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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives but lost that position after the Nov. 2 midterm elections

(Nov. 7, 2010) — Proving once again that you can’t keep a dedicated Communist down–even after the historic loss of seats given by We-the-People to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives–soon to be former Speaker of the House and [former] Democrat Socialist member Nancy Pelosi (who only resigned from the organization after becoming House minority leader) has announced she isn’t leaving. Pelosi announced Friday, 5 November that she will seek her old job of House Minority Leader back.

Note: See what I meant when I wrote in column after column that–no matter what happens–you can’t get rid of totalitarians (aka “the ruling elite” and “the slave-holder class“)? Like roaches, their infestation into our businesses, homes and lives is very tough to eradicate. As the now-almost-totally-Marxist-Democrat Party is still bent upon the destruction of us all, stronger and stronger bug spray is required. Pelosi said in part: “…driven by the urgency of protecting health care reform, Wall Street reform, and Social Security and Medicare, I have decided to run.”

Translation: It is inescapable that Pelosi, the Democrat leaders and Obama & Co have and are now really and clearly saying: “We don’t care what you miserable people want. We will destroy you and your so-called freedoms. We WILL rule and control you–one way or another!” Sketchy reports from dubious sources also added that Pelosi bit her lip before she almost added: “And your little dog Toto, too!”

As I and others have written and said, last Tuesday’s election results were phenomenally good and began the process of taking back OUR country. But, our job to retake and then restore our Republic has just begun. That still means ridding our governments–federal, state and local–of the totalitarian-types who are determined that we work for them. By the way: That means you too, RINOs.

Now, however, We-the-People have unmistakably shown that we are up to the task. We-the-people will survive and prosper. And at the very least–if and only if we remain vigilant and active–we will drive the bugs and vermin back underground.

“Free government is founded in jealousy, not confidence. It is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions, to bind those we are obliged to trust with power…. In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in men, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution” — Thomas Jefferson, 1799

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  1. Jack:

    I never said “kill ’em off.” Although the Dems must be removed from power–almost completely–I don’t generally advocate violence. However–being a non-politically correct individual–I believe the comparison of vermin and cockroaches to the current leftist “ruling class” to be entirely appropriate…and accurate. In fact, I think I was quite restrained with my comments.

    With regards to your “…that should have no place in the “land of the free”, I would direct you to our founding fathers political opposition statements. If you wish to read some extreme language and comparisons, you might give some of theirs a read. VERY spicy!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I rather think that “vermin” is an apt description of those who have installed an ineligible person as putative president, looted the treasury (which is we the people), imposed socialist and even communist policies on us, backed thuggish labor unions, trashed our Constitution, robbed our grandchildren of any prosperity they might have had, and labeled us “right-wing extremists.” And it was an editorial, not a hard news article.

  2. Why do the republicans allow the democrats to get away with this unConstitutional nonsense? Again ….where are the republicans? Why are republicans missing in action? Don’t you folks remember the Constitution guarantees WE THE PEOPLE a republican form of government in Article 4 Section 4! The Constitution clearly does not say…a socialist form of government nor does it say a marxist form of government! It only says a republican form of government! So what’s the problem here? Where are the republicans? How come the republicans aren’t telling the democrats to stick their anti Constitutional agenda into places where the sun does not shine? I’ve said it before and I still stand behind it! I in my opinion believe the republicans are the ones responsible for all of the troubles America is experiencing today! Why? Because instead of putting up a fight to defend the Constitution from all of the democrat nonsense they just stood by the sidelines and allowed the democrats to do what ever they wanted! That’s why!

    1. Excellent analysis. 97% of Congress GOP members supported the Iraq War. Just total control of the GOP by the Nazis now ruling the country meaning the trio of Jeb Bush, Bush I, and Bush II. Pelosi and Obama are the only known Nazis besides the Clintons in the Democratic party. Obama is under full control of the Nazis. The guy can’t even talk. We are working on a webpage on Clinton the German spy at http://www.HoaxOfTheCentury.com.

  3. It is so frustrating that we don’t use the ammunition we have over these evil criminals! Pelosi has committed election fraud in 2008. All proofs are there. Now that she has been striped of the majority speaker position, why not take advantage of it and prosecute her?
    RNC – don’t ‘hire pelosi, PROSECUTE PELOSI!
    Rs – all of you broadcast your intention to prosecute pelsoi, to signal to the dimocrats to dump her.

    With her power stripped, Congress, both R and D, will be in better position to expose her election fraud resulting in exposing obama’s ineligibility as well!

  4. With all due respect for the presented facts and opinions, I still don’t feel comfortable with the tone of Sher’s articles.
    Comparing human beings to “vermin” and “cockroaches” that must be “eradicated” is a language that should have no place in the “land of the free”.
    Traitors must be persecuted and criminals thrown in jail, but the “just kill ’em off” attitude that echoes in these metaphors is not something we should engage in. It makes us no better than the people we’re trying to stop from overthrowing the Constitution. And I think we are, and should be, better men and women than they are.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: When Ms. Zieve uses the term “eradicated,” I am positive that she means removed from government, not annihilated. The Post & Email would never publish anything which contains any suggestion of harming or causing the demise of any group or individual. We simply wish to see them removed from positions of responsibility so that protectors of the Constitution and freedom may be brought in. We don’t wish to “kill anyone off.”

    1. While I’m also certain that Ms. Zieve meant “removed” with her use of the word “eradicated,” Still, I, too, take exception to comparing Socialists, Marxists and other thieves and liars to cockroaches and vermin. To insult insects and animals in such a manner is unnecessary and offensive. ;)

      Jack Stromberg, pretending for a moment that Ms. Zieve or some other conservative, patriotic American, witnessing the theft and destruction of their beloved country, blew their cool and foolishly said something they didn’t really mean about inflicting violence on the criminals in Washington, DC, they still wouldn’t reach the low, low level of those who’ve been for years trampling the Constitution. For that matter, if they were to say it and mean it, they still wouldn’t hit that low.

      Attitudes don’t equal actions. And neither do words. Think about it. We’d be much better off if the criminals in DC only talked about robbing us blind and only harbored a bad attitude regarding the Constitution, but acted on neither.

    2. I’m with you Sharon, I truly believe that Ms. Sher Zieve meant exactly what she and you both said “eradicate” and I couldn’t agree more – its time. What an excellent article she wrote. I have to assume that Mr. Stromberg is certainly not Conservative, but rather a progressive liberal, due to his diversionary (off-topic) comments. Probably is a university professor type, driving a Volvo wagon with a dog cage in back, smokes a pipe, has a beard, and is living in California???. The real topic of the day, is saving America, as most of us know, and are taking quite seriously!!!!!

      1. Bob1939, based on his posted comment, I thought the same of Mr Stromberg.

        For Mr Stromberg and anyone else who needs a reference point or help in knowing a threat when they see one and not seeing a threat where there is none, go read the threat at this link: http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/11/it-begins-leftist-icon-calls-for-violent-socialist-war-against-tea-partiers/
        It Begins… Leftist Icon Calls For Violent Socialist War Against Tea Partiers …Update: Ted Rall Writes In – Lashes Out at Conservatives
        Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 3:01 PM

        (Even those who don’t need the point of reference should read it, too.)

  5. Nancy Pelosi is exactly the same as a common neighborhood punk. And for exactly the same reason: Neither of them fear the law or any of the consequences of our legal system. Nor have they ever been properly forced to be accountable. Perhaps to a large degree, this precisely illustrates our dilemma. There MUST be ways to impress upon punks, politicians, and other corrupt individuals or groups, that they will be held accountable for their action(s). No time outs. No probation. No slap on the wrist. Just a quick trip out behind the woodshed. Voila’ ! Problem solved.

    Too often, I have seen misbehaving children whose parent(s) just needed to give the kid a slap on the butt. Left to grow up without discipline or respect for others, such children turn into neighborhood punks. If they become politicians, they turn out just like Nancy Pelosi. To those who scream ‘child abuse’, I say it is parental abuse to not teach children the consequences of their actions, that sometimes those consequences can even be severe. Of course, the flip side is that you frequently have to listen to their irritating whining. But that is what muzzles are for.

  6. Great analogy..
    as I wrote once before,
    your articles are outstanding and this time,
    so funny, it was my first laugh of the day.

    “like roaches to eradicate” ‘driving vermin underground’

    and ‘your little dog, Toto, too.’

    Serious stuff, but with a sense of humor.

    Still wonder if you are woman or man!!