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August 20, 2010

Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent today regarding the court martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin:

TO:    Judge Advocate General (JAG)
The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
Attn:   Colonel Cullen,  Executive Officer
RE:     Court-Martial of LTC Lakin
FROM:   Patra Minocha
Brave Hill Productions (615) 897-1333

To Whom It May Concern:

As an American citizen, I believe that the Commander-in-Chief for America’s military should be held to the “SAME” level of ethics, accountability and scrutiny as decorated Army surgeon, LTC Lakin recently court-martialed for refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan until Mr. Obama discloses his “long form” birth certificate.  LTC Terry Lakin knowingly disobeyed an order from his senior officer, which is a serious offense within the military; however, if an order is believed to be unlawful, soldiers have the right to refuse to obey the military command.

During proceedings at LTC Lakin’s court martial,  the Military Tribunal seems to be oblivious to the fact that LTC Lakin honored and upheld his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from both foreign/domestic threats.  Guarding and protecting the Constitution should take precedence over a military order, in my humble, civilian opinion.  The greater good of our nation and our Homeland Security is at stake, let alone our freedom that is disappearing daily under the dark veil of Socialism. LTC Terry Lakin had the foresight, courage and conviction to do what he felt was in the best interest of America.  I personally applaud and commend this soldier’s courage!

America’s military should have the insight, wherewithal and the discernment to see the “selfless sacrifice of a soldier” at work here.

The Military Tribunal should show due respect to LTC Lakin, a man of great courage, instead of bashing his character with harsh criticism and condemnation.  He deserves a promotion to Colonel for his heroism in defending our Homeland!!

Furthermore, Mr. Obama should “willingly” comply with the mandates of the Constitution, and in so doing, “eagerly” bring forth his “long form” birth certificate (if it exists) “IMMEDIATELY”!!  It’s time for government secrecy to “Cease & Desist”!  Then and only then will the American people find hope, strength, renewed trust and the resolve necessary to address the “Pandemic” problems that are destroying our nation..The “Court-Martial” of LTC Terry Lakin is a “Constitutional Travesty” that could have been prevented if only there had been “True Political Transparency.”

Inevitably, the truth will come out in the end.

In Honor of Our Troops,

Patra Minocha
Brave Hill Productions
www.salute2soldiers.org (Military Website)

Editor’s Note: The author of the above letter has reported that it has also been sent to Admiral Mike Mullen at the Joint Chiefs of Staff; O.C. L.L. Office of Chief Legislative Liaison; The Commander of the Military District of Washington; The Armed Services Committee, and others.

Ms. Minocha is a disabled registered nurse who began Brave Hill Productions about 18 months ago in support of our military serving overseas.  Of the name of her organization, Ms. Minocha says, “I live in a very scenic and hilly isolated area.  It’s very hard to get help out here.  Hence, the name “Brave Hill Productions” seemed appropriate. I was spiritually led to do the inspirational support campaign for America’s military, which I’ve been doing for 1 1/2 years.

I’m in the process of launching “INSPIRATION AFGHANISTAN” and will be sending “The Hands of Freedom” banners, bumper stickers and posters to soldiers to inspire, empower and uplift their spirits!  War bleeds a soldier’s body, mind and soul.  Our courageous soldiers need to be uplifted spiritually to endure the horrific challenges they face on a daily basis.”

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  1. obama is clearly a fraud, there is nothing any one person is going to do about it. It will take more than many millions. Begin by sending the following to all your senators and congressmen. Post your responses from these officials to http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/ in order that proof of capitulation has been preserved.

    For example, from richard burr, u.s. senator, north carolina i received:

    “Even if one chooses to dismiss the birth certificate entirely, the fact remains that Obama’s mother was a native of Kansas, and therefore definitely an American citizen, making her son also an American citizen.”

    If you don’t understand what a ridiculous corrupt answer this is, please read Article II Section I of the Constitution:

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President….”

    How can a u.s. senator answer in such a manner? Something very wrong is going on. Even the right wing media and politicians have been silenced. Certainly, no SANE man, no reasonable, prudent, man could NOT have doubts about barack obama. There is a mountain of evidence against him.

    Please send the following to anyone you care to in government:

    “obama’s Selective Service System registration, 61-1125539-1 was verified by entering his last name, DOB: Aug. 4, 1961, and Social Security number 042-68-4425, a number issued in Connecticut between 1976 and 1979 to an individual born in 1890”

    This evidence indicates the felonious use of someone else’s social security number. More than that it leads one to ask questions about the truths of the obama version of his past. However, there is more evidence! As either a state or u.s. senator, this man used an entirely different Social Security number—282-90-XXXX!!!


    “The former Honolulu elections clerk [Tim Adams] who says President Obama was “definitely” not born in Hawaii and has no birth certificate from any hospital in the Aloha State says he’s willing to testify in court to those facts.

    “The things I’ve said, I don’t mind testifying in court,” Tim Adams, the senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu in the 2008 campaign, said in an exclusive interview.

    This shocking revelation completely debunks official hawaiin statements.

  2. I have sent an E-mail to Colonel Driscoll,the presiding officer at Col. Lakin’s Court-martial wit service to ALL US senators and Ms. Rondeau.As the presumed Commander-in-Chief,Obama is equally covered by the Uniform Code of Military Justice as well as Civilian Public-Law. In addition, Lakin has protections under the Military Whistleblowers Protection Act.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I was told that LTC Daniel Driscoll is no longer the presiding officer, as LTC waived the preliminary hearing over which Driscoll was to have presided.

  3. Dear Ms Rondeau,
    Did I see a comment that there is to be a rally in DC regarding the citizenship status of The One, to be held Sept 6-9? I haven’t seen any follow-up on this, and wonder if you have any information. Myself, I would not miss it if it is held, and have already made arrangements for a place to stay. Thanks for any information you have, and deepest thanks for the stunning job you always do in editing this magazine.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, ma’am. I believe the information you are seeking is here: http://drkatesview.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/no-more-talking/

    traditions of the ancients.

    Book Three
    Part II

    “But in practice a citizen is defined to be one of whom both the parents are citizens….This is a short and practical definition..”
    Alternate translation: “For practical purposes, it is usual to define a citizen as one born of citizen parents on both sides-and not on the father’s or mother’s side only…”

    A complete reading of Aristotle’s treatment of this subject will drive the point home even more forcefully regarding the “right of descent”, revolutionary change in gov’t, etc

    Note: The definition of a citizen was more confining due to the fact that in Aristotle’s time one( a standard citizen) was more deeply enfranchised than one, typically, is today. A “citizen” in the former age, was expected to be an active participant- directly in the functions of the state. One of today’s equivalents would, most certainly, be; ‘natural born citizen’. Who would be more deeply enfranchised than the head of government ie The President? The child of citizen parents minimally required

    Thomas Jefferson authors Virginia’s Citizenship Statute(1779)

    Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that all*persons born within the territory of this commonwealth and all who have resided therein two years next before the passing of this act……….. ; and ALL INFANTS wheresoever born, WHOSE FATHER, if living, or otherwise, whose mother WAS, A CITIZEN AT THE TIME OF THEIR BIRTH, or who migrate hither, their father, if living, or otherwise their mother becoming a citizen, or who migrate hither without father or mother, SHALL BE DEEMED CITIZENS OF THIS COMMONWEALTH ( Caps added )

    Hereditary Right(jus sanguinis) … soil’s important but at what expense does one limit the “definition” to so arbitrary a factor?

    “The full experiment of government democratical, but representative, was & still is reserved for us….The introduction of this new principle of representative democracy has rendered useless almost everything written before on the structure of government, and, in a great measure, relieves our regret, if the political writings of ARISTOTLE, or of any other ancient, have been lost.”
    THOMAS JEFFERSON to I.H. Tiffany 1816

  5. My only concern is that Obama will eventually dislose a long form, but it will be a counterfeit. According to reports, BHO and his family were members of the intelligence community who are master-craftsmen in fraudulant documents, etc. What will probably happen is that his backers, handlers, and propagandists will villianize those who seek verification on the so-called “verified” document and it will simply wash away.

    1. It doesn’t matter what bc he produces, he is not eligible. He was a British subject at birth. We have all the proof documentation we need.

      We also know he is a muslim and a communist. He must be removed from office immediately. It is up to We the People, to do it. We are under communism now. We have to remove him.

    2. @ American


      We already know that BHO is not a Natural born Citizen.

      He has stated his father was a Kenyan Citizen, thus making BHO2 a dual citizen at birth with allegiance to more than one country.

      Only some ignorant legal BS would make him an NBC.

      1. Right on target! Along with Common Law, International Law and the concept of “jus sanguinis”, Obama was born with dual citizenship and, his father being an English subject, Obama’s loyalty (allegiance) was to the British Commonwealth.

        For others above, I know a retired FBI document analyst who would know in almost an instant if the document provided was fraudulent.

        This whole issue is about the rule of law and why our elected office holders are not honoring their oath of office.

    3. I think it’s too late for that….why would he suddenly produce a long-form certificate, even a bogus one, after two years of refusing? Also, all the “traceable”
      information contained in a long-form Hawaii birth certificate had better be really, really good, cause they “villianized” those who questioned the bogus online COLB and it didn’t stop them.

    4. I guess it’s just coincidence the Obama Sr’s best buddy from UofH Niel Abercrombie is going to be the next govenor of Hawaii!

      The long form must be freed before Abercrombie can have it replaced.

  6. Again, another Patriot takes action to point out the obvious to those who obfuscate the blatant violation of Constitutional values. As the saying goes,
    the main THING, is to keep the main thing, the MAIN thing! Translated, a usurping fraudulent commander-in-chief is willing to ruin the record, reputation, and retirement of a decorated Lt. Col who faithfully upholds his oath to country and Constitution for the sake of NOT revealing a $12 authentic document proving his eligibility to give orders of deployment. A requirement for every member, of every branch of military to produce proof of citizenship is NOT revealed by the one giving the orders? How can this be possible? Why are not all levels in authority DEMANDING some answers? To quote the famous line in Princess Bride, “INCONCEIVABLE”!
    And it is. We are stunned. We are baffled. We are mad. We are sick of being lied to. We are tired of the corruption. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! Can you hear me now? The fever of rebellion is near boiling. Swelling up in the souls of men and women is the innate desire for “FREEDOM”.

  7. Tom:
    Kinda like how those who carry the Flag in battle are deemed baby killers, while those who burn the Flag in protest are made out as patriots.

    Vietnam Era Veteran

  8. If LTC Lakin is prosecuted without being granted discovery in this case, I believe that it will shake the very foundation of our military community if not our system of justice. I am still having trouble believing that this conspiracy goes as deep as it does but it must. I think that secrecy that clouded the JFK assassination was very similar to this act of treason on the part of our government that appears to involve all 3 branches.

  9. “have the right to refuse to obey the military command.”

    well, actually they have an ‘obligation’ to refuse illegal orders. Excellent letter, I support it completely

  10. Outstanding Letter! Everyone needs to write letters and make phone calls to key military personnel and institutions in support of LTC Terry Lakin. With good cooporation and teamwork, we can make the support LTC Terry Lakin campaign bigger that than the Save Terri Schiavo Campaign of 2005. It is interesting that once again a person named Terry (Terri Schiavo) is at the center of great contraversary and needs all the support we can muster.

  11. Isn’t it interesting how those who honor the Constitution are deemed villians, and those who violate the Constitution are made out as hero’s?