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by Sharon Rondeau

Why did Assistant D.A. Jim Stutts waste the county's resources pursuing charges against Darren Huff if there was no case?

(Dec. 11, 2010) — Mr. Darren Huff, who pleaded “no contest” at his trial on December 1, 2010 in Madisonville, TN,  sent the following account of phone calls and text messages exchanged with both his public defender and the Assistant District Attorney, Jim Stutts, prior to the court hearing on December 1, 2010.

Text from me to Matthew Rogers: “Good morning, sir. If ou don’t mind, could you give me a call? I had a crazy thought, and wanted to run it past you. Thanks.”

Phone call – I then told him that the deal that Stutts offered made it seem as though Monroe County knows that they screwed up, and are looking to unwind what’s been done as best as they could, while still “saving face”. Matthew Rogers agreed. I then said that the deal that was offered was so ridiculous that it was truly a non-event, and that Stutts should just drop the entire case. I stated that I knew that Monroe County had no “beef” with me, and that they were only interested in throwing Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick under the bus; and that the only reason that I was dragged into their nightmare was because the feds wanted them to pursue charges against me to assist their case against me. Matthew Rogers agreed again. I then suggested that he, Stutts, and I meet out of site somewhere, sit down, and hash this out like grown men. I reminded Matthew that at the onset, I offered to let Monroe County drop their charges aginst me, to avoid any further damages. He remembered, and said that he would call Stutts to gauge his reaction.

He called me back and said that Stutts was on his way to the courthouse, and would consider it while he was en route. I was sitting at the courthouse steps when Stutts arrived. He acknowledged me with a nod, and then proceeded inside the courthouse. After a few minutes, the next text came from Matthew Rogers.

Text from Matthew Rogers: “He will not do a diversion. He said that the misd (misdemeanor) offer is all he can do. It is totally up to you.”

Text from me: “Hmmm. So, he doesn’t want a discussion at all?

Text from Matthew: “No. He says that he understands and feels you got suckered into all this, but that is the reason he made the offer and it is all he will do.”

Huff had maintained his innocence before the trial, stating that “nothing happened.”  Judge Carroll Ross had originally stated that Huff would need to “hire you an attorney real quick” because “These are some serious accusations here.”

What kind of a “defense attorney” is Matthew Rogers?

According to writer Michael Thomason of the Advocate & Democrat, Assistant District Attorney Jim Stutts “built his case around Fitzpatrick’s ‘hit list.  The ‘hit list’ was 28 people Fitzpatrick had wanted to make citizens arrests of on April 1, 2010. Fitzpatrick took exception to the names being called a ‘hit list,’ but in his own testimony referred to them as ‘targets.'”  Thomason also claims that Stutts stated during the December 1 trial that “the conspiracy Fitzpatrick is claiming is all in his head.”

The Advocate & Democrat article also reports that Fitzpatrick is due to be released from the Monroe County detention facility on Christmas Day. In the past, Fitzpatrick made the statement that the local newspaper is “is not a paper to be paid any attention to.”

A story in the Knoxville New Sentinel misstated Fitzpatrick’s age and Huff’s plea arising from the December 1 trial.

There was nothing mentioned in the article about the tainted grand jury containing repeat jurors which had originally issued the “True Bill” against Fitzpatrick containing six indictments.

The arraignment for both Huff and Fitzpatrick occurred on June 28, 2010, from which a “Friends of Politijab” transcript” was published on the internet.  However, Fitzpatrick has reported that he had not been able to obtain a copy of the transcript himself.

The Post & Email has requested the same transcript from Ms. Martha Cook, Chief Clerk in Madisonville, but has not yet received a response.  We have been told that the cost is $33.00.

Did “Friends of Politijab” pay the $33.00 to obtain the transcript?

While Huff still has federal firearms charges pending, could he have a case against those who might have misrepresented what occurred on April 1 in Madisonville, TN?  Where did anyone get the idea that Huff “planned to join a mob of Obama birthers, lay siege to the town and arrest all traitors refusing to indict the president as a foreigner” when the prosecutor has now admitted that there was no case?

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  1. Stutts needs to be bagging groceries not playing with the law, it’s reserved for decent people to grease the wheels of justice and now you all can see why. The jury will remain at the beck and call of the corrupt court, Walter will have wasted his time and the Monroe County kangaroo ripoff system will be emboldened having gotten away with yet another intimidation and manipulation of the law right out in the open. The only way to bust the ring is to have someone like Walt run for sheriff. Of course whoever it is had better hire several body guards and never travel alone.