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January 5, 2011

Tea partiers have converged on Washington, DC in September 2009 and 2010 to protest government spending and taxation. However, by and large, they have not protested Obama's questionable identity and constitutional eligibility to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military.

Dear Editor:

The following email was sent to numerous “Tea Party” groups in regard to the Obama eligibility question:

Hi, Tea Party Groups,

We are contacting you all to find out how you feel about something.  And we always believe in not wasting time and going right to the source, especially when our surveys show something which we feel is highly unusual. So, with your indulgence….

The general national impression (over 80%) from a survey I’ve just completed is that…..

….The Tea Parties seem not to care whether the president is eligible or not, has the authority to do what he’s done, or even born in the United States.

…..That’s why, overall, The Tea Parties have refused to do anything about/with demanding the valid birth certificate, even without making any accusations”.

Some respondents have said the reason for this is because The Tea Party Groups are certain that Mr. Obama is Constitutional eligible for president and born in the United States at the least..

And this is the purpose of this email.

In all our searches, we have been unable to find any proof, especially a valid birth certificate for starters, about Mr. Obama’s eligibility one way or the other.  Further, without that, we were also unable to find valid proof for the identities of his parents and related.

If any of you has such documentation (unfortunately “hearsay” and “public statements”  are inadmissible), PLEASE would you forward them to us, of course along with any constructive statements you may wish to offer (Identities are confidential information).

If you have none, it might be helpful to ask your members of Congress for such primary documentation, especially considering the Congressional Research Service’s recent admission.

This issue looms larger and larger every day in view of what just happened to LTC Lakin (for filing an Information Request for the birth certificate), the statements of Chris Matthews, Hawaii’s Governor Abercrombie, the actions/suits against Arizona, and much, much more.

Thank you in advance in helping to resolve this issue, one way or the other, so that we may all move forward as a united country.

May you all have a Great and Effective New Year.

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    All the so called bloogers for freedom seem to be ignoring it & claiming to be Patriots.
    On my Blog, I have listed the FACTS here. Not hearsay.
    Near the bottom of the blog thread here is FACTS, 500 of them that Congress has also recieved the Kenyan Birth Certificate with a sworn affidavit from Lucas Smith who obtained the Birth Certificate for less then $6000 while he was doing volunteer work in Kenya.
    Lucas Daniel Smith letter to United States Congress
    There are 500 pages of this letter as proof sent to each member of Congress. I will include only part one of eight here. They all say the same thing:
    Lucas Daniel Smith letter to United States Congress 4th of July 2010

    Each letter is individually addressed to its Congressional
    recipient. Each letter was notarized in July of 2010 at US Bank
    located at 222 2nd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401.
    Following each letter are scans of the letters hand addressed
    envelope as well as the USPS date stamped certified mail receipt.

    All of the letters were sent in August of 2010 at the counters of
    the United States Post Offices located at 615 6th Avenue SE,
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 and 1930 Wiley Boulevard SW,
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404.

    Learn people & spread the word…
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The Post & Email reported on Lucas Smith’s letter to all members of Congress here: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/09/05/exclusive-lucas-daniel-smith-speaks-with-the-post-email/

  2. Then Rep Neil Abercrombie brought this bill to the floor of congress. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=hr111-593 Which in it states Obama was born in Hawaii. The question is did he commit fraud? How can he present a bill as factual and then go public with a statement, as governor, that he will try to find the document required to prove his assertion? If anyone has a right to examine that document under Hawaii law it IS the governor and try is not an option.

    The problem Governor Abercrombie has is that the purported birth documents are sealed due to his adoption. The proof is in the divorce order and that document was recovered and states that on 6-15-1980 there were two ,2, children OF the marriage ONE of whom was beyond the age of majority BARRY SOETORO. Excuse me but the use of any other than ones given name used as an intentional deception made for personal gain is a fraud. From the sealed college financial records we might begin that investigation but for now let’s focus on the Illinois Bar application where he does not disclose his alias. That alone is fraud. He perpetuated it again running for the senate without disclosing his identity so a citizen might know him. Finally, he seals all records of Barack Hussein Obama and includes the records of his real name. Fraud again.

    I Neil Abercrombie has conspired to commit fraud with and for Barry Soetoro.

  3. My Tea Party group doesn’t speak for me and I know nothing of a survey. BO should be arrested for treason along with most of the Congress for covering up what they knew and said nothing about. Tea Party leaders are busy being PC so the left doesn’t embarrass them in public. I’m not so worried about being embarrassed in public or being called a “birther.” I would like the question answered whether it is done through the Senate or someone hacks the CIA files and leaks the CORRECT information to the world. I want to know the truth. The people running our country are corrupt crooks and hide behind the law. They have no ethical values to speak of and should be at the least thrown in jail for that. I pray that God will continue to bless America and its ethical citizens, so that we have something to leave future generations of ethical Americans.

    1. We will have successfully defended Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution when Obama is removed (legally and peacefully) from the Presidency. Let us focus on this first. Once Obama is a private citizen, we can (and should) investigate and hold him and others accountable for other alleged illegal activity.

      As for tea party groups, see my reply to Miki Booth further down in this thread.

      1. All the politicians and journalist of the liberal and conservative persuasion have a common bond….call any American Citizen who beholds knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and that questions Obama’s violation of Article 2 Section 1 a “BIRTHER”! This is too obvious of a joined collusion to share a common goal. On every other political issue they will publicly display their differences (which I think is a dog and pony show) but when it comes to Natural Born Citizen, they are in lock step unison! This is not good for WE THE PEOPLE and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! This in my opinion is evidence that there is a real conspiracy in play here against us being perpetrated upon us by our own government and people need to wake up!

  4. I am so sick of reading the opologetic crap that true and honest american citizens use
    when trying to convey their concerns to our supposed authorities of undeniable corrupt
    character. It is time to quit trying to credit any of these individuals, from all the big name
    media to all the big names in the media of having any integrity whatsoever.

    They know the truth as well as we do .Until you are ready to treat them as the scum they
    are, you are no threat.

  5. Survey? ‘Tea Party” groups? 80%?? What were they, Progressive tea party groups? Even though some of these ‘groups’ contain self proclaimed and promoted leaders… The topic is eligibility. And it was… before the ‘Tea Party’ movement… and the advent of over 100k new ‘Patriotic’ blog sites. If the 2k of ram I’m sweating upstairs is still viable, I seem to remember the first mention of it was in the Illinois Senate debates when Alan Keyes told barrack “your not even a natural born citizen” with barack’s reply… “Alan…I’m not running for president” But the issue still did not get traction until August 08 when Phillip Berg, representing Hillary and the Democratic Party… filed suit questioning barack’s illegibility.
    The long form is just ‘piling on’. Fact remains that his father was a British National, so the pertinent portion of Article II ‘…of United States citizen parents’ , prerequisite is not met. Ironic, that the very purpose of the claus was to exclude the infiltration of British subjects into the Executive Branch … “who’s hearts may hold foreign interests”.
    I’m not a group… so I didn’t get surveyed, however to those doing the survey, I say this. ‘the issue is alive, well and gaining momentum’. Many are of like mind, we know if barack goes to Leavenworth… zerocare, all the bunk executive orders and ‘appointments’ … become moot.

    1. > so the pertinent portion of Article II ‘…of United States citizen parents’ , prerequisite is not met

      I don’t know which Constitution you are looking at, but the US Constitution does not say “of United States citizen parents”.
      The argument if and why NBC requires US citizen parents is a little more complex than that.

      > when Phillip Berg, representing Hillary and the Democratic Party… filed suit questioning barack’s illegibility

      Berg did not file suit with Hillary and the Dems as clients. Otherwise the latter would have been the “original birthers” when in fact they have completely evaded the issue.

      1. “I don’t know which Constitution you are looking at, but the US Constitution does not say “of United States citizen parents”.
        The argument if and why NBC requires US citizen parents is a little more complex than that.”
        Nor did I quote it as saying such, note the simicolons. But I’am saying that is in short, the definition.
        “Berg did not file suit with Hillary and the Dems as clients. Otherwise the latter would have been the “original birthers” when in fact they have completely evaded the issue.”
        I did not say he filed suit with anyone… Don’t twist my words and then present an arguement to your change. I said representing, and being a life long and true Democrat.. he did exactly that. Ask him. By the way, the original movement did eminate from democrats… With Phil Berg at the helm…. and one of the first polls among ‘birthers’ as you call them, showed that 62% polled were democrats.

    2. Correct Duke-Jinx I have been on this issue of Obama’s ineligibility since ’07, most of the TP’s do not want to hear it and have not made it “the” issue.

      And it is the “issue”.

  6. This letter is rightly motivated but is misguided when it says, “In all our searches, we have been unable to find any proof, especially a valid birth certificate for starters, . . .” Fact is, there is a Kenyan birth cert with high face validity, backed by the statement of Lucas Smith, who obtained it from a hospital in Kenya and supported by a secondary “Certification” document and by numerous reports from Kenyan sources. These documents and sources need to be investigated by a Congressional committee ASAP. If their validity is questionable, let them be questioned fully and openly and definitively affirmed or debunked. Is the truth so terrible that it cannot be revealed?

  7. We have seen what happened in Texas when Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on dozens of U.S. soldiers in Texas because of conflicting loyalties: http://tinyurl.com/yzdgseq

    Therefore, the Tea Party would be wise to wake up and read the Constitution to ensure the presidency isn’t being usurped by someone who may not have our best interests at heart.

    1. True You can not vote them all out. Obama has to be unseated, or all other work
      will be in vain. It will not address the only issue we must deal with now.

      Unseating Obama.

  8. While the Tea Party folks can be a considerable source of people who question his eligibility, it is clear they have other fish to fry.

    Building a similar kind of grassroots infrastructure will have to start, one person at a time, and continue until we reach a critical mass on its own terms, with its own identity.

    That is why I am seeking personal commitments from individuals who will walk the walk with me when the time comes. So far, I can count around 10 in my circle, and it is slowly growing. They will get others to agree to the personal commitment and so it will grow. It’s really the only way. So, if anybody reading this is willing to be involved and stay involved in building public pressure, then contact me.

    There is a huge cottage industry on the internet, but it is highly fragmented, and for whatever reason, like many fragmented markets, extremely hard to organize into one coherent force.

  9. Our illegal usurper is “the” only issue endangering America. Unseating Obama should be the ultimate goal of any movement claiming they love this country.


  10. For two years LTC Lakin used proper channels to ask for proof whether any of the Commander in Chief’s orders were lawful or not (the birth certificate was only one item of that request). He got no proof, and no answers.

    When he refused to follow any more orders originating with the Commander in Chief (i.e. the Afghanistan ‘surge’) until proven to be lawful, the Administration, the JCS, and the JAG Corps FAILED TO PROVE THAT ANY ORDERS FROM OBAMA are LAWFUL, and therefore it must be concluded that ALL such orders must be UNLAWFUL.

    In retaliation for doing his sworn duty to only uphold LAWFUL ORDERS (and to NOT OBEY unlawful ones), LTC Lakin was given a Kangaroo Courts-Martial that charged him with a side issue of ‘Missing Movement’, even though to ‘movement’ to Afghanistan would have in obeyance of now conceded to be UNLAWFUL ORDERS.

    That is why we have called for 1 January (beginning this year-2011) to be LTC LAKIN DAY:

    30-per-page 1” x 2 ½” address labels stating this can be downloaded and printed out here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/45899049/30-Ltc-Lakin-Day-1-Jan-2011-LABELS-Avery-5160

    Put them on your letters, especially when you write to Terry, now a political prisoner at Ft. Leavenworth:

    Terrence Lakin #89996
    830 Sabalu Road
    Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

  11. I’m pleased to report that the tea party groups I’m associated with know BO/BS is a fraud, usurper,traitor, liar and guilty of all the charges made against him and his ilk perpetrating the biggest fraud in history. Unfortunately the tea party leaders with the biggest megaphones called the birth certificate issue “a distraction” but I must commend them for leading us to this huge conservative win. Now that the elections are over, I predict there will be some returning to the fight. At the early tea parties, you saw signs of Obama as Hitler, references to his Kenya birth and of course the phony birth cert. As charges of racism were leveled against us for anything unkind to Obama the rhetoric declined and we got rid of signs that the media would use against us.

    We heard over and over tea partiers saying “we’re not against him – we’re against his policies.” But I will tell you – every single tea party patriot I know does not like HIM! I’ve spoken at countless tea parties and conservative groups and the sentiment is the same. I would get raucous applause just for saying what they knew to be the truth- Obama usurped the presidency.

    Most people will not rejoin the fight unless we grow in numbers. They feel they’ve done their duty with their vote and will go back trying to live life as before. Obama’s state-run media will continue to use the term “birther” to intimidate and silence.

    Since Mathews and Abercrombie brought the subject to the fore I think its time to pile on by asking, “Why doesn’t he just show it?” I’ll do my best to instill this rallying cry at future tea parties.

    1. Most tea partiers that I know are aware of the question regarding Obama’s birthplace, but most of them do not know that Obama Senior’s non-citizen status makes Obama ineligible. Most tea partiers are not aware that a natural born citizen must not only be born in the US, but that he must also be born of US citizen parents.

      However, I have had the opportunity to formally speak in front of a number of tea party groups about Obama’s non-citizen father, and I am pleased to report that I have enlightened the vast majority of them. They now understand that a natural born citizen is a person born in the country to citizen parents — or as I like to put it: born of the soil and full blood of the nation.

      I encourage any and all of you to seek out tea party groups and enlighten them.

  12. The Newly Elected are Conservatives. Although will support the Republican Party, see themselves as being different. I hope that we get rid of the Tea Party name. The only thing in common was the rally in order to gather the ‘real’ conservatives. Tea stands for Taxed Enough Already, no taxation without representation, however I do not see them advocating not paying taxes, or paying them to the state to disperse to the feds.

    Video confirms Conservatives foremost

  13. It has been of great concern of mine, that there is not a major hue and cry over obama’s eligibility! Seemingly there is an absolute avoidance of the subject, or, the labeling of those who see the importance of exposing this FRAUD as crazed, probably dangerous, partisans of the Extreme Right, zealots of the first order! But, our numbers increase with the passing of days…maybe our voices will become a crescendo of DEMAND for proof of this man’s eligibility!!!! Sigh. It is to be hoped….

    1. Yes Doyle… as you undoubtedly know, they are either scared, or complicit. After seeing Pelosi’s name on the two different and filed within minutes of each other… DNC nominations, one certifying zero as ‘Constitutionaly eligable’ and the other with the omitted text, we know a conspiracy exists.

  14. Personally, I totally agree that Obama is not eligible, but I also do not think it is appropriate to heap this upon the Tea Party candidates. Obama’s eligibility, while a significant and important issue, is NOT why the Tea Party candidates ran and it is NOT why they were elected. From listening to them prior to and after they were elected, the consensus among them is to save this Nation from the trajectory that Bush and Obama have put us on.

    I think there are other avenues to address the issue, and to expect these newly elected individuals to take on an issue that they neither campaigned on or is really in their pervue to address is not prudent and unfair to them. Let’s just hope they keep their campaign promises and slow Obama down to a crawl. We need to be realistic here.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: However, now that they are sworn in and have taken an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, should they not be concerned that legislation passed while he has been in office could be null and void? Should they not possess and show the courage to ask the question to settle it once and for all? Also, I believe the email was directed at tea party organizations rather than at politicians who may or may not have been elected to office recently.

    1. We need the people of our government that this country isn’t a corporation, but the republic of the united states of america, go to friendsofliberty.ning.com,email to others, make flyers, let’s make it that every one in the government will have to pay into social security,no pension for life, with just a few years of work, and free healthcare for life with a few years of work, remember the government is to be a service for WE THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC, NOT TO INTERNATIONAL BANKERS,THE UN,or SOCIALIST.

    2. Hi, I do agree with you and have been following this matter since February 2007 when O Bama announced his run for the presidency. I am amazed at the number of our elected officials and others who have keep quiet about his lack of being properly vetted like John McCain was and even John himself should have demanded from the Democrats that they provide proof that O Bama was eligible and I know under the laws of 1936 John McCain is not a NBC. I would advise our new Congress to have Rep. Issa to take up this matter of O Bama’s ineligibilty along with other possible crimminal acts committed by the White House the last 2 years. This way the House can concentrate on the Fiscal-Spending-Healthcare and Debt Limit problems and possibly use this matter for negoiations with the President and Democratc Congress for the removal of the Usurper from office and all Laws and Excecutive orders signed or passed since January 18, 2009 will be VOIDED AUTOMATICALLY. The Constitution shows the way for all this mess to be adjudicated under laws that have been in place since since the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF 1787-89.

      1. It is not the laws of 1936 that make McCain ineligible. McCain, despite being born to two US citizens, is ineligible because he was not born on the sovereign territory of the US. Panama, not the US, was the sovereign of the Canal Zone, and this is evident by us paying them an annual rent.

      2. You are correct. It all falls under the Territorial Jurisdiction of the United States. As defined in Title 18. This is Maritime Law, not the commercial code crap. That being in part ..the 10 mile square of DC, all military bases, navigable waters and other needful buildings. There are over 1500 Supreme Court cases defining that jurisdiction. Including a case where the court found a robbery within a Post office did not fall under the US governments jurisdiction to prosecute as the property was not owned by, but rented by the government. Had McCain been born on a military enclave or hospital… he’d be good to go. Having been born at Tokyo Army Hospital, from US military parents… my documents say just that. Including the new long form I had to obtain for my passport. The COLB would not suffice.

    3. You are correct Mrs. Rondeau. Most, not all, of the TP’s ignore their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and think there are more important issues. There are not.

      Obama must be unseated now. You can’t put a fresh coat of paint on a dirty surface
      and expect it to stick. It just will not work.

      Unseating him will legally remove anything he has done including Obamacare, overtaking GMC, the stimilus bills he signed and all the other tyranny he has illegally put on America.

      How can anyone possibly think they are being realistic, while ignoring the most dangerous issue America has ever faced?

  15. Excellent letter and all true. The TP’s have ignored this issue entirely, yet this is “the” issue that endangers America and has caused tyranny.

    All of the talk about elections yada yada are like putting he cart before the horse. Obama is an illegal alien and has to be unseated NOW!!!

    The TP’s will not be successful until O is removed period.
    All is in vain until O is unseated. The TP’s total ignoring of this most dangerous thug
    illegally sitting in our White House is “the” issue.

    Instead of being defensive, they need to come to the aid of America if this country is to be saved from his illegal fraud.

  16. “This issue looms larger and larger every day in view of what just happened to LTC Lakin (for filing an Information Request for the birth certificate)…”

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe the writer is referring to the recent faux court-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin and his subsequent imprisonment for asking whether or not the order to deploy to Afghanistan was lawful.

    1. I know about Lakin. He was not arrested and court martialed for filing an Information Request. His ordeal may have started with the filing of an Information Request, but that’s not what caused his legal troubles. That is a lie and everyone here knows it.