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by Sharon Rondeau

How well is this man upholding his oath to the U.S. Constitution or the Tennessee constitution?

(Dec. 3, 2010) — Several people who have contacted Rep. John Duncan (R), whose district includes Monroe County, TN, regarding the endemic corruption there have reported excuses or no response from staffers as to why the congressman hasn’t taken action on their complaints.

One caller reported:

I thought I would share with you that I have called several offices of Mr. Duncan. They all seem to not be too concerned in fact one Marysville said “that’s a State issue”. To which I replied “you mean the violation of the Constitution is of no concern to Mr. Duncan?” Another office says that the DA she checked with said that the Judge can appoint whoever he wants to Foreman of the Grand Jury as often as he wishes. She even told me that the TN law I quoted was wrong. It seems there will be little help coming from his Congressional Representative unless he sees a headline “TENNESSEE US REPRESENTATIVE NOT CONCERNED WITH CONSTITUENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO EQUAL PROTECTION”. I wanted to let you know that I have sent information about this to Liberty Central.org and the Patrick Henry Center as well as put it on the blog at WRAM. I pray it helps. Semper Fi

How could a Tennessee law be “wrong?”

A second person said:

I left a message on the recorder and said that the FBI has paid a visit to the jail.  I asked what Rep. Duncan intends to do and he was elected to represent his constituents, one of whom is in the jail, ie. Walt.  I finished by letting him know that the people are watching.

Another person told me she spoke with a lady and was informed that this is a Federal issue, but she listened and said she would relay the message.

So one staffer said that Monroe County corruption is a state issue, but another said it is a federal issue.  Would that not necessitate Duncan’s involvement?

The second caller said that the staffer reported that “a lot of calls” had come in on the subject of Monroe County that day.

An attendee at a town hall meeting held on October 5, 2010 by Tennessee Senator Robert Corker during which the issue of local corruption was raised stated that a representative from Duncan’s office was in attendance that evening.  The attendee wrote:

His district assistant was here for Senator Corker’s town hall on Tuesday evening, 5 October. Her name is Maxine Gernert. Gernert works out of Duncan’s Athens, TN office. Located in the McMinn County Courthouse.

Editor’s Note: The district offices are listed at the bottom of Duncan’s website.

Several weeks ago, the editor of this publication called Rep. Duncan’s Washington, DC office and received no response at all.  The aide listened in what was perceived to be a state of bewilderment but said very little as the corrupt judges, grand juries, sheriff, deputies and jailhouse practices were described in detail.  Although addresses for both email and standard mail were left and a written response was clearly requested, nothing has been received.

Is it possible that Rep. Duncan is aware of the corruption but chooses to look the other way?  Why wouldn’t his staffers have expressed concern for the civil rights violations and law-breaking which appear to have continued unchecked for decades?

Is it possible that because Walter Fitzpatrick’s original issue was a criminal complaint against Obama for treason and he is afraid to become involved?  Or is it that if all of the convictions and acquittals made while Gary Pettway acted illegally as grand jury foreman would have to be revisited and the cost to the county would be nothing short of staggering?

However, what about the oath Duncan took to uphold the U.S. Constitution?

An earmark for which Duncan has been criticized is linked in the author’s piece to corruption in Congress.

On July 1, 2009, the Memphis, TN office of the FBI issued a “Department of Justice” press release announcing the sentencing of a “former Memphis Police Department officer” following conviction for “civil rights violations”  as well as firearms, robbery and narcotics charges.  Loretta King, Acting Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, said that “We will continue to vigorously prosecute police corruption both to protect the rights of individuals and to maintain faith in our legal system.”

The FBI Special Agent at the Memphis office, stated that “”We will vigorously investigate abuses of authority to defend the fundamental right to ethical behavior by government employees.”  Other police officers and individuals received sentences for civil rights conspiracy, abuse of authority, and robbery.

Then where is the FBI in regard to Monroe County, where blatant civil rights abuses are carried out on what appears to be a regular basis, including those of children?  What about the civil rights of Walter Fitzpatrick, who was arrested after four unannounced sheriff’s deputies broke down the door to his home, beat and tasered him, tore his left ear, and handcuffed him so tightly that he has probable nerve damage in his wrists and hands?

If the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee can take action on crimes committed against the citizenry, then where is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, who states that the office’s mission is to “enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; and to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice for the people of East Tennessee.”

Why have all law enforcement, legislative, judicial and executive public servants allowed the corruption, extortion, and civil rights abuses to continue unabated in Monroe County?  Since narcotics, specifically methamphetamine, appear to be a significant problem in that area, is the money extorted from victims of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department being used to obtain, sell, or facilitate the trafficking of such substances? Could it have any connection to the human trafficking ring identified recently in Nashville?

Why are the grand juries rigged with jurors who have served too recently to be seated again?  Eyewitnesses in the courtroom on December 1 for the trial of Walter Fitzpatrick reported that a juror who admitted that he had served within the past 24 months was immediately dismissed by the judge before the trial began.  In so doing, the judge acknowledged that that juror was tainted.  Why, then, did Judge Amy Reedy appoint Angela Davis as foreman on June 3, 2010 when she knew she had served in 2009? Judge Blackwood had apparently acknowledged that Davis had served for two terms within the 24-month time frame.  So how could that jury have been a legally-convened body if the juror on the December 1 jury was dismissed for the same reason?

Why are judges picking grand jury foremen on the basis that they “have done a good job for us?”

What are the chances that three jury members would serve again too soon and all be involved in the same person’s case if they were chosen randomly by automated means, as the law requires?

Why is the law applied at times and at others ignored?

Shouldn’t the judges who are breaking the law be in jail rather than Fitzpatrick?

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  1. If LCMD Fitzpatrick had given more thought to his actions things MIGHT have turned out differently. Who knows, he COULD have thought the whole thing out and arrived at the conclusion the whole idea was ill-conceived and it would be better to leave it to those who know more about it. The fact is, he planned as best he could, got as much support as he was able and TOOK ACTION. You know damn well our forefathers and mothers had a fire in their belly when it came time to fight for our freedoms.That spirit is alive and well in Walter Fitzpatrick, Terry Lakin, and all the others who have made the decision to do whatever it takes to live what they belief to be true. That Spirit is what keeps us going. These are the people who inspire the rest of us to take that leap from complacency to enthusiastic participation. Do whatever you can, from speaking up at the local coffee shop to writing a few letters or making phone calls until you find a receptive ear. Perseverance is the key. Thank God Walter wasn’t “smart enough” to talk himself out it!

  2. This sounds like quite a few other stories I’ve heard and to say that this is ticking me off would be an understatement. I’m a cop’s kid, and frankly this sounds like a travesty of justice so bad that we better get off of our duffs as a nation and start holding these leaders accountable for their actions.Sounds to me like Mr. Duncan needs a new occupation really badly. Vote him out; don’t just sit there!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: And to think that he was just voted back in!

  3. The only freshman that I believe would possibly help is Allen West. He knows what it is like to be court-martialed for doing the right thing. He faced court-martial for firing a gun next to the head of a captive that refused to provide information that was needed to protect the troops.
    Hopefully seeing that a Republican will not defend the Constitution will show everyone that we are being used by BOTH parties.
    Vietnam trained veteran

  4. While we await the swearing in of the new Congress in January, it is time to get downright serious and enact a plan. Cat is right. Conservatives have been enablers in the downfall of this country by being too polite, too afraid to speak up and stand up for what is right. Political correctness, also known as Cultural Marxism, is a poison that stifles freedom and individuality. Left unchecked, it will destroy us from within. We are running out of time and are literally in the fight of our lives for this great nation of ours. Join with like-minded patriots and team up to take back our country. We can’t count on our leaders in Washington. WE must chart the course for America’s future, just as our founders did so we could be free. Pull up your bootstraps and saddle up. It is time to get this show on the road!

  5. I sincerely hope that Thinkwell is right about the Justices waiting for January and GOP investigations before administering true justice. As to the first part of his comment where he suggested physically surrounding the Supreme Court, similar action has been alluded to here. Perhaps he — we have aimed too high. Maybe, rather than starting with anything in D.C., we ought to set our sights on bringing the county seat of Monroe County, TN. to a standstill. Engulf Madisonville, population 4,556, with so many people that all commerce, law enforcement, courts, and ordinary movement grinds to a snail’s pace, or slower. Once a negotiated agreement is reached with the mayor and law enforcement agencies that the Constitution WILL be adhered to, then we move on to bigger government entities and ditto for other states. If we remain totally peaceful and non-violent but successful, higher government entities might begin to get the point and wake up to the true intent of government of the people, for the people, by the people.

    1. It’s time to make flyers of the corruption going on and pass out everywhere it cant be just by the computer.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: It’s been done. Look on Scribd for a tri-fold which contains the Fitzpatrick story, other incidents of government abuses and usurpations of power, and an image of the U.S. Constitution. If you can’t find it, email me at editor@thepostemail.com.

    2. build wisely on a solid foundation. Remember the Bible…Fools make haste.

      IMHO, the only way we can be effective with public protests is to build tight, strong, organizations. It starts with you looking another man in the eye and he tells you he’s in. Then that gets repeated and repeated until you have firm commitments from enough people who are ready to do the hard work of fighting a hugely corrupt legal institution.

      Putting out a general call like the typical tea party protests are good, but I think they are not good enough. No one has written the manual yet for this, so we have to do it.

  6. (Spelling corrected version) :)

    Tax slavery makes citizens nearly helpless to defeat enemies of freedom.
    It is forced taxation that feeds our enemies, provides them weapons (real and intellectual) to use against us, overfeeds them, and over pampers them.

    There are a few groups about that are testing their strength with boycotts and having some success.
    In looking at these outfits and the impacts they have had on a modest scale, I can see a means to assault the Marxist coup.
    A tax revolt would work famously, too. And in short order, I expect.

    But the problem inherent with the Conservative movement would seem to be that there is a class that prefers lamentations to action, whose adherents are so deathly afraid of angering the beast, that they only bleat like the clueless sheep they are.
    There is also a class that has a false piety and whose adherents seek to elevate their religious standing before their brethren by denouncing the more aware, the more focused, and the more militant amongst the Conservative movement, to the applause of like-minded hypocrites.

    To these people, I would like to politely suggest that: Even when you close your eyes…the beast still sees you.

    There is also a class within the Conservative movement, and it is a presently hesitant majority that needs to shake off PC stupor, jettison the weaker and less faithful elements of the cause…and start being proactive in the fight, without any concern at all about criticism…from any quarter.

    The truth of current affairs is that there really is no way for citizens to obtain freedom and their rightful authority as employers of government officials – than to knock their dam*ed crowns off their heads…before there is no possible way to do it.

    Resistance (as much as needs to be applied) is the only solution. To apply such a concept, the first two aforementioned groups within the Conservative movement must be addressed and handled. Effectively.

    If indeed, every Conservative person truly understood the nature of this battle, truly understood what Conservatism is, and truly had an understanding of what they believed and why they believed it…and why Conservatism has to prevail…we’d never have arrived at this sorry state of affairs in the first place.
    In essence, it is the lack of personal conviction, fighting spirit, and willingness to face any sort of real hardship that has thus far defeated the Conservative cause from within.

    And until every Conservative is so strongly in tune with the cause that he or she is perfectly inclined to think and act decisively and in harmony with brothers and sisters in this fight, that even isolation from others does not result in a variance of understanding or attitude…the coup will continue to gain power.

    Marxists attack and abuse…only when they do not fear consequences.
    They skillfully manipulate a populace through lies, intimidation, and divisive tactics.
    Marxists can be compared to strongly focused herding dogs whose superior skill at manipulating herd reactions puts them in charge every time…of a disorganized and undisciplined rabble.

    Conservatives might do well to consider ways to attack rather than stand huddled, whilst waiting for the next attack.

    Courts can be overloaded with civil suits over a number of valid causes. Recall petitions can be generated against judiciary and political office holders, and even if they are not initially effective, they serve to plant the spirit of self-empowerment and activism amongst the people.

    Businesses owned by those who support the coup can be boycotted.

    Citizens can even, with few exceptions, boycott the sanctuary cities they live in, harass the political coyotes who harbor illegals at the expense of taxes and American lives, harass those who employ illegals, and in general the American populace unified can wreak havoc on the financial, judicial, and political infrastructure of the coup.

    These things said, I will now touch on two issues only (there are more) that do disturb me as regards the Conservative reaction.

    The first is in regard to the Dream Act.
    Straight to the point – I am disgusted by the fact that Conservatives routinely ignore the fact that twelve Americans a day die at the hands of illegals. There are even a greater number of Americans who are robbed, raped, mutilated, and otherwise abused by being forced to support the welfare and population expansion of illegals.

    In the entire issue of Amnesty, I have not seen a single Conservative pundit or politician address the murder of Americans and demand that “correcting” the immigration problem must be done with total deference to the Americans who have been murdered and abused and made virtual tax slaves of their attackers by coyote politicians.

    Within the illegal invasion itself are glaring acts of complicity with murder, unconstitutional taxation, denial of the civil rights of Americans, and outright treason on the part of politicians who support the obscenity of illegal invasion.

    And as I said…not one pundit or politician stepping up to the plate.

    Worse: I cannot see very many Conservative forum members across the net even expressing an awareness of what the illegal invasion really means in terms of the horrors callously forced upon them and their brothers and sisters.

    I blame this on the failure of Conservatives to think clearly and act decisively.

    I also blame this on self-loathing…as incrementally taught by PC over the past sixty years.

    Last…I was in Madisonville this past April. I met Walt and I met Carl Swensson of the Oath Keepers.

    My impression of Walt was that he is a brave lad, and an honest lad, but also that he is none too swift as regards understanding what it is to go up against a criminal cartel.

    “Right,” in this landscape, is not might. And acting as a Patriot does not inspire the fearful to rise up and join your battle. You gotta kill something first, so to speak…before anyone will believe that it can be done.
    When people see the way to do a thing…they will sign on.

    Moreover, I saw the video of Walt dealing with the GJ foreman and trying to make a citizen’s arrest. He did indeed physically dog the man, nearly into a literal corner, instead of announcing that he was making a citizen’s arrest, and then asking the officers present to back him up.

    When it was clear that the officers were not in agreement with Walt’s citizen’s arrest, Walt should have cut bait and left. He didn’t. And that was his second mistake.

    His first was going up against the cartel without legal representation and the cash flow or the arranged “pro bono” support to take his case to the State Court and to the US Supreme Court.

    This, in my honest opinion, is another Conservative trait that needs to change. Yesterday would be nice.
    The trait is that of reacting emotionally, when there is a reaction…instead of being cold, calculating, and focused.

    From the moment of Walt’s foray against the corrupt judiciary at that local level, he was uninformed, unprepared…and unwise. Granted, his cause was and is just.

    But the concept expressed by Carl Swensson, was, I expect, the advice that Walt may have been acting on or at least in agreement with, of his (Walt’s) own accord. It was the singularly foolish notion that the court could not deny that its GJ policy was illegal.

    When I heard that from Carl Swensson…I knew that things would not end well. And when I advised Carl that it seemed most unwise to me that Walt should be going up against the Monroe County court system with no representation and no cash reserves for a protracted fight…he acted as if he had never heard of an outfit that handled Constitutional issues and Conservative issues on a pro bono basis and had never anticipated that cash flow might ultimately become necessary…

    Neither Walt nor Carl seemed to understand that a criminal cartel is a criminal cartel…because it has no regard for law. It wasn’t very likely that the cartel was gonna see Walt’s side of the matter. Ever.
    And what was likely was that Walt was gonna get chewed up and spit out, and probably become a Marxist poster child for display as the typical ‘Lunatic Birther’, if he was not murdered first.

    I do not denounce Walt. He did his best and he did more than any pundit or politician calling himself or herself a Conservative these days.

    Well, with the exception of Sharon Rondeau. (good on you, ma’am)

    In summary of my rant, Conservatives, (I believe) need to tighten up.

    Walt, as clumsy as I think he was…is at least a fighter and a man with the iron-hard courage of his beliefs.
    I backed him then, I back him now, and I will not be ashamed to back him even if Monroe County manages to trash his rep.

    I will not forget the Oath Keeper failure to stand good for a lad who is one of them and who was lawfully (though clumsily) bringing the fight to the Marxists.

    Any group leader who does not have love and loyalty for his lads…deserves nothing in return but a swift fist in the face. And any Conservative Freedom Fighter who lets fear of criticism prevent him from helping a brother or a sister needs to hie his arse away from the group and go join the other side, so as to have at least one virtue intact, and that would be “honesty.”

    Had every Oath Keeper given a dollar each for Walt…he might have won handily. But by as much as denouncing Walt, Rhodes and those members of the Oath Keepers who followed Rhodes’ example…threw a brother to the enemy to be ravaged, and aided the enemy in its propaganda campaign against Conservatism in general, and those who challenge the monkey’s birth certificate, in specific.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Very eloquently stated, sir. Your intellectual honesty is refreshing and is that which every single one of us must have to win the battle for this Republic.

    1. This analysis was spot on in my opinion. Walt was and is very brave in his willingness to face the forces of corruption, but some of his actions were rash and more provocative than they needed to be (not that they were in any way deserving of the heavy handed, totally inappropriate response he received). One does one’s best at the time under unforeseen conditions that don’t allow the luxury of “armchair internet quarterbacking.” Perfection is neither expected nor required. Walt is a patriot trying his best to stave off the ongoing decline of America and for that I salute him (and support him as generously as possible with donations).

      By the way, something very ugly has transpired over at the military blog of Dwight Sullivan.


      This blog is populated by shameless, depraved, far-left elitists with blindingly high opinions of themselves (many of whom are government military attorneys). Mario Apuzzo has single-handedly tried to engaged this blog’s borg o’ bots in debate and discussion about the recent denial of cert in the Kerchner case, and, with perhaps the exception of barely a handful of semi-civil posters, the attacks on attorney Apuzzo have been boorish and rude, with quite a few being nothing more than 100 percent personal derision and hate. Hideous behavior, really.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: That’s because the military is scrambling to protect Obama and therefore themselves. They are denying Lt. Col. Lakin discovery because they know that the walls will come tumbling down if the truth is allowed to surface. Just as Walt saw the corruption in Monroe County and confronted it and was imprisoned in retaliation, the Pentagon, which is full of military bureaucrats, is working feverishly to cover up the fraud and treason that have been perpetrated on the American people and the military by Obama’s usurpation of the presidency. That’s why they won’t let LTC Lakin have discovery. The bigwigs in the military know that Obama isn’t constitutionally qualified, and they know that their salary, pension and other military benefits will disappear once the truth comes out. And it WILL come out!

    2. Eloquent to the end. But the end was spoiled by a remarkable misunderstanding of the Oath Keepers organization, which I assume was what was being referred to. If the reference was to the members of that organization than you have offended a whole cadre of veterans. Engaging in judicial challenges, corrupt communities, etc. is not part of the mission of the Oath Keepers organization any more than it is part of the VFW or Legion. However, members of all these organizations, individually, support any challenge to the constitution in many different ways, including financially. I offer Sons of Liberty Riders as an example. They have terribly expensive vehicles which are used to great extent in rally’s for constitutional issues. They are personally owned. Many of their members belong to the Oath Keepers organization. They are do what they do on a personal basis.
      Furthermore the Oath Keepers organization is under constant fire from SPLC and DHS and so must maintain a demeanor above reproach. To engage in racist rhetoric as seen in the piece above or with people who use this rhetoric would not further their cause of promoting the constitution by Reach, Teach, and Inspire of active duty and LEO.

  7. If the Sheriff collects the votes, and Duncan was “voted” in….maybe that explains it. Maybe find people who are salaried and not politically voted in. The local physicians group might have a few decent people. Maybe the chief of staff of the local hospital, to get their opinion, since there would be a physician who probably works for the jail and prisoners go to the hospital for treatment.

  8. I also contacted Mr. Duncan and have not heard a word back. I’ll let you know if I do.

    And “We will continue to vigorously prosecute police corruption both to protect the rights of individuals and to maintain faith in our legal system.”? They have done neither. Just yesterday, I was trying to think of ONE person, government agency, group, etc. that we can trust and rely on to do what is right, and I wasn’t able to. I even posed the question to a large group of people (on the page I Admin) on FB, and nobody could come up with one person!

    We are in so much trouble, it’s not even funny.

  9. Sharon, you posit “Is it possible that Rep. Duncan is aware of the corruption but chooses to look the other way?”. I say since he was Mayor of Knoxville prior to becoming a U.S. Representative, he is part of the problem. There is no way he is not aware. Semper Fi

  10. These people (those like Duncan) should be tarred and feathered and run out of office on a rail. The worst among them should be tried for grand treason and those found guilty should be shown no mercy and hung or shot dead by duly appoint firing squad. I know most of the readers here are of like opinion, but what does it matter? Yes, we comfort each other that we are not alone in our clarity of vision, but what is the plan that actually will yield results and stave the slow bleed of our once great Republic as it slips into a spiraling death by communism and/or fascism?

    Our last best hope is with the freshman class of incoming representatives who sadly won’t be a factor until next January. In the mean time we must keep up the calls, letters and emails. Showing up en mass to physically surround the Supreme Court might help, I suppose. Keep posting and spreading the meme of the importance of the Constitution and the rule of law. What else can we do? May God preserve us through these troubled times.

    By the way, here’s a thought about the reticence of the conservative members of the Supreme Court that might be of some comfort. Clarence Thomas has stated that SCOTUS is evading the eligibility issue. Bogus sotomayor and kagan went against all ethical standards and did not recuse themselves in the recent Kerchner v. Obama writ of certiorari petition. This implies that only three Justices were willing to grant the petition (which could have been enough to have granted it if the two bogus justices had properly recused themselves). This suggests that only Thomas, Alito, and Scalia are willing to uphold their oaths to the Constitution. Perhaps they see that they did not have the numbers to tip the balance to bring the SCOTUS to a legitimate Constitution decision in the Kerchner case, and, rather than see the Court liberal commie majority bless the usurper fraud occupying our White House and give him legitimacy for all time, they would rather evade the issue until the January Tea Party wave can begin criminal investigations and shift the tide of public opinion among the lazy sheeple who haven’t bothered or cared to educated themselves.

    Perhaps they are evading the issue not because they are cowards, but because it currently is the best strategy. I wonder if it is improper or imprudent for a Justice to talk publicly about such things? I do not understand their reluctance to speak out, but perhaps it is the way to hold off the Beast for now.