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by Sharon Rondeau

Massasoit, a Wampanoag Indian chief, had donated food to the Plymouth colony during its first winter in the New World

(Nov. 24, 2010) — I didn’t really think about writing a Thanksgiving message until late today, when I realized that despite the turmoil in our land and in all branches of government, there is much for which we must thank God.

  • LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick will celebrate Thanksgiving in a jail cell, a dungeon, rather than as a free man as he should.  But we will continue the battle against Monroe County corruption until his freedom is achieved and all of the real criminals are themselves behind bars.  Walt’s story has helped to raise awareness throughout the nation about the corruption which has spread like a disease throughout our judicial, executive and legislative branches of government at the local, state and federal levels.
  • There are brave and brilliant patriots in this country who have begun initiatives to restore the U.S. Constitution as the law of our land who will not quit until the goal is achieved.  This includes removing an illegitimate usurper from the office of the presidency, reining in the courts, and holding legislators accountable for their actions.  We thank God for the founders of this country who achieved freedom from oppression 234 years ago and for the example they set so that we can do so once again.
  • We are a resourceful people, and despite the hardship and lack of resources that are  on the horizon, we will find strength that we never knew we had.
  • We have our husbands and wives, our children, our parents and even our grandparents if we are so fortunate.  We have grandchildren and aunts and uncles if we are lucky, and we have the images of those we have lost in our hearts forever.
  • We recognize God, not man, as our guide and source of hope, and we are thankful for the strength he gives us to persevere and do His work.
  • We are fortunate to live in the nation which George Washington, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison founded.  These men demonstrated what real statesmanship and citizenship are.
  • I am grateful to John Charlton for starting The Post & Email and all of the support it has garnered in just a little over one year of internet presence.
  • More than anything, we have the ability to survive in tough times, and to come through them as better people.  We know in our hearts that what’s important is not things, but rather, how we live our lives, deal with others, uphold our Constitution, and answer to God.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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  1. You guys do an awesome job! I have been following CDR Fitzpatrick since the American Grand Jury weekly broadcasts. Developments since then are unimaginable. I pray to the safety of everyone and hope that Walt gets out soon and the criminal enterprise collapses. Please send my best. Monica from VA.

  2. I agree with everyone that posted. Sharon is a dedicated professional journalist that has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Knowing her schedule, I often wonder when she has time to sleep. Exposing the truth is a difficult job. For fun today, I watched the CBS News and what a difference. I had to put on my rose colored glasses, and drink pepto to stomach the sound of music theme, while the enemy is crossing into my country. Moral to the story, I can certainly see how the public is lulled into believing everything is just hunky dory and welcome to Disney World. What you don’t know could hurt you.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Sharon, and thanks so much for all you do here. Thanksgiving blessing to all others here as well. I truly enjoy reading all these great articles by the different writers, as well as all the posters’ comments on a daily basis. It’s a privilege to be among so many God-loving patriots.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Same to you, Thistle, and thank you for your good wishes!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Sharon and P&E staff. You are all very much appreciated and a source of hope and inspiration. Please tell Walter Fitz he is in my daily prayers and I look forward to thanking him in person when he gets out.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you. I will pass that on to him.

  5. How very right you are Sharon!!!; God bless you and all the hard work that you do every day. One more big thing that we can be most grateful for is that we are on the correct side in this war against evil, with God in our hearts and minds, and He will see us through all of this, and we do win. That is indeed God’s solid promise to us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and all other unwavering American Patriots.