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by Eddie O’Meara

Is the money just too good? What about the greed which Beck talks about regularly and his alleged defense of constitutional liberties? Which is it, Glenn?

(Dec. 18, 2010) — Thank you, Glenn; thank you for not mentioning Terry Lakin.

The other day you mentioned that they needed to get past the military. Well, they did.

Terry Lakin was convicted in a court martial seeking the truth, since the media has disregarded the citizens’ attempt at redress of their grievances concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States under the U.S. Constitution’s Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5.

So now, Barack Obama has his first political prisoner, an 18-year military officer, who swore to protect and defend the Constitution.

Earlier this month another case before the United States Supreme Court garnered the same media attention, Kerchner v. Obama & Congress.  Again, rightful redress was denied and the media did nothing.

The media, including Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, and you are among the real lapdog media mouthpieces pretending to be Patriots and standing for Honor, Liberty, and Justice all the while pawning their own self-interest.

The following statement is attributed to  Pastor Martin Niemöller:

They came first for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

I bet you hang your head high, passing off your good deeds in Wilmington, Ohio, a small town with a big heart, all the while disregarding a real American Patriot just convicted for attempting to protect the very liberty that you are now taking for granted. Is it because Wilmington reminds you of Mount Vernon, that sleepy small town in Washington State from which you so proudly hail?

Or touting the Wikileaks damage to the nation, while Patriots like Walter Fitzpatrick, CDR Kerchner, and Terry Lakin are left to rot and the tree of Liberty is burned to the ground?

So again, thank you, Glenn, for handing a real Patriot and the entire military over to a Kenyan-born Usurper. Yes, Glenn, Kenyan-born.

I can hardly wait for the statement from Pastor Martin Niemöller to be updated to include:

Then they came for the media
and I finally hung my head in shame.

Glenn, you never served in the military.  You never put your name on the line to defend this nation, but you have surely turned your back on real Patriots.

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  1. Ah-h, the things kept secret from the American public! I think all of Beck’s viewers who believe Obama is inelligible wonder why Glenn and other conservative talk-show hosts avoid this issue like the plague. There’s more to this matter than any of us can guess, and it is much deeper than just FOX executives forcing him to be mum. I do believe there are unseen people in power who have made certain that whichever party wins they will have power over them. Glenn’s history lessons are wonderful, but he is biased against the South and conservative Southern history. This may be to keep minorities happy, but it is as distorted as what he proclaims to be against. Truth should be truth, not slanted or biased. I have doubts as to Obama’s birthplace, but we must be prepared that it is possible he is an American citizen by birth. However, his dual citizenship (if Obama Sr. was his father) would alone disqualify him. Is the truth he fears not so much where he was born, but rather who his father really is? If his father was American and he was born in Hawaii, then he would be eligible. So, is what is being hidden merely to save him embarrassment of be illegitimate? Speculations and guesses don’t mean a thing unless something is proven. We can only demand the truth over and over as 2012 draws closer and closer.

  2. For a long time now I have rebuffed all solicitations in (phone or mail) from the Republican party. I have offered them a very handsome donation AFTER the Republican party seriously investigates BHO eligibility and not a penny until they do.

    Imagine if the GOP began to get that message consistently.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I’ve said that to them for the last two years and they still won’t stop calling! However, they have spent as much as 40 minutes on the phone with me listening to my argument as to why Obama is ineligible and taking down the url of The Post & Email. One of them at the state level even asked for the judgment handed down by disgraced Col. Denise Lind when she said that something in Obama’s records “could prove embarrassing” to him. I emailed it to the Republican staffer and never heard a thing.

  3. Maybe the reason the Repubs are hiding, is because they have their OWN mess regarding eligibility…..I.E. John McC. Or, for those of you wishing to follow a new and interesting “rabbit hole”:


    Try the articles at this site on for size. There has been so much going on behind the scenes, Americans will likely not be able to catch up with all of it in time.
    IMHO, Beck does a good job of connecting “some” of the dots, but there are plenty of others he refuses to even give any attention to, and some of those he ignores may be some of the MOST important to be watching!

  4. Beck has to gather as many under the umbrella of history as he can. If they see a neon sign telling them there is danger they will hide. These are the silent majority, the sheeple, the fearful and the uncertain. It is to educate them to the point they , as Beck says, “open their eyes to see”. Only then will these individuals be able to accept the question which will literally rock their world. Don’t let him ever forget that at some point he is going to have to open up the debate to all for the sake of the nation and his own credibility. On the other hand, don’t harm the messengers no matter what message they bring.

    1. Yeah, well, Beck attempted to inflict harm on “birthers” by way of some of his messages. In fact, he’ll not be able to open up that debate and maintain credibility because of the things he’s said about “birthers.” So, if Beck the messenger gets caught in the crossfire and harmed, so be it; he put himself there.

  5. Glenn Beck refuses to report on the daily struggles going on in our country between the people and the government, and that makes him part of the problem. I can’t believe we have so many people in this country who WANT to live in a ” NAZI GERMANY”.

  6. Beck is controlled opposition like all at Fox “News”, because of CFR Member Murdoch and Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talaal, not to mention the Saudi Royal Family!

  7. Beck is an Obama tool. Beck looks the other way to the detriment of truth as do other on Fox News who should be ashamed of their lackadaisical attitude towards and misprision of Obama’s treason.

  8. Beck can’t say anything Murdoch doesn’t first approve………..Murdoch, like Soros, Clinton, Rockefeller, Gore, Cheney, Bush, Rice..all the other globalists is a CFR member…CFR has one goal, to bring in a one-world government…deception, and deceit are part of the strategy…. Beck has been speaking on globalism more, but not correctly….He will never be able to address the eligibility issue, just like Limbaugh, Levin….all under the corporate thumb, and the FCC…. it is a shame, too.

  9. Glenn Beck is a fraud! He won’t touch the eligibility issue. Not only will he not mention it, but he tries to demonize those who do! But he’ll get himself a piece of that pie when our 112th Congress is seated and they tear into Barry. You watch!
    There’s something about the guy I don’t like. He gives me the creeps. Kinda like Barry did. Boy, was I right on that one!

    1. You know, Beck gives me the creeps (or “heebie jeebies,” as I call them) but he didn’t always. Only in the last couple of years, since Fox picked up his show – when he started chumming around with O’Reilly, to better pinpoint it – did I start getting the heebie jeebies from him. He’s changed since moving to Fox.

  10. I suspect like many others, generally like what Beck did stand for. But, I can no longer ignore the fact that he is afraid to address the Obama eligibility problem.

    Something is going on here. He won’t mention it. No one on Fox will mention it. Obama is clearly not eligible, so what is the deal. Someone is enforcing a silence that we just don’t know about.

    I went to college. I can personally name 25% of my classmates 40 years later. Not a single person at Columbia remembers Obama. This is truly a Manchurian president. Connecticut SS number? There is nothing at all that is real. We have no clue who his biological parents are. Two people we can be pretty sure are not is: Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. There is enough mystery to occupy a whole staff of a news agency, but they don’t even want to talk about it.

    Kinda reminds me of a law enforcement person that told me once, “Sure, we know who is bringing the drugs into our county, but we have been told that they make so much money that if we interfere, we will be dead very quickly. They don’t interfere.”

    Who is pulling the strings? Why? Who is Obama? really? What is the objective? really?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That’s what I have been told about Monroe County. There have reportedly been drugs being brought in on military planes and evidence that the corruption goes right up to the governor’s office, but law enforcement allows it. They know about it. Whether or not the new governor of TN will do anything remains to be seen. Just like Monroe County, it must be that people fear for their lives if they say anything about Obama’s ineligibility. However, this situation cannot go on forever.

  11. I have lost some respect for Glen Beck. Beck has mocked we American citizens that put our faith in to the United States Constitution calling us the (BIRTHERS).Beck says he knows Obama is an American citizen.Bill O’ says he knows Obama is an American citizen. I want them both to display their facts on Fox News.The Obama citizenship has been a government and military cover up from day one. Both parties and the military are involved in the Obama citizenship cover up.

  12. I stopped watching that gutless, unprincipled coward a year ago. How that hypocrite sleeps at night is beyond me. It’s my belief that the only reason he got involved with the teaparty movement was to steer it away from the eligibility issue.
    In my opinion, Beck has done far more harm than good.
    Look back to December of last year… it was as though someone threw a switch. Overnight, he did a complete turn-around. I haven’t tuned in since.

    1. Mr. David! In the name of Justice ……I Wholesomely lean in the direction of agreeing with you! Nobody! I REPEAT! TO BE SURE….I REPEAT AGAIN Nobody. Nobody! Is upon reproach! It’s all been settled! You weren’t looking when it happened!

  13. I like Glenn Beck & watch him a lot…. BUT think if he isn’t reporting these kind of story’s is because of the higher up’s at Fox News… maybe the letters should be going to them instead… I also think once the NEW congress comes in they will be forced to address the issue… we citizens MUST keep up the pressure & make sure they do.

    Then once the fraud is uncovered… those responsible ALL need to go to jail… I also suggest to Congress they also use an outside company to help them that is nuetral for forenics… to be sure any documents that get presented are NOT forged or faked.

    Lastly, EVERY STATE must make sure ALL canidates are 100% qualified NOT just with their own party’s… it should be a LAW for each state too…

    1. tz—- issa has already stated he is not going to subpoena obamas birth certificate per article on wnd.com 12- 19-10. the republicans are complicit in this treason and fraud and do not want to be exposed. please do not depend on them.

  14. Beck is educational when it comes to political history and in that respect worthy of viewing. But that’s the extent of it! His true colors are of a self serving individual who, like many others found a profitable niche in catering to Constitutionally minded conservatives that are concerned and very observant to current events and politics! He is an actor and a book salesman who is taking advantage of a class of people he views as his target! And until he addresses the Natural Born Citizen matter…..he is a traitor to the United States of America!

  15. There is no way beck can feign ignorance to Lt. Col. Lakins plight. The below letter was sent to beck and his production manager several times and to the blaze every day for almost 4 weeks prior to the court marshal. beck has shown his true colors, he is nothing but a self-serving media hack.

    Dear Glen and Staff,

    You say you are honorable men and women and I believe you are, you have said many times you have a deep and abiding respect for those who serve in the military…why then, are you not coming to the aid of LTC Terrence Lakin in his most desperate hour of need?

    LTC Lakin is a highly decorated Army Flight Surgeon, he has served previously in Honduras, Bosnia, El Salvador, Korea, and Afghanistan.

    LTC Lakin is being tried in a military court– for defying military orders in order to seek the truth about whether Obama is legally, Constitutionally eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief. LTC Lakin’s sworn oath as a military officer requires him to uphold the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    This soft spoken, incredibly brave and honorable man has put it all on the line for you Glen, for us, for America in her most desperate hour of need.
    He has risked everything, his family, his career and fortune, and yes his very freedom to defend America and her Constitution against a domestic enemy.

    On many occasions on your show you have talked of the bravery and honor of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, that they “pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” for America…well Glen, this lone soul is no less brave and honorable than those men, and he stands alone against those that endeavor to destroy America from within.

    On December 14-16 at Ft.Mead, Maryland, LTC Lakin will be court-marshaled and in all likelihood will be sentenced to hard labor in Leavenworth because
    he has been denied even the most basic elements of defense, discovery of evidence and witnesses, he is being railroaded by the commiecrats in DC.

    Bottom line Glen, LTC Lakin needs help in a big way, the kind of help that only you are in a position to provide, you talk about the “perfect storm”, well you are correct and LTC Lakin is it! Glen, this is your moment nobody else can do it, this is why God put you right here, right now…I pray that you will answer God’s call and come to the aid of this incredibly brave, lone soldier.


    here is LTC Lakins info;

  16. As far as Constitutional responsibility goes, Beck is as big a phony as Obama.
    Best forget him – he’s shown his colors and I’ll bet they go clear to the bone and
    they aren’t “Red, White and Blue.

  17. I have wondered why too. The answer rests in two parts, 1) a growing fear that this administration will nationalize the internet and other communication means so by speaking up Rush and the rest put their licenses in jeopardy and 2) they are waiting for the new congress to be sworn in, the army will grow with this event. There is a right time to force the battle so polish up your weapons and be prepared to man the barricades.