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January 7, 2011

Pam Bondi was elected Attorney General of Florida on November 2, 2010

via U.S.P.S. Certified Mail

Office of the Attorney General, Pam Bondi
State of Florida Attorney General
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Dear Pam:

Congratulations on your recent victorious election! I voted for you, and Messrs. Scott and Putnam. What compels me to write today is my duty to refer to you a most serious and egregious crime against our state. Attached by paper clip, please find today’s Certified Copy of a Tacit Admission of Ineligibility (the “Confession”) filed in Pinellas county: Connerat vs. Obama [522009SC005522XXSCSC]. There was no appeal of this case or this notice; therefore, such damning evidence must be presumed veritable. It is unassailable. University of Virginia colleague, and ‘guardian of the keg,’ Ken Cuccinelli was mailed a Certified Copy, dated 10/18/2010. U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson granted approval to file another Certified Copy of such document, dated 3/18/2010, in the highly-publicized case, Virginia v. Sebelius (see Docket entries 92, 93, 94). I also filed a Certified Copy, dated 10/18/2010 in the ‘sister’ Florida lawsuit (Docket entry 140), of which you must certainly be aware. Although my Motion for leave to file an amicus brief was denied, the “Confession” remains. These two tacit admissions, filed in two distinct circuits, incriminate the usurper at the federal level; this referral concerns his crime against Florida.

In Article I, Section 20 of our Florida Constitution, the crime of Treason is defined. Logically, if Barack is engaged in Treason against the United States, he commits Treason against Florida. Being saluted, flying in Air Force jets, speaking in front of a podium with the Seal, and giving speeches to a joint sessions of Congress does not a President make. Pam, via Boolean logic, you know as well as I do that if one is ineligible under Law, then he is not President. Therefore, you and Ken may now have a different tack in these lawsuits – the “no man might buy or sell” ‘Law’ is void ab initio, for it was never validly enacted, signed by one without authority. It is counterfeit.

Although Mr. Scott’s cabinet swore an allegiance to the government of the United States, the presumption is that such bound is to a lawful government. You are my Attorney General, the first female (but not the last…you have inspired many!) to hold such esteemed Office, in Florida. It is incumbent upon you to review this referral. I will be happy to give testimony to a Grand Jury, although if you decide to prosecute, you’ll get the indictment warranted, with or without my assistance. Other People and States are similarly afflicted, yet we must focus on the following questions: Is this “usurper of the kind most vile, injuring not with the Sword, but with the slogan and smile” our lawful President? Is a violation of Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution tantamount to a crime against Florida? State Statute 905.34(7) gives the Grand Jury (due process) jurisdiction over “Any crime involving, or resulting in, fraud or deceit upon any person.” Millions of Floridians were unwittingly deceived in the 2008 election. See my attached 2008 Armistice Day mandamus, never answered. Before the Electoral College met, I, for the People, demanded PROOF.

There is no statute of limitations for the crime of Treason. The outburst yesterday during the reading of our Constitution, in D.C., is a sign of the public’s frustration. Some may ask “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?” I’d reply, “It’s not needed. Ineligibility has already been recorded in a Court of Law, by his own words, or lack thereof.” Please help bring he who continues to violate our Florida Constitution to Justice. Visit www.scribd.com/sconnerat. Thanks.



W. Spencer Connerat, III – natural born Citizen
13584 Feather Sound Cir., W.
Apt. 2009
Clearwater, FL 33762

c.c. *Rick Scott, Governor
Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture
Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer
*Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House
*Rep. Eric Cantor, U.S. House, Henrico neighbor
*Rep. Steve King, U.S. House, entrepreneur
Hon. Richard C. Shelby, U.S. Senator
Lt. William Harris, soldier, WFLA disc jockey

*=Certified Copy


Editor’s Note: The order granting Mr. Connerat’s motion to file a Friend of the Court brief in Virginia v. Sebelius is here and was covered by The Post & Email here.  The “Tacit Admission of Ineligibility” is here (page 3).

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  1. The eligibility issue permeates many facets of the operation between the State and Federal Government. However, when it is settled, there will be clarity for the State to move forward.


  2. From: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=17866

    Posted On: January 15, 2011

    “Rod Bergengren Submitted on 2011/01/15 at 9:56am

    “You have the right stuff Orly. Our national heros of the past would be shouting Hurrah! and Amen! to your words. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Lincoln… they all would be cheering for you with teared eyes.


    We need to throw out what he has done and start living like newly freed American prisoners of war.”

    Answer from Orly:

    “We are at war with this mafia, that took this nation in a coup d’etat:

    1. you have to lobby each and every State assemblyman and senator and demand eligibility bill in state codes

    2. same with US reps and senators

    3. demand Judicial committee of Congress hearing of all the fraud and obstruction of justice, that we saw in the White House and in some federal courts

    4. demand executive orders from each and every Republican Governor. they can issue executive orders that every candidate for presidency cannot get on the state ballot without showing proper papers

    5. demand the same from every sec of state

    6. you can protest. The state of the union address is coming soon. there is nothing preventing people from standing with signs in front of the Capitol and shouting “Free Lakin. Prosecute Obama”

    7. Liberals harassed every Repub congressman and senator, demanding that they deem Obama eligible. Now it’s time to turn the tables and demand from every Congressman and Senator to hear eligibility immediately. Don’t ask them, whether will they hear this issue. Ask “when will they hear this issue.”

  3. Only public opinion will bend the judges and the congress to act, but it can and we must make sure it does. Chris Matthews and Abercrombie have given we “birthers’ the cover we need by demanding the records themselves and in so doing have sucked the air out of the argument that this issue is a “right wing conspiracy”.

    I implore each and every one of you to go on the comment sections of news articles that have anything whatsoever to do with Obama and drag the birth certificate/citizenship issue into it, even if only as a separate afterthought. Keep it pithy, and copy and paste the messages over and over. Writing letters to congressmen, et al, is important, but the only way to force anyone to do anything is to absolutely clog the media gears with this issue, and happily and amazingly – we have that power!!! Yahoo is where I post. But MSN, Fox News comments sections (they may censor, i don’t know) and others are all prime game.

    Now. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY… it is easy to assume this is asking for too much, that our numbers will be too small to make a difference. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Please know it. Even only a handful of people, posting and re-posting the same few messages with “birth certificate,…birth certificate” will make every other or third message at least become about Obama’s citizenship issue. I’ve practically run the board for an hour or two on some days ALL BY MYSELF, part-time effort, on yahoo – and the news people and the assistants to congressional reps read these things to keep a pulse on the people!

    We CAN control the message boards and consequently the message itself and we must. So put aside whatever you are doing right now and go to yahoo or MSN, Fox or whatever your favorite News Source happens to be that has a fairly free comment board section and sign up, or sign in, and *** post post post post post **** about Obama’s citizenship issue. With some places like yahoo, you don’t even need to be on-topic. You could write WHERE IS OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE and copy and paste it every minute all day long.

    GRIND THE GEARS TO A STOP. SHUT DOWN ALL OTHER DEBATE. It’s legal,we have the power and we need to start using it. Now is the time. Don’t delay. Act now. Act at this very moment. What could possibly be more important?

    And please try to do it every single day.

    Thanks and God Bless America.

    1. If required, do you think that the most powerful man on the planet, backed by billionaires, will be unable to “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth?

      The document that he cannot produce is the one that shows Obama Senior to have been a US citizen. This fact alone makes Obama ineligible, for a natural born citizen is someone born in the country to citizen parents (plural).

      Instead of questioning Obama’s citizenship (whether or not he is a citizen), we need only to question how his citizenship was attained. A natural born citizen attains his citizenship at birth by the laws of nature. All other types of citizens (per the 14th amendment, by federal statute, by naturalization) attain their citizenship by some human law, and these citizens are not eligible to be President.

  4. Although I am not a lawyer, I can definitely state that “tacit admission” does not work this way.

    You cannot just send someone a letter accusing him of something and if he doesn’t reply, consider that a “tacit admission” (in the legal sense) that the accusations are true.

    “Tacit admission” legally (as opposed to, maybe, politically) only works in a court case between plaintiff and defendant, meaning that if plaintiff alleges X and defendant does not deny such allegation, X is presumed to be admitted as true, thus a “tacit admission”.

    Outside of the plaintiff/defendant relation, such tacit admissions do not constitute proof in the legal sense.

    That Soetoro tacitly admitted his ineligibility in a political sense, that is another matter. But the article is talking about court-level proof and that’s where it is in error.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Mr. Connerate did take the matter to court.

  5. A quickening of pulse and heart! We have prayed for someone to stand up to this blight, this cancer in our land. Will the hope return? Will this usurper’s facade finally be revealed, once and for all, and may his rule end like dictators before him…in rubble! To the Post and Email, thank you, folks for all that you are doing on our behalf, by seeking the truth!!!

  6. An outstanding letter! I hope it captures the AG’s attention in a way that leads to her active involvement in this state/national crime facing all of us.

  7. The new Attorney General should notify the State elections department of the need to confirm the eligibility of candidates. I was advised prior to the election that it was “not their job”.