This Election’s 3 R’s – Repudiation, Rejection & Revulsion

WHAT WAS THE MEANING OF NOVEMBER 2, 2010? by Ron Ewart, ©2010 (Nov. 3, 2010) — The left pundits were going crazy on election night.  Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann were falling all over themselves and crying foul, all through the evening.  It was disgusting.  They said that radicals had taken over the country and yet […]

Spokesperson for Army Doctor Challenging Obama’s Eligibility speaks with The Post & Email

HIGHLY-DECORATED FLIGHT SURGEON HAS REFUSED ALL ORDERS UNTIL OBAMA PROVES HIS ELIGIBILITY by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 19, 2010) — Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, spokeswoman for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an Army medical doctor who has challenged Obama’s eligibility to serve as Commander-in-Chief,  very generously gave her time to The Post & Email last Friday to discuss […]

America vs. MSM is a slam-dunk victory for America

America vs. MSM is a slam-dunk victory for America

OBAMA-DROOLING MEDIA CREATE THEIR VERY OWN LAME DUCK News Analysis by Joan Swirsky (Jan. 22, 2010) — That’s right, and it wasn’t only Katie Couric. For the past two years, when Obama was in campaign mode and after his ACORN- and foreign-money-fueled election, the entire leftwing media debased what once passed for legitimate journalism.  With […]

Dick Cheney accuses Obama of Treason

SAYS MOVING THE TERROR TRIAL TO NEW YORK CITY IS “AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY” by John Charlton (Dec. 10, 2009) — In a little noticed interview last week, former Vice-President Dick Cheney accused Barack Hussein Obama of treason. Chris Matthews’ Harball news hour featured Cheney’s comments under the title:  “Dick Cheney accuses Obama of […]