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by Neil Turner

In 1166, King Henry II of England issued the "Assize of Clarendon," which established the tenet of "trial by jury of 12"

(Nov. 29, 2010) — “With the privilege and honor of knowing of, swearing to, and living under our Constitution, comes the responsibility and duty of defending, maintaining and adhering to it.”

For two years now, many of us have been diligently engrossed in trying to restore our Constitutional rights to fair, honest, and impartial elections, and to be able to vote only for candidates who are Constitutionally eligible and qualified for the Office they seek.

By now everyone knows that Mr. Obama/Soetoro is not a natural born Citizen, as required by Article II of our Constitution.  But many Americans say, “it’s too late – the treason has been committed, and Chief Justice Roberts swore him in (knowing full well that it was an act of treason) – we’ll just have to wait it out until the 2012 elections.” (NOTE:  there is no Statute of Limitations on Treason).

The trouble is, the Usurper is trashing the Constitution so fast that there is little to no chance of having any kind of fairness and impartiality in the elections two years from now.

For a long time, I have become more and more angry at the so-called “Constitutionalists with a voice” who consistently refuse to address that extremely important detail of the Constitution – that the President and Commander-in-Chief (CIC) must be a natural born Citizen (NBC).  That requirement was put in the Constitution to avoid exactly what is happening now – the usurpation of the Office of President and CIC by a foreign-born domestic enemy!

I found myself getting angry with outspoken hard-core Constitutionalists like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity as well as Congress-members John Boehner, Mike Pence, Michelle Bachmann and, yes, even Ron Paul.  I kept asking:

  • Why don’t they also speak up about Obama’s proven and even conceded ineligibility?
  • Why don’t they stand up with LTCOL Terry Lakin – now under a (kangaroo) Courts-Martial for simply demanding proof that any orders from the CIC are lawful and legitimate?
  • Why don’t they stand up and speak out about the political prisoner LTCDR Walter Fitzpatrick – being held without charges in the equivalent of a medieval dungeon in Madisonville, TN – for being a whistle-blower on the many decades-long corrupt Judiciary and Law Enforcement in Eastern Tennessee?
  • Why didn’t one single member of the 535-strong 111th Congress object to counting the illegal electoral votes for Obama on January 8, 2009, – and still remain silent about it to this day?

However, I recently came to the conclusion that they, the “Constitutionalists,” are doing what they can do best – teach their “bosses,” We The People, what the Constitution means and requires from each one of us.  In the meantime, we are required to do what they cannot do right now, lest they lose their “voice” – and that is to rally all patriotic members of the Republic (we’re not a Democracy, thank God) to the task of restoring the Constitution, and exposing the Usurper and his gang of thugs.

We must create a “critical mass” of proactive patriots, 3-5% of the population (10-12 million of us), doing everything possible to enable a peaceful restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

We must do what those with the voice cannot do at this time, lest they lose their voice.  They are doing their part, and are indirectly and subtly asking us to do ours.  Once we reach that critical mass, then they will be able to step up to the plate and support us.

What must we do?:

  1. Stay informed by the internet.  Main Stream Media is corrupt, and cannot be trusted as an honest news source.  Instead follow websites such as The Post & Email, PatriotsUnion, American Grand Jury, AmericanThinker, OrlyTaitzEsq.com, etc.;
  2. Talk to everyone you can about the violations of Article II (President must be an NBC); let them know that they are not alone in their concerns – and ask them to become pro-active;
  3. Learn about 5th Amendment Citizens Grand Juries; learn how they are formed on a local level, and begin forming them and hearing charges and issuing indictments (Bob Campbell of AmericanGrandJury, and Carl Swensson of RiseUpForAmerica have paved the way and set the standard for us over the last 18 months).
  4. Remember, every single voter in every town in every State in the U.S. was disenfranchised in the 2008 elections, due to an ineligible candidate being put on the ballot by all 50 Secretaries of State.  All can and should be charged with Misprision of Felony (or Treason) by every single Citizens Grand Jury formed in every County in every State.
  5. When the Citizens Grand Jury indictments are ignored, then form 9th and 10th Amendment Citizens Trial Courts, to hear and deliberate on the Citizens Grand Jury indictments, and reach verdicts and sentencing on those indictments. (Dr. James David Manning has paved the way and set the standard with the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL held in NYC on 14-18 May, 2010.  The Guilty Verdicts, Summation and complete trial Transcripts can be seen here: www.CRS-Reports.org).
  6. Finally, when the Citizens Trial Court verdicts and sentences are ignored by the corrupt law enforcement and the judiciary, use the already formed Citizens Militias to carry out the arrests and sentencing. (States that already have Citizens Militias are: AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, JC, OH, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA, & WA).

That’s how our emerging nation got things done 200 years ago.  If it was good enough for our founding fathers then, it should certainly be good enough for us now.

And we’ve got a well-seasoned “contract” to work with – the U.S. Constitution.  It worked then. There is no reason to trash it and start over. It will work for us now – if we will only speak up and use it.

I hope to see you in Court!

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  1. By now it should be common knowledge that 100 years of elitist-globalist-communist subversion has turned every single aspect of our ‘government’ into a corporation. Which means any & every ordinary Constitutional solution is going to fall on deaf ears.

    So we need to pursue a corporate solution. Every single one of these ‘corporate fictions’ posing as elected official has sworn an oath of office (which they piss on most of the time) but the wording of that oath is used as a basis for their surety bond. They can’t operate in commerce without being bonded and insured and that goes for everyone from Obama & Holder right down to your local police & sheriff.

    If they have stepped out of line in any way at all, write out a statement of fact (Affidavit), attach the evidence -be it photos, audio, video, sworn statements from witnesses, untouched presentments -whatever have everything notarized and file a complaint against their bond!

    They know darn well if they lose that bond they’ll never work in a position of trust again – why they risk it –I don’t know. If I had to guess I’d say it has something to do with Gov. control of the Dept. of Education. They know you weren’t given any of this information in school and your parents probably weren’t told either.

    ps. Knowledge is power; please use it wisely.

  2. I would like to see Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation added to the list above. You should note that Orly Taitz was one of the delegates of the Continental Congress 2009 that convened last year for 11 grueling days and sleepless nights to come up with the Articles of Freedom. You should see what history Bob Schulz is indeed making through his self-sacrifice and documentation of the denials of our constitutional rights (including the First Amendment “capstone” right to redress of grievances) by the United States Supreme Court. Indeed, those judges are at the apex of a grand “racketeering” operation.


    November 29, 2010

    Dear Friends,

    The liberals in Congress are using the lame duck session as a final chance to force their radical agenda on Americans, instead of addressing crucial economic issues that desperately need attention!

    We are watching several issues that could come up in the lame duck session. We will issue more specific alerts about each once we know it will come to the floor.

    ALL Americans!! Contact Your Senators & Representatives and tell them very clearly:

    DO NOT pass any more jobs killing legislation.

    STOP the automatic tax increases set to go into effect when the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year.

    DO NOT change the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy

    VOTE NO on The DREAM Act which is amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens

    STOP the Internet gambling bill would be a payoff to Harrah’s for reelecting Harry Reid.

    STOP The New START treaty with Russia that will endanger the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

    The government should maintain the ban on abortions at U.S. military facilities

    The Senate MUST NOT confirm any of President Obama’s liberal nominees to the federal courts during the lame duck session.

    Americans Get To Work!!!

    Read More Here:


  4. Yes, I did know that both parents must be natural born
    citizens; I was covering the base, so to speak, of those
    who have declared that daddy must be the one.
    Both theories have been set forth, which can be
    confusing, but I am with you. Never in my government
    classes had I ever heard that just daddy is sufficient for eligibility.

  5. Several states have proposed legislation stating that anyone running for president in 2012 must show the long-form birth certificate. It is up to the people to hold these states accountable and contact Congress in conservative states to get the ball rolling. Barry must NEVER be allowed to run again in 2012.

      1. Indeed. In addition to the treasonous activities Obama engaged in in Kenya, the radical Communists, Marxists and Socialists he sought out and associated with since his high-school days amount to him being a high security risk.

        Unfortunately it looks like none of the ‘powers that be’ give a damn.

  6. The crux of the matter is that even if this impostor were born
    on the White House steps, as an offspring of a U.S. citizen
    father, he has made it clear to all who care about our
    liberties, that he is not in any manner born to lead and
    guide constitutionally, any country on planet Earth.

    He is a destroyer, a criminal, and the epitome of
    the man of lawlessness, a traitor to our nation,
    a narcisstic tyrant, spending millions of dollars
    frivolously, ignoring that we are a nation under
    God, while displaying his Muslim roots as his
    true ‘spiritual’ loyalty, all the while gleefully
    watching our financial structure fail, as we head
    into a generation or more of astronomical debt to foreign

    What he has done in two years could not be
    written here in one succinct paragraph.

    This is a man without reason,
    who has stolen the right to be dictating mandates
    that are against the laws of the land.

    When he became the enemy of Arizona,
    when he solicited the United Nations as
    our overseer, when he brewed up the
    Health Reform Bill, he finally revealed what
    a monster he is, to all those who have ears
    to hear and eyes to see.

    It is bad enough that he is in power but he
    has also surrounded himself with corrupt
    judges, corrupt czars, corrupt Congress,
    and corrupt politicians.

    It is a cancer that needs to be removed
    and I don’t see this being done peacefully.
    If it were possible, it would have been
    accomplished a year ago.

    1. Jan,
      To be POTUS,one must have parents both of whom are American citizens and must be born on US Soil.

      Military bases are NOT considered US Soil nor are persons born beyond the seas,even if both parents are Americans.NBCs.

  7. Mr. Turner wrote: “I recently came to the conclusion that they, the ‘Constitutionalists,’ are doing what they can do best – teach their ‘bosses,’ We The People, what the Constitution means and requires from each one of us.”

    Or – could it be that the “Constitutionalists” are the flip side of the same globalist-owned coin, given a voice to assuage the fears of the people? “We the People” did not elect Obama: the globalist elite controls all the actors in this perpetual farce and with the support of the media they wholly own, gave Obama the lead role in 2008. The reason nobody speaks up is because they are beholden to and/or fear their globalist masters. That includes every “conservative” or “constitutionalist” who sidesteps the eligibility issue: Limbaugh, all the useful idiots at “Faux News,” Palin, every Member of Congress, every Sec. of State, and every jurist, including SCOTUS.

    These events did not occur by happenstance, history never does. I am not a conspiracy theorist – a theory is only fact waiting to be proven. Believe what you will about who was behind the two world wars, fascism, communism, Kennedy’s assassination, the Fed, the Great Depression, or any other historical event.

    Now for the horrible irony: it appears that those leading the charge to expose Obama as a fraud, most notably WND and Orly Taitz, are also agents of the globalist elite that control both the invading and defending armies. Many fans of Farah and Taitz (I myself was one) will be outraged, demand proof, and call me delusional. I have no direct evidence, it is intuitive, an educated guess.

    1. BOTH McCain AND Obama are in the same boat. Neither of them are Natural-Born,regardless of the Non-Binding Resolution asserting that McCain met the criteria.
      Military bases are NOT considered US Soil.

      Judi Muthoni of Kenya said it well “No matter which Party wins the ruling elite continues to rule. Can this be what it means to have a Shadow Government”?

      McCain took a dive:

    2. I need to strongly disagree with IONU
      about Dr. Taitz. The woman is an
      outstanding attorney, dedicated to
      bringing back sanity to this ailing country.

      She has more intelligence and legal
      knowledge than her opponents will have
      in a century of study.

      Dr. Taitz is untiring in her goals to
      achieve a nation free from dictatorship.
      She loves this country and is not a global elitist
      (whatever that means, but it sounds subversive).

      I cannot imagine such a scenario as Dr. Taitz
      ‘controlling invading and defending armies.’

      What in the world does THAT mean?

      Lady Liberty is waging a spiritual war, one of the best
      contemporary examples of Good vs. Evil.

      1. “Invading and defending armies” was a metaphor, meaning that the globalists control both sides. I am not attacking individuals, I just gave two examples of people who may have hidden, ulterior motives. Another example: Sarah Palin is controlled and financed by establishment Republicans (neocons, CFR, etc) and has ties to Soros, so is she really the staunch conservative that she claims to be?

        I too admire Dr. Taitz, but outward appearances are deceiving. Don’t follow someone blindly, follow Reagan’s advice: “Trust, but verify.”

      1. Sheesh? Not an impressive rebuttal.

        I was responding to questions raised by Mr. Turner: Why “conservatives” don’t speak up about Obama’s ineligibility, or stand up for LTC Lakin and LTCDR Fitzpatrick, or why didn’t one single member of Congress raise an objection during the Electoral College vote count?

        If you have an explanation, I’d like to hear it. Why am I delusional? On what do you base your opinion of Dr. Taitz or Joe Farah? What they do or say publicly? Believe what you will, my advice is simply to verify. I have been fooled numerous times before by putative conservatives.

        Let me turn the tables for a moment. FIrst, I believe LTC Lakin is the “Real McCoy,” a true patriot and hero. In the arenas of politics and the media, who do you trust?

        Let me start: I trust Dr. Alan Keyes.

      2. Sarah Palin is a misunderstood woman,
        and is vilified by the media because they
        don’t grasp that a woman can be the
        equivalent, and moreso, of a man, in politics.

        (Hillary Clinton doesn’t count. She is
        what she is, and I won’t go into that).

        Sarah led Alaska as governor.
        She was an exceptional leader
        as well as a mom and wife.

        She is articulate, knowledgeable
        and believes in American justice as opposed
        to the Shariah law.

        She resigned governorship
        and was not fired.

        Another baseless reason to be denigrated
        by loser ‘comedians’ and the tacky news

        The accusation that she is ‘controlled and financed
        by establishment Republicans’ (again, whatever
        THAT means), is an obtuse statement
        without any proof or in-depth explanation.

        . What are her so-called
        ‘ties’ to Soros? Certainly she is not his mentor.
        He is not her mentor. What do you mean by that?

        And please prove how this statement is
        meaningful according to her capability of
        becoming the first woman president.

        Dr. Taitz and Sarah Palin are
        not silly schoolgirls vying for fame.

        They both have something significant to offer
        this country. It is a sad commentary on the
        political and journalistic voices, that they must
        go through a Jeanne d’Arc martyrdom, first.

      3. Jan,

        Palin: “Sarah led Alaska as governor. She was an exceptional leader
        as well as a mom and wife.”
        Romney: Mitt led Massachusetts as governor. He was an exceptional
        leader as well as a dad and husband.
        Palin: “She is articulate, knowledgeable and believes in American justice as opposed
        to the Shariah law.”
        Romney: He is articulate, knowledgeable and believes in American justice as opposed to the Shariah law.

        I don’t want either of them in Washington.

        “Controlled and financed by establishment Republicans”? THAT means RINO.

        The GOP victory was accomplished by commandeering the Tea Party movement, with Gov. Palin as unofficial spokesperson. This is not a discussion about Gov. Palin. I am not here to change your mind about Palin, I am here to express my opinion and ask people to keep an open mind.

  8. Neil,

    Hasn’t it become clear by now that the courts are a dead end on the eligibility issue? They simply won’t touch it. I respect what you are doing, but I feel that it is wasted effort. These federal judges are willing to commit any violation of judicial ethics and to write opinions full of unconstitutional nonsense in order to avoid the issue. Even if a grand jury presentment stuck at a local superior court or a state court, they will fight it all the way to the Supreme Court and it will lose. Meanwhile the 2012 election will have come and gone.

    I am afraid it it must be Congress or the streets. Just like in Hawaii we are dealing with liars and crooks. Nothing will shame them into following the law.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe Neil meant courts comprising citizen grand juries.

    1. David, I agree 100%: it must be Congress or the streets! Even courts comprising citizen grand jury won’t work because it is blocked by the corrupt and broken judicial/law enforcement system. And we have no time to wait for the slow wheel of citizen grand jury justice to grind out the desired results.
      Even the new congress does not look promising – they will always be afraid that they will lose their ‘voice’ once they touch this issue, UNLESS and UNTIL a critical mass of We the people send them loud and unmistakable messgae that we insist they expose and remove the usurper!!! No more calling, faxing, emailing – they are all ignored! Taking to the street en masse is the only way to get the message across and force them to ACT!
      But the ‘conservative’ ‘leaders’ who have the ability to mobilize people refuse to do it, again, for fear of losing their ‘voice’!
      We the people must scream loud and clear to these ‘leaders’ – you lose your voice by not addressing this issue! You fall right into their traps of not addressing this issue. You are letting the enemies win without a fight! The real fight is to remove the usurper, NOT to remove his ‘legislation’ and whatnot!

      1. Hear, Hear!!!

        you are so right-on.

        A million march to D.C. by those who
        can take the time from work, who are
        not disabled, who can afford the
        cost of travel and hotels, and who
        are willing to face the guards who
        protect the idiot in chief.

        If only the military would step in and
        fight for OUR country, rather than for
        foreign powers.

    2. Dave;

      You must have speed read my article. I said that we should form Citizens Grand Juries, and when those indictments are ignored (they obviously will continue to do so), then form Citizens Trial Courts, and when their verdicts and sentences are rejected by the courts and law enforcement (a given), then the next step is for the Citizens Militias to step up to the plate (take to ‘the streets’, as you say).

      It is up to us, We The People, not just writing letters to try to embarrass and prod the unprod-able (at least at this time), but to get that ‘critical mass’ in position to make their job doable.

  9. No one, not a single person, traveled to Monroe County on November 17th to support Walter Fitzpatrick. That’s a pretty big gap from no one to 10 million.

    How long is this critical mass thing supposed to take?

  10. God, I wish it didn’t have to come to this, all because of the recklessness of the usurper when all he had to do was just provide the damned long-formed birth certificate to prove once and for all that he was born in the States; failing that, then at least humor us as to how he is a natural-born citizen.