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by Arnie Rosner

Will Congressman-elect Allen West tackle the Obama eligibility question?

(Dec. 29, 2010) — So the phone rings and just imagine who’s at the other end? Would you believe it was none other than Jonathan Blyth.

So who is Jonathan Blyth?

It turns out that Jonathan is the new Chief of Staff for Congressman-elect Allen West. Jonathan was returning my earlier call to Congressman West’s transition office.

I had initiated the call several days earlier in an effort to elicit some responses from Congressman West as to what to expect from him as a new representative of the people of Florida and a new representative who seemed to be dedicated to responding to the will of the people as expressed in the most recent election in November.

As many of you are aware, I have been quite active in attempting to get the attention of members of the 111th Congress. I even attempted to contact the director of the FBI, an effort in which over 3100 of you joined me. Alas, with the same result… it is as if we were invisible. So you can imagine my surprise to have not just a member of the congressman’s staff contact me, but the Chief of Staff himself.

After exchanging pleasantries, Jonathan opened the conversation by asking how he could be of help.   My first question was, exactly what can we expect from Congressman West as he joins the 112th Congress?

Jonathan was right on cue and paraphrasing his response, which was that Congressman West was going to  remain steadfast to the principles he set forth in his campaign, the principles which made our country great.  He said that West is going to Washington to continue the fight for those principles and to do his best to ensure we have a government that recognizes that  its power is derived from the people and not from the institution.

Jonathan went on to highlight a recent letter that Congressman elect-West  had written to Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor, a letter in which he detailed  his concern that only working about a third of the year in session was not placing sufficient emphasis on resolving the important issues as reflected by the voters in the last election.  Jonathan also went on to make what I consider a significant comment about not all problems can be solved in Washington.

At this point, I shared my concern and frustration about the lack of progress in the area of the issue of Obama’s eligibility.   I placed a large degree of emphasis on the fact that this issue must be resolved and not simply swept under the carpet. I further cautioned that unless we resolve this question involving Obama and those  who have participated in what I consider to be a gross conspiracy  to violate the principles of the Constitution and defraud the American voters, we will be back revisiting similar issues in the future.

Mr. Blyth acknowledged my concern and my frustration and promised to relay my concerns to the congressman.

By now you must be asking yourself how much of what has been said here will really come to fruition; after all, we have heard all of this before. And to be realistic, I expect that not everything will be totally resolved to our satisfaction during the first month or so.  However, speaking just for myself, I can assure you, I will be one of those who will be on the vanguard following up on the activities of the 112th Congress. I hope you, too, will join me, as we must finish what was started.

At this point, I asked Jonathan what we could do to help Congressman West. In case you are not aware, Congressman West is under attack by elements of the progressive movement.   Our best efforts could be put to good use by countering negative posts with respect to Congressman-elect West.   Here is the link to Congressman West’s blog:


Overall, although it’s too soon to tell for sure, I find these developments to be encouraging.   So far it seems that Congressman West is keeping his focus on reacting to the will of the people. It shouldn’t take too long to figure out  how this will all unfold.

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  1. If I lived in Lt Col West’s district I would have voted for this honorable man. He has given his opinion of Obama and I believe he will do what is best for our country. I emailed him regarding eligibity issue prior to his congressional installation. How many candidates vowed to vet Obama prior to election? I have for over 2 years tried to get Cliff Sterns to deal with this issue. He was reelected.

  2. West will do nothing this will be swept under the rug. You will hear nothing of this issue from him or his office. You will never get another reply or return phone call from him. He does not want to be ridiculed by his peers or the nation.

  3. A pen.
    again… Exactly so! There is no need for them to fuss with zerocare, DADT and the other ‘garbage’ heaped upon us. Show zero’s ineligibility… and they all go to Leavenworth with him. And if reid and pelosi aren’t on the same bus with him … the smiles and single digit salutes we give them, will be nothing short of pleasurable.

  4. If Mr West doesn’t know what to do by now he never will. The same goes for all the newly elected. Once they take the oath they need to be served the same presentments from the AGJ as the 111th was served. Acting on them is a matter of law, not politics.

    1. Yes, they need do nothing but read… and act! …as the Constitution mandates. A simple task, being most of their work is done for them… and they do have the power, as we vested them with it.

  5. @ Robert Jones: “It is utterly amazing to me that the state of Connecticut could elect a man to the US Senate who no less than twice stood before them an told a bald faced lie about his military service. Does honesty not count for anything anymore? Don’t expect anything out of this clown but to be a rubber stamp for Obozo.”

    Allen West is in Florida. Try again.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe Mr. Jones is speaking of Richard Blumenthal, former attorney general of Connecticut, and now elected to the U.S. Senate after lying about having served in combat in Viet Nam. That is well-documented.

  6. It is utterly amazing to me that the state of Connecticut could elect a man to the US Senate who no less than twice stood before them an told a bald faced lie about his military service. Does honesty not count for anything anymore? Don’t expect anything out of this clown but to be a rubber stamp for Obozo.

      1. [smacks head] What was I thinking when I asked you to elaborate? Arnie just alerted us that Allen West is under attack by your kind and then I went and took the bait just the same. Instead, I should have said to you what Progressives and other libs* said to me in 2008 and 2009 and that is “West won. He’s a Congressman. Get used to it.”

        *I refer to “libs” here at P&E News only because the terms I usually refer to lefties by are not acceptable to the editors of P&E News.

  7. We must give the “newbies” a chance to settle in.

    One thing that has always bothered me is that if you want to write to a representative in another state, we are always shunned. Take my state for instance, Conn. It is like talking to the wall here. That includes our new Sen. Blumenthal. There has to be a data base that all reps of all states can share information from constituents. How can that be done?

    1. to ro —– as i have previously stated the voters in the allen west district should have demanded an answer during the campaign about obamas eligibility. i would have before he got my vote.