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by Sharon Rondeau

Andy Martin announced his candidacy for the 2012 presidential race on December 26, 2010

(Jan. 8, 2011) — On December 27, 2010, The Post & Email reported that Andy Martin would be announcing his candidacy for the office of President of the United States for 2012.  Martin had planned to make the announcement in Chicago, but the location was changed due to a snowstorm which grounded flights and closed many airports in the Northeast.

Martin has been an outspoken critic of Barack Hussein Obama and has questioned his stated birthplace, religion, background and eligibility for the presidency.

Of his decision to run for President, Martin stated:

I want to thank Hawai’i Governor Neal [sic] Abercrombie for motivating me to make a final decision to run. Abercrombie’s Christmas Eve attacks on ‘Birthers’ were disgraceful. (link below) While I am not a reluctant candidate I am not particularly looking ahead to criss-crossing the nation.

The presidential campaign website for Martin is here.  To date, Martin has been interviewed by radio hosts Peter Boyles  of Denver, CO and Brian Tilton of Concord, NH.

Martin organized and held a conference in November 2010 in Honolulu where the issues of Islamic terrorism, Obama’s history, religion and “overall approach to government” were discussed.

Martin has described himself as “one of America’s leading corruption fighters and political reformers.”

The Post & Email has interviewed Mr. Martin about his initial lawsuit to obtain the release of Obama’s original typewritten birth certificate and his subsequent lawsuit filed against then-Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle for “suborning election fraud.”

On December 29, The Post & Email asked Mr. Martin if he would be willing to release his long-form birth certificate, information about his parents and their citizenship, and anything else that would prove that he is a “natural born Citizen” consistent with the constitutional requirements to serve as president.

On January 2, 2011, Mr. Martin responded:

We have had a couple of more requests similar to yours to release personal data. I strongly support the concept. However, I believe that the overall goal of making Obama release information in his case is better served by making my information available as part of a reciprocal agreement with other candidates including Obama. Premature release on my part does not serve the larger cause of getting Obama to comply. In other words, we are working to obtain release of all candidates’ information as part of a larger strategy.

In the past I have made my personal information available and no one else followed through.

Personally I would welcome the adoption of a statute requiring release, so that all candidates would then be on the same level playing field. Candidate releases should not come individually but as part of an overall plan. Unlike Barack Obama, which is an unusual name, identity theft is a very real problem for lesser known candidates with more common names. I was recently the victim of an identity theft incident that has made me more cautious in this regard.

We certainly need more candidate disclosure, but how and why remain to be determined as part of an overall regulatory or statutory process. Perhaps congress will designate the Federal Election Commission to receive these documents under seal for federal candidates such as president, senator and representative. My mind is always open. But we have a campaign game plan and we are proceeding with that plan. Not everyone may agree with my campaign team but we have given the matter considerable thought and feel comfortable with this approach.

On January 7, 2011, a reader of The Post & Email sent a Wikipedia link which referenced a person by the name of “Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona,” aka “Andy Martin.”  The information provided there appears to this writer to contain content which would not normally be included in a factual news summary.  While some of the information coincides with that which Martin has presented, the Wikipedia article falsely claims that “Hawaii…does not use long-form birth certificates.”  However, a researcher last summer filmed a video of a person requesting and paying $10.00 for a copy of her long-form birth certificate at the Hawaii Department of Health.

Martin’s response to our inquiry regarding the Wikipedia summary reads:

We have sued Wikipedia alleging that their claims about me are fraudulent. The case is pending in the Circuit Court of Sangamon County, Illinois. I think we even posted a copy of the lawsuit on the Internet last year. Wikipedia is a tax-exempt pro-Obama smear organization that has been exposed as supporting Obama by censoring news of his past and seeking to defame his opposition. I would be very, very careful about dealing with anyone who is seeking to have you rely on Wikipedia. They are probably Obamabots who are seeking to undermine your efforts.

Looks like Obama is very worried about my candidacy if he is attacking me already.

Please feel free to publish this response to your inquiry.

Andy Martin

A New York Times article from October 2008 asserted that Martin had started “false rumors” about Barack Hussein Obama’s background and that “Obama…is Christian.” However, since that time, there have been credible reports that Obama has himself stated that he is a Muslim.

The author of the New York Times article shows no proof of  his claims, instead criticizing Fox News for having “allowed Mr. Martin to assert falsely and without challenge that Mr. Obama had once trained to overthrow the government” during an appearance on the show “Hannity’s America.”  Some of the links provided in the article lead to general topics rather than supporting references for the writer’s specific statements.  No documentation is provided to support such contentions as “In the 1990s, Mr. Martin was jailed in a case in Florida involving a physical altercation.”

The Post & Email contends that any statement made without supporting documentation or evidence can be considered nothing more than rumor, innuendo, or falsehood of which many in the mainstream media are guilty.  Journalism is asking questions and presenting factual answers to them, not editorializing.

On October 4, 2010, The Post & Email had filed a Motion to Intervene in the second of Martin’s cases filed in Hawaii, Civil Number 10-1-969-05 RAT.  On November 8, 2010, the First Circuit Court in Honolulu issued a “Non-Hearing Motion” stating that Judge Rom A. Trader “hereby denies the motion.  The court finds that the application for intervention is untimely under Rule 24 of the Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure because the case has already been dismissed pursuant to order granting motion to dismiss, filed September 7, 2010 and movants failed to set forth reasons why they did not attempt to intervene earlier.”

Of the decision of the court, Martin stated that Judge Trader acted outside the law by dismissing the case without informing him.

First page of Order Denying Motion to Intervene signed by Judge Rom A. Trader
Page 2 of denial order

Martin has stated that he is appealing the premature dismissal of the case.

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  1. Andy, you got game. May I suggest you roll in the mud with the pigs so as to reveal the depth of the pit? I mean this, what has occurred here is a media coverup, right? IMO the way to uncover everything is to lay claim to being someone you are not just as has been done in opposite fashion. What claim could you make? Claim you are a progressive communist. When interviewed you may explain your nature and claim your friends and associates that will help you govern, just like you know who did. All their background info is at large already so proving any of it is a cinch. You will paint your own portrait with the Obama brush. Think about it. You could even claim your adoption sealed your original birth certificate so you can’t legally prove you were born a NBC. Claim even though the laws at the time of your birth may have prevented you from even being a citizen that it can’t be proven anyway so it would be an injustice to deny you eligibility based on any claim that can not be proved. Give the same horse Obama rode into Dodge a ride. I know you would be facing forward though contrary to your predecessor.

  2. The guy’s a fraud (Andy Martin). Unless someone rats out Obama within the next year, we’ll have to wait until it cools down and he’s out of power to get the real information.

    We’ll hear about it, but it’ll just be less satisfying.

    The most important thing is that we’ll be vindicated in our efforts to expose his fraud.

  3. I agree with Thinkwell. Either show it or don’t run. It could end up just being one big standoff. If everyone running shows it and Obama does not, we’ve got him!

  4. Given his very common name, Mr. Martin’s concern about identity theft is reasonable, but that shouldn’t stop him from openly stating his status with regard to natural born Citizenship (legal proof can come later, closer to election time with a call for reciprocity from all candidates).

    But, in the mean time, Mr. Martin, for the record and as an example to certain other past candidates, could you please inform us of the following.

    At the time of your birth:

    1) Was your birthplace within the territorial boarders of the United States?

    2) Were both of your parents Citizens of the United States?

    3) Do consider yourself to fully meet the age, residency and natural born Citizenship requirements of the United States Constitution for the office of the Presidency?

    Thank you.

    1. I agree with thinkwell…. Seems like a simple enough request of Mr. Martin to answer those questions… but when dealing with a politician, getting straight answers from them is like obtaining the long form everyone has been searching for over the last 2.5 years.

  5. I think Andy is right in his stance on “reciprocal release”. I will remind readers of the big deal Obama made over Campaign Financing, his promise to accept Campaign Financing if his opponent did and then we all know what eventually happened – he reneged.

    1. That was one of the, if not THE, first campaign promises Obama reneged on DURING the campaign. It’s what prompted me to begin researching whence Obama came.

    2. > I think Andy is right in his stance on “reciprocal release”

      Why? He is constitutionally obliged to prove he is eligible, regardless whether the other candidates comply. If the others don’t comply, they’re off the ballot. It doesn’t relieve him of the duty to prove his eligibility.