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by Sharon Rondeau

Is justice ever done in the Monroe County courthouse in Madisonville, TN?

(Nov. 12, 2010) — The following is a transcription of a telephone call from Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III made on November 11, 2010, Veterans’ Day.  We heard from him this evening, but there was nothing new to report except that there had been a “lockdown” at the jail, which meant that the phones had been shut off.

LCDR: Good morning, and a respectful Veterans’ Day to you.

SHARON: And you, too.  I have a message from You-Know-Who, and he said “Have the best Veterans’ Day that you possibly can.”

LCDR: OK, I’ll work to do that, Sharon.

SHARON: He said you’ll know what he means.

LCDR: Yes, I do.  There was a package that had a book and some other things that people tried to send to me; that mail was returned.  I got news of that yesterday.  I don’t know who sent it.  I received notice yesterday that a woman named Lorene sent $25 to me.  It was taken out of the envelope and put into a sheriff’s account here, so I got notice of that yesterday.  But that was $25, not $50.

SHARON: I recently found out about the $25, which was sent by a different person than the $50.  So we still don’t know what happened to the $50.

LCDR: There’s a commissary here which is nothing but another extortion racket.  It’s a scam.  They took the money out of the envelope and put it right into the commissary account, and I challenged Sergeant Goodman about it.  I said, “You didn’t have any authority.”  I said, “I didn’t know about this money, and why did you put it into the commissary account without my authorization?” and he said, “That’s what they do.”  This is not good.  So we’ll talk more about that when I get out.

SHARON: I know we weren’t sure whether or not people should send you money because of that.

LCDR: Please don’t; don’t do that.  And we’ll see what they’re going to do with this $25, but the other $50 is missing.  She sent it to me by way of a postal money order.  They can’t negotiate that without my signature, and they did.  And there’s something going on here.  Also, James Headings came by yesterday and visited for about half an hour.  I asked him to call you before he left.  I reported to him all the information that’s been reported to you.

SHARON: Can you tell me what time Mr. Headings was there?

LCDR: Yes.  I wrote it down, actually.  It was yesterday morning at about 10:00.

SHARON: That’s very important, because someone said he has tried to visit four times, one of which was yesterday between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m., and he was turned away.

LCDR: One visitor a day.

SHARON: Is that a rule?

LCDR: Yes.  Who knows when they apply it and when they don’t?

SHARON: But you knew that there was some such rule?

LCDR: I knew about it because I tried to come and visit an inmate myself some months ago and was told that I couldn’t because they’d already had a visitor and could have only one visitor per day.

SHARON: So the story checks out.  Have you heard anything more about the bond possibility?

LCDR: I’m not in a position to know.  I haven’t been told anything.  They don’t answer questions.  They work hard at not answering questions, or they work hard to answer questions without answering questions.  It’s a very miserable existence.  I know nothing about it except that there’s one in place; I think it was you who told me that it was $1,500.

SHARON: One of the readers was told by someone at the jail or the sheriff’s department that it was $1,500, but I have to verify that myself.

LCDR: The reader knows more than I do and is in a position to gather more information about that than I, and I don’t know if that bond is available to me in days or if I’m being held without bond by the other court.  I have no idea what’s going on.

SHARON: You said a package arrived but was returned?

LCDR: Yes, apparently it had books in it and other materials that can’t be passed in prison because they’re available at the commissary.  They’re considered contraband coming into the prison.

SHARON: I’m sure the sender didn’t realize that.

LCDR: They do whatever they want to do with the mail.

SHARON: So you’re not encouraging people to send anything.

LCDR: They can take letters and throw them away; I’m told that they’re doing that.  They can return the letters; they open them and read them; outgoing mail is opened and read.  People can send letters to the court and we’ll see what happens, but beyond that, I wouldn’t suggest they send anything else…money, etc.   Hopefully I won’t be in that much longer.

SHARON: I got a call from someone with an absolutely horrendous story about the illness of an inmate, and I’ll leave it at that.  There’s a lot more to it than anybody would ever have guessed.

LCDR: Right, right.

SHARON: I think you know who I’m talking about.

LCDR: Yes.

SHARON: I can’t report it immediately at The Post & Email for several reasons, but when I can, I certainly will.  I’m hearing stories about toilets that don’t flush, that the hygiene is absolutely nonexistent; I’m hearing that people are getting the wrong medications and almost being killed as well as dying.  We’ve talked about that.  I’m hearing all kinds of things that sound like the Dark Ages.

LCDR: This is like living in an ancient dungeon.  The treatment that you receive…it depends on the shift.  Most of the guards are jerks.  There are one or two or three that try to work hard to treat the prisoners with respect and dignity, but when they do that, they get in trouble.  Bivens is never in here.  Sharon, everything needs to be done to see that Bill Bivens is removed from office.  The things that I’ve already told you about are sufficient to have him removed.  Also, citizens have been getting the information that you’ve put out, so it’s now being made public here in the community.  And I have been insistent that it should get into the community as quickly as it can.  So please tell people that I had insisted that the information go out to hold law enforcement to the fire to go and actually investigate.

SHARON: I published exactly what you said:  that you were absolutely insisting that the information be put out.

LCDR: You essentially didn’t have a choice; it had to go out.  You have to have people standing up and being courageous about doing the things that need to be done here and to knock this totalitarian dictatorship off of its throne of terror.  The fear factor has to be erased, and you do it by example.

SHARON: Your case was the topic of discussion on a radio show last night which I was told went very well.  I didn’t get to listen, but I was told that three people called in anonymously from Monroe County and attested to the scare tactics, terrorizing of citizens for no reason, the corrupt judges, etc., so the word is getting out.

LCDR: Good.  Well, another day.  As I said, have a respectful Veterans’ Day, and please extend my respects, gratitude and appreciation to everybody that you’re dealing with there, Sharon.  Do you have any other questions for me now?

SHARON: You can have a visitor on Saturday, right?

LCDR: Yes.

SHARON: Regarding the bond…

LCDR: I know that there’s a bond in place that was the result of the hearing that took place on November 9; according to you, it was $1,500.  I don’t know if it could have been used to get me out Tuesday night; we’ll find out at the end of ten days if it can be used or not.  As I said, Blackwood’s court was holding me without bond; I don’t know what the status of that is.  It would make sense to me that once the bond is paid, it would get me out of here; otherwise, what’s the point of issuing a bond?

SHARON: We don’t know if the no-bond order would cancel out the bond mentioned on Tuesday.

LCDR: I think this:  if the no-bond order was in place from Blackwood’s court, then this court would not have been free to issue a bond.  We’ll find out.  It’s important that you know that I challenged J. Reed Dixon in open court; I named him as a criminal, and he didn’t like that.  People don’t stand up to this man without his reacting and retaliating against them and that’s why I got the extra ten days.  J. Reed Dixon is a monster; he needs to be removed from the bench.  He’s the conduit for these bogus cases to a bogus grand jury and part of the process.  As I said, the audio is available for anyone who wants it.

SHARON: I called Martha Cook, the court clerk, and she said I could have a copy of the audio for $10.00.  She said she’d mail it out Friday.  When I asked if she needed the money in hand first, she said, “Oh, no.  I trust you.”  I mailed it on Wednesday.   I asked if there were a written transcript also…

Automated Operator: You have one minute remaining.

SHARON:  …and she said, “No, but if you’re willing to pay, we can have someone do it.”  I said, “Don’t worry.  I’m a very good transcriptionist.”

LCDR: All you need is the audio.

SHARON: I’ll look forward to receiving it.

LCDR: Please extend my respects to everybody, and we’ll talk again tomorrow.

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  1. I called the jail just now for a list of what items the inmates are allowed to receive from the outside. I was told that they had everything there in the commissary, and that money is the only thing that the inmates are allowed to receive.

  2. 10 to 1 the mail that was returned was mine! The ‘contraband’ was a pocket Constitution!! I wondered if they would ‘let’ him have it.

    This is not my private space, and I respect you, so I’m not going to say how I really feel about that here, but I’m pretty upset right now!! I’m guessing I should have it back by tomorrow. I’ll let you know for sure.

    Thanks again for the update, Sharon. I’ll get it on the FB page.

    I hope he’s doing well. I’m really worried about him.

  3. The sender of the $50 postal money order should request a copy of the money order to see if someone has cashed it. There could be fraud involved.