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by Charles Girrens

What does the United Nations' "Agenda 21" mean for the sovereignty of the United States?

(Aug. 16, 2010) — As everyone should be aware, we as a country are facing a questionable future. I don’t care what your political persuasion is. It’s past time to stand up and defeat the corporatocracy that is literally killing us all.

I never thought I’d be a witness to the “Fall of the Republic.”  Look at the corruption, lies and arrogance that passed a National Health Care Bill. Make no mistake; it’s not about health care; it is about total control of every aspect of our lives.

It’s my contention that the decline of America started about 100 years ago. That’s when the Federal Reserve and its collection agency, the IRS, was created (1913).  It’s been downhill ever since.  We’ve been living under a de facto dictatorship since FDR.  Sure, there’s the dog and pony show elections for President, House of Representatives, and Senate…but regardless of which party wins, has anything ever gotten better?  Not in my lifetime, unless you’re an illegal alien or a freeloading welfare case, which we may all become if WE don’t take a stand.

The government always seems to find a reason to get more repressive every year, mostly under the guise of security. Do you feel more secure?  I don’t.  I feel like a noose is being tightened around my neck.  I’m sick of the treasonous, lying hypocrites, elected and unelected.  Most of all, and here’s the rub:  I’m sick of the apathy of the American people. We’ve got thousands of laid-off people in the Wichita area alone, yet no more than a few hundred attend the TEA Parties. That’s pathetic.

In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned us about the Military-Financial-Political-Industrial complex. The chickens have come home to roost.  It’s all in this Globalization, UN Agenda 21, NWO nonsense.  Oh, yeah. Don’t forget to thank the Republicrats for NAFTA if you’re out of a job.

My advice is break free of the mainstream media matrix. Alternative news sources such as  The Post & Email or  The Wichita Observer are a good place to start. The bottom line is if you believe in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, then get involved in saving our Republic. Don’t wait for your friends and neighbors. Each one of us has a vote.  Use it.  Join me this fall in the first steps in Restoring our Republic. Remember this:  if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

All the best!


Editor’s Note: Mr. Girrens is a USMC vet and editor of The Wichita Observer, an online newspaper.

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  1. If people understood that this nation has been under organized assault by Marxist socialists and communists since about 1890 they might just understand how a slow creeping progressive movement has infected the body politic. That the early pioneers of that movement planted the seeds of discontent among immigrant populations who had not yet assimilated and were still living in overcrowded enclaves is key to the fashion in which this ideology is given traction is important for several reasons. First, those people who’ve not assimilated had no strong allegiance to the principles which this nation was founded upon and thus saw the government as the cause of their situation. They were confused easily, obviously. The discontent people felt was rooted in their own failure to accept responsibility for their situation and seek to rise by embracing liberty not seeking to reduce it for a leg up.
    Woodrow Wilson was a socialist not a democrat as he is recorded as being. Even in 1913 the socialists were commanding newspapers and propagandizing for power. They even fought among themselves so fiercely at one point as to fracture their movement and lose some of their gains. Those rising in the ranks of the movement used ethnic differences among the enclaves to grow support. A devious thing indeed which is the purpose and method again under way. First it was the black race which was manipulated, kept in artificially sustained enclaves, agitated and milked for their vote and now it is going to be the Mexicans who are being set up. As Kagan pointed out in her thesis, the Italians made lousy socialists because their religious beliefs created strong family and community ties. We should hope that those same beliefs are just as strong among Mexicans because that will bring about the end of this chapter of greed, jealousy, lack of personal responsibility and assault on liberty the Marxist socialists thrive on. What will remain will only be those who have yet to fully embrace the principles required to sustain liberty, that which they saw from afar yet had not the opportunity to recognize and through experience come to cherish above all else.

    Do read that thesis. It is a look into history and although it is only a point of view it is a look a patriotic American must have to understand how this nation is viewed by its biggest threat.