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by Sharon Rondeau

Is the man in this picture he whom we know as "Barack Hussein Obama II," or is it of someone else?

(Aug. 24, 2010) —In 2007, a well-known expert on the Middle East and Islam asked the question, “Was Barack Obama a Muslim?”

Now, according to The Washington Post, close to one in five Americans believe he is, despite The Post’s unsubstantiated denial of it. The Christian Science Monitor also is participating in a campaign of disinformation, calling people “misinformed” in regard to the same recent poll. In a stunning display of propaganda and editorializing masquerading as journalism, CSM “staff writer” Peter Grier states:

Washington — Wow – a substantial and growing number of Americans believe President Obama is Muslim. That’s what a new Pew Research Center poll says, anyway.

Fully 18 percent of respondents to the Pew survey picked “Muslim” when asked Obama’s religion, up from 11 percent who answered that way in March 2009.

Where are Americans getting their information about Obama’s religion? We ask that because, on this subject, a substantial and growing number of them are wrong. (Obama is Christian. We’ll say that up front, in case some of you are hazy on this point yourselves.)

ABC News is complicit as well, calling Americans’ increased belief that Obama is a Muslim a “stubborn misperception.”

The aforementioned news services reveal no evidence that Obama is or ever was “a Christian,” as his spokesperson has claimed.  The only church he has been known to have attended is the Trinity United Church of Christ, where Rev. Jeremiah Wright stated that “the chickens are coming home to roost” and accused the U.S. of “terrorism”  while mentioning Malcolm X and Muomar Qaddafi.  Wright is listed as “Pastor Emeritus” on a page with a slide show depicting him in what appears to be Muslim dress.  The church’s bookstore sells books such as The Black Christ and Black Religion, Black Theology.”

Before his trip to Cairo, Egypt, and other Muslim countries last year, Obama incorrectly stated that the U.S. is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” and added that “the United States and other parts of the Western world “have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.”  Why?

One of Obama’s stops during his spring 2009 trip was to address “the Young Turks” and appeared on the cover of a Turkish magazine in Muslim attire.

Speaker and writer Avi Lipkin contends that radical Islam “is the number one threat to world peace today”.  He predicts war between Iran and Israel, and describes a televised segment wherein on January 18, 2010, Ahmed Gheit, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, stated that during a private meeting, Obama told him that he is a Muslim.  Lipkin contends that, whether  or not Obama is a practicing Muslim, he must follow the dictates of Islam because of his heritage.

The meeting between Obama and Gheit is described by the author of a book about Obama and his Muslim background.  The Post & Email reported on the alleged admission here.

In 2006, it was suggested that a Muslim would be installed in the White House and the case was made for doing away with the “natural born Citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution.  The author of the article under discussion was employed at a law firm with close ties to then-Senator Barack Obama.

Obama has also openly stated that he is a Muslim.  He has denied it and then changed his statement.  He has called Jakarta, Indonesia, his “old home town.”  Indonesia is the “largest Muslim country by population.”

On Friday, August 13, Obama hosted the “annual tradition of holding an iftar dinner” at the White House, which was reportedly attended by “over 100 guests…including ambassadors and officials from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and other Muslim nations” during which  Obama invoked the Founding Fathers and cited the First Amendment’s “freedom of religion” clause.

Obama has expressed support for the plans to build an Islamic Center close to the area where the World Trade Center and over 2,700 lives were destroyed by Islamic terrorists nine years ago, and reiterated his support at the Iftar dinner.

The Ground Zero Mosque initiative, Cordoba House, is led by Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf, who is currently on a “goodwill tour” of the Middle East.  He has stated that the U.S. was “an accessory” to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and that “Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.”  Rauf has also made the claim that “the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims.”

Rauf has reportedly described Islam as “a religion of peace” during his Middle Eastern trip “sponsored by the State Department.”  Why is a U.S. government agency paying for his trip?  It is also reported that a major Muslim shareholder in Newscorp, the parent company of Fox News Channel, has invested $300,000 in the project.  The Muslim American Society claims that “the civil and constitutional rights of Muslims are under attack throughout the United States, the Muslim American Society Freedom (MAS Freedom) affirms the statement made by President Obama affirming the right of the American Muslim community to establish houses of worship, and expand current facilities when required by our community needs.”  The group claims that at issue is “freedom of religion for Muslims in America” and has stated that “This campaign to stop Muslims from exercising their religious and constitutional rights seems to be relentless.”

Former terrorist Walid Shoebat stated that Rauf “agrees with Hamas” when he speaks in Arabic and intends to establish an “American-style Islam” in the United States.

It is reported that Abdul Feisal Rauf supports the Iranian theocracy and dictatorship of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and is a “permanent member of the board of trustees for the Islamic Cultural Center of New York (ICCNY).”

The Ground Zero mosque website reports that the project is supported by some New Yorkers who lost family members on September 11, 2001 but deem the perpetrators “criminals.”  One report stated that “ignorance, bigotry and politics” were stronger obstacles to the “last legal hurdle” already cleared in regard to the construction of the Islamic Center.  However, the report failed to provide any background on Abdul Feisal Rauf or his associates.  The article, passed off as journalism, concludes with the statement, “The furor over the project only underlines how desperately it is needed.”

During the presidential campaign, Obama denied he was a Muslim, but the group Jews Against Obama insisted that he was.

Fr. Jonathan Morris, Fox News Contributor, stated on Sunday that “Obama was born in a Muslim country” and has deep Muslim roots because of his father and grandfather.  Anchor Alisyn Camerota quickly “corrected” Morris, stating “He was born here,” but offered no proof.  Co-anchor David Briggs is then heard to say that the claim of Obama being born “in a Muslim country” is “another misconception.”  Morris is then heard thanking Camerota for correcting him on Obama’s alleged birthplace.

However, on August 23, 2010, Fox’s Glenn Beck discussed possible “messages” that Obama might be transmitting regarding the planned building of the Ground Zero mosque  and Michelle Obama’s recent visit to a Spanish mosque. Beck then asked, “Who is standing for freedom vs. theocracies?” and  stated that the imam spearheading the Ground Zero mosque wants to impose Sharia law on the United States.

Beck’s guest, Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy, said that Sharia is “a political program that…must be imposed over the entire world, to be ruled by a theocracy, a caliph…”  He cited the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran as examples and made the claim that several administrations have served to advance “stealth jihad.”  He added that the destruction of America and/or Israel could occur from “apocalyptic ambitions” in the radical Islamic world.

There are many inconsistencies regarding the history of Obama’s alleged mother, whom he claims was a strong influence in his life.  An article from Bloomberg written in 2008 states that Ann Dunham married Barack Obama Sr. in 1960, not 1961, as is commonly reported.  However, it is generally reported that she spent many years in Muslim countries, including Indonesia and Pakistan,  and visited as India, Nepal, Thailand and China. Her recently-released passport applications reveal frequent travel between Hawaii and Indonesia as well as a trip to the Philippines.

A report of Obama’s years spent in Indonesia which states that he was born in Kenya and confirms that his mother worked in Pakistan and for “Indonesia’s oldest bank.”

One report contends that Obama’s mother worked for a Pakistani bank, Asian Development Bank, for one year; another report states that she was a consultant. Obama reportedly visited Indonesia and Pakistan, where his mother was working and living with his sister, in 1981.  If the account is accurate, his trip occurred just two years following an incident in which a mob had launched a violent attack against the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, after the Ayatollah Khomeini accused Americans of “the occupation of Islam’s holiest site, the Great Mosque in Mecca.”

Other reports also state that Ann Dunham worked in Pakistan.  A recent  unsubstantiated report connects Obama and his mother to the CIA and claims that that connection explains why Ann’s passport applications from the early 1960s were allegedly destroyed. However, it provides two different years, 1964 and 1965, as the time when she divorced Lolo Soetoro.  Wikipedia states that Obama went to visit his sister and mother in Indonesia in 1981, then traveled to Pakistan and India.

A native Indonesian stated to The Post & Email that anyone living in Indonesia during the 1960s and 1970s would have had to have become an Indonesian citizen and converted to Islam if married to a Muslim, which Stanley Ann Dunham was.  There are reports that Obama himself was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather and registered as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim.

Obama’s announcement during the presidential campaign of his trip to Pakistan in 1981 took ABC News by surprise and prompted the question of which passport he used to enter the country.

Ann Dunham was in and out of Indonesia throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and her passport application information from the early 1960s has allegedly been “destroyed.”  What was she doing during those years?  Where did she travel that the federal government will not reveal it to the American people?

Those claiming to have known Stanley Ann Dunham in high school have “misplaced” their yearbooks.  Ann Dunham was reportedly married the first time to a bigamist.  There are varying reports as to when she married Lolo Soetoro.  Some reports say 1967, but Ann’s alleged passport applications state that it was 1965, albeit on two different dates.  There are several different years given for her divorce from Lolo Soetoro, and she was known by many different names.

Some have speculated that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. are not Obama’s parents.

A Bloomberg article claims that during her 40s, Dunham intended to adopt a multi-racial child because, according to Obama’s half-sister Maya, “we were taking too long making her a grandmother.”

A report released on August 20 states that Obama is a product of the intelligence community.  Others draw connections between the CIA and Ann Dunham and her son. On the Follow the Money blog, it states:

Obama’s bios are as important for what they leave out as for what they reveal. I first became suspicious of his now-infamous trip to Pakistan (which he took in the summer between Occidental and Columbia) because he refused to mention this adventure in his books.

Think of it: We are talking about a man who compiled not one but two autobiographical works before the age of 46. We are talking about an ambitious politician intent on establishing his foreign policy cred. Yet he refused to mention a dangerous trip to Pakistan which he made at a time when travel to that country was discouraged by the State Department. That country was then the focus of the CIA’s largest covert operation, the supplying of the Afghan mujahadeen. While there, this callow college kid met with one of the most powerful men in Pakistan — a meeting arranged by an unnamed personage with the American Embassy. (Spook-watchers know what that means.)

If the trip was a pleasure jaunt, why did Obama keep it a secret? And how did he pay for the journey?

Reportedly, Obama’s first job after attending Columbia University was at Business International Corporation, which, according to Wikipedia, “has been known to be used as a CIA front company.”  Obama supposedly was “a research associate in its financial services division” but worked there for “little more than a year.”  Why?  A blog entry from a man who claims to have been Obama’s coworker states that Obama’s account of his year at BIC is “exaggerated.”

Dr. James David Manning held a trial in May during which the claim was made that Obama had worked for the CIA during the years when he allegedly attended Columbia University and operated out of Afghanistan.

Obama appears to be more connected to foreign countries than to the United States.  Another editorial attempting to pass itself off as journalism reports on Obama’s proclamation in Berlin, Germany that he is a “citizen of the world.”  The same could be said of the woman he claims as his mother, Ann Dunham.

Why are there differing accounts of Obama’s life, his whereabouts and travel, and those of his mother?  What kind of upbringing did he actually have?  What was he taught?  And why does he bow to the king of Saudi Arabia?  What does this mean for the future of America?

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  1. Follow the Money: Could Mayor Bloomberg’s Media Business Interests in the Middle East Have Anything to Do with His Support of the Ground Zero Mosque?
    Posted by Mondo Frazier Aug 27th 2010 at 5:52 am

    “Does the Mayor’s unshakable support have anything to do with The Bloomberg (company) becoming a ‘single provider of information that caters to the Islamic business market’? A Bloomberg five-year business plan for an Islamic finance portal via a Bloomberg hub at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is already a reality.”


  2. The threats to the media appear to have been made by an attorney representing the White House/Obama. They have the smell of John Brennan all over it. I propose that several online conservative websites join together and pool resources for a FULL, nasty background check on this attorney, including any personal info and also find out if FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski is involved. I cannot believe that this attorney would make those threats without the co-operation and understanding of the FCC. That threat from the FCC very much implied. Northeast Intelligence Network has a more clear article, with quotes included. Take off the gloves and fight unceasingly or prepare for lock and load. http://homelandsecurityus.com/archives/2966

    1. When the Doug Hagmann article was released in August of 2009 it was said there would be follow-up articles, and, hopefully the release of the name of the “national talk show host” who signed the affidavit saying he had been threatened if he discussed Obama’s ineligibility on air.

      There was, to my knowledge, no follow-up, and the story died.

      More threats…perhaps?

  3. Perhaps contacting the Canada Free Press to work out something to expose where the threats to newspeople are coming from might work now. Their article from July 09 reveals much as many recall, and more details are
    not being published until the main subjects of the threats feel they are safe from personal and professional harm.
    Perhaps, after a year, and Obama’s plummeting ratings, things have changed enough, such that with a little push, we can get more information into the national spotlight.


  4. Does anyone recall if Senator Barack Obama attended any of President
    George Bush’s Ramadan Celebrations at the White House?

    He perhaps might have attended with some of his closest supporters
    and friends, like Michelle, Eric Holder, George Soros, Prince Alaweed.
    There may be a list of guests available thru FOIA.

  5. // I discovered this intriguing item while webbing!//

    Prof. F. N. Lee’s “ISLAM IN THE BIBLE”

    Eminent Australian theologian and church historian known worldwide as Professor Francis Nigel Lee (who has eleven earned doctorates!) has found claims in the Koran that may have escaped the attention of many Muslims including those in the White House.
    It’s amazing how often in history someone notices an unclear passage in the Bible, sees possibilities in it as a wellhead, isolates it and then backstabbingly uses it against the Bible’s intent while developing an anti-Biblical cult or false religion!
    Dr. Lee quotes the Koran which claims that when Jesus promised that after His departure He would send the Holy Spirit to be personally with His followers as the “Comforter” (John 14:16, John 15:26, etc.), Jesus was actually promising He would send them Mohammed! (Aside from the blasphemy, has history shown Mohammed and his fanatical followers to be “Comforters” of human beings?)
    Another quote from the Koran that Dr. Lee reveals is that the disciples of Jesus viewed themselves as “Muslims” – centuries before Mohammed was born!
    To read Dr. F. N. Lee’s scholarly and informative article, type in the “Islam in the Bible” pdf article associated with him. Interestingly, leading Christian scholars for many centuries have viewed the 9th chapter of Revelation (with its references to a violent army of 200 million who torture mankind in earth’s final days, the centering on “the great river Euphrates,” and the connection to demons loosed from “the bottomless pit” who inhabit this army) as a scary portrait of Islam murdering, in a short period, one-third of earth’s population, as is explicitly stated there!
    Readers may also wish to Google “Imam Bloomberg’s Sharia Mosque” and “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” since these two items have been in the news lately.

  6. In a recent article, the DoD stated that the Ft. Hood killings were nothing more than Work Place Violence, even though Major Hasan was heard praising Allah before he murdered 13 Americans. This is a cover-up, just like the Black Panther Case, Blago, Tony Rezko, and Barry’s birth cert. Club Gitmo is the perfect place for him and his administration.

    1. @1 Dragon – It would seem that our military elites have gone over to the dark side and that we cannot count on them to support America in the future. I have worried about this for some time.

  7. Obama doesn’t know what he is! He has been raised in so many different cultures and religions. Best guess is he is an Islamo-communist.

    Who the hell cares about this mosque? The Muslims are rubbing our face in it and we know it. Obama is rubbing our face in it and we know it. He wants racial and religious strife. Let’s talk about the Hagia Sophia, the jewel of Christendom, now a mosque site of Islamic victory, The Cordoba mosque in Spain is the site of another islamic victory. The Dome of the Rock built on the Jewish Temple mount. He keeps lighting matches in a room full of religious gasoline.

    Again, Obama is rubbing our faces in the ***t, and then asking us if we like it.

    1. It would appear that the war Islam has been waging against Jews and Christians is being supported by Obama and this federal government. Obama’s ‘radical transformation of America’ seems to be just that – ‘radical’ transformation.

      We have some really stupid people in the U.S. who were either complicit in this corruption or who were just tranquilized by the Obama ‘hope and change’ mantra.

      It is time for the alert and savvy Americans to nullify the federal government in every single instance of its unlawful and unauthorized actions.

      We don’t have much time left.

  8. Murato

    “I can’t help but believe this mosque issue is yet another planned event by the feds driven to shape public opinion. BHO, regardless of his beliefs or religion is in his own words… is “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”
    Just heard tonight while listening to Chicago Conservative Talk Radio WLS890AM.

    That building being considered for a new mosque near ground zero was not just “struck by the landing gear” of Mohammed Atta’s hijacked plane, a large piece of that gear crashed thru the roof and actually destroyed several floors of that building. Since the building was closed, no one was injured or killed. So like many other buidlings around the Trade Center it was hit and severely damaged in the attack and is actually a part of ground zero.

    1. Found it several places… here’s one


      Supposedly “the landing gear assembly of the plane piloted by Mohammed Atta crashed through the roof of what was then the Burlington Coat Factory, destroying the upper two floors.”

      Interesting though, can’t seem to find any pictures of landing gear or any damage to that building from any source…. anywhere.

  9. As usual with BHO, more questions than answers. By design, only God knows. Isn’t it amazing how the media drives “issues” through propaganda (issued by the government) and always through “polling” data. Who funds these polling organizations? What is their agenda? Obviously, if someone is “undecided” on an issue, these folks know they will align with the crowd mentality.

    I can’t help but believe this mosque issue is yet another planned event by the feds driven to shape public opinion. BHO, regardless of his beliefs or religion is in his own words… is “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

  10. Clearly Barry Soetero/Barack Obama was reared as a Muslim and is considered Muslim by the Muslim world. Both BS/BO’s father and his stepfather were Muslim, which is evidence that his mother was also Muslim, and his Muslim half-sister once said that “all his family are Muslim.” If BS/BO had gone apostate, he would be utterly condemned under Islamic law and would be fair game for murder for the crime of leaving Islam. Remember what happened to Malcolm X when he lost faith?

    But our (p)resident has never left Islam, despite putting up a politically necessary Christian front. He is not an apostate Muslim. To the contrary, from the most powerful podium in the world Soetero/Obama has repeatedly called Islam a “great religion” and has actively advanced Islam by word and deed. Joining Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation, America-hating church was in all likelihood a political act, designed to broaden his leftist political base, and leaving it was also a political act. For Obama this is more about power and politics than theology.

    Speaking of theology, Islam does sanction taqiyaa, “the practice of precautionary dissimulation whereby believers may conceal their faith.” (Wikipedia) To gain the most powerful position on the planet, S/O’s politically expedient claim to be Christian would have the blessing of Muslim theologians. The aim is to advance Islam, and to too many Muslims that lofty end justifies any means, from bombing markets and embassies and skyscrapers to political trickery.

    1. Just so you know, the definition of taqiyya at Wikipedia is incomplete. There are many more ways that taqiyya is used. (Another example of how Wikipedia is an unreliable source for information.)

      “Taqiyya” is the religiously-sanctioned doctrine, with its origins in Shi’a Islam but now practiced by non-Shi’a as well, of deliberate dissimulation about religious matters that may be undertaken to protect Islam, and the Believers. A related term, of broader application, is “kitman,” which is defined as “mental reservation.” An example of “Taqiyya” would be the insistence of a Muslim apologist that “of course” there is freedom of conscience in Islam, and then quoting that Qur’anic verse — “There shall be no compulsion in religion.” {2:256} But the impression given will be false, for there has been no mention of the Muslim doctrine of abrogation, or naskh, whereby such an early verse as that about “no compulsion in religion” has been cancelled out by later, far more intolerant and malevolent verses. In any case, history shows that within Islam there is, and always has been, “compulsion in religion” for Muslims, and for non-Muslims.

      “Kitman” is close to “taqiyya,” but rather than outright dissimulation, it consists in telling only a part of the truth, with “mental reservation” justifying the omission of the rest. One example may suffice. When a Muslim maintains that “jihad” really means “a spiritual struggle,” and fails to add that this definition is a recent one in Islam (little more than a century old), he misleads by holding back, and is practicing “kitman.” When he adduces, in support of this doubtful proposition, the hadith in which Muhammad, returning home from one of his many battles, is reported to have said (as known from a chain of transmitters, or isnad), that he had returned from “the Lesser Jihad to the Greater Jihad” and does not add what he also knows to be true, that this is a “weak” hadith, regarded by the most-respected muhaddithin as of doubtful authenticity, he is further practicing “kitman.”


  11. His father was a Muslim so according to the Islamic law he is a Muslim, period. He has never annulled his Islamic faith, or do we know otherwise? And for a man with a specific mission, it’s OK to lie, deceive, manipulate and misguide. Those are facts.

    1. In Islam, apostates are to be killed. So, there is no annulment from Islam, at least not from Islam’s point of view, there isn’t. Which leads to these questions: Why is there no fatwa calling for the death of Oilbama? And how could such a high-profile apostate from Islam bow before the Saudi king and then stand back up with his head still attached?

  12. I am still waiting for someone to prove me wrong. In 2007, I started making this challenge – obama is a muslim, illegal alien, usurper for the most powerful office in this country, prove me wrong. I was taught to kill japs in WWII and that learning will now be directed at another invader of our country. Lock and Load.

  13. He’s not muslim. He’s not anything but self proclaimed.The man is a very confused person that is sympathetic to muslims for many reasons. But please recall that the left has historically and is currently linked in supporting Islam. Thus we have our answer.

    Is he a Christian? Of course not. It’s harder to get elected if you don’t act the part, though.

  14. Why would anyone who watched and listened to Obama not be a lot more shocked that most people believe he is Christian than that 20% believe he is Muslim?

    When Obama told George Stephanopoulos that McCain was not questioning his Muslin faith, that was exactly what Obama meant to say, even though George “corrected” him.

    1. Eh…that’s the same 20% who, when polled, still say he’s doing a good job overall; the same 20% who still say he’s doing a good job when polled about each issue separately. They’re the same 20% who still say he’s good for the country.

      I’d say it’s safe to assume that the percentage of hardcore leftists – the communists/socialists/Marxists/Maoists, Islamists, and others who, for reasons only they understand, hate America so much that they want to see her destroyed – is about 20.

  15. He has stated that he will stand with them if events
    occur that go against Islam.
    That is precisely why I don’t believe anything said by
    any of them, because when push comes to shove you
    and I know which side they will choose.
    Islam is NOT a religion.
    Islam is a radical political ideology………..period…….0-0-0-0-0=0

    1. Islam is NOT a religion.
      Islam is a radical political ideology…

      Vic Hern, we need to keep saying that, any time and any place where Islam is the topic of discussion, and every time, until people hear it. Once they hear it, they can ask for explanation or seek explanation on their own. They can even seek information to disprove it, which will only lead them to learning that it is fact,

      “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Barack Hussein Obama, Audacity of Hope