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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin forced "collectivism" on the country, and widespread famine and hardship were some of the results. Is that what Obama is doing?

(Dec. 7, 2010) — “Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat–it was not the only way. I’m going to be looking for other means to address this problem.” The preceding was Barack Hussein Obama’s comment regarding the defeat of his ‘green agenda’ (specifically Cap & Trade/Tax) from the White House the day after the 2010 midterm elections. Unfortunately for us, this appears to be his attitude about everything he’s been working desperately hard to do in order to destroy the United States of America. Instead of sticking to the immense powers enjoyed by the US Executive Branch, he has effected and will continue his attempt to usurp the powers granted to the Legislative Branch–and tell us all what we must and will do for him. If not since he took the office of POTUS, today he unambiguously begins to meet the classic definition of a dictator–a leader who rules a country with absolute power, usually by force. Note: With Obama’s taking over the Internet, demanding we submit to a groping and almost strip-search in airports (foisted upon all travelers but Muslims–the group that actually began the campaign of terror against us and our country) and soon to be ALL other forms of public transportation, ruling our bodies via the Orwellian ObamaCare, refusing to allow any drilling for oil in the Gulf Coast and using his FCC as a hammer to rid himself of his vocal opponents, that force has already begun in earnest.

Why are even many of those who voted for him now angry with the usurper? Obama, or ‘the man who would be King of America‘, represents the very worst of us. He lies and is proud of it. He steals from and then lavishly spends others’ wealth while he laughs at their poverty and lives his own life of luxury–on their backs. He manipulates others by intimidation and fear of his and his masters’ retribution to be wreaked upon those who oppose him, their loved ones and families. He is duplicitous, as almost never seen before. He has stripped this country of employment possibilities, while he, his huge entourage and his own family take outrageously extravagant trips around the world (the latest who-knows-how-many-hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars debacle was to India) and continues to steal from the now newly-poor to enrich himself and his friends. In other words, he is us at the very worst we can imagine being.

Beginning with the electronic run on US banks in 2008, the Left’s show of force directed at the destruction of the USA’s banking system (if not the world’s) was in full play, which began the downfall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (both controlled by the Marxist Democrats) and the forced (aka “manipulated”) TARP. This began our spiral downward and allowed for The Obama to emerge from under his respective rock. Note: Please remember that during this period of time BOTH houses of Congress were controlled by the Marxist-Democrat Party and had been since 2006. But, that was back in the day that a real POTUS, despite his other faults, recognized and respected the US’ Separation of Powers.

To this day, The Obama and his family continue to slap We-the-People in the face with new and almost daily restrictions as to what we can and cannot do and what we can and cannot eat (one of his latest suppressions is restricting school bake sales–yep, you read that right!), while he, his family and minions continue their daily excesses and gluttony. This is what a dictatorship is all about–destroying the population (if not terminating many of them) so that these masses (soon to be “the great unwashed”) will have to beg the tyrant for every morsel from said tyrant’s abundant storage bins.

We-the-People must now provide everything for the ruling elite class, while we may be allowed to search out and ingest pieces of grain from the fields we may soon be forced to plow. Still think it can’t happen here? You may want to wake up. It IS happening here. Then there is the it-won’t-go-away Obama birth certificate issue. A source who wishes to remain nameless sent me a number of emails indicating that CNN’s Anderson Cooper is now using yet another (the one my source forwarded to him) Hawaiian short-form COLB (ostensibly different from the one Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been using) to prove the still unable-to-be-proved point that Obama is a natural-born US citizen. Apparently, if one COLB doesn’t fill the bill, the attitude is ‘flood the airwaves with ‘em’! Did Cooper or one of his people actually vet this latest document? Who knows?

What we do know, however, is that no one in power–now including the US Supreme Court–has been courageous enough to take on this issue. Only we citizen-journalists (and WND’s Joseph Farah) have done anything–including providing a target for ourselves and ‘cover’ (over at least the past two years) for our very famous well-known conservative talkers–to bring this into the public domain. What we also now know is that Obama & Co will use every method at their disposal to bypass the will of the people–despite elections. The Obama told us so. Tyrants and despots of any and all natures and stripes never give up power willingly or peacefully. Instead, they use any and every means to crush their enemies. In the case of Obama and his Marxist-Dems, We-the-People are the enemies of their planned and still-looming totalitarianism. Their maintenance of power is contingent upon our repression. Like angry beasts cornered by truth and directly contradicting the will of the people, they have begun their attack. Note: One of the unintended revelations that has come from the 2010 midterm elections is that we are finally seeing their fangs.

Can we stop the increasing daily onslaught against us emanating from Obama & Co? Can we stop the policies we shouted that we didn’t and don’t want? I hope so, because the alternative is the death of OUR nation. Although we won the first battle in November, it is going to be a long-term war to rid ourselves of the leftist vermin and gain back our liberties and our country, folks. I pray to the Lord God that we are up to it.

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  1. Sher,

    Great article. However, it seems to be one sided in focusing like a laser on Obama directly but little on the “Co” (company) side of the problem. As Obama uses a teleprompter for nearly 99% of what comes out of his mouth, it is clear that he is merely a puppet and is doing exactly what he’s told. The question is by whom?

    There are many things that I’ve noticed over the last 10 years (particular the last two) that WE have already lost our Constitutional Republic to an enemy who does not fight with guns or weapons but psychological warfare. As I’m not the president, nor part of the elite wealthy class (both R and D)… I really do not know who pulls the strings or writes the narrative of the country.

    The media (supposedly free press) can be partially blamed for what has come down on us… but the responsibility for this mess squarely rests on the back of every American Citizen who has fallen for the lies told by the government and eagerly propagated through the media. Does not anyone notice that the media is run just like the government? Each one seems to be behind a certain party but when the crap-hits-the-fan they all seem to be reading from the same script. They all spout the same information coming out of the Asso-CIA-ted Press, but seriously… who is the AP and where does this organization get their information from?

    If after two years we still can not get answers about the eligibility of a sitting president, we’ll never get it. The conspirators (executive, legislative, judicial, free press, and law enforcement) have won that battle… Just like the “Co” did on a real investigation behind the worst attack on US soil in our history.

    The point I’m trying to make is even if Obama were pulled and replaced today (by an R or D), nothing would change and our country would continue to be steered by the “Co” in the same direction they intend. The misdirection (physiological warfare) would continue while every freedom we enjoy is stripped. The internet is the only place the elite (government) can not control the narrative. Everyone needs to understand that when the government gets control of the internet, it will be the final nail in our coffin… and the “Co” knows it.

    The real question is… when the majority of Americans finally wake up, will WE go willingly or will we fight to restore the Republic?

    I know what side I’m on.

    1. You are absolutely right and couldn’t have said it better! We must look beyond the usurper in chief and look at the big picture if we can, to figure out who is all indeed behind this new world order, obambi will be gone sooner or later but another puppet will be chosen and put there by the same people that are pulling the usurper in chief’s strings right now…

  2. Ms. Zieve’s analysis of Obama’s current activities is right on. Her comments about bringing issues about Obama’s eligibility or lack thereof to the public domain are not. Retired Naval Commander Kerchner and his attorney Mario Apuzzo, Lt. Col Lakin, Orly Taitz, Leo Donofrio, and this web site, Post & Email, have done their best to breach the information wall constructed by the Alinsky left. One result is that too few citizens have read our founders, framers, justices, and those legislators who understood the Constitution. For example:

    “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”

    The statement above by Chief Justice Morrison Waite in the case Minor v. Happersett was used by Justice Gray in Wong Kim Ark, in which a man born in the U.S. of non-citizen parents was deemed not a natural born citizen, but a citizen. No birth certificate is necessary. Mr. Soetoro, born of a non-citizen father, cannot be NATURALLY a citizen. He might be a citizen, because men have made laws naturalizing the children of aliens born on our soil. We don’t even have the documents verifying Soetoro’s citizenship – the design by the left to distract from the fundamental criterion of natural born Citizenship. Barry was born, as he himself admits on his own “Fightthesmears.org” website, a subject of the British Empire. He is, by definition, not a natural born Citizen.

    If we dismiss the Constitution because it is old, because some say its provisions are outdated, we dismiss the protections which safeguard our freedoms. Look at the current attack on the 1st Amendment. As our government is currently constituted, this issue will more likely be cast as one of redistributing access to information. We now have a politically-determined Constitution. Our Politburo, which began by suppressing Article II, Section 1, clause 5, will continue to interpret the Constitution as long as we let it.

    Our framers and founders insisted on parents with sole allegiance only for the holder of the office of President. It made sense then and it makes sense now. We have two mechanisms for amending the Constitution. Amendments to Article II, Section 1 have been attempted as recently as 2003 – Orrin Hatch trying to make Schwarzenegger eligible. Claire McCaskill tried to pass a law asserting that McCain was eligible in February 2008, S.2678. McCain isn’t eligible, and that fact helped squelch any objections to Obama, in spite of McCaskill’s co-sponsorship of SenRes 511, in Apr 2008, after S.2678 failed to pass, in which Pat Leahy agreed with Michael Chertoff who said “My assumption and my understanding is that if you are born of American parents, you are naturally a natural-born American citizen,” Chertoff replied. “That is mine, too,” said Leahy.”

    Every Senator signed SenRes 511. Every Senator knew Obama’s father was a British Subject when Barry was born. Too few understand that the truth is part of our founding, our Constitution, because definitions used by our framers were seldom to be found in the document itself. The Constitution was designed to be understood in the language familiar to its framers and citizens of the time. 85% of the citizens of Massachusetts were literate in 1779. The definitions of citizenship adopted by our framers came mostly from Vattel, the first required text in our first law school created by Thomas Jefferson at William and Mary in 1779. Benjamin Franklin was recommending Vattel in 1762, and Hamilton used it in his cabinet role as Treasury Secretary writing to Washington in September 1790: “But Vattel, perhaps the most accurate and approved of the writers on the laws of nations, preserves a mean between these different opinions.”

    It is the lack of political courage of our politically-appointed federal judiciary. It is the corruption of our Supreme Court, which won’t confirm or question the constitutional definition of natural born Citizenship, which simply confirms Obama/Soetoro’s ineligibility. In the Kerchner/Apuzzo case, the two Obama appointees, who would have lost their jobs if Obama’s ineligibility were confirmed, refused to recuse themselves. We and every legislator know that Obama is ineligible. The Roberts Court is impotent (Roberts was well aware of Obama’s ineligibility and was required to act on that knowledge when he took three attempts to swear in Obama – any wonder that he was nervous?). Don’t dwell on the unknown when it is what we know that invalidates the legitimacy of this presidency. More citizens need to take the time to read our founders.

    Read Mario Apuzzo’s site. His case was clear. He provides the background most of us knew nothing about two years ago. Congress had the responsibility to vet the candidates. They investigated McCain. They refused to investigate Obama. Congress violated equal protection guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Vice President Cheney failed to ask each Senator if there were any questions about Obama. Pelosi signed two assertions that Obama met Constitutional eligibility requirements. Any single Supreme Court Justice has the right to ask questions of a petitioner. While Thomas let us know the court was “evading the issue,” even he failed to open the door. This is not a question about birth certificates. It is about the thorough corruption of our nation of laws and its replacement by political thugs taking advantage of the loss of our allegiance to the Constitution throughout the government.

  3. E pluribus buffoonum? Congress slams Obama
    Lawmakers say president’s omitting of God undercuts American history

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: It is clear that Obama has no ties to this country, nor even basic knowledge of our history, the nation’s founding, the role of the federal government, and even just being honest. He’s never been honest a day in his life. And I still don’t understand why WND insists on calling him “president” when he’s clearly not eligible. He’s a usurper.

    1. > nor even basic knowledge of our history

      However basic knowledge of our history shows that “e pluribus unum” was a motto of the US from 1782 to 1956 (until Congress replaced it with “in God we trust”).
      For someone referring repeatedly to our great Founders and the maintainer of a site where many guest editors call every government of the last 100 years, including the one replacing “e pluribus unum”, as traitors and tyrannies, WND certainly has little respect for the motto the Founders adopted and which was prevalent for a measly 174 years (!).

  4. This was a very good article.

    I am sorry to say that I believe it is far too late. People cannot even read their Constitution and understand that “natural born Citizen” is spelled with a capitol “C” because it is a proper noun referring to those sovereign male citizens who are created by natural birth inheritance which means from a citizen father according to the natural law legal jurisdiction, hence the term “natural born” which means a native of the country via a father. Later, females were added to “Citizen” with the 19th Amendment.

    Vattel makes it clear that by the laws of nature alone, (natural born) that children follow the political rights of their fathers, not their mothers or soil jurisdictions which are only secondary legal privileges and not recognized as natural political rights that come from a father. Article II already deals with any foreign loyalty conflicts due to soil, or your mother, by requiring you to reclaim your U.S. citizenship rights inherited from your father, and you must move back to the U.S. and be a resident for fourteen years prior to being a candidate for President. That was put into the Constitution so you would have time to sever any foreign political ties and spend fourteen years reestablishing your ties and loyalty to America. There is no conflict of loyalties for this reason due to a foreign mother or soil jurisdictions when you are born. This is why your mother and place of birth are irrelevant for Article II purposes. Your father is a different story because no matter how long you live in America as a U.S. citizen due to a U.S. citizen mother or by being born on U.S. soil, you can never prevent a natural inheritance of a foreign title of nobility from a foreign father. Also, you can not override an inherited political allegiance between a father and his children by statutory constructs. Females and soil jurisdictions are an inferior jurisdiction to the claim of a father to his children that they may be permitted to follow his political condition and succeed to the fathers rights. Females and soil jurisdictions can be, and often are, denied these rights in favor of the father and his rights which come from the laws of nature and are superior to the positive law jurisdiction “legal rights” that come from a mother or soil jurisdictions. That is the common law and custom that was understood at the time of the writing of Article II and is still with us today but people just do not understand or will not accept this truth.

    This article mentions WND and their efforts, however I am not so sure about WND and their motives because if you can understand and accept what I have just told you, then you can see how easy it is to realize that your mother and your place of birth are irrelevant for Article II purposes and it only requires one to be born to a citizen father and then meet the fourteen year resident provision. So why does WND keep pushing the bogus theory that the place of birth is at all relevant with their birth certificate issue? One can sure see how much money WND has made (millions) by pushing this false psychological propaganda of theirs and Obama’s, that your place of birth has some bearing on Article II “natural born Citizen” when it is obvious that it makes no difference where you are born. If WND is so virtuous in their efforts then why are they playing the Obama game by giving any credibility to your place of birth as having any relevancy? Isn’t that exactly what Obama wants is the debate to be between those that believe he was born in Hawaii and those who think he was born on foreign lands? Doesn’t that just distract and confuse people away from the truth and issue that Obama has a foreign dad which is an automatic disqualification. The bogus place of birth theory just serves to keep Obama in office and line the pockets of players like WND and attorneys who support and espouse that you must be born on U.S. soil and that is what Article II “natural born Citizen” means to convey. It is just a SCAM on top of the Obama scam. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

    1. > There is no conflict of loyalties for this reason due to a foreign mother or soil jurisdictions when you are born. This is why your mother and place of birth are irrelevant for Article II purposes.

      So according to your analysis,

      (a) a person born in Texas to a US mother and a Canadian father, if the Canadian father becomes naturalized one day *before* the birth is eligible, whereas

      (b) a person born in Texas to a US mother and a Canadian father, if the Canadian father becomes naturalized one day *after* the birth is not eligible, whereas

      (c) a person born in Indonesia to an Indonesian mother and a US father (possibly an Indonesian prostitute who only had one brief sexual encounter with the tourist father), then spent his entire life in Indonesia and is raised Muslim faith, is also eligible?

      I can’t really fathom why this would be anywhere near what the Founders had in mind when they spoke of allegiance to the US.

      So your analysis is fatally flawed if it allows for the distinction of (a) and (b) – allegiance depending on whether the father was naturalized on one day or the next – and also allows for (c) – allegiance despite having no ties whatsoever to the US – to be valid.

      1. > You must already have a citizen father

        So by that you mean “a natural born citizen father”, is that correct? Now that’s a new issue you didn’t raise (explicitly enough) before.

        Besides, it doesn’t invalidate my example (c) where someone with just about no ties to the US would be eligible as long as he’s been fathered by a (natural born) US citizen.

        > That was put into the Constitution so you would have time to sever any foreign political ties and spend fourteen years reestablishing your ties and loyalty to America.

        I doubt that simply living in the US for 14 years would “sever any foreign political ties”. Soetoro has lived for more than 14 years in the US, yet still he shows his ties to his Muslim faith (and possibly to Kenya and/or Indonesia) are stronger than his ties to the Constitution.
        Those 14 year requirement was put in as an additional safeguard, but it’s no guarantee you’ll have the same as a “100% red blooded American”.

        > you can never prevent a natural inheritance of a foreign title of nobility from a foreign father
        > Females and soil jurisdictions are an inferior jurisdiction to the claim of a father to his children that they may be permitted to follow his political condition and succeed to the fathers rights.

        That argument only works if all other countries also put the inheritance on the father’s side above any other.
        Germany and many other European states allow inheritance of citizenship by just one parent, treating father and mother equally.
        So for example if Soetoro was born in Germany to a US father and a German mother, he would be a German citizen (unless he explicitly renounced his citizenship). And US law recognizes that.
        So there you’d have your allegiance to another country despite having a natural born US citizen father.

        The problem with your argument is you cannot say “other countries do not govern the eligibility of a US citizen” in one place (my example with a German mother), yet say “other countries can govern the eligibility of a US citizen” in another (Soetoro’s British citizen father).
        Unless you claim that the “inferiority” of the mother’s side holds anywhere in the world for some strange reason you did not properly prove.

  5. Sher Zieve – one could not state it any more clearly than you just did, but I am afraid it may be falling too much onto deaf ears. While our brave men and women are out fighting numerous wars around the globe, and/or keeping the peace in many foreign lands; what we have back home here is far too many wacko-communists liberals, pansy-girlymen politicians, lying-cheating-money-grubbing Godless-fascist-unscrupulous-opportunistic-foreign combatants like george soros, obama, et al.

    So other than a few patriots, who are putting up the good fight here at home, possibly we should be bringing all our fighting troops back home, until we defeat the evil right here in our own homeland, before we go back out to save the world. We have far too many evil traitors “right here, right now” especially in all three branches of our own government to even consider otherwise.

  6. The same way as progressive communists have infiltrated our schools and universities and raised generations of increasingly progressive communist clones we need to take back the education system and educate people with full knowledge of what the progressiveness really is. It is of interest to note that a recent study in the UK revealed that students with best academic achievements come from faith schools. See, for instance, here:

    Primary league tables: Key Stage 2 results for 2009 for Greater London


    1. It’s called a new administration is moving in and it is an appointed position. It’s not at all unusual and it’s not a conspiracy. It’s political business as usual.

  7. There is little mention of Pearl Harbor today I wonder why! I was only nine years old that day but the attack was burned into my memory forever! The attacks to our Nation today are even more problematic because we are attacked from within! I am not sure we can recover from this attack but I am trying to have faith in our young people!