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by Charles Girrens

The building where the Council on Foreign Relations is located in the Harold I. Pratt House in New York City with a second location in Washington, DC

(Dec. 29, 2010) — Ever since I woke up to the 911 event I knew it was a lie. I saw all the early footage and knew we were being taken for a ride. How that ride ends up is still somewhat in doubt. I’m no scholar or engineer, but no 100+ ton 757 hit the Pentagon. No wreckage, no bodies. You absolutely have to be a mindless zombie to fall for that line.

Fast-forward to the present. On one of Jesse Ventura’s latest Conspiracy Theories he covers the Pentagon attack. “Ruse” would be a more appropriate description.

I don’t care who you are. If you believe the official line after watching that, you’re in a serious case of denial. You’re also completely blind.

What really bothers me is the media silence and the perpetual indifference of the once freedom-loving American people. Maybe there’s something to fluoride in the water making people docile.

Don’t get offended by what I say if it doesn’t apply to you. The fact is, I find most of you worthless and weak. You don’t deserve to be American. When those in our Military and Law Enforcement break their oath to the Constitution/Bill of Rights they betray and disgrace themselves. They prostitute themselves while helping to bring about the downfall of our once great nation. They follow illegal orders emanating from treasonous politicians and the Corporate Globalist structure. Let’s not forget that any laws made that are counter to the Constitution/Bill of Rights,which is the Supreme Law of the Land, are in reality null and void. All the Executive Orders are null and void. There’s nothing in the Constitution giving the President the power to issue “King’s Proclamations.” Only slaves or subjects would submit to this nonsense. Which one are you?

With the two-party system we have, I don’t think voting is going to change anything, for the better, that is. It hasn’t in my lifetime. Bush and the Republican era were more like National Socialists and now we’re stuck with a putative President who’s not even from this country and the Democrats who are Marxist Communists. The common denominator of these Republicrats and their ilk from my research is the Council on Foreign Relations. (CFR) It’s pretty- much impossible for me to include the details in a small article, but the snake has many heads. I believe every CFR member in our government, elected or appointed, should be tried for treason. These people are out to destroy our nation, and we’re letting them get away with it. Do some research yourself. You’ll find what I’m saying to be the tip of the iceberg. I believe the only way to set things right is by everyone taking action. By action I mean annoy your representatives with letters and phone calls. Most importantly, get the masses to get out and peacefully protest.

It’s going to take boots on the street if you will, and it’s not going to be easy. These CFR stooges are turning American against American. They win; the rest of us lose, all in the name of the Terrorism farce. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Law Enforcement, Military or just a regular citizen; we’re all expendable pawns in their game. We all need to come together to thwart this Globalist scheme to destroy OUR great Republic. It’s future and it’s past. Our posterity is counting on US.

All the best!

Charles Girrens, Editor
USMC vet

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  1. I have never doubted that a plane was flown into the Pentagon. Here is one site, Above Top Secret, with pictures of plane wreckage from the Pentagon:

    It’s difficult to explain plane wreckage if there was no plane. Nor have I doubted it was radical jihadists responsible. However after looking into this a few years back I wondered if there was not also missiles, bombs– something–planted on the inside by the terrorists in addition to the planes. Witnesses would all say we saw the planes, and that would be evident, but perhaps bombs were simultaneously detonated as a means of insuring the damage would be substantial and to “ping” the U.S. government’s intelligence agencies ability to figure out what actually happened and gauge whether they would suppress the real story or not. Then again maybe I’m giving terrorists too much credit.

    I understand the schemes of the Council on Foreign Relations and other globalists who want to control the world, but they are not the only ones who want to destroy America. So do radical Islamic jihadists and both will use the “opportunities” created by the other to their advantage, and act so quickly you can be fooled into thinking they were the ones actually doing the evil deed. Then when the government only releases a mere fraction of the evidence it gets to be a real mess trying to figure it out afterwards and citizen researchers many times come up with different theories.

    It doesn’t mean anyone is stupid or blind, they just come at it from different places.

    1. Ok. I checked the site in your article. Scroll down to the hole in the wall.On both sides of the hole the paint isn’t even scratched. No burn marks,except a little scorching.at top of hole. Right next to hole (left) is a perfectly intact No Parking Sign. Look at the planes dimensions. (width). I suppose the plane just folded up and was sucked into the hole. There is no tons of debris. Where are the virtually indestructible engines? Not just for you Trac but the other naysayers give me a logical explanation. Keyword “logical”. I’m not proud to say this was an inside job!

      1. Charles: Basically the 757 is a 13- 14 foot cylinder with aluminum wings that stretch out to over 120 feet, and it’s been my understanding the plane’s belly hit the ground before flying into the Pentagon, causing the wings to detach and they flipped upward and continued in a forward direction, in other words, yes it “folded up and was sucked into the hole”…BUT I can see where that would instantly generate a ton of further questions. For example, why wasn’t there more debris on the lawn? and so on.

        But actually what I wanted to say to you, Sir, has nothing to do with 9/11, or planes, or the Pentagon. I wanted to thank you for writing your editorial because while we may disagree on what MIGHT be the explanation for the Pentagon ( I say might be because without every shred of video tape and evidence the government collected being released -all any of us can do is speculate) your article got me thinking about something. And that is that you can sometimes work a problem backwards, and kind of reverse engineer it. In other words go to the end and ask yourself who would gain, and what would they gain by the events of 9/11? And most importantly, how did “they” hope the average American would react?

        Because however “they” wanted us to react, is exactly what we must not do. You got me thinking so much about that, I may just write an op-ed along those lines myself and submit it to the Post and Email for consideration.

        God Bless you Charles, stay strong.

      2. Trac,thanks for your last comment! Getting the cogs turning is a good thing! You can always contact me through my site…..All the best!

  2. OK, I’m a Vet (just like a lot of you out there) and part of the oath I swore when joining the military was to defend this country against enemies both foreign and domestic. I still believe in that oath and hold myself accountable to it. However, every site I see and read that carries news about what is taking place gives any direction on what action to take other than signing some petition and sending in a donation.
    That to me is just another form of talk. They are not “Taking Action” as described they are only making things known as this writer did.
    I have a shirt that’s saying goes “When good men do nothing, nothing is done”. Frankly what I see, read, and hear is nothing more than noise as without ACTION, nothing is going to get done.
    This country cannot wait until 2012 and this impostor’s ouster. In the first two years he has darned near run this country into the dirt through his actions and the way he goes about flinging our money and assets to foreign countries and signing Treaties that should never have even come to the table.
    I’d love to hear someone with a pair get the People of this Nation up on their feet as until WE do something, absolutely nothing is going to change and as a matter of fact it is going to get a whole lot worse.
    Where are our Minutemen, Activists, LEADERS who could if willing to put their effort into creating a movement in this country to insure things do happen ?

    1. I hear your frustration. I agree it is noise w/o action. Getting people to actually do something is actually the basis of my post….I will leave you with a couple comments that were left on my site you all might find interesting regarding my article:

      ” In response to your message on the post and e-fail , You mention it’s going to take an uprising to fix this country?

      WELL BRING IT ON you hard talking no walking loser. BRING IT ON. Millions of Black and White Americans will have guns trained on you if you try to overthrow the government and Obama. We will put you 10 feet under.

      Obama stays and you will perish.

      Wanna test us? Well bring your civil war on . We will destroy you and finish destroying this piece of shit country and rebuild it with NONE of the likes of you to pollute it.”

      ” I wanted to let you know that I AM Anti American. I hate what you evil conservatives have done to this country but you know what, I was born here and I will remain here. I hope to see this disgusting country BURN TO THE GROUND and you evil conservatives BURN WITH IT.

      Don’t like me?

      Come track me down and do something about it. I have a brutal surprise for you if you try.”

  3. i ask is gmo terroism? are chem trails terroism”” how bout corexit 9500…eat fish……smelt fish……….fluoride is yummy….open borders create jobs… off sourcing jobs cuts un-employment….and exhaling co2 kills plants……… do trees fall straight down……progressives build laws on lies…if you can’t see it .. you will never know it …/the path is set.. amendment 14 articles 3 and 4……read up.

  4. Criticism of this article seems to be based, in part, on the inability to read it. The author did not deny that planes hit the Twin Towers. He said no 757 hit the Pentagon. The truth about 911 also has to include what caused Building 7 to collapse: OK, you supremely confident believers in the official version, what caused Bldg. 7 to collapse? And why did the reinforced steel Twin Towers fall straight down into their own footprints just as if they had been demolished by pre-placed charges? (Charges detonated after the planes hit, of course.)

    Believers in the official version of 911 demonstrate a touching degree of faith, especially when they start name-calling any who doubt it.

    1. There you have it people. I just touched on the Pentagon part. I’m asking everyone to look at the evidence. Go to the “911” section of my site. Look at the documentaries and videos. then think for yourself! I do believe 911 was an inside job. Just like the OKC bombing. Anyone knows you don’t mess with a crime scene. The first thing in both was to haul off all the evidence and bury it. No investigation. The powers that be already knew what happened. Both incidents brought forth legislation that crushes Political dissent and brings on Police State powers.There is a wealth of info out there. Books etc. Inquiring minds want to know. Winston Churchill once said “nothing in politics happens by accident”. To understand 911 etc. read up on who’s behind the Federal Reserve, CFR, CIA and the people involved. Then you’ll start to understand….

  5. Charles you have hit the nail on the head! With all the corruption in government, the military, congress, SCOTUS, and the media, people still believe in the VOTE. Why should the vote be free of corruption? The problem is not so much with the CFR types, it is with people who still refuse to believe what is happening to them. THAT’S how the holocaust occurred. They want to believe that the constitution with its checks and balances will somehow magically transform us. The constitution is dead – a usurper in the White House is the glaring proof. Not because he has failed to prove that he’s eligible but because no-one has the right to prove that he isn’t. If no-one in the nation has standing to redress their government, we are indeed slaves. We have the right to talk ourselves to death because no-one is listening. We are already in a civil conflict, not only do we have a fight on our hands with the nwo but also the mindless slaves who have traded their freedom for ignorant bliss.

  6. I have also listened to this 9-11 truther trash for some time. It is just that trash. The Jihadist terrorist on that plane were real, and they did fly those planes into the World Trade Buildings.

    The Communist/Marxist filth living in our country would love for all Americans to be stupid enough to embrace this fraudulent theory of the 9-11 truther Communist Propaganda, however it is a lie. Plain and simple. One of my dear friends was a flight attendant on one of the planes, & she called her parents to tell them what was happening. These savage muslim terrorist were cutting people’s throats with box cutters, and did invade the cockpit.

    For any American to embrace this Communist/Marxist propaganda is lunacy. But then again there are the Zombies that voted for Obama.

    Alex Jones is a Communist hiding behind saying he is a Liberatarian. We can not save America with all of this propaganda being embraced and thrown into the mix.

    We have enough to do with this battle of unseating Obama, the illegal communist muslim usurping fraud in our White House.

    I repeat Patriots, the 9-11 truther trash is just that trash. I am not a fan of our tyrannical government whatsoever, and want America restored back to her liberties and freedoms pre-Obama.

    For anyone to believe this propaganda trash is nuts. Totally nuts.

    Jesse Ventura means well and is only seeking the truth. This trash makes for great TV ratings, problem is it is trash. He has done other shows that are very accurate.

    This 9-11 truth trash is just that trash. Anyone spouting this is furthering the Communist takeover in this country. The first thing all good little Communist do is destroy within, & this is vintage Communist techniques in action. Their other action is of course our illegal communist muslim usurping fraud.

    1. Sir, with respect, I suppose terrorists flew a plane into bldg. #7 as well ?

      Can ALL these Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials…Engineers and Architects…Pilots and Aviation Professionals…and 9/11 Survivors and Family Members be wrong ?


      after watching the the fed gov and the complicit main-sleaze-media overtly insert a blatantly unqualified phony muslim usurper into the office of potus…is a false flag attack on the US really that much of a stretch? If you look at the evidence with an open mind, there are a lot of questions that to this day remain unanswered…the fed STILL has not answered the question of bldg. #7 !

      “the truth is treason in an empire of lies” Ron Paul

      “oh what a tangled web we intentionally weave, when we endeavor to deceive America” the federal government

      “the more I learn the less I know, the only thing I know for sure, is that I can’t discount anything” yours truly

      1. There are many more families who know 9-11 truther conspiracy is a fraud. And the answer to most of your questions is yes, they are wrong. Many are operatives. Our country does not need the Michael Moore frauds spreading Communist propaganda, and again I am no fan of the government. It is corrupt period.

        There are people who love to gobble up these conspiracy theories, and I looked into it extensively as I am not taking up for our corrupt jerks in government, but the lie is a lie

        And Ron Paul is a complete fraud, you need to wake up if we are ever going to save America from this infiltrating filth.

        Yes there are many false flags, but this dog won’t hunt. It is trash. I am not one to discount anything either. I spend hours per day trying to save America and therefore, I only seek the truth. This is Communist trash.

    2. Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? – Mark 8:18.

      True Patriot thinks the truth about 9-11 is “trash.” TP, are all “conspiracy theories” trash, or is that what the globalist elite wants you to think? Are Bilderberg meetings just idle chit-chat? Is CFR just a foreign policy think tank? Was JFK a CIA hit? The lifeblood of the globalist movement is war, strife and economic hardship, which has the desired effect of filling their coffers and thinning the population.

      An excerpt from my blog:

      “The world is kept in a perpetual state of war by the globalists through propaganda, covert intervention, and economic crisis. Even nations at peace, not in armed conflict, feel the need to maintain an aggressive military stance, ready to attack at the slightest provocation. False flag attacks are common precursors to war, such as assassinations (Archduke Ferdinand) or attacks (Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, 9/11). Peacetime conflicts prey on people’s fears: the Cold War to “stop the spread of communism” or the War on Terrorism to “prevent terrorist attacks by Islamic jihadists.

      The troika of the CIA, Mossad and Al-Queda has created conditions for a ‘perfect storm’ for the New World Order. Having survived over two centuries of subversive influence, the United States has fallen to a bloodless and silent coup that has compromised every branch of government: a usurper President and a legislature and judiciary that wantonly ignore the Constitution.

      I advise the reader to put aside the constant stream of threats and diversions that bombard us, look at the broad historical picture, use common sense, and ask: who is the real enemy? “

      TP, you “want America restored back to her liberties and freedoms pre-Obama.” And when, pray tell, was that? During the Bush or Clinton years?

      Another excerpt:

      “We the People are being held hostage by our government. The rule of law has been replaced by the rule of man. The Constitution is quoted as much as the Bible and similarly ignored. The usurper President is not the problem, he is a symptom of the disease. Corruption is boundless, don’t expect resolution from any elected officials or Congress or the courts. I am not being partisan. Bush I and II have more blood on their hands than Obama. The globalist demon has been around since the dawn of civilization. “

      My point is that of course “the illegal communist muslim usurping fraud in our White House” must be removed but he is just one head of the globalist Hydra – another head will grow in its place.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Could you post a link to your blog?

  7. Charles, you are correct in that there are globalist cabals that want a nwo. The way in which they have taken measures to achieve this goal probably is different than you have portrayed. That’s not to say that I don’t think they would do or have done some of the things listed above.
    There is a very important element that you have neglected to give it’s full credit and that is that this is a spiritual war in it’s essence. To discern evil and good you need the help of the Holy Spirit. You can bog yourself down with a seemingly endless analysis if you look at the global situation from a purely earthly perspective.
    The important thing is this: Jesus will return to the earth that He created soon. Are you prepared for that? It doesn’t require an “Ark” or anything seemingly related. I’m not saying don’t fight the good fight. I will be in the front ranks if that scenario plays out but I am saying that my priorities are God, Family, Country.

    1. Good post Paul, and yes Jesus will return to earth and I hope soon. I prayed over this 9-11 conspiracy because I do not trust our corrupt evil government at all. The truth was finally revealed to me through Christians who lost their families on 9-11.

      I have friends living and working in New York when the towers were hit. They actually saw it
      and are horrified that any American would believe this 9-11 truther propaganda.

      If anything, since I do not trust the government at all because it is so evil, it was started to sound like it was an inside job, but I just kept digging and asking questions.

      My friend who was a flight attendant died telling the truth minutes before the plane she was on hit the first building.

      Again I repeat, minutes before she died. She couldn’t possibly know more about it than thiese Communists putting out this propaganda like Michael Moore, the radical left wing America hating Communist/Marxist. I am sure I should listen to Michael Moore and not listen to her own Mother who spoke to her minutes before she died.

  8. know the facts and the suicide bombers on those planes,and the suicide bombers that are still out there killing and beheading people,most people saw those planes,hit those buildings,and explained on the history chanel by scientist how the building fell.Ventura is a actor.We need to focus on facts on the evil ones,like there was a shoe bomber to blow up a plane,the underware bomber on that plane,the time square incident,etc.After 9 11 the terrorist were laughing at what happened,dont forget 1993 world trade center.This terrorist outbreak has been going on since the 1970’s at the olympic games.

    1. Terrorism,communism,National Socialism all brought to you by the Federal Reserve,Bilderberg,CFR,CIA,,Mainstream Media on and on. All the info is out there and still the masses live in the Dark Ages. Fact- FDR let Pearl Harbor happen. Fact-Johnson created Gulf of Tonkin incident. How many Americans died or were maimed for life for those two scams. Ask them what they think.Two time Medal of Honor USMC hero General Smedley D. Butler said “war is a racket”. Do you think you know more than him? He said war is just a way to erode our rights and freedoms while enriching the Banksters and Corporations. If most of you had an original thought your head would cave in. Look for the story behind the story so to speak.

      1. “Two time Medal of Honor USMC hero General Smedley D. Butler said “war is a racket”. Do you think you know more than him?”

        Disagreeing with you is not the same thing as disagreeing with General Butler and since he died in 1940, we don’t know if he’d believe 9/11 was an inside job or not. Perhaps he would or maybe he’d say that the government, never letting a good crisis go to waste, saw opportunity for war in the tragedy of 9/11. (Not necessarily my view of the situation, fwiw.)

        “If most of you had an original thought your head would cave in,” said the man who was trying, unsuccessfully, to tell us what to think, the irony of his own words totally lost on him.

    2. Good post Sky and all true. It is very astute of you to realize the 9-11 truther propaganda is just that, Communist/Marxist Propaganda. Ventura did himself in with this story. He has lost many viewers as he does not have the credibility he had before this 9-11 show.

      Alex Jones is not what he pretends, and because of him the radical liberal communist lefties have had a field day with trying to confuse Americans and put the truthers in with the birthers.

      However, the birther movement is finally moving forward without the help of any TV media, which is all now corrupt, and soon I pray Obama will be unseated.

      “We The People” are covered by the light of Christ, the Obama regime comes from the dark side. Evil will never prevail over our Lord and Savior.