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by SUA Staff

Get out and vote today!

(Nov. 2, 2010) — November 2, 2010 is finally here. After so much anguish over the economy, Health Care legislation, Stimulus spending, TARP, Tax and Trade, Wall Street Reform, the largest deficit in recorded history, Budget Deficits, drug cartel wars on our border in Mexico, the Christmas Bomber, the Yemeni letters scare, Afghanistan Surge delays, Iraq withdrawal, ROE issues, no job recovery, exploding Federal programs and increasing size and scope of government, suing Arizona, bailouts, Mosques at Ground Zero, Tsars, the capture of whole industries by the government…

We could go on, and on, but you already know this. Its definitely a referendum on Obama. There is no other way to categorize it correctly. Then there is the Tea Party movement. A movement ridiculed by the left and the MSM. The demonization of conservatives by Obama himself is perhaps the worst. He called the right, the enemy.

Then there is the way Obama “in the final week leading up to the midterm elections, President Barack Obama is encouraging Hispanic voters to turn their frustration over stalled immigration reform against Republicans on Election Day.”

The country has just gone through one of the most divisive, nasty, and problematic election seasons on record, and it may not be over until December in some areas. The money spent is just off the charts, and Unions, George Soros, and others are financing the left. There have been accusations of fraud already, accusations of foreign money in the races, there are TV personalities openly castigating candidates, there is no end to the name calling, the use of the work Liar and the Witch, the switching of parties, the almost criminal interference of local elections, bribery, temper tantrums by ousted politicians, and so much more. Its almost sickening, especially when a sitting President openly attacks individuals.

If there was ever a time to vote, it is today! If you like the direction the country is going in now or not, please vote, but make it an informed vote.

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  1. Two things:
    1) I researched every option on my pre-election ballot before filling in my tentative choices. Once I got my (mail in) ballot, it was carefully filled out and mailed. The bottom line is that no matter how careful one is, once the ballot leaves a person’s hands, there is no telling whether or if the ballot or any part of it actually got counted. That is bothersome.

    2) In regard to the Ground Zero mosque referred to in the opening paragraph, I recently learned from one whom I consider a very reliable source, that many of the would-be builders refuse to take part in its construction. But if their refusal fails to stop the project, there remains one sure fire way of stopping it. In time, we will see how accurate this information is, though I have been assured this will tactic will be used, if necessary. Apparently, mosques may not be constructed in pig-stained soil. So a pig buried somewhere on the site presumably slams the brakes on building a mosque there. Forever.