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by Molly Pitcher

"Molly Pitcher" might actually represent several or many women who supported the colonists in the American Revolution against the British


(Dec. 1, 2010) — Lt. Cmdr. Walter F. Fitzpatrick II is locked up in the Monroe County, Tennessee jail.  He has been there for the second time (now over one month).  He was unaware of a court hearing scheduled for October 22, which landed him in jail.  He and the other inmates have endured horrific conditions while there.  In daily phone calls to Sharon Rondeau of The Post  & Email, he reveals corruption with a capital “C” which has infested Monroe County from the judges, the sheriff and all points in between.

The FBI has an open case on the corruption complaint filed by Walt but to date, they have been slow to act on our phone calls.  Walt did report to Sharon that the FBI was seen outside the Monroe County jail by the corrupt Sheriff Bill Bivens, who tried to intimidate the agent into leaving the area.

On Thursday, December 2, we are going to inundate Representative John Duncan Jr.’s office and ask him what he intends to do.  He needs to know that the FBI has an open case on the Monroe County corruption and the FBI has indeed paid a visit to the jail.  Walt is a constituent in his district.  Rep. Duncan needs to do the job he was elected to do and represent the people.

Let’s make this a massive effort tomorrow!  Incidentally, Walt was in court today without an attorney, as his second attorney vanished.  If you have seen the movie “Walking Tall,” you will understand how Monroe County operates.  Patriots, we must help Walt continue to expose this corruption and restore justice to this county in Tennessee.  Once done, we can do the same in every county throughout America.

Representative John Duncan Jr’s contact information is:

Maryville Office
200 E Broadway Ave # 414
Maryville, TN 37804-5754
Phone: (865) 984-5464
Fax: (865) 984-0521

Knoxville Office
800 Market Street, Suite 110
Knoxville, TN 37902
Phone: (865) 523-3772
Fax: (865) 544-0728

Athens Office
6 East Madison Avenue Courthouse
Athens, TN 37303-4297
Phone: (423) 745-4671
Fax: (423) 745-6025

Washington Office
2207 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5435
Fax: (202) 225-6440

To send an email, go here or here.

An eyewitness in the courtroom today during the trial of Walter Fitzpatrick gave the following assessment:

Walt looks pitiful, by intention, I guess.  It almost brought tears to my eyes to see a LCDR (ret) U. S. Naval Academy graduate stand in public in prison stripes.

What has our jurisprudence system come to?

I left because I got in trouble.  I was an engineer by trade and made a sketch of the courtroom to go with my notes.  Apparently this was observed by a high resolution video camera and used as an excuse to remove me from the courtroom and be interrogated/intimidated.  Two plain clothes SO and one uniform conducted the questioning in a corner of the hallway.  I gave them the sketch and asked them what they thought a 130# old man was going to do to their courtroom.  So they let me go.  And I approached the defendants bench at the noon break so Walt could see that I was there and was accosted by three deputies who stated that I couldn’t speak to the prisoner and would be permanently ejected from the courtroom if I didn’t back away.  I didn’t push it.  I can do much more for the effort by not being in jail. However there was much less LEO presence in town and the courtroom was open so the flyers and national attention is paying off.

Bivens was at the defendants bench, also, and he looked pretty sick too.  I think Bivens is having a whole series of bad days.

I am still bothered by Walt’s treatment.  He is handicaped by his pro se status plus he does not have access to his files from home.

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  1. I have been considering buying property in Tennessee for retirement but this situation has given me second thoughts. I sent a message to Duncan via his e-mail which I include as follows. I have also contacted the realtors in the State to share my concern. They are oblivious and need any one who can to give them a call and ask questions about LCmdr Fitzpatrick and their Sheriff Bill Bivens. Maybe when they know their sales are being effected they will get involved too.

    Honorable John J. Duncan
    For a couple of years now I have been looking for property in TN. to retire. This address is but one that meets my requirements. However as I started looking into the local issues I have found something that disturbs me. It seems that the county of Monroe and the surrounding counties have a problem with basic citizen rights of the US Constitution as well as following the laws of Tennessee. I know that you have been made aware of the LCMDR Walter Fitzpatrick situation in Madisonville. I wonder as well as some I have heard from why you have not acknowledged that one of your contituents rights have been violated by the county Sheriff and Judges where he has been setting in Jail without representation nor with the courts advising him of the charges against him. I cannot immagine that a person could be put in this position in these United States these days without a strong voice from their elected officials. Please advise me through my e-mail what you or others in Tennessee are doing or are going to do to resolve this. It is my understanding that an FBI complaint has been opened. I just wonder what kind of representative you would be if I purchased property within your area of representation.

    Lloyd Carter

  2. Leo, you are right. I know because I have contact with people both native and transplants to that sty of a state and they are afraid both physically and financially to even print a single letter which would be used to discover their identity. They cower and would rather be red than dead. I guess they aren’t true patriots just common people who wish to benefit from America even while it sinks. If the reps for the good people do not act they can be forced to by calling for a boycott of all things TN. It may hurt the good folk some but no where near what doing nothing will and has already resulted in. I am especially interested to see what patriots are left in the music industry now that most have secured their American dream. Will they pay back old glory or will they huddle with their profits like Soros, Gates, Bono, Geithner etc and their friends and companions from the weather underground?

    I’d like it if one poster would provide a foundation for his sly assertion that Mr Haffey is a liar. Obviously it is easy to ignore the brutal truth right up until it latches onto your life. I know this to be true as I have also been ravaged illegally several times both by the federal and local departments of injustice and intimidation. I’m 30 years into my battle. It is impossible to ignore an open wound and it is only a finger in it when I see others being raped by corruption while the “jacks” of the world dismiss all of it. Alone we victims are powerless but with the aid of people like Ms Rondeau we may unite in a common defense. I only hope the tide turns when good people accept their responsibility and join hands with us and stand up to tyranny. It gets easier the longer you do it. You just have to decide that you will be the citizen this nation was founded for.

    1. Pen,

      “If the reps for the good people do not act they can be forced to by calling for a boycott of all things TN.

      It is impossible to ignore an open wound and it is only a finger in it when I see others being raped by corruption while the “jacks” of the world dismiss all of it. Alone we victims are powerless but with the aid of people like Ms Rondeau we may unite in a common defense. I only hope the tide turns when good people accept their responsibility and join hands with us and stand up to tyranny. It gets easier the longer you do it. You just have to decide that you will be the citizen this nation was founded for.”

      Amen! Well Stated!

      The smug “jacks” of this Nation are only deluding themselves by thinking that they because they think they know somebody are somehow immune to Tyranny. I thought I “knew” politicians who would protect me too up until I was arrested on false charges simply because I wrote essays on forming Grand Juries to clean up corruption in government.


  3. I know John Duncan is an honorable and decent man. I also have lived in Tennessee just about all my life except for military service. I am not happy about the commanders treatment in Monroe county. I have also dealt with the authorities here for a long time. Years ago several Tennessee sheriffs were convicted and sent to prison. I do believe some of the comments above are over the top but I believe that we must let the Justice Department know they are being scrutinized.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Rep. Duncan’s office has been contacted on several occasions about the corruption in Monroe County, but to date we have seen no response and no action taken on his part to correct the unconstitutional, lawless situation there.

  4. Tennessee is a very dangerous place for Patriots who believe in the Constitution.

    I was falsely imprisoned on completely false charges for 60 days in jail and nearly 9 months in other facilities. They tried their best to kill me by withholding my blood pressure medication. I was assaulted repeatedly by the Nashville police, sheriff’s deputies and assorted other violent criminals.

    My advice is to stay out of Tennessee if you value your liberty.


    1. This statement is simply unfounded. There are tremendous numbers of patriots that live and work in Tennessee couple million at least with no problem at all. I am one of them. I have served and fought for my country for years.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Then please round up like-minded friends and support LCDR Fitzpatrick in his fight to restore constitutional governance in Monroe County and Tennessee as a whole. We are stronger if we’re united. There may be many patriots who are not aware of the depth of corruption which surrounds them.

  5. Mr. Duncan should be made aware of these facts about the State of Tennessee as well.

    In Darren Huff’s interview with Arlen Williams, he stated that an FBI agent came to his home in Georgia and gave him the clear impression that what he planned to do in Monroe County, Tennessee on 4-20-10 was lawful. If the FBI agent considered what Mr. Huff was doing was a threat to the safety of the people of Monroe County, he had a legal obligation to advise Mr. Huff accordingly.

    By secretly moving a 200+ man SWAT Team into Monroe County to police 20 peaceful protesters, the Tennessee authorities did, in fact, create a threat to everyone in Monroe County and that area of Tennessee.

    I am certainly thankful that I never have to travel on 1-75 between Chattanooga and Knoxville, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg.

    According to recent crime reports, Tennessee is one of the most dangerous States in America. Nashville is now the 7th most dangerous city in America and Memphis is the number one most dangerous city in America.

  6. I concur, Papoose. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I type. Sharon is doing magnificent work. Walt, we stand behind you and are praying for you. Patriots, keep on pushing!

  7. I am so sick. This is an American travesty. Walter, I have no words to express my deep heartfelt gratitude.

    What Country are we living in? Rangel gets censured for 40 of gaming the system.

    I’m wrapped in a blanket as I type. I am so cold. It is chilling.