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by Ron Ewart, ©2010

Are these the new Three Stooges?

(Nov. 3, 2010) — The left pundits were going crazy on election night.  Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann were falling all over themselves and crying foul, all through the evening.  It was disgusting.  They said that radicals had taken over the country and yet it was a radical that got elected as president in 2008 and was complicit and instrumental in leading us to the mid-term election of November 2nd, 2010 where Republicans picked up an unprecedented number of seats in the U. S. House and at least 4 to 6 seats in the U. S. Senate.

But many of us knew who the “Chosen One” was, way before he was elected.  The electorate was so blinded to Bush, egged on by a corrupt news media for eight years, that they couldn’t see through the smoke screen being set up for the “Chosen One” to get elected.  With just a little bit of study the electorate should have been able to tell that Obama was as close to a European socialist, or a Black Liberation Theologist, than anyone who has ever been elected to President since George Washington.  His early childhood and early adult-life associations could have led him no where else.  Why the electorate ignored his childhood influences and those radical associations, (Davis, Wright, Ayers, Dhorn, Alinsky, Cloward, Piven, Acorn, SEIU, etc.) means either the corrupt news media orchestrated smoke screen worked very well, or the people simply didn’t care to look any deeper.  Essentially, the issue became anyone but Bush, even a socialist.

And so the European Socialist, aided and abetted by Nancy, Harry and the Democrats in the U.S. Congress, set about to turn America into their distorted vision of what they think America should look like, a socialist utopia.  Immediately after being sworn in, the “Chosen One” set about to implement this vision.  Close Gitmo (God knows why, it’s still open) and an almost $800 billion stimulus bill that contained every single Democrat pork project that they couldn’t get ram through in a regular session of the legislature.  It was reported that the Stimulus package, which apparently stimulated the pocket books of the “Chosen One’s” friends and cronies and no one else, that there were almost 9,000 pet Democrat projects of wasteful spending that openly picked winners and loser of the new administration.  That’s pure and outright corruption and the “Ye Old Stimulus Package” didn’t end up stimulating anything.  Jobs were hemorrhaging all during the Stimulus bill payouts and still are today.  The only people getting jobs were to fill the new bureaucracies that the “Chosen One” and the Congress established.  Private job creation was and still is, pitiful, for very sound economic reasons ….. dried up lending and health care uncertainty, financial uncertainty and economic uncertainty.

And even though the “Chosen One” said his priority was all about jobs, he instead spent most of his political capital to engage in a year-long battle to shove Obama Care down our throats and that year contained constant lies, distortions and propaganda on what Obama care would do to rein in the rising cost of health care.  The “Chosen One” didn’t get the message when people showed up in droves at the August 2009 town hall meetings and registered an emphatic NO against nationalizing the entire American health care industry.  None of the attendees to those town hall meetings, along with a good portion of the clear-thinking electorate, believed that it would cost less and in fact knew that Obama care would raise the cost of health care by several factors in the next ten years, like every other unconstitutional, socialist initiative proposed and passed by the left in this country.  Need we name, names?  Let’s see, where do we start?  Social security is going broke.  Medicare is going broke and still these idiots said they could take another $500 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obama care.  Medicaid is going broke and the FEDS won’t hand over enough “dough” from the public treasury to the states to cover Medicaid, so the states are going, or will go broke.  This doesn’t even take into account the waste, fraud and abuse that plague all of these programs.  All of these socialist programs cost many times more than the early projections.  What planet do these guys come from?

Yes, those of us who took a few minutes to analyze Obama care knew very well you can’t add 30,000,000 people to the health care rolls with the same number of health care providers, without adding to the cost, long waiting lists and lines for health care, rationing health care to seniors and others whose life expectancy was questionable and paying health care providers less money for increasing services.  Good God!  Even an idiot with an IQ of 60 could have figured this one out.  And now the results of nationalizing health care is seeing all of our health care insurance premiums going through the roof.  This author just received a 20% increase in his supplemental health care premiums.  Hmmm!  Wonder why? But during the “Chosen One’s” attempts to nationalize health care, he managed to nationalize banks and car companies without any constitutional authority whatsoever.  This sounds more like a dictatorship than a Constitutional Republic, don’t you think?

And let’s not forget the “Chosen One’s” Civilian Corps that he wanted to be just as strong, well funded and as powerful as our military.  Now what would Obama want with a powerful Civilian Corps and where was the money to come from to fund this un-constitutional entity?  Could it be he wanted to use them to round up and incarcerate those who were speaking out against his socialist policies?  President Wilson did this during the first World War and hundreds of thousands were rounded up by a similar civilian body for speaking out against the war.  Sounds like Nazi Brown shirts to this writer.

On top of all this out-of-control spending and massive new regulations and hundreds of new bureaucracies for an expanded government role in national health care, the “Chosen one” wanted to shove the racketeering scam of “Cap and Trade” legislation down our throats as well.  Fortunately, the Republicans and some “smarter” Democrats killed that plan, at least for now.  But don’t get your hopes us.  Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (that’s right, the EPA is part of the executive branch of government) has threatened to write new rules that will have the same affect as a legislature-passed Cap and Trade bill.  Watch what they do before the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in January 2011.  Obama will get his way, either by executive order or bureaucratic rules.  To Hell with the Republican-controlled House.  If anyone thinks he is going to “cooperate” with the Republicans, or change his European socialist stripes, has his head firmly buried in the sand.  The “Chosen One” a narcissist.  He can’t help himself.

Later in the first two years of the “Chosen One’s” term of office, he managed to get the House and Senate Democrats (without Republican support of course) to pass sweeping new regulations to control the banks and Wall Street.  Were these new rules necessary? Not likely!  It was government that set the stage for the subprime meltdown with the Community Reinvestment Act back in the 90’s that encouraged banks to write mortgages on homes to people who couldn’t afford the payments on the mortgages.  It wasn’t the banks or Wall Street.  They just took advantage of a too-good-to-be-true offer from government that was nothing more than a government-sponsored Ponzi scheme in return for votes.  Burney Maddoff is a saint compared to these politicians.

No folks.  It wasn’t necessarily the economy and jobs that caused this massive political change.  This election was all about repudiation, rejection and revulsion of the “Chose One’s” and the left’s socialist agenda to spend us into oblivion and national bankruptcy and to regulate every aspect of human behavior, such that Americans would be slaves to the ever-rising power of a government that was taking America on a fast track towards an Absolute Democrat Monarchy.  At least some Americans woke up in time to put a road block in their way from carrying out this diabolical, un-American treason.  With any luck at all, this repudiation of the “Chosen One’s” socialist policies and agenda will be demonstrated in particular specificity to all those on the left and to all those who think America owes them food, clothing and shelter, paid for on the backs of the producers of this great country, that their vision is the antithesis of American freedom and liberty and will not stand.

But the problems that America faces will not be resolved by a shift in power in the House of Representatives and divided control in the Senate, in one election cycle.  It’s a start, but hardly the end.  We are still headed for financial and economic oblivion from a growing debt load that currently defies resolution.  In order for America to survive as a sovereign nation and a Constitutional Republic and for individual freedom to be preserved in any semblance of the Founders vision, bold, radical and painful decisions by our leaders must be made and made now.  If the preponderance of Americans don’t call for these revisions, freely, firmly and openly and force our leaders to take the bold steps that will be necessary to save us, the nation we will become in fairly short order, is a nation we won’t recognize.

The momentum that began with the “Chosen One’s” presidency and that manifested itself in a sweeping repudiation of the “Chosen One’s” socialist agenda on November 2nd, 2010, must grow and blossom into a full-fledged, en masse movement to save our cherished America and thus our individual freedom.  If this momentum wanes and dies out, our bleak future will have been set in stone and freedom will die on the alter of too many promises that government wasn’t able to keep, because it ran out of other people’s money.  And thus another country that experimented with freedom will be nothing more than a short paragraph in the history books, like so many other cultures that toyed with freedom but succumbed to government-provided comfort and security, in exchange for the natural rights of individual freedom and liberty.


Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)

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