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August 17, 2010

Dear Editor:  The following letter has been sent to Glenn Beck, talk radio and Fox News television show host:


Glenn Beck is the founder and owner of a media production company as well as the author of several best-selling books

Thank you for the great work you are doing in educating the American people about all the lies and distortions we have been fed about our history. I was especially moved by your revelations concerning the vital role played by early black Americans in the founding of our nation.

I regret that I cannot attend the 8/28 gathering in Washington D.C. which you have organized because I have a longstanding commitment to attend a reunion on that date in your home area, near NAS Whidbey Island, WA, of the U.S. Navy squadron in which I served in Vietnam.

Despite your very vocal support of the U.S. Constitution, Glenn, I remain dismayed at your failure to address the issue of the ineligibility of Barack Obama to serve in the office of president. I believe this is the core issue at the root of many of our current problems which you have been exposing so thoroughly on your show.

Please have one of your staff read this message carefully. Please also read the attached affidavit which was filed this week by Dr. Orly Taitz in her appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case Barnett et al v. Obama, seeking a resolution of the eligibility issue from the 2008 presidential election.

If you think this is not a worthy issue, please tell me why.

Are you aware that there is not one single piece of legally admissible evidence confirming Obama’s birth in Hawaii as he claims – not one document, not one person who witnessed the birth or had observed Obama as a newborn child in Honolulu, not one hospital claiming to have been the birthplace of the president of the United States?

Are you aware that there is no evidence that Obama actually attended Columbia University, as he claims; that no member of the Columbia graduating class to which he allegedly belongs remembers him as a classmate at Columbia University; and that all records, if any, relating to Obama’s attendance at Columbia University have been sealed?

Are you aware that the putative president of the United States is apparently using a fraudulent Social Security number, issued in the state of Connecticut at the time that Obama was a youth living in Hawaii, to a person, now deceased, who was born in 1890?

Are you aware that Obama likely never registered with Selective Service as required by law, and that in order to cover up this fact, Obama‘s representatives released a document purporting to be a copy of his Selective Service registration which is suspected of being a forgery?

Are you aware that there are several mysterious deaths which have been connected circumstantially to the 2008 presidential election, including the apparent assassination of a person who was reported to have been a key witness in an investigation into a criminal act of unauthorized access to the U.S. State Department passport files for Barack Obama?

Are you aware that, with the exception of the nomination certification sent to the State of Hawaii, the presidential candidate nomination certification letters sent to the other 49 states by the chairman of the Democratic National Committee omitted the language certifying that the candidate is qualified to serve in accordance with the requirements of the United States Constitution?

Are you aware that there are now three retired U.S. Army generals who have demanded Obama’s resignation over his lack of eligibility?

Are you aware that a decorated U.S. Army colonel is being court-martialed, abused, and physically threatened by senior Army personnel over his refusal to accept deployment orders until he can be assured that the presumed president of the United States is legitimately holding that office and possesses the actual legal authority to issue such orders?

Are you aware that a criminal complaint will be submitted this week to FBI Director Mueller demanding a full FBI investigation of Obama for 29 listed criminal acts, including Social Security fraud and usurpation of the office of president due to lack of constitutional eligibility?

Are you aware that despite numerous attempts across the country, no member of Congress will provide a substantive response to the requests for action by the millions of American citizens who are extremely concerned about the unresolved constitutional issues surrounding the 2008 presidential election and the many serious fraudulent acts which allowed it to happen?

Glenn, if you are aware of any of these disturbing facts, one would never know it from listening to your show. You go on, day after day, educating the American people about the dangers to our country of the policies being implemented by Obama and his progressive allies, yet the most urgent problem is not Obama’s policies. The most urgent problem is that Obama himself is a usurper in the White House, having been put there in violation of the very requirements of the Constitution that you claim to so admire. He does not belong there and everything he does is illegal. This is what you should be talking about.

I can offer you an example from my own personal experience of what happens when a constituent seeks a meaningful response from his or her congressman on the eligibility issue. Typically, they simply refuse to respond until they are cornered. When cornered, they insist that they believe there is no issue, or that there is nothing they can do, or they offer a nonsensical interpretation of the Constitutional eligibility requirements. The ultimate brush-off is a statement that this is a matter for the courts. Of course, the courts avoid the issue by insisting that American citizens do not have “standing” to demand verification of the constitutional eligibility of the president.

This is why America needs a person like you, who has gained the attention of a huge audience of Americans who are extremely concerned about the direction this country has taken since the 2008 election, to finally acknowledge the elephant in the room – the president’s refusal to respond to the question on the lips of millions of Americans: Who is Barack Obama and where is he from?

The message attached below was sent to Ms. Christy Guerin, District Director for Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50), after she stated in a message to me following my inquiry into Congressman Bilbray’s recent public statement that the Constitution does not require a president to have been born in the United States, that the process of naturalization transforms a foreign-born citizen into a “natural born Citizen” as the term is used in the U.S. Constitution.

This statement is not only bizarre; it is unfortunately a classic example of the kind of nonsense and obfuscation that has been coming from the mouths of people who represent us in Congress on the eligibility issue. They will say anything, no matter how ridiculous it is, to avoid addressing the reality that we apparently have an ineligible usurper, a fraud, a forger, and very possibly an illegal alien in the White House.

If this is not a threat to our national security, I don’t know what is. Why aren’t you talking about this? Have you been threatened? Is all your talk about “speaking out with boldness” just words? Are you for real, or are you just another hypocrite like all those congressmen, senators, and military officers who violate their oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” every day that they do not speak out about the constitutional crisis precipitated by the 2008 election?

Where do you stand, Glenn Beck?

David F. LaRocque
CDR USNR (ret)

Email to Congressman Brian Bilbray’s staffer:


Thank you for responding to my message.

I believe that your statement that “the 14th amendment states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States”, which has been interpreted to mean that if two American citizens travel to another country and give birth to their child there and then come back, the child will be naturalized and is a natural born citizen at the point.  They do not have to be born in the United States” is just plain wrong.

A naturalized citizen is not a “natural born citizen” as the term is used in the United States Constitution. When I was growing up, every school child knew that a person must be born in the United States to become president.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo has published extensive writings on the subject, confirming the above. (Attorney Apuzzo is an expert in constitutional law and counsel in Kerchner et al v. Obama, which is currently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.)

These writings are in part based on new research confirming the important role played by Emmerich de Vattel’s well-known treatise titled “The Law of Nations, or Principles of the Laws of Nature Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns” in the deliberations which occurred during the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

You may read my editorial on this subject here.

Frankly, I am shocked and dismayed to learn at this late date that Congressman Bilbray believes that the Constitution does not require a person to have been born in the United States to satisfy the Article II, Section 1 requirements to serve in the office of president. This is simply incomprehensible. If this were true, then what was the point of S. 511 from April 2008 in which a number of Democratic senators (including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) attempted to resolve by Senate resolution the problem with Senator McCain’s eligibility arising out of his birth outside U.S. soil in Panama? These people are lawyers – surely they understand what the Constitution says on this subject.

Moreover, if Obama were, in fact, born in Hawaii as he claims, why has he spent several million dollars fighting every effort to simply confirm this fact? It does not make any sense, does it?

Unfortunately, Congressman Bilbray is exposing himself as seriously deficient in his understanding of the Constitution which he took an oath to “support and defend against…all enemies, foreign and domestic”, or he has an agenda which is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Neither of these possibilities is acceptable for a sitting member of Congress, in my opinion.

This issue is not a trivial matter. If Attorney Apuzzo’s conclusion is true that Barack Obama is probably an undocumented alien, then the American people have been victimized by the greatest hoax in the history of this nation. This is a national security concern of the very highest order.

There is no issue more important to the American people, and to the very survival of the American nation, than to resolve this matter promptly and expeditiously. Every public policy action implemented by this administration, every appointment made by Obama (including two of the most frightening Supreme Court appointments imaginable), every bill he signed, and every combat military operation carried out under his authority, is very likely illegal and unconstitutional.

Moreover, the highest levels of our government are now infested with Communists, Marxists, radical left-wing terrorists, and even some serious criminals. In reality, our government has been overthrown in a bloodless coup d’état.

The situation now existing in our country is one which I could not have imagined when I was on active duty as a naval officer many years ago. I thought that Congress and the courts would have prevented this from happening. Instead, they seem to have been complicit in enabling the very thing they are sworn to prevent.

I strongly urge you to read the information I have provided, and I hope that Congressman Bilbray would do the same. This issue is no longer a matter of private discussion. It is quickly becoming a matter of the most urgent national concern.

David F LaRocque

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  1. Sure, everyone would like to see this bust wide open, but you have to have enough proof! If Glenn went on the air and said what lots of people are questioning, they would most likely yank him off the air. I feel he is under lots of pressure, and getting threats just doing what he does. Rush, I’m pretty sure is doing all he can. I hope and pray that there are many people in the right places doing all they can to resolve this question. LTC. Lakin is a great example. So far, even he hasn’t gotten anything for putting his whole career on the line. I have faith (and pray) that something will break, and the walls will come tumbling down. God Bless America.

  2. Glenn Beck’s “unwinnable” comment is a real loser! If the Founders and Framers held that attitude toward their fight against the tryanny of the British Empire, then we would be still drinking English tea or worse. This fight is about defending our spiritual, our declaratory and our constitutional roots.

    For all his great reading of the Founders and Framers Beck seems not to have learned much. They swore on their sacred honor and pledged themselves to fight against tryanny. They did so with no guarantee of success. If Beck was a general he would need to relieved of command.

  3. For Heaven’s sake, people. These clowns -“Beck” “Hannity”…the whole lot of them ARE IN SHOW-BUSINESS. They have books, videos, shows, & God knows, what else to push. Do you really think they’re going to [kill] the goose that lays the golden egg? The cynicism is all theirs, not mine. Just calling it like it is.
    Meanwhile, we need to start doing real things.
    1st order of business- We’ve got to get our hands on ‘a real live’ “Certification of Live Birth” issued by the State of Hawaii(and I am not talking about Sun Yat Sen’s “Certificate of Live Birth” from the Territory) to an individual who is willing to step forward without risk of jeopardizing their current status etc and admit that they were not born in Hawaii and can, otherwise, document their birth elsewhere.
    I know, it may seem like a long-shot but not really. With so many of these things out there we are bound to get someone who has nothing to lose but face perhaps. There are even significant #’s of people renouncing their U.S. citizenship these days that ave could be explored as well as many who may be seeking to “rediscover” their roots and may be all to eager to celebrate the true circumstances surrounding their births

    or a family member of a deceased person who is willing to step forward

  4. Quote from citizen:

    “Glenn was interviewed by Peter Boyles a couple of months ago and Boyles asked Glenn about the eligibility issue and Glenn told Boyles it was an “unwinnable issue;”

    It most certainly IS NOT an “unwinnable issue”, but, people like Beck and the others make it more difficult to win…and they submit to the Alinsky Rules for Radicals when they fear talking about the only issue that matters right now, while babbling on about other issues…and losing.

  5. I am going to come to the defense of Glenn Beck. I think he like Hannity (who I believe Doug Hagmann is referring in his analysis) have been threatened with the loss of their jobs or worse if they bring up the eligibility issue.

    Glenn was interviewed by Peter Boyles a couple of months ago and Boyles asked Glenn about the eligibility issue and Glenn told Boyles it was an “unwinnable issue;” therefore he was going to continue to focus on other issues. That is code for “I have my doubts too but the system is so rigged it’s an unwinnable battle at this point.” I suspect that Rush has his doubts too. He made a crack during the AZ immigration law debates that Obama’s opposition could be related to the notion that he might be asked for his “papers.”

    I am sorry, but with the exception of the eligibility issue, Rush, Glenn, Sean, Levin, etc. continue to hammer the Congress and the Obama adminstration on a daily basis. I think Glenn has done a bang-up job of educating his followers on just how Marxist this administration is and how it is using the Cloward-Piven Strategy and Rules for Radicals to divide and conquer and ultimately implode the US economy so that they can attempt to remain in control forever and redistribute our wealth in the name of fairness and social justice.

    Not everyone has desire, ability, or capability to follow sites like The Post & Email and other websites that have focused on the eligibility issue. They do, however, have ears to the ground in regard to the growing laundry list of unconstitutional crimes and misdemeanors committed by Obama and his minions. Why? Because conservative radio and television personalities are screaming about it on a daily basis.

    There is a direct correlation between these personalities who (with the exception of the eligibility issue) at least try to articulate the truth and ever growing dissatisfaction and discontent with the legislative and executive branches of the government. Not giving them a least some partial credit is unfair, IMHO.

    While I am just as disappointed as everyone else here is that no media personality of significance or FNC will take the issue head on (at least publically) they are masterful educators otherwise.

    I say thank God for Glenn, Rush and FNS. Can you imagine having your news diet consist of only Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermannn and their ilk?

    We might as well live in Venezuela….

    Okay, I’ll duck now.

    1. One more comment: Hatter said there is strength in numbers. How true. However, it’s only when the voices of “We The People” drown out the media will they stand up and pay attention and finally give what I perceive as national crisis the attention it deserves. The problem in part as I see it complacency by the masses and ignorance is bliss.

      Can you imagine a birther rally in DC that draws two million or more people? How can that possibly be ignored?

      Rasumssen needs to start polling on the eligibility issue, the media reports discontent based on poll data. Do anyone think that FNC would have covered the AZ immgration law debate to the extent that it did if the majority of Americans opposed it? I seriously doubt it.

    2. No need to duck.

      Just keep in mind that, being conservative talking heads, they’d whine and moan about any Demonrat in the White House, just as they whine and moan about all Demonrats in politics, anyway. They’re in no way going out of their way to point out the many impeachable acts Oilbama. That’s just another day at the ol’ salt mines for them.

  6. I see in these comments way too much sympathy and excuse-making for Beck, as well as some of the other conservative talking heads. To that, I say BS. I doubt anyone ever told them that they place of influence in this country that they chose for themselves, with the money and fame and money (worth mentioning twice) that comes with it, would be theirs risk-free.

    My attitude about that could be wrong but this much I’m sure of: There is strength in numbers. If everyone who knew and/or all who knows now would stand up and shout it out to the world together, united as one voice, if any harm could come to them it would be minimal. Hundreds or even thousands of politicians along with another hundreds or thousands of reporters, journalists and media pundits couldn’t possibly be “disappeared” without notice. Perhaps they’d face some embarassing or even incriminated secrets being brought to light, but those stories would sleep quietly on the back pages with the front pages plastered with reports revealing the usurper and reporting the facts of the greatest hoax against the citizenry and the greatest conspiracy in American history.

    1. I see that a lot here and elsewhere! Can you imagine where “WE THE PEOPLE” would be today if the Patriots of the American Revolution who died fighting for our freedoms just sat around worrying about losing their life by a British soldier? I’ve said it before saying it again American has evolved into a nation of spineless cowards! Proof and evidence is that we live in a country that is overwhelmed with attorneys and not one Constitutional lawyer in the entire United States of America will start a “CLASS ACTION PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES” regarding ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 addressing Natural Born Citizen and Obama’s father never being a U.S. citizen and the heck with anything to do with a stupid birth certificate, which is filed in a lower federal court and followed through the entire appeals process until the petition reaches the SCOTUS and has achieved national attention! Not one single Constitutional Lawyer out of what, how many are there in America, let’s say one thousand, not one lawyer cares enough about America who will do the right thing to save his or her own country! That’s pretty sad!

    1. Thank you sir.

      I would have preferred to let events take their course because I felt confident that the usurper would be out within six months. When that did not happen I tried to do what I could locally. Now this thing is with me day and night. I cannot live with the concerns I feel about what is happening to our country. The Bilbray thing was so disturbing that I felt it should be shared with others. The Beck thing has been bugging me for many months, so I finally put my feelings in writing – partly just to get it off my chest. I just want this national tragedy to end.

      Most of my family and many friends think I have lost it. Many of them have stopped communicating with me, including a long-time friend and squadron-mate who is an Annapolis graduate and a retired USN Captain. He apparently thinks I am being disloyal to the “president”.

      1. Quote from David:

        “He apparently thinks I am being disloyal to the “president”.

        Just tell him there is no president.

        Never give up!!!

        Thanks David……..

  7. In April Beck and Palin came to Tulsa to do their shindig and he brought his blackboards with him. Never once did he or Palin mention the birth issue-not once!

    That was the last time I watched his show–he showed his true colors during that tour.

    I think he started out with the goods on barry and would have spilled the beans until the saudis stepped in and bought part of fox. That ended that.

    When the end of the came approached he said come January, his show would go in a different direction…………and it did. I have not had any desire to see his show since.

    1. Saudis owned a significant share of News Corp, parent of Fox News, since 2005. http://www.aim.org/press-release/saudi-billionaire-boasts-of-manipulating-fox-news-coverage/

      This year, Murdoch purchased 10% in Rotana, Prince Seaweed’s Mid East media corporation. http://www.ameinfo.com/217674.html

      Granted, Prince Seaweed has influence over Fox News reporting and has for years, according to the article linked to above. However, if News Corp muzzled Beck they did it from the get-go. This has got to be bigger than News Corp and Saudi Prince Seaweed because no major media, aka lamestream media, outlet will report honestly and openly about this, not even to sincerely (as opposed to sarcastically) repeat the questions we’ve been asking, much less to present the evidence or facts that we’ve collected over the last two years.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I love the name Prince Seaweed!

    2. Ok folks if these talking heads have really been threatened if they mention the elligibility issue on the air, then why is it that some ie; Bill Cunningham talks about it on every show???

      Is Cunningham not a chicken and these others are? Have the thugs simply not got around to shutting him up yet?

      I think it just isnt “cool” to bring it up and these that dont are simply worried about ratings in general.

      Whatever the reason it is inexcusable.

  8. You know, it’s as if there’s a game being played, and, I don’t know, some were given the rules, others of us weren’t. I wrote my congressman – one in a long line of letters I have written him – then followed up with a phone call to his Washington office. Of course the letter went unanswered, but the answers I received to my telephone call took me by surprise. In fact, it got my hackles up just a little! I asked them why Congressman Westmoreland will not address the eligibility issue. His flunky quickly, and rather smartly, told me that Congressman Westmoreland’s office considers that Obama IS eligible. Shocked at what he said, I went on to explain what makes a person eligible to be president and why Obama, knowing what we believe is fact, couldn’t, in a million years, be eligible. He didn’t hear anything I had to say because he just talked over me as if what I had to say was unimportant.

    It truly is as if there are rules to this game that most of us aren’t privy to. We’re left standing here on the outside wondering why the game is being played so wrongly in this fashion. Do you think there have been serious threats made, threats that real men (patriots) would swell up at and take as a challenge to be answered, but wusses like Glenn Beck and our spineless elected officials, looking at their cushy lives, wonder why in the world they would risk it all to stand up for what’s right. THAT is what makes a man: Standing up for right, even though there are risks for doing so.

    Knowing what we’re up against in November, and just how important this election is, I know that I HAVE to vote for Congressman Westmoreland. That, my friends, is the ONLY reason I would ever vote for this man.

    Now, then, if they want to make us all aware of the rules we’re to play under, if there are facts that have NOT been made public, then that could very well change our minds (I doubt it). Until then I will confidently stand against Obama.

  9. Does anyone remember the 1,100 FBI files that Hillary illegally obtained from the FBI? For what purpose?

    The use of these files has never been investigated but I’m sure there are many in Washington included in this invasion of their privacy.

    I’m sure copies of these files have been circulated in D.C. and given to the Obama thugs in 2008.

    I have a friend who was in the halls of Congress in 2008 and states just about everyone KNEW that Obama was not eligible. That would include Senator McCain in all of his glory.

    All 535 members of congress remained silent on January 8, 2009.

    Why? Maybe because of FBI files were used to threaten everyone to silence.

    I believe Beck and others have been threatened with Sedition or other severe crimes by Obama and they fear for their lives and the safety of their families.

    There are at least FOUR dead men who trace back to Obama. The state department officer, Quarles Harris, was giving information to the FBI when he was assassinated in front of his church. Donald Young, a gay man and choir leader at Obama’s church was murdered in fall of 2007 and within 40 days another two gay men from Obama’s church were also murdered. Donald Young had begun to talk about his relationship with Obama.

    I can see why Beck, Rush and others are being careful about their shows.

    They do not want to be the first in a wholesale political Bolshevik purge of Patriots by thugs controlled by the Obama Regime.

    These are really scary times for all.

    1. I can understand their being careful but not their ridicule of those of us who are either too ignorant or too bold to be carefully silent.

    2. “..there are at least FOUR dead men who trace back to Obama.I can see why Beck, Rush and others are being careful about their shows..”

      I am sorry, I do not see it that way; Beck Rush & Hannity are too well known, they’re cowards!

  10. This is what Ann Coulter thinks about the “birthers”:
    Read the latest now on WND.com.


    Coulter was recently canned as key note speaker on a WND sponsored “Taking Back America National Conference”.

    Coulter took issue with WND’s publication of her e-mail discussion with Joseph Farah concerning her appearance.

    Quote from Coulter:

    “[T]his was an email exchange [between] friends and even though I didn’t expressly say ‘OFF THE RECORD’ and I believe everything I said, he’s a swine for using my private emails politely answering him,” Coulter wrote to the Daily Caller. “[W]hy would he do such a despicable thing? … for PUBLICITY.”

    She continued: “I will say that [Farah] could give less than two sh–s about the conservative movement – as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, human events, also sweetness & light, american spectator and national review etc, etc etc). He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. for ONE reason: to get hits on his website.”

    You think Ann would like to debate someone like Mario Apuzzo, or Sharon Rondeau on the eligibility question? I don’t think so.

    Mrs. Rondeau, how about a debate on this issue with Coulter?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I doubt Ms. Coulter would accept any offer from The Post & Email regarding a debate on the eligibility issue, as she has shown herself to be disdainful, if not fearful, of the preponderance of evidence which shows that Obama was never eligible to run for office. For some reason she is keeping up the charade of his legitimacy, just as Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Thomas Sowell, and Rush Limbaugh are. These are all people I used to respect and whose work I used to read or listen to, but no longer. Plus, Ms. Coulter’s colorful language cannot be reproduced at The Post & Email. I say let Farah and Coulter work out their differences privately.

  11. VERY GOOD letter David LaRocque! You said it all & I was nodding my head in agreement with you after reading each line. Your last paragraph in the letter to Glen Beck is great. Truly, I believe he & the rest of these so called “patriots” like Hannity, O’Reily, Rush, Levin, etc. have (either) been threatened that their super sized paychecks will instanly disapper and/or their very lives have been threatened. It just doesn’t make sense that they don’t talk about it & refuse to “go there”. They are all complicit in this horrible charade being played on the American people. These cowards sicken me (look how smug Beck looks in that photo, gag!). I say to all Americans, TURN OFF YOUR TV and skrew these greedy cowardly traitors. When they figure out that Obama’s proof of eligibility to be POTUS needs be topic#1 each & every day then I’ll give them some respect. Meanwhile, they are just as bad as the main stream liberal talking heads & doing this country just as much harm. Personally, I don’t listen or watch any of them, once I knew they were not going to speak of the eligibility issue and even go so far as to poo-poo it, I turned them off.

    It angers me too that Beck likes to think of himself as some all mighty leader, rallying the people to his “freedom fests”. Anyone who won’t inteligently discuss the eligibility issue and see it as a real problem, does not deserve the time & energy from true American patriots in this country. Beck is a patriotic poser – he can’t & does not own any kind of “tea party”.

    Also, good letter to Ms. Christy Guerin who has to carry Bilbray’s water. This guy is a boob. In fact so many of the elected officials are. It’s sad and it’s getting sadder. To me as long as the oval office is occupied by the long legged mack daddy, there will be no “hope or change” for any of us who respect & believe in our Constitution.

  12. At a time when paranoia is probably warranted the obvious avoidance by major media pundits of presidential eligibility has bothered many of us. The left is expert at manipulating sentiment. They may be undermining the public’s trust in apparently patriotic figures like Beck and Limbaugh by using both their statutory power, and their understanding of the power of ridicule. One radio figure, Roger Hedgecock, who has otherwiise seemed willing to challenge the status-quo, made a comment on his radio show this week during a rare discussion around eligibility. Paraphrasing (his shows are archived) Hedgecock said, in effect, “While I have clear questions about Obama’s eligibility, if I address this topic the FCC would shut me down tomorrow.” Knowing a bit about Julious Genachowski, and a bit more about Obama’s FCC Czar Mark Lloyd’s fondness for Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers, Hedgecock’s concern is reasonable. The left understood that there would be resistance. They are certainly well aware that the coming elections will reduce their freedom to repress by fiat. Let’s hope that even pointing out Hedgecock’s comment doesn’t bring reprisals. We are becoming more like the USSR which Orly Taitz escaped, and which memory inspires her furious struggle against the return of tyranny.

    If Hedgecock is threatened, so is Glen Beck. I’ve read the words of the framers, and see how Beck avoids the core conceptual source for the framers, and for all jurisprudence in the U.S., the only book on George Washington’s desk the morning he took office in New York, Vattel’s Law of Nations. Beck too avoids the framers who talk so openly about natural law, Law of Nations and the meaning of citizenship, Dr. Ramsay, John Jay, John Marshall, James Wilson, Joseph Story, James Kent, and “The Madison of the 14th Amendment,” John Bingham. I think he would if he could. We know that Fox’s (through News Corp.) largest shareholder is Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, who is also reputed by Percy Sutton to have been Obama’s patron at Harvard. If anyone should doubt the influence of the Saudis take a look at Harvard: http://www.islamicstudies.harvard.edu/programs_courses/undergraduate_degree_programs.php Note that the Prince has established similar programs at Georgetown, Cambridge, Edenburgh, and Beruit. In recent weeks weeks Harvard has divested its investment funds of all Israeli corporations. Can anyone doubt that there is pressure on Beck? Beck, Levin, and Hedgecock, about whose avoidence I have been very critical, are probably walking a fine line, given the government control of major media and corporate sponsors.

    The print medium we are using remains the most free and powerful mechanism to allow us to communicate, and thus try to protect our consitutional rights. Radio personalities have screeners and essential sponsors. More and more, the government through the Ad Council and “non-profit” organizations sponsored in part by our taxes. Use Beck and Levin as introductions to Joseph Story, Madison, John Marshall, and supreme court cases. It is not obvious to most that Beck, Levin, and even Limbaugh, are minor irritants to those controlling the triliions of dollars of oil revenue, who aren’t shy about putting a monument to the expansion of their Umma near their thus far most powerful symbol of domination. Our president bows to Saudi royalty as befits his recognition of their rightful domination. We can talk about it but Saudis own News Corp, Cisco, Apple, HP, CitiGroup, and on and on. Glen Beck can’t. He is otherwise doing a remarkable job of introducing millions to our real foundations, an endeavor at which he may be especially qualified because the discoveries are new and exciting to him as they are to many of us.

    1. Spaulding,

      Could you please provide more information on how to get to this Quote, (paraphrased), from Roger Hedgecock?

      Ouote:”One radio figure, Roger Hedgecock, who has otherwiise seemed willing to challenge the status-quo, made a comment on his radio show this week during a rare discussion around eligibility. Paraphrasing (his shows are archived) Hedgecock said, in effect, “While I have clear questions about Obama’s eligibility, if I address this topic the FCC would shut me down tomorrow.”

      Which day in the archive do I need to look at…maybe you can provide a link?

      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe Neil Turner wrote that piece a few months ago and it was published here. Do a search under “Neil Turner Roger Hedgecock” in the box in the upper right corner of the site, and it should come up.

      1. Bob1943, I too have heard Hedgecock dismiss the eligibility issue, but I vaguely recall that he was referring to law suits; he felt it was a waste of time.

        The comment I heard was made in the first hour of either Monday or Tuesday, Aug 16 or 17. Reading the framers, particularly the more concise writers, it is clear that few who comment on the issue of eligibility know what they are talking about. I’m willing to give Hedgecock the benefit of admitting that discussions with people, on either side, who haven’t taken the time to read the framers is pointless. Mrs. Rondeau has a wonderful interview with Mario Apuzzo, but I’ve spoken with a number of attorneys who simply didn’t know. I ribbed one about the shortcomings of Princeton and Yale Law. He said “Who reads the Constitution or historical case law? We look at citations until we find what we need to win for our clients.”

        I’m at least as concerned as anyone else, and believe that Beck, Levin, Hedgecock and a few smaller fry share that concern. I might convince myself that the electorate will fix this, since Clarence Thomas has told us what Hedgecock may have been telling us, the court will evade the issue, just as the military with a few exceptions, is evading, and the legislature, afraid of the electorate, is hiding. My kids are in or going to college. The Marxists aren’t afraid of soiling their nest. Look at Venezuela, and the former Cuban spy now Embassador to El Salvador. I don’t give my real name because it would cost me professionally, and thus cost my children and my wife. Should I expect Beck, Hedgecock, Levin, or Limbaugh to wade in when the majority of those doubting Obama’s eligibility don’t understand that there is nothing to doubt ? The Constitution says nothing about birth certificates. Does anyone doubt that the Arabist, former CIA Asst. Director Brennan, and White House Intelligence Director could order a flawless birth certificate any time it became useful? These are bright men. They know the truth. They also know that most of the public doesn’t understand something so subtle as the reasoning behind “born on the soil of citizen parents,” and could thus manipulate it, as they did the 14th Amendment.

        We need to teach others that our questions are rational, and help them understand the propaganda. We need the courage of conviction; in this case it is the conviction that we understand why John Jay suggested that Washington add clause 5 of Art. II Sect. I. Limbaugh is getting more bold, referring to Imam Obama. Since the left opened the Muslim door, and Islam cannot accept the liberties guaranteed by our Constitution, the path to eligibility questions has appeared. Jefferson, for example, is claimed by some state-run media figures, to have been a student of the Koran; Jefferson’s Koran was used to swear in the Congressman from Detroit. Jefferson had a Koran because Barbary Pirates were consuming as much as half of our gross domestic product, cutting off the heads of sailors and captains who wouldn’t convert to Islam, and sounding like Osama Bin Ladin. If twenty percent of the country thinks that Obama may be a Muslim, they are close to understanding the reason for jus sanguinis – requiring that a president’s parents be citizens (whether observant Muslims, sworn to accept Sharia as the only real justice should be citizens is another question).

  13. Glenn Beck does not grasp the eligibility issue at all and thinks that it is a bc/no-bc issue which is so far from the actual case he knows not whereof he speaks.

    More than that, I believe he’s a RINO in the mold of Rush Limbaugh and merely plays the “one party against the other” game as does Limbaugh. They have both been bought off by either actual money or threats or both. They certainly keep their lips zipped in the face of a mountain of evidence saying not only that Barry is in the tank for Islam, but that he’s not eligible under our laws.

    1. I believe that Glen is very familar with the constitution. This is a very intelligent man and what he has accomplished over the past two years is nothing less than incredible. He is different from Rush and gets more criticism because he is so strong on exposing corruption. I have to believe that his ability to report is severely threatened if he exposes this issue. He may feel that in order to expose the agenda he’ll ignore the eligibility issue to stay on the air. The way he speaks to “birthers” is a direct effort to keep them energized.

      1. Plain Jane,

        Quote, with reference to Glenn Beck:

        “The way he speaks to “birthers” is a direct effort to keep them energized.”

        I think I missed this from Glenn, unless you mean his occasional name calling and put-downs of the “birthers”. I admit I get re-energized when anyone does that…..they make me more determined not to give up.

        That’s not the kind of help I would expect from Glenn Beck on the eligibility issue….I do agree he is constrained in what he can say, and no doubt there is an element of fear of saying the wrong thing, (or virtually anything), about the eligibility issue. It is the only issue with the potential to stop the progressive movement in it’s tracks, undo the damage already done, and put a lot of our favorite lefties in jail.

      2. If Beck was threatened or otherwise ordered to leave the eligibility topic alone, then that’s fair enough. A man’s got to do whatever he’s got to do to protect and support his family. And this is what I’d believe happened with him if he’d just remained silent on the topic.

        Instead, he lumped “birthers” in with “truthers,” called us “loons” and other insulting names for “crazy,” marginalized us (“only less than 5% at each extreme of the political spectrum”), and, worst of all, said we are like the Austin man who flew his airplane into an office building whose residents include the IRS.

        In short, Beck gave us the ol’ Slapinsky, which is used to shut down, not to energize. He was attempting to silence us just like everyone else who’s made it a point to insult “birthers.” The only thing he accomplished was losing listeners, even long-time Beck listeners like me.

    2. Beck, like everyone in the media, except for Michael Savage, has yet to utter a word about the fact of Obama’s non-US citizen father, and how that makes Obama not a natural born citizen even if he was born in Hawaii.

      The legitimate question of Constitutional law, which has nothing to do with the birth certificate or where Obama was born, that Beck could ask from a neutral standpoint is this one:

      How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the USA be governed by the laws of Great Britain?

      Beck says that we should question with boldness, even the existence of God, yet he is not bold enough to ask this question.

      1. “Beck says that we should question with boldness, even the existence of God, yet he is not bold enough to ask this question.”

        Worse, he Slapinskied those who dared “question with boldness” Oilbama’s ineligibility. So, not only is he a hypocrite for not taking his own advice, he’s a double hypocrite for attempting to silence those of us who have and still do.

  14. By November it will be safe to say our entire government conspired to hide Obamas status. They undoubtedly convinced through different approaches yet the outcome is all the same, treason. The reluctance of any individual among them to confess is obviously fear of reprisal by the remainder who have made clear the penalty they will suffer should they not hang together places them in a position to defend themselves with every power they can collectively assert. There ought to be no question that stakes that high would include murder, bribery and threats on a scale only rich powerful people can really carry out. The only security a defector would have is a public fully committed to protecting its liberty and prepared to intervene with extreme prejudice. GB is preparing the public by uniting them and educating them in the danger they really face and it isn’t Obama alone but the whole stinking rotten bunch of thugs who’ve finally decided they have the power to do what they obviously have, dictate to us regardless of what we may hold out to be the law.

  15. Perhaps it’s fear, at least in part, that is preventing Beck and the others that one would reasonably expect to be all over the eligibility issue silent.

    Lou Dobbs was fired, and according to Lou, at least one gunshot fired into his house, after he mentioned Obama’s birth certificate, or lack thereof, along with illegal immigration, one too many times while at CNN.

    There was also a private investigator whose name was Doug Hagmann, who said over a year ago that he was in possession of a signed affidavit from a “nationally known talk show host” claiming that he was threatened with loss of his job, or worse, if he talked about Obama’a eligibility on air. Mr. Hagmann said at that time more information would be coming later but that he did not yet have permission to reveal the name of the talk show host. To my knowledge Hagmann never mentioned this again.

    The interview with Hagmann was on Canadian Free Press and on Hagmann’s own website…….but for whatever reason he did not follow through with any additional information. I did notice a link on google trying to discredit Mr. Hagmann. Perhaps that is indication he was getting close to his target?

    I don’t know about its validity, but this article about the threats to the talk show host is interesting, take a few moments to read it:


  16. I think Glenn should do a show about our first Chief Justice, John Jay. Glenn could show a copy of the letter sent by John Jay to President Washington, WARNING of the need to require the president only be a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”. Born to American Citizen ParentS.

    The passport picture put out by Obama is just to confuse Americans about the meaning of “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”. Instead of sending our congressman a letter from us, we should send them a copy of John Jay’s letter to Washington.

  17. The grand master Mockingbird operative Glenn Beck is nothing more than a fake revolutionary who has supported and is pushing policies that are diametrically opposed to those embraced by true constitutionalists.

    Beck and Fox News have hijacked the patriot movement and are leading conservatives and libertarians down a meaningless partisan rabbit hole in a clear attempt to neutralize genuine opposition to the big government agenda of the Obama administration.

    Glenn Beck is a fake revolutionary whose job it is to lead conservatives and libertarians away from uniting behind the real issues, while absorbing the successes of the patriot movement and in turn discrediting it by way of his clownish antics and easily derided mannerisms. He is part of a wider approach on behalf of Fox News to become a beacon for freedom movement and then act as a steam valve for its issues, deluding people into thinking their interests are being represented when in reality they are merely being sucked up and spewed out as something entirely misrepresentative.

    Beck keeps people locked in the left-right paradigm and ensures that instead of coming to the realization that the whole system is rigged, they will merely vote in another puppet for the new world order in 2012.

  18. Go to this web address and you can add your 2 cents worth.


    There are currently 692 comments, and the “birthers” seem to outnumber the “gullibles” by a lot. The discussion is about the WH releasing a picture of an Obama passport showing he was born in Hawaii. They blurred out the date it was gotten and the passport number, (or maybe it’s the expiration date).

    Go there and read some of the comments, and leave one of your own. It’s acually fun and the number of “gullibles” actually seems to be shrinking.

    Also, a lot of people start there comments by saying, “I am not a birther”, and then making a comment that agrees with the birthers. This indicates how effective the use of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has been on some people.

    1. “Also, a lot of people start there comments by saying, “I am not a birther”, and then making a comment that agrees with the birthers. This indicates how effective the use of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has been on some people.”

      I like to show how the ol’ Slapinsky has no effect on me by saying, “I’m a birther and proud of it.”

      Last week, a Libertarian who, for reasons only s/he knows about, that I was Libertarian, too, responded by telling me that I should leave that non-issue alone and be quiet about it because I was only making Libertarians look bad. My response to that was, “Tough cookies*.”

      I will not be shamed into silence. The shame should belong to those who attempt to silence me on this topic.

      *I used a four letter word instead of “cookies.” I’m sure you know the word.

  19. Yeah, Beck’s position, or lack there of, has turned me off to him as well. The thing I want to know is this; the guy’s on the radio for three hours a day and I have never heard one caller ever get thru to ask him about Obama’s eligibility. Beck even had a special TV show one Friday titled, “Ask Glenn anything”, and guess what? Not one person in the audience ever inquired, and you think that his audience was as like-minded as we are and interested in his answer! Somebody higher up in the network has had to have laid down a law, or code of silence and the call screeners are simply not allowing any of the eligibilty questions on-air.

    With that said, I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my brother veteran CDR LaRocque, locked and loaded!

    For God and Country

  20. I’ve written more letters such as this to the sellout Glenn Beck than I can count. Same goes for O’Reilly, Hannity and Van Sustrend. All with the same result… they get ignored. You’re spinning your wheels. All of these Fox News people are doing just what their Saudi masters are telling them to do.
    I tuned the losers out eight months ago. Beck is an unprincipled hypocrite and so are his Fox cohorts.

    1. I’ve written a lot of letters to Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Rush, Fox News, etc., on Obama’s ineligibility, and I have also never gotten a reply. Rush has come closer to saying on air that there is a problem than the others, but the call screeners of all of them will not let anyone through who wants to discuss Obama’s ineligibility.

      In my recent letters I have asked them to look up “Misprision of Treason”.

  21. Unfortunately, depite his talents and rhetoric Glen Beck is a RINO and an opportunist whose chief objective is limelight and lining his pockets, and not a conservative who wants to push this country out from this mess.
    Just a few day ago O’Reilly challenged him regarding the anti-prop-8 trial, and Beck weaseled out from that in a pathetic manner –

  22. Well done article. I also have been very active in soliciting FOX news mouth pieces to act on facts sent to them. To no avail. I have absolutely no TV at this time. It is wonderful. At first it was merely an economic decision to cut out things we can no longer afford. Then as weeks went by we found huge chunks of time to better utilize the wasted time of FOX talking points. Opinions are blasted everywhere. Blogs, bleeps, tweets, comments, etc. I, like many, want real facts. The bigger questions of who are the installers and handlers of barry soetero? Why did he get the nod to occupy the Oval office with little experience of anything except lying his way through life (maybe that is the qualification now to be POTUS). We are spending much energy and resources (and rightly so) exposing this empty teleprompter reading fake. However, what are the bigger reasons he was installed? By whom? Did you notice the FED audit 1207 never made it to the Dodd-Frank final bill? I do have solid info of his corrupt financial dealings hindering SEC settlement funds from lawsuits. International central banker blockages to funds that G7 agreed to refund the USD$ value. He personally blocked it. That reporter is dead as of July 14th. The only attorney still engaged with this CMKX vs. SEC battle is out of California. The global elites and their governments (you thought America was freedom) have defrauded the US Republic since 1913 with the FED and Social Security. There are people still today that think the FED is a governmental agency! The government works for the FED not the other way around. Why do you think Ron Paul is always blacked balled? Barry soetero is only the stooge for the office to execute the demise of the country. He didn’t mind selling out himself. Why? His self worth was so diminished by the time he got to Chicago he agreed to play the role. Look, his personality disorder is similar to the famous serial killers that regardless of crimes committed notoriety, was paramount to significance. Like the trainers he studied, Cloward, Piven, Alinsky, the repetitive message is “the ends justifies the means”. So, for barry he will be famous even in light of crimes committed by him and his complicit staff. His name will be synonymous with treason, traitor, Judas, Madoff, Nixon. Yep, Barry the bummer, head faker, chief scammer, liar-in-chief all will link to his remembrance for decades to come. More and more info is being compiled as to the ties of barry/geithner/dunham/cia/offshore accounts/foreign wars.
    Yeah, barry has been involved for a while. He is not a johnny come lately on the covert scene. That is why he can lie so convincingly looking right into the camera. He has experience with fraudulent operations and obfuscation. That’s why the transparency issue was so perplexing. People actually believed him. That’s why the health care being “deficit neutral” was so blatantly false. And so forth…

    Notice weekly, more and more appointees are bailing ship. Do you know why?

    1. See the concurrently running editorial here on the Post & Email,”There is no President Obama”:

  23. Until he proves differently and stands up for our country 100% honestly and unafraid, BECK IS A HYPOCRITE. Prove me wrong, Glenn Beck. Time is running out for you! Do you have a good attorney? MISPRISION OF TREASON charges can be a b****!

  24. Don’t expect to get a response from Glenn Beck ever! The problem with having this usurper in the White house is that it has created a “NICHE” market for get rich quick people! The conflict between democrats and republicans goes back decades. I started listening to this conflict by tuning in to talk radio going back to KGO radio in San Francisco back in the mid eighties. Listening and learning to talk radio and then later the TV pundits on Fox News (Hannity, O’Reilly) was all fine before Obama came along! Before Obama it was all Tit for Tat about the differences between to two parties. But things changed with Obama! Obama brought forth a revelation about the conservative political pundits, a sad one too! It’s all about them and their way to make money! It’s all about the money! Obama brought about an opportunity with himself being in violation of ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 of the U.S. Constitution! This was an opportunity for the conservative political pundits to rise up to the occasion and declare this Constitutional violation. Not a single one stood up! They’re still sitting down collecting their wages from all the books, concerts and stage shows that they promote! All the while America as a whole is suffering from this usurper and his Constitutional violation….the political pundits who are taking advantage of this dire situation are getting wealthy from all this, they care more about the money than they do America! Eventually when someday Obama is gone and the dust has settled, while our cost of living has gone up drastically those pundits will be laughing their way to the bank! All it takes is one utterance of Obama being in violation of ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 from one of these conservative political pundits and Obama will be gone! That’s all it takes…one mention on national TV that Obama because of his father was never qualified to even be a presidential candidate in the first place! And Obama will be gone! All it takes is one lawyer to actually file in a federal court a genuine petition for the redress of grievance that is followed through the appeals process and Obama will be gone! But there are no lawyers either with the Patriotic Courage to step forward and save America! It’s all about feigning to others a legitimate concern just so the money can keep on flowing into someone’s bank account! This is why I sometimes wonder whose worst… the people who have the ability to save America and don’t do it because by doing so will lessen their financial gains, or the known anti-America liberals of government who everyone knows wants to destroy America and are still trying to do it!

      1. They have not followed through though! They file the case and are then told they have “No Standing” (which is just nonsense) and then let the case die! Where are all the appeals? It is of my belief that when it comes to Constitutional issues every American Citizen “HAS STANDING”!

  25. CDR LaRocque,

    I, too, wrote an extensive letter to Mr. Beck months back near the first of this year questioning his motives. He is definitely pro-Constitution and pro-America but he fails to carry forth on his beliefs. I even went so far as to mock his use of the redphone to goad BO into a response to his accusations by sending Mr. Beck my phone number to respond to my questions about his motives and where he was going with his remarks. I like Mr. Beck have received no phone call to date. I am not really waiting because I believe he is a coward intent only in lining his pockets with what ill-gotten gain he can amass. Additionally, I have contacted my Senators only to be told that they believe BO is legitimate and cannot be removed. On another occasion I attended a tea party rally that was visited by my representative late last year. When I got a chance to ask a question, I asked him about his being a co-sponsor to a bill in congress that would require future presidential candidates to prove their eligibility before being allowed on the ballot. He stated he was not aware of this co-sponsorship but that he would look into the matter. Not being deterred by his brush off, I pressed the issue and read the bill to him and again asked for his position. He ducked and dodged like an old cow while trying to find another question to answer. I refused to yield the microphone and a truly amazing thing happened next, the crowd started yelling “answer the question”. The representative left the stage and the gathering to a chorus of boos. After the meet, many people came to me for more details about my question and wanted to know if there truly was such a bill. I told them what I knew about how a freshman congressman from Florida named Posey had presented the bill and been flogged by the progressives for his impudence.
    Commander, we are not alone in this fight to preserve our country and Constitution but we and millions more must step up to the fight to keep what is ours. I am ready for a fight as was our Founding Fathers. Lock and Load.

    1. Your story is a perfect example of what has been going on.

      On the face of it, there is no logical explanation for the complete failure of any member of Congress or any federal judge or any district attorney or any outlet of the mainstream media to take action to bring about a prompt resolution of the most serious and obvious violation of the Constitution in the history of this nation.

      When this matter is finally resolved, the explanation will be exposed, and it will not be pretty. There had to have been many people involved in this giant conspiracy (if that is what it is) in order for such a hoax to have been carried off. How could the files of two major universities be sealed tight with no leaks? How could so many records simply disappear, such as Obama’s kindergarten registration documents? How many senior officials in both political parties had to be committed to the cover-up, including the Republican governor of Hawaii Linda Lingle? And so on.

      The mystery deepens with every passing day, as the the likelihood of Obama’s foreign birth becomes more believable with every new indication that no Hawaiian birth certificate exists.Yet Obama continues to fight every effort to achieve disclosure of that simple document which he described in his book, and which would at least establish his U.S. citizenship.

      We do not know if this person in the White House is even a U.S. citizen. All we know is that his supporters and enablers “believe” that he is a U.S. citizen without a factual basis for so claiming (and will become quite agitated if this belief is challenged), while the doubters continue to ask for documentation which is never provided.

      I have attended two meetings in Rep Bilbray’s local office in the last year, along with two other concerned citizens. In the first meeting with District Director Guerin late last year, we were told that there was nothing Rep. Bilbray could do. We said that there were, in fact, three constructive actions which the Congressman could take which would represent a beginning to a resolution of this issue:

      1) He could sign on as a co-sponsor of HR 1503 to require proof of eligibility in all future elections;

      2) He could request a thoroughly researched and documented report on the meaning and intent of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution from the Congressional Research Service, and provide this document to his constituents on request. (This is the express function of that agency, but private attorneys Donofrio and Apuzzo had to do the job instead.)

      3) He could provide an oft-requested written statement of his position on the eligibility of the putative president.

      We were promised a response to these requests. No response was ever received.

      A second private meeting was held in person with Rep. Bilbray in May of this year. A considerable amount of newly uncovered information concerning Obama’s apparent lack of eligibility was presented to the congressman. Suffice it to say that we left that meeting with no clear idea where Rep. Bilbray stood on the issue of Obama’s eligibility. It wasn’t until Rep. Bilbray was interviewed on MSNBC that we, his own constituents, finally received a partial answer to our question.

      He seemed to be saying that even if Obama was not born in the United States, he is still a U.S. citizen; and Ms.Guerin’s response to my inquiry suggests that Rep. Bilbray believes that when Obama came to the U.S. his presumed “naturalization” (of which there is no evidence) transformed Obama into a “natural born citizen”!

      All I can say to this is “WOW”! Where do we get people like this? What law school did this guy go to?

      1. One must have two U.S. citizen parents and be born on U.S. soil in order to be President of the US. The V-P must also meet those requirements since he is in the position to take over should something happen to the president.

        The name Obama is conspicuously absent from Hawaii birth database and Hospitals there deny that he was born there:

      2. David,

        When you get a reply like this:

        Quote:”He seemed to be saying that even if Obama was not born in the United States, he is still a U.S. citizen; and Ms.Guerin’s response to my inquiry suggests that Rep. Bilbray believes that when Obama came to the U.S. his presumed “naturalization” (of which there is no evidence) transformed Obama into a “natural born citizen”!

        Try calling or writing them back and asking them to provide you with the information source they used to conclude what they told you. Perhaps it would also be a good time to mention “Misprision of Treason” to them. They need to begin thinking about how hiding or obfuscating the truth about Obama could possibly personally affect them.