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by Dennis R. Roach

Are full body scanners and invasive TSA policies really a reaction to the Flight 253 Christmas Day bomber, or is something more nefarious at work?

(Nov. 24, 2010) — When complaints first began to be lodged against the new security procedures recently adopted by the Transportation Security Agency, an amelioration of the most offensive aspects may well have been sufficient to satisfy the sensitivities of most airline passengers.  If discretion had trumped the non-essential intimate contact on the part of the TSA inspectors, the public would probably have met the agency halfway.  But that didn’t happen.  Instead, the omniscient hierarchy within the TSA chose to pretend to omnipotence and declared their inspired practices immutable and eternal.  Because of the arrogance and feigned higher wisdom of the policymakers that infest the TSA, it is difficult to imagine the traveling public satisfied with anything less than the decertification, defunding, and dissolving of this malformed organization.

TSA would have us believe that their invasive procedures are absolutely necessary and the only sure method of avoiding terrorists being able to slip contraband on board an airliner.  I went through the U.S. Navy’s nuclear power program and served aboard a nuclear power submarine for four and a half years.  Subsequent to my military service, I was employed as an Auxilliary Operator in a civilian nuclear power plant.  To enter the plant’s environs, it was necessary to pass through a full body metal detector, SUCCESSFULLY, then an “Air Puff Gas Analyzer.”  All the while we were under the observation of trained security personnel who could, would, and did randomly select an incomer and give the standard hands-on frisk which police officers give to every suspect before applying cuffs.  The security officer also had the authority to frisk any individual who, for one reason or another, provoked doubt.  To the best of my memory, no site inspector or company plant was ever able to smuggle a simulated weapon or package into the plant without its contents being first identified, and they did try!  As well, not a single worker ever lodged a complaint against a security officer for an aggressively intimate frisk.  The intimate invasion insisted upon by the TSA does not add even one half of a percentage point security-wise to the standard frisk performed by a trained security officer.  In no way does it require a giant leap of imagination to conclude that the so-called “security” gropings performed by the TSA agents are fundamentally and solely an instrument of intimidation under a false claim initiated by a power-mad government attempting to “put us in our place.”

If this abuse were unique to this effort, it might be passed over as an over-zealous agency carried away by a burning desire to provide for the safety, health, and welfare of the citizenry.  But such is not the case.  The TSA has proclaimed loud and long that the risks to health presented by the X-Ray Scanners is so miniscule as to be a non-factor.  It has now been brought to light that this also has been misrepresented.  Scientists in no way affiliated with the TSA have raised serious and alarming warnings regarding the “safety” of these scanners.  A  physics professor by the name of Peter Rez at Arizona State University in Tempe  conducted his own study, finding the radiation exposure ten times what the TSA estimates. A separate and unconnected team of scientists at the University of California, San Francisco were also alarmed by the erroneous information being fed to the public, alarmed to the point that they jointly wrote a letter to the White House declaring, “There is good reason to believe that these scanners will increase the risk of cancer to children and other vulnerable populations.  We are unanimous in believing that the potential health consequences need to be rigorously studied before these scanners are adopted.”  Did we all catch that?  “…need to be rigorously studied before these scanners are adopted,” and yet with this warning in hand, Obama ordered the deployment and coerced use of these machines.  Well, so much for “an over-zealous agency carried away by a burning desire to provide for the safety, health,  and welfare of the citizenry.”

But the most repugnant deception has not yet been mentioned.  A little investigative journalism on the part of New York Times reporter Susan Stellini revealed that the institutions touted by the TSA as having determined that the scanners were safe for general use actually limited their testing to insuring that the radiation levels emitted by the scanners fell within the guidelines established by a committee within the American National Standards Institute.  Strangely enough, with few exceptions, this committee was made up of representatives of the company which manufacture and sell the scanners and agents of the Department of Homeland Security, which desperately wants to acquire and use them!  They KNEW that their data was defective but chose to just let the public run the risk; they’ll never find out anyway.

We the people have been deceived, verbally abused by arrogant TSA agents, lied to by the Department of Homeland Security, made to stand virtually naked before a scanner operator for “inspection,” subjected to sexual assault, and sometimes left to fend for ourselves with our clothes around our ankles and medical apparatus detached, disarranged, and often disconnected while the TSA inspectors walk away with never an offer of assistance.  Through it all, the Department of Homeland Security, along with its TSA stooges, has tried to maintain a virtuous and angelic innocence, making the claim that they did it all for our own good.  Is it enough to just modify a few procedures, or is something a little more drastic called for?

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  1. I posted this to another article here a few days ago but just in case y’all missed it…

    These extreme TSA passenger screening guidelines have little to nothing to do with safety and everything to do with profit. I mean, c’mon, does anyone really believe that the undies bomber’s explosives could have been found by either the X-ray/X-rated scanners or the groping “pat downs?” We can be danged sure that neither will detect explosive breast and buttocks implants or the explosives inserted in body cavities, both of which Islamists have hinted are to come.

    Soros & Chertoff Make a Killing On Controversial TSA Scanners
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 6:09 AM

    Make the physical searches more like gropings than “pat downs,” make them as invasive and embarrassing as possible, even go so far as making them physically painful for some, and people will stop resisting the X-ray/X-rated imaging scans and opt for them over the so-called “pat downs.” As a bonus, the process will train Americans to be submissive and stop being so adamant about our God-given and Constitution-protected rights.

    Further, OSI Systems has a division called Spacelabs Healthcare, “an organization that serves clinicians and healthcare facilities in over 100 countries.” But surely it’s just coincidental and has nothing to do with the health scare bill that was forced on this country, just like there was nothing to Deepak Chopra, Chairman and CEO of OSI, being selected by Prezdint Jackass to go to Mumbai to attend the US India Business Entrepreneurship meeting. (See the OSI press release, titled “OSI Systems Chief Executive Officer Joins US Presidential Visit to India.”)

    It gets even better. “…George Soros, the billionaire funder of the country’s liberal political infrastructure, owns 11,300 shares of OSI Systems Inc., the company that owns Rapiscan. Not surprisingly, OSI’s stock has appreciated considerably over the course of the year. Soros certainly is a savvy investor. ”

  2. A real question is whether or not the American Public can get over the idea that government can solve anything of signigicance for them? TSA is just another example of failure from the ‘get go’ in the service of Homeland Security.

    Through the travails of the beaten and battered Federal Air Marshal program which started out strong, and quickly ballooned to an agency of such bureaucratic incompetence and arrogance, the real pros recoiled in the horror within the first three years of inception.

    Most laudable was the requirement that undercover agents (Air Marshals) wear suits and ties (Secret Service Influence) to protect the ‘look good’ of the Agency. Spilling the beans on the corrupt nature of the department was tantamount to treason…so contracts were signed to protect not the people of America, but the Agency from serious critique.

    No other Law Enforcement Agency in the world would ask their Officers to enter a closed container, traveling at 500 miles an hour, at 30,000 feet…and then instruct them to turn around and sit down facing away from the potential threat they were sworn to protect at all costs. Insisting they wear suits and ties so no terrorist could ever figure out who the Air Marshals were on a protected flight…but the brains of TSA and their other FIVE administrative bosses in the last ten years…felt that was appropriate standard operating procedure. Go Figure.

    It just goes to prove you can fool ALL of the people, most of the time.

  3. If the federal government can search without a warrant before entering public owned transportation then they can do it when you go to get into your car as well. Interestingly enough the clear calling for jihadists in the US , why they are here to begin with is another travesty, is to use a truck as a weapon to kill and injure as many as possible by driving into crowds. In all likelihood those crowds will be the lines of passengers awaiting their fondling. However the precedent is now set to toss due process and rights of citizens out in order to make way for the misunderstood populations of our real enemies of liberty, Islamic indoctrination. The TSA is merely a symptom of the willful insertion of ineligible entrants beyond our borders and then granting them citizenship to secure their presence here. BALONEY

    1. > In all likelihood those crowds will be the lines of passengers awaiting their fondling.

      This of course assuming they will be able to drive a truck *into* an airport building. No need to do that if crowds are “available” on every street corner in the major cities.

      > public owned transportation

      Which airlines are “public owned” again? As far as I can tell, they’re all private (even the former Soviet state airline Aeroflot).

      > they can do it when you go to get into your car as well

      Not so important because they have to be there when you get into your car and that would require at least as many controllers as there are citizens.

      The really disturbing outlook is that you may soon be searched when entering any public building (such as a shopping mall), at the railway station, bus stations, hospitals, etc. This is where the police state comes in the door.

  4. Absolutely!
    Defund and Destroy TSA!

    Also woth mentioning how it came about. The scanners were already ordered, what was needed was a little “incident”.
    Along came a Nigerian guy who could board a plane in Amsterdam woithout passport.
    Of course only after an unidentified (no cameras?) sharp dressed Indian man has spoken with the security. In the name of a big three letter organisation I guess.
    Why was that that never investigated?
    Just before the enhanced pat-downs and the dangerous scanners were introduced a computer cartridge was decared a national threat.
    Does that mean the American public is considered that stupid that they don’t even use false flag terror, but just the media whores that lie for them?
    Looks like it.

  5. “TSA”, and Entity created by Government as a “Weapon against America!!”
    Created by Congress, Blessed by Congress and Heralded as “Necessary???”
    It has Caught Nobody, Found Nothing and now threatens the Public Health of the Citizenry!!
    Congress Created this Monster~they can DE-Fund, DE-Certify and DESTROY it!!
    O’Bama’s NEW excuse for “Brown-Shirts, SUCKS!!
    Tell our Bonded Fiduciaries in Congress, “Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution~~or Face Lawsuits in regards to “Contempt of the Constitution!!”

  6. Mr. Roach’s editorial is spot on. Have the control and humiliation policies of the TSA actually stopped any terrorist? All the failed terrorist wannabes I recall hearing about have been thwarted by their own incompetence and not by the TSA. The TSA protection ruse is little more than a plausible deniability smoke screen. They truly are, as Mr. Roach states, “a power-mad government attempting to ‘put us in our place.’

    And that government madness is led by a putative President fraud who is a petulant man-child seeking revenge on the public that so thoroughly rejected and hurt him just like he was rejected and so painfully hurt by both his self-absorbed moon-bat mommy and his drunkard racist ne’er-do-well father. This debacle has nothing to do with protecting the public.

    The “decertification, defunding, and dissolving of this malformed organization” is exactly what this member of the traveling public demands. Right on Mr. Roach.