citizens that our Constitutional Republic is facing a clear and present danger, with top secret defense information in the hands of a complete unknown entity, We The People are demanding that your Committee immediately subpoena any and all documents and information that will determine, once and for all, if the Constitution, and the requirements of Article II thereof, still stand as the Supreme Law of the Land.

Also, since your Committee also has oversight of the Department of Defense, you may also be able to right the terrible wrong done to the decorated and honorable Army officer, LTC Terrence Lakin, who was recently denied his Constitutional rights to call witnesses in his defense*, such as Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF-Ret), when he was Court-Martialed for upholding his oath to that document: to protect and defend it, and to NOT OBEY any unlawful orders – until proven otherwise.

As time is of the essence, we look forward to your prompt reply to this urgent request for action by you and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and therefore respectfully ask that your written response be in my hand by January 25th, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,


Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution (A coalition of Patriots, Former Military, Tea-Partiers, and Minutemen)

*see 1857 U.S. Supreme Court case of DYNES v. HOOVER (www.supreme.justia.com/us/61/65/case.html):

“Persons, then, belonging to the army and the navy are not subject to illegal or irresponsible courts martial when the law for convening them and directing their proceedings of organization and for trial have been disregarded. In such cases, everything which may be done is void — not voidable, but void — and civil courts have never failed, upon a proper suit, to give a party redress, who has been injured by a void process or void judgment.”

All are asked to contact their elected officials, to demand that they honor their oath to the Constitution, – as recently read in its entirety in the People’s House (thank you, John Boehner for ordering it, and thank you, Theresa Cao, for reminding all that so far none are honoring their oath to the Constitution, most specifically following the reading of the Natural Born requirements of Article II by Rep. Frank Pallone, when you shouted Except Obama. Except Obama. Help us Jesus!’).

NOTE:  Theresa was charged with ‘Unlawful Conduct (Disruption of Congress)’*, when in fact it is the Congress who should be charged.  Speaker Boehner had just stated that it is The People’s House (that would be Theresa’s House), that the Congress works for The People (that would be Theresa et al) and it is therefore Congress who is chargeable with ‘Unlawful Conduct (Disruption of our Constitution)!

*D.C. Code: 10-503.16 (b)(4)  (an unconstitutional statute that has no place in law under our Constitutional Republic).

In Liberty;

Neil B. Turner


Editor’s Note: Some of the above congressmen and women were served during the 111th Congress, hence the reference to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  The Speaker of the House for the 112th Congress is John Boehner, as Mr. Turner noted above.

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  1. I firmly believe a deal was struck between the GOP and DEMS. If the truth ever comes out it will incriminate almost everyone in Congress, so they are all a part of it. It boils down to the fact that John McCain was born in a hospital on Panama soil, not on a U.S. installation. Even though legislation was passed a year AFTER he was born, it did grandfather in the children of U. S. citizens. However, the question of his eligibility might center on exactly where he was born, the hospital vs. U. S. installation. This info on the Internet has been scrubbed. They don’t dare open this can of worms, and I doubt if they ever will.

    1. There was a birth announcement in a local newspaper (an American newspaper in the Canal Zone) stating that McCain was born in the US naval station. However, it does not matter. US military bases abroad are not considered part of the US and children born there are not born in the US. Panama, not the US, was the sovereign of the Canal Zone, and this is evidenced by us paying them rent each year.

      McCain is a US citizen at birth by a federal statute, a law of man. A natural born citizen is a citizen at birth by the laws of nature.

  2. A copy of this letter to West could be significant because he is on The Armed Services Committee. I further suggest, if anyone has the time to send copies of these highly informative letters EVERY DAY to all of Congress, Supreme Court and Pentagon. Perhaps something might penetrate??????

  3. OK Mr. Turner,

    I would advise that for the next step Citizens for the Constitution (since it appears Citizens for the Constitution has the means to do so) ought to be is to file a nationwide CLASS ACTION PETITION FOR THE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES so as to get the backing of the people to compel congress to address this violation of Constitutional Law and the documents that had just been served. If a measure is not taken to follow up on those just served documents, those same documents might end up in a waste paper container! That’s how arrogant I believe these people to be!

  4. I personally served Rep. Broun on Dec 13, 2010 while meeting with him in an open office at his Evans, Ga office. As with all the other items I have covered with him, all I received back was two copies of the same form letter.

  5. The pressure is mounting for someone of character in leadership to respond. The facts cannot be ignored much longer. It is time to arrest the usurper and heal this land. Fraud has long tentacles and the impact will take a long time to repair.

    Has anyone heard of the outcome of Orly’s brief personally given to Judge Roberts almost 2 years ago?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, as far as I know. Unfortunately, no one in Congress is a real “leader,” so We the People have to be.

  6. Just an observation, but it seems that all of those “served” so far are those who will toss it away or just claim that their assistant failed to bring it to their attention as they are all part of the GOP-Dem big government regime. The people who need this information, I would think, are those who might actually be enlightened or inspired by it to take action, like Rubio, West, Bachman, Paul. Its a shame that I can only think of 4 names out of 535 that I would consider to be worthy of being called a Patriot Politician.

    1. STOCK,

      I hate to say it…but ALL 535 are in violation of their Constitutional oath. Every single one has failed us. Let’s not be hypocrites, West, Rubio and Bachman know the truth and they are avoiding the issue. It sounds severe…but neither deserve reelection if they fail to address the issue NOW! I personally have no respect for any of our elected representatives. There is a conspiracy of silence and their failure to act is reprehensible!