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by Sharon Rondeau

Clayton County was established in 1858 and named after Augustin Smith Clayton, a member of the House of Representatives from 1832-1835

(Aug. 4, 2010) — An interview with Mr. Carl Swensson reveals a bombshell within his county Republican Party which could be replicated across the country with huge repercussions.

MRS. RONDEAU: You have quite an announcement to make today, Carl.  What were the events leading up to it?

MR. SWENSSON: I joined the CCGOP in January 2010 and was voted in as a precinct Captain in February. I attended the training sessions and started my duties within the week. After two months of wrangling with the chairwoman over getting lists of precinct residents to call, and after review of the by-laws which demand party loyalty in lieu of Constitutional loyalty, it became apparent that I would not be able to fulfill those requirements as per the GAGOP guidelines, so I resigned that position and instead worked on various committees to effect internal change which is what I’ve been doing and will continue to do until officially removed from those committees.

In addition, I will continue to speak out against the current leadership in DC and their collective acts of treason, support Walt Fitzpatrick as best I can in his endeavor to bring out, into the open, the very real Constitutional crisis manifest in the illegal POTUS by way of his proven ineligibility to hold that office because he is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution and confirmed by the Senate in April of 2008 when they voted on Resolution 511, bestowing “natural born” status on John McCain by virtue of  the citizenship status of both parents being U.S. citizens.

My work with the Georgia Citizens’ Grand Jury which I founded in March of 2009 has not ended since no one in the state of Georgia will respond to the presentments handed down by that jury other than the U.S. Attorneys who so graciously sent the Secret Service to visit me after having served them as well…

The way this started out, as for many of us, was the battle over eligibility, trying to figure out if the person in the White House is actually legally eligible to be there.  We all know that Article II, Section 1, clause 5 clearly states that the president must be a “natural born Citizen.”  Now there are plenty of people out there who will try to pervert the meaning of that by citing things within the 14th Amendment, where, by the way, the term “natural born” is not used.  “Native born” is.  However, we don’t care about “native born.”  We’re talking about a president who is not “natural born” by his own admission.  He’s already told us in his book that his father was Kenyan, a British subject, when he was born, giving him dual allegiance.

We also know without a doubt that Senate Resolution 511 back in April 2008 was passed in the Senate wherein they acknowledged John McCain as being “natural born,” and they did that based on the fact that both of his parents were U.S. citizens.  Then, of course, they went a step farther and claimed that the military base in Panama was American soil, and there are still some serious misgivings about that interpretation.

The more important aspect is that they clearly recognized in a unanimous vote, in which Obama participated, to bestow that “natural born” citizenship upon him, and all communications concerning this, as you have probably read time and time again, indicate that the people who were defining “natural born” at the time had a much clearer understanding of it when they stated that to be “natural born,” both parents have to be U.S. citizens.

Based on that alone, we put forth calls, meaning everybody that I know and knew who has been concerned with this.  The calls went out to our congressmen; they went out to senators.  I personally served my senators with the citizens’ grand jury presentments, and I clearly included there all of the salient points about Obama’s ineligibility; also included in that were criminal complaints, one from Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick.  Those complaints were added to those of four other military men who signed their own criminal complaints for treason and fraud.

We have not been able to get anything back from congressmen or senators, specifically on the Republican side.  I don’t expect the Democrats to have anything to do with this because it’s not in their best interest as they try to dismantle this country.  We know that they’re Marxists; we know that they’re anti-American, so you can expect little else from them.  But when it comes to Republicans, there’s a higher bar for them.  The bar is that they are going to uphold their oath.  It’s really quite simple. They take it, and it’s a contract with America, with their constituents, with the voters who put them in office. Yet we have witnessed time and again that these Republican senators, from Georgia, in particular, have sent me letters and emails concerning Obama’s eligibility, and both of them parroted the same thing that they’ve always said:  and that is, “Well, he’s shown his birth certificate, and we believe him to be “natural born,” so we’re dropping it.”

I firmly believe also that these letters are being generated by the interns within their offices and they never see them.  However, that does not take them off the hook.  It is coming from their offices, and they are responsible for the content of those letters.

So I focused in on one person in particular, and that was Johnny Isakson.  He’s coming up for re-election.  I would like to say that I’m a part of the Republican Party here in Clayton County, GA.  During a meeting on July 7, a motion was put forward to withdraw the support of the Clayton County GOP for Johnny Isakson because of his failure to vet and to stand up for us concerning the eligibility issue of Barack Obama.

MRS. RONDEAU: Has he ever made any statement on that?

MR. SWENSSON: He has never made any statement other than to say that he saw the Factcheck.org “birth certificate” and he’s satisfied that Obama is a natural born Citizen.  I’ve never gotten anything more than that from Mr. Isakson; neither have any of the people with whom I am associated, one of whom is a member of the Clayton County GOP.  (Ret) LTC Bob Holtzclaw is also very much aware of this and has been thwarted at every attempt at trying to get Senator Isaakson and Senator Chambliss, by the way, to come forward and find out if Obama actually is eligible.

So Bob came up with the motion to withdraw support for Isakson. Since we had no other candidate running for this Senate seat, we decided to shift our support over to the Libertarian candidate, Chuck Donovan.  The meeting went well; the motion was put forth, and it carried.  It was passed by a vote of 3-2 with several others abstaining at that point, not knowing which way to go on it.  That’s history, true and correct history.  But now enters the problem.

The first problem is that the Clayton County Committee Chairwoman, Della Ashley, decided that she wasn’t going to put down the true and correct Minutes because she didn’t know how to do it and not walk away with egg on her face.  She knows it’s going to look bad for the Republicans of this county because one of the things that we’re fighting right now is a little clause in the rules for Republicans here, and that is that we blindly support any and all Republican candidates.  We cannot support anybody other than a Republican candidate.

Now that’s all fine and well whenever you have people who are actually doing what their oath demands them to do, but when you don’t, and you have people voting in favor of things such as TARP, the Stimulus bill, and all of these other abominations, not the least of which is the Wall St. bailout and the takeover of part of the auto industry – these are not called for anywhere in the Constitution, and they know it.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did Isakson vote for those things?

MR. SWENSSON: He voted for TARP and he voted for the Stimulus.  Those are two big ones, and he was warned time and time again, “Do not, under any circumstances, do this.  Fight for us.  Fight to make sure that these things go the way they’re supposed to.”  If I have a business that is going belly-up, guess what?  It goes belly-up.  We don’t have anybody walking in here and saying, “Oh, well, I think we need to save you because you’re a friend of a friend of a friend.”  It does not work that way normally, although it does in Washington.  So we need to make a change; we cannot any longer allow this particular rule to force us to vote for somebody who is not going to uphold the oath of office.  That’s why this vote was taken, and that’s why it was extremely important.  Because of that rule, the chairwoman has had a real problem putting down the actual verbiage involved in this.  She wants to rewrite history and declare it null and void.

In the audio of the meeting, Bob and I express consternation over true and correct reporting of the Minutes, because this needs to be reported.  It needs to go to the Republicans, and they need a wake-up call that says, “OK, if you’re going to go so far as to take the oath of office, you had better be held responsible for it.”  And that’s it.  That’s it in a nutshell.  We’re tired of taking the easy way out, which is, “Well, I think I’m going to hold my nose and vote the wrong way here.”  No, no more.  That’s where we’re at.

Today I’m waiting for an updated Minutes.  I sent you a piece of that referencing what transpired on the 7th, and I sent you the audio of what transpired on the 29th.  At no time have we wavered; at no time have we said anything other than “We are going to hold him accountable by withdrawing support.”  It is there now; it will continue to be in play, and since our committee chair is apparently afraid of the powers that be, she doesn’t want this information to get out.

Well, it has to get out.  The message has to get out to Johnny Isakson.  Will it benefit Donovan?  Sure it will.  Will it cause problems for Isakson?  Sure it will.  Will the Democrats laugh at us?  Oh, absolutely.  But the thing is, we know what the Democrats are all about.  They are the enemy.  We do not expect that from our own, and we will never allow this to continue the way it has, unabated, year after year.  It’s got to go away.  We have to bring this to a head so that it sees the light of day.

The days of blind support for people who have knowingly subverted our constitution are over.  We will no longer do that, and we’re going to start with the Clayton County Republican Party and send this message to other Republican parties across our state.  We have contacts with others, and we’re going to see how many will follow suit.  But regardless of who follows suit, once the media hears about it, it’s going to be, “Katie, bar the doors.”

The Republican Party is probably going to be all a-twitter and they’ll probably end up throwing out those who voted for this motion.  But therein lies another story:  why would the Republican Party banish true constitutional conservatives in favor of treasonous traitors?

We’re talking about the thing that we’re fighting right now, which is elitism.  What better display of elitism is there than how they approach their rank and file?  We are just the cannon fodder for their war, whatever war it may be, and if you don’t toe the line exactly as they have put in their rules, then you are no longer able to voice your opinion.

MRS. RONDEAU: Is the chairwoman going to give you accurate Minutes or is she going to revise them?

MR. SWENSSON: She already has revised them.  Part of the July 7 resolution was to withdraw support for Johnny Isaakson on the basis of his failure to uphold his constitutional oath of office and that he continues to ignore the continuing constitutional crisis created by Obama illegally entering the White House.

So if he’s not willing to do the job that he was put up there to do, to protect and defend against enemies foreign, and most definitely, domestic, then he needs to go.  Nobody needs to be up there who is not able to meet the demand that the Constitution comes first.

MRS. RONDEAU: I believe many people across the country are saying this:  that every single member of the current Congress who did nothing about Obama’s eligibility needs to go.

MR. SWENSSON: That’s correct.  Patriots’ Heart Network, a few other people and I went to DC last year.  I printed off all of the presentments, all of the evidence, all of the supporting documentation and hand-delivered it to every member of Congress.  Not one bothered to respond except for Saxby Chambliss’s office.  While I was there, I got a call to come and talk.  He was in a meeting at that time, so I got his chief of staff.  I explained exactly what this was about and exactly what we expected Chambliss to do.  After that, we got nothing.  I have sent countless letters and emails to his offices, and I have warned him that his failure to act will result in the withdrawing of support and his absolute removal from office.

MRS. RONDEAU: It looks as if that’s happening now with the other senator from your state.

MR. SWENSSON: That is correct.  We are going to continue this fight, and we are going to bring it to the light of day where it hasn’t been before.  There are people I know at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who want this story in the  worst kind of way.  I have chosen to give it to you because of the patriotic nature of The Post & Email, and I’ve always appreciated the way you put out your documents.

MRS. RONDEAU: We appreciate that very much.

MR. SWENSSON: As you may know, I’m deeply involved in what’s going on with Cmdr. Fitzpatrick, who is fighting this battle because he and Lt. Col. Lakin have decided that they are going to stand up and stand proud.  They are going to put themselves in harm’s way by upholding their oaths that they took.  This is something that needs to see the light of day, because if they continue to strangle this message and to pervert what it actually is, which they are doing, then nobody will get the truth.

The truth is really quite simple:  the man who is in the White House  is there illegally.  Walt is fighting that fight, and I’m on his side.  Lakin is fighting the fight, and I’m on his side and the side of any other military person who has the intestinal fortitude to say, “I’m not taking this.  I want action taken.”  When they put their criminal complaints out there, they put their livelihoods and lives on the line.  If they can still be recalled, then they can most definitely be court-martialed.  So we have to support these people at every opportunity.

MRS. RONDEAU: How have you been supporting Fitzpatrick specifically?

MR. SWENSSON: Well, I was there on April 1 when he was arrested.  The video evidence is there that there was no commotion.  I’m really thrilled to hear that Attorney Stephen Pidgeon is going to be representing him.  I know you have been putting Walt’s story in the paper, and I put it on my website.

I’m pretty sure I’m not welcome in Madisonville right now, nor is James Bowman, who was with us, who videotaped the whole thing.  So I will be coordinating what I can from afar.  Atty. Pidgeon may have me come up to be a witness, although I don’t know how he wants to handle that yet.  Of course, I will be more than happy to do that.

Regarding Clayton County, the message is that we’re not going to stand for this any more.  The message has to resonate, and the only way it’s going to resonate is by getting it out into The Post & Email and newspapers across the country.  Once you get it out, we will be able to reference the article for the local newspapers around here to access and obtain the details.

MRS. RONDEAU: You had said that a mainstream media newspaper had wanted this story first?

MR. SWENSSON: Yes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think that’s because they want to see the Republican Party trashed?

MR. SWENSSON: Well, that’s always the case.  You give them anything bad concerning the Republicans and they will run with it.  But in this case, their motivation is that there are actually some people there on the staff who are supportive of Donovan because of the eligibility question.  Those are the people we need to support.  There are a few of them across the country, and they are running on that.  The first one who comes to mind is Gino DiSimone in Nevada.

MRS. RONDEAU: Yes, he’s running for governor.

MR. SWENSSON: He has also explained his plan of action regarding Obama if he is elected:  to have him removed or prove that he is eligible, one of the two.  We can ask for no more than that.  But we’ve been asking and it has been ignored, and that is why they are derelict in their duties.

MRS. RONDEAU: Does that mean that if the AJC had gotten the story first, they would have had to report on the questionable eligibility of Barack Obama?  Would they actually have printed that in their newspaper?

MR. SWENSSON: Now I know why I contacted you first.  A funny thing happens to a perfectly good article between the time the information reaches the desk of the person working on it to the time that it actually is printed in the paper.  All kinds of weird connotations such as “birthers,” “truthers,” and anything else they can say to lay waste to the messenger they’re not beyond doing.  So if I reference your article, I know that I get a fair shake there, and that way, they won’t be able to ignore the underlying reasons that this was put out there in the first place.  It was not so much a call for support of Donovan, although we did vote to support Donovan; it is more a call to remove Johnny Isakson because he no longer serves the people nor his oath of office.  He has been derelict in his duty to uphold the Constitution.  So that is the underlying message.  Mr. Isakson has been told to expect this if he continued to do what he’s been doing, which is voting for unconstitutional laws and refusing to address the eligibility issue for the people of his district.  It is our responsibility; it is our right to know that we have a legal president sitting up there instead of being told that we have no standing.

The audio of the July 29, 2010 meeting of the Clayton County Republican Party Committee is here.

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  1. Wish the Republicans in our state were as committed to Constitutionalists and upholding of the oath of office as Mr. Swensson and his group are. Arkansas Republicans are not at all happy with John Boozman, the incumbant representative who won the GOP primary for U.S. Senate against Blanche Lincoln. (Voted for TARP, No Child Left Behind, among other things). Rather than endorse the constitutionalist, former Green Beret Trevor Drown because he chose to run as an Independent, they’re doing exactly what Mr. Swensson referred to as “holding their noses” and voting for the lesser of two evils. Way to compromise your integrity and principles, is what I say.

    1. Yeah, Arkansas’ Boozman could be better, but in my opinion he is a HUGE improvement over Blanche Lincoln…..not even close. I even think he will pleasantly surprise you once elected to the Senate.

  2. This is how it should be. You are correct. The TEA parties are supporting traditional and incumbent RINOS in many instances and not asking them at the local meet and greets whether or not they support the Constitution and their Oath of Office and what they would do about Obama if elected. They all must go-there is no middle ground-the incumbents sold us out and we must demand Constitutional adherence from all newcomers. What is the big difference-pull the plug already-the RINOs are going to cooperate with the DEMS anyway and sell us out-need I mention Graham, McCain….(they are trying to rewrite immigration legislation to redefine “natural born citizen” so they can claim that they did nothing wrong. Watch out for this!

  3. Mr Swensson,
    if this was done in every county across this usurped nation of ours, the illegal POTUS would already be removed, and perhaps quickly enough, that he would have had no opportunity to commit treason, as he has done on numerous occasions.
    I applaud your effort and your stand on our Constitution! You empower many many patriots by speaking and standing for the truth.

    Mrs. Rondeau,
    Again Thank You! Your bringing these matters forward, along with much more, is a God-send to millions of frustrated Americans. I am always encouraged and charged to do all I can, after reading your insightful interviews. Many have been printed out and are found on the front counter of my small business, which in spite of the Obarry is still open!

    Godspeed to both of you and all American patriots!

  4. The crap that a Kenyan father and a US mother makes one natural born is just that, crap. These people that make that statement are dishonest at best and traitors at worst. They have all had plenty of time to educate themselves as to what is a natural born citizen so continuing on with a line of crap is not a mistake, it is treason. They intend to not uphold the law plain and simple. They won’t even go so far as to say lets get this to the supreme court to clear the air and that proves they are refusing to see justice done. Well, if that isn’t vigilantism I don’t know what might be. Just keep the list growing so we all know who is a worthless piece of trash on Nov. 2.

  5. I thought I read that Libertarian was equivalent to Socialism/progressives. Am I wrong? Hope Carl looks deeper into what that group is all about.

  6. The Tea Party also needs to follow Carl’s lead and withdraw support for any candidate that will not uphold their oath to the Constitution. They are supporting too many RINO’s and to date have yet to address the eligibility issue. We can’t pick and choose which laws to obey and which can be ignored. Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 should be the clarion call and the line in the sand which each and every conservative should rally behind and commit to not backing down.

    Godspeed Carl