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January 12, 2011

Nancy Pelosi signed a Certification of Nomination in 2008 stating that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were constitutionally qualified to serve as President and Vice President, respectively, which was filed only in Hawaii. The other 49 states received a different Certification, also signed by Pelosi, without the "constitutionally eligible" wording.

Dear Editor:

I wrote the following letter to my Attorney General (Fl), Pam Bondi. Most AGs probably don’t know of Speaker Pelosi’s fraudulent Certification of Nomination. We can all write them and inform them of it.

Pam Bondi
Office of Attorney General State of Florida
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

Dear Attorney General Bondi,

I join the many others in wishing you the very best in your new position under Gov. Scott. We face many challenges and am confident that the right people are in place.

I read the informative letter sent to you by Spencer Connerat (thepostandemail.com) and have wondered why there seems to be no official interest in affirming the eligibility of Barack Obama as President of the United States. With the abundance of evidence showing a Kenyan birth, along with the more important fact that, by his own admission, that Pres. Obama is not a natural born citizen, I ask myself why the lack of interest?

Whatever the reason(s) are, the simple fact remains that Pres. Obama is not constitutionally qualified because he is not a natural born citizen. His father was never a U.S. citizen and his mother didn’t live long enough in the U.S. after her 14th birthday to confer citizenship to her son (Naturalization Act of 1940, revised 1952). She missed it by four months. So even if President Obama was born in Hawaii, he still isn’t eligible. Place of birth does not trump the citizenship of the parents.

The founders were deeply concerned that the highest position in the U.S be protected from the influence of foreign powers. It was John Jay who suggested to General George Washington that the Commander in Chief be a “natural born citizen.” http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2010/09/is-being-born-citizen-of-united-states.html. It doesn’t really matter where he was born. But it does matter what country in which his parents were citizens. His father was a British subject, born under the laws of the United Kingdom, a foreign power.

An Aug. 2010 CNN poll showed that 58% of Americans are not convinced that Pres. Obama was born in the U.S. They also believe that he has an agenda inconsistent with our Christian and Constitutional foundings.

In closing, I realize there isn’t much you can do other than perhaps call attention to the fact that the State of Florida received a fraudulent 2008 Official Certification of Nomination (OCON) from Speaker Pelosi without the usual wording “legally qualified under the provisions of the constitution,” which was included on the 2000 and 2004 DNC Certifications of Nominations for Gore and Kerry. In place of “legally qualified….” Speaker Pelosi substituted “duly nominated.” The Republican OCON did have “legally qualified…” Speaker Pelosi must have known that then Senator Obama was not constitutionally qualified because he was not a natural born citizen. That didn’t stop her from committing this fraud.


Jim Black

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  1. Whether the bunch of cowards in Congress act on Obama’s eligibility or not…….I am not giving up hope that this issue is going to come into the mainstream, and soon.

    This is from The Globe Magazine’s latest issue…and yes the credibility of the Globe is much higher than that of the MSM, including on the issue of Obama’s ineligibility, and many others:


    Please do not give up. If you have been active in the past with phone calls, faxes, letters to Congress and/ or to others, sending e-mails to everyone on your mailing list, etc., redouble your efforts. I know I may be overly optimistic, and this has been said before…..but, I believe we are on the verge of winning and the usurper and his enablers will be punished for the biggest crime against our Nation in it’s history…….soon.

  2. The answer is a “Hell No”, the new elected officials won’t touch that issue with a 100 mile pole! It would make them look silly to address a valid and legitimate Constitutional point of question that for well over two years now has been swept under a unConstitutional rug that is laying around somewhere by all current and now recent past elected officials with cooperation from the MSM! I don’t expect any elected or appointed public servant of the U.S. Constitution to uphold their sworn oath to serve and protect the Constitution! I now question after more than two years of this nonsense why there are citizens still hoping some government official will put this issue on the table so as there can be a national civil discourse about this Constitutional Crime. The government is not ever going to fix this problem. After all it is the government that is the creator of this problem. And once again I will say it is the republican’s who are at fault for their failure to protect the Constitution! I don’t expect any democrat to defend the Constitution, the democratic agenda is contrary to the U.S. Constitution! For each day the people of America allow this violation of the U.S. Constitution to be continued on a daily basis to be ignored is an additional day of America with no Constitutional Law and WE THE PEOPLE become a day closer towards contemporary slavery to a renegade government! Welcome to the New America my fellow slaves!

  3. Excellent letter, but exactly what are state attorneys-general supposed to do about the matter? Certainly challenge Obama’s credentials if he runs in 2012, but what can they do now?

  4. ‘his mother didn’t live long enough in the U.S. after her 14th birthday to confer citizenship to her son (Naturalization Act of 1940, revised 1952). She missed it by four months’.

    This would only come into play if Obama was born on foreign soil.

  5. We have been through this time and time again. When will we quit asking for action
    and start demanding action. These people have to be shown the difference between
    a barking dog and a BITING dog.

    1. The Editor is right, but talk is cheap and has been cheap as far as the government is concerned. I agree with Kevin, the dog needs to stop barking and start biting. That’s the only way we might get some action out of our of our totally corrupt government, courts, and lamestream media, which includes Fox news, which still bows to the not-so-almighty dollar today.

    2. I AGREE! A deluge of emails, phone calls and letters and public gatherings DEMANDING that Congress investigate the eligibility, fraud and cover-up (Nixon was forced out of office because of the cover-up) would be hard to ignore.