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by Sharon Rondeau

Ernest Huber, congressional candidate from the Eighth District of Washington State, faces a primary on August 17. He enlisted in the service at age 17 and is a retired Navy Lt. Commander.

(Jul. 26, 2010) — This is The Post & Email’s second interview with Ernest Huber, candidate for U.S. Congress from the Eighth District of Washington state.  His primary is August 17, 2010.

The initial interview is here.

MRS. RONDEAU: I reviewed your website this morning, and I noticed that there is a lot of information there about communism.  Could you expound on that?

MR. HUBER: “Communism” is as good a term as any to put people in a basket who are opposing us.  I’m sure that there are variations of it; they call it “communitarianism,” “socialism,” “progressivism;”  there are all kinds of “-isms” that you can assign to the adversary, but I use that so that people can identify with an opposing force.   Most people know that we still have communist enemies, so to speak, in various communist countries.  That also is befitting of Obama’s past.  He was mentored by communists and pretty-much brought up by communists and certainly helped along the road by communists.  So that’s pretty much his history, and it’s valuable in predicting how a person is going to be.  That’s why I use that word.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think most people remember the McCarthy hearings and the threat of communism that was scoffed at by many at the time?

MR. HUBER: No, they don’t.  But I think they can understand, at least the people to whom I’m addressing it who are in their 50s and 60s, and there certainly is a residue from that which we can recall.  Communism is certainly a representation of a mindset of people who are atheists/humanists.  Marxism gave rise to communism.  Of course, Marxism is a bogus philosophy and really just a justification for a psychopathic wish fulfillment.  It greases the skids for all manner of perversions of human behaviors that we’ve seen throughout history.  Psychopaths have been with us from Day One under various pretenses and guises and -isms.  The psychopath is the person whom we should be fearing.  They’re all around us; most of them don’t get into political office; most of them commit crimes of the heart against their relatives.  But those who are really full-blown psychopaths, malignant narcissists, if you will, get a kick out of controlling people’s lives and having life and death at their fingertips.  We’ve seen this throughout history with Mao Tse-Tung, Stalin, Attila the Hun and Idi Amin, and the list goes on.  We can find it in Castro and even in Obama.  We can see precursors of his personality development just in his abandonment by his mother and by his being raised by folks who really didn’t have any moral anchor.  They were concerned with satisfying their own pleasures; kind-of reptilian, if you will.  These are dangerous people, and if they get into power, they actualize their power in the highest forms by killing people.  That’s what they do; they’re mass murderers.

MRS. RONDEAU: You had said that on your website.

MR. HUBER: Just like (Ted) Bundy or Mao Tse-Tung.  They don’t bat an eye at killing people; it gives them pleasure to kill.  It really has nothing to do with whether they comply with their doctrines or whether they’re good at self-criticism classes in China or any of that nonsense.  It’s what pleases the dictators, the psychopaths in power.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you consider Obama a psychopath?

MR. HUBER: Oh, absolutely.  No doubt about it.  I had a discussion with an Israeli psychiatrist about this matter last year, and he came to the same conclusion that I did independently, and that is validation enough for me.  I trust my own judgment, but when someone else validates it who’s professionally credentialed, that’s always a plus.

MRS. RONDEAU: What does that mean for the U.S. right now?

MR. HUBER: It means we’re in big trouble, unless we do something about it.  Obama and his gang are waging war against the United States.  They’re doing it very subtlely; Maj. Gen. Vallely will be able to identify with what I’m about to say because he is the master of civil affairs.  Obama and his gangsters are trying to impose a post-occupation civil affairs matrix on the United States.  They’re going in presuming that they’ve already conquered; they didn’t have to go to war, fight or kill or shoot anybody; they’re coming in as conquerors.  When Obama says he’s going to “fundamentally change” or alter the function and structure of the United States, he just means that he’s overthrowing the government.  That’s just a euphemism for it; it’s code to the rest of his followers that “OK, I’m here, and I’m in charge; stand by to loot and pillage.”

That’s what he’s doing, and I’m saying right now that no positive legislation or job creation is going to occur until these people are in jail for their war crimes.  That’s what they’re doing:  they’re committing war crimes, and we can send all the Harvard-educated business experts into Congress, and it won’t make a tinker’s-damn difference because we have a dictator up there, and he has to be removed, as well as the little roaches that accompanied him that are in sub-secretarial positions that don’t require any confirmation or public scrutiny.  These are the people who are doing the damage.  What we’ve seen with Obama is the tip of the iceberg.  I hate to tell that to everybody, but the rest of the stuff going on that we don’t know about is much worse.

MRS. RONDEAU: I know you mentioned this in the first interview we did, but how can we go about removing these people?  Is there something we can do now, before the November elections?

MR. HUBER: Oh, sure.  First of all, stop blogging.  Everyone reading this interview is probably going to say, “What do you mean?”  We have to get off the keyboards.  We have to hit the bricks; we have to talk to people.  We have to press the flesh; we have to plead our case, and we have to do it right now.  We have to do it yesterday.  Time is of the essence.  People are volunteering for me; we’re not doing it with money; we’re doing it with volunteer efforts.  We have to do it with volunteers, because I’m not a mercenary, and nobody is going to pay me to fight their battles.  I’ll lead, but by God, you better be there watching my back and standing beside me in this battle because we’re all in this one together.

So that means that the simple way to do this, and everybody can help, is to spend 30 minutes a day dialing the people in the phonebook in their district and urging them to vote for the most conservative, patriotic candidate on the ballot for the Congress.  Just keep doing this over and over.  Call everybody in the phone book:  businesses, Republicans, Democrats.  Just start with one call and do a column in the phone book a day.  Leave messages, write your own scripts so they’re from your heart, and leave your name.  That is very persuasive.  And when you leave a message, say, “Hey, I’m calling for the Johnson household, sorry I missed you; we have this candidate that we have to get into office if we’re going to save our Constitution and our freedoms; here’s his website address; be sure to vote for him in the primary, and my name is ‘John Doe,’ and nobody is paying me to do this; I’m doing this because it’s necessary to save us.  Thanks a lot.”  That will overcome any amount of money – the unlimited soft cash and the millions in hard cash that are floating around out there – any amount of their propaganda with their 527 ads or any of that stuff – that will overcome it.  But the people have to do that.  That’s just one thing.

If the Congress doesn’t dramatically change its complexion and significantly increase its courage, then the military is our next resort and recourse.  Now if the military won’t act, then we will have to act, “we the people.”  This may require the blood of thousands of patriots, but we’ve been told for how many years that that’s what nourishes the tree of liberty?

Nothing has changed.  We’re trying to be over-civilized here, and that’s killing us:  this pacifism that goes with over-civilization is just what the bad guys love, because they know they can push us around.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think that there are enough people who have the will to do it?

MR. HUBER: First of all, I want to say right off the top that the vast majority of federal and government employees are decent citizens; they’re good people.  They are; 95-99% of them are great folks.  They’re people who are good neighbors, good citizens; they’re reliable, and they don’t break the law or anything else.  We’re talking about the few bad apples in the barrel that are spoiling the whole thing, and those are the ones who are our enemies.  Obama and his gangsters are some of those bad apples.  They have to be selectively removed.  We don’t have to oppose “the government;” we just have to oppose the rogues within the government.

Now, once we start doing that, it makes our job a lot easier because we don’t go up against the entire massive structure of the whole government, which scares people and causes unnecessary bogeymen who aren’t even there.  These folks, the Obamunists, are experts at playing Wizard of Oz; they’re the masters of propaganda behind the curtain, and they give all the appearance of being a huge, invincible force, and really, they’re nothing but…well, I can’t say the words, but they’re nothing but scum.  They’re not very smart; they are just driven by various manias and they have no ethical constraint.

This is strange to most people because most people have ethical constraints; they’re virtuous, and when they run into people with psychopathic personality where anything goes, they’re unprepared for it.  This gets us back to scripture, wherein Christ calls us “sheep” for a good reason.  We are sheep; there’s no doubt about that.  We’re peaceful, good people, most of us, and we require shepherds.  That’s what the Congress is supposed to be:  shepherds.  You can’t send peacekeepers as shepherds, because they cannot make peace with the wolves or those who are out there trying to kill the flock.  You have to find them; you have to take them down.  This is what we’re supposed to be doing.  So you have to send the conservative warriors to Congress and none of these business-plan guys who are driven by profit.

MRS. RONDEAU: And maybe some ego mixed in.

MR. HUBER: Oh, absolutely, sure.  And a lot of the “conservative” Congress members are also psychopathic, except they’re riding the conservative horse.   We call them RINOs.  And of course, the Democrats’ equivalent to the RINO is the progressive, except they’re farther to the left than the RINOs.  Nonetheless, they’re susceptible to all the temptations that a psychopath would commit, and that’s what that’s about.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think if John McCain had won the presidency, we would be where we are today?


MRS. RONDEAU: I’ve heard some people say that there wasn’t a whole lot of difference between Obama and McCain.

MR. HUBER: I think there is.  I think McCain suffered a tremendous amount of post-traumatic stress and maybe other things while he was in captivity in Viet Nam.  But Obama is a hard-line Marxist.  McCain’s father was admiral of the fleet.  So this is totally apples and oranges.  The only people who say that there isn’t a lick of difference between the two are the people who want you to believe that there are no alternatives and that you should give up; that everybody is the same, so just sit back and do nothing.  So that’s just more propaganda.

MRS. RONDEAU: If everyone spent a half-hour or more a day on the phone or in the community, as you’ve suggested, can we last until November and until the new members of Congress are sworn in?

MR. HUBER: We’re talking about fact patterns here.  There are infinite variables that go into answering that question.  There’s no simple “yes” or “no” answer.  However, I can talk about probabilities, threat and assessment.  It’s an old-fashioned military strategy.  Based on who we’re working against, whom we’re fighting, who the enemy is and how long they’ve been in place and their viciousness and immorality, I would say that regardless of whether or not we have a chance, we still have to fight.  We have to fight as though our lives depended on it, because they do, and I say that on my YouTube video.  We can’t quit.  As Churchill said, and this is one of my favorite quotes:  “Never, never, never, never quit.  Never.”

So that should not change our tactics at all; it should merely intensify them.  I would anticipate some drastic measures the closer we get to victory, because that’s what these people do:  they have trip-wires set out there, and they will take advantage of them and create crises to deflect and divert our efforts and to water down our resistance and play with our minds.  And that’s what they’ve been doing.

So do we have enough time until the November elections?  We should plan for all contingencies.  We should plan for there not being enough time and for there being enough time.  So whatever individual plans you have for survival, by all means increase those capabilities, and whatever plans you have for political activities, presuming the status quo, proceed; full speed ahead.

MRS. RONDEAU: But be prepared for just about anything…

MR. HUBER: Absolutely.

MRS. RONDEAU: Regarding your campaign, you mentioned the first time we spoke that you’re getting 80% approval.  That’s terrific.  Do you have a large number of volunteers or are you doing most of the work yourself?

MR. HUBER: I have volunteers and I’m doing a lot of the work myself.   I’m doing a lot of the standard campaign stuff.  I have about a quarter of a million people who will be voting, and I have to get in the top two votes in the primary.  There will probably be about a 30-40% turnout, so we’re looking at maybe 100,000 people who will be voting.  So I have to get 50,000.  That’s do-able, and I’m getting tremendous amounts of hits on my website and on Facebook, emails, phone calls and interviews.  It’s all good.

One of the things I have little control over is election fraud in King County, which has always been a problem.  So I’m urging the people to get in there and count the votes the best they can to make sure that fraud doesn’t occur.    That’s one of the things that some people are predicting is going to happen nation-wide:  massive voter fraud.  The best way to handle that is to be on top of it:  get away from your keyboard, get out of your house.  Another way to solve this problem quickly and to do damage control right away (and this is something I’ve been working on for years) is to go to your pastors or priests.  Tell them, “Look, you have to mobilize the people to get out and vote, because our church is at risk here.  Our parish, our congregation is in mortal danger from these people who are using the Islamic religion against Western civilization.”

Now I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim; he’s a Muslim of convenience because certainly, he’s never acted like a Muslim.  It’s a front, another convenient “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of thing.  He’s a hardcore atheist.  I have no doubt about that.  But he’s using the Muslims, just as the KGB used the Muslims back in the ’70s when Andropov was the premier in the Soviet Union.  He infiltrated the KGB into the Islamic nations to radicalize Islam, to turn them against the West.  We’re seeing the fruit of that labor today.

MRS. RONDEAU: I just published an article on how Muslim-only enclaves are developing in the United States funded by a combination of government (taxpayer) money and private funding from wealthy individuals which will separate Muslims even more from mainstream American society.

MR. HUBER: Sure, it’s balkanizing them.  That’s the whole purpose of “diversity.”  Once you get “diversity,” you have balkanization, and then you have chaos, and then you have the need for a dictatorship.  This is common-sense stuff.  A lot of people don’t think about it because they’re too busy just doing the “nine to five,” earning a living, and that’s fine.  But once you get into politics, all these blinders are stripped off of you very quickly and you see the forest and the trees.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think anyone currently in Congress is aware of the balkanization which you mentioned is going on?

MR. HUBER: I think several are aware.  I’ll mention one:  Michele Bachmann.  I think she called it clearly last year when she said that a bunch of gangsters are running the government.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why is it that none of them will step forward and ask Obama about his background to put the eligibility questions to rest?

MR. HUBER: Well, there are several reasons.  They’re corrupt; they’re immoral; they’re psychopaths like Obama; they’re afraid; they are bought off or blackmailed.  I’ve talked to a lot of DC staffers and congresspeople on the side and off the record, and they say that DC is just like Babylon of old.  There is so much debauchery and depravity,  and the bottom of the snake pit is worse than you can ever describe.

MRS. RONDEAU: So people there know how bad it is.

MR. HUBER: Yes, and they’ve been compromised.  I think most of them have been compromised.  The positions of power attract a certain mindset of people. The hardworking Joe and Jane Doe just go about their business and don’t bother anybody, but some of these other people that are in our midst want to play games and game the system, so they go back to DC thinking, “This is going to be the big game, and I’m going to have a bunch of fun and free stuff,” and they’re attracted to that.  Not all of them are like that, but a lot of them do it, and they get swept up in it.  They get all kinds of Myrmidons and court handlers up there and they have all kinds of problems because they become compromised.

But why do so many turn their backs or do nothing?  They should have turned their backs on Calderon when he was down there addressing the joint session.  All they had to do was stand up – one, just one.  I was talking to my wife about this the other night, and if I had been there, I would have stood up and thrown something at him.  That would have been the message.  They could have stood up and turned their back on him…something!!  Where was Boehner all this time?  Boehner is disgusting.  I think he’s disgusting, and when I get there, I’m going to try to get him removed, because he’s part of the problem, too.  He has sold us out, come out with too little, too late, just like Reichert, my opponent, sold us out.  Read my website; this guy has done a lot of bad things.  He has sold us out, and he has totally disqualified himself for office by his votes.  And I want people to understand that on the Washington Secretary of State’s website,  there’s an online Voters’ Guide.  Just go there and check out the Eighth Congressional District where I am, read the candidate profiles, and ask yourself why all the other candidates appear to be buffoons or knaves.  Why are these people even running for office?  They’re either very bad people or very stupid people; that’s the way they’re coming across.  It is what it is, and I’m sure that this is the way it is around the whole United States.

MRS. RONDEAU: You mentioned the rogues:  Obama and those who propelled him to power.  Are they guilty of treason?

MR. HUBER: Oh, absolutely.  I’m going to give you one example, and this will segue neatly into one of the issues I wanted to talk about, and that’s the Arizona border situation.  Obama and the Department of Justice, or Injustice, as the case may be, are asserting the Article I, Section 8 powers of Congress naturalization argument in this Arizona legislation.  They’re saying that it is a power reserved to Congress.  Naturalization is a power reserved to Congress, and arguendo, the power of immigration.  Anyone in his right mind who has seen photos and movies on YouTube and all the massive amount of evidence – Joe Arpaio, and all this stuff – knows that the issue is not one of immigration or naturalization; it’s one of invasion.

Now, we go down to Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.  This is the germane and truly applicable law which demands and expects the federal government to defend the state against invasion.  And that’s black and white.  The Obamunists are trying to misframe the issue to one of immigration, but it’s not immigration; it’s invasion.  And since it’s invasion and they are giving aid and comfort to the cause and personages of the invaders, they are, prima facie, guilty of treason under 18 U.S. Code, Section 2381.  Just read it; put it in your search engine; that’s the law.  I didn’t write it; it’s been on the books and has not been repealed, and it has been prosecuted.  It says, “Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason.”  Now this is a heavy-duty crime, and the punishment is death or 20 years.  This is what they’re doing; they are by nature keeping the Arizonans from defending themselves against the invasion that the federal system itself should be defending them against.  They are, in effect, giving aid and comfort to the enemies, and invaders are de facto enemies.  We know that.  Immigrants aren’t enemies.  They try to weasel out of it by misnaming it and misframing it as immigration when it’s really invasion.  So yes, there is treason.  Were I in Arizona and in law enforcement down there, and I’m talking to Arizona every day on this, the second one of those federal prosecutors stepped into court and advanced an argument that the law of Arizona was unconstitutional, I would arrest that federal prosecutor as an accomplice for his violation of 18 U.S.C., Section 2381.  And then we’d have a nice case before us that would get to the issues very fast; the case would be an issue, and we would really start talking about what’s happening down there.  And, coming out of that, would be Obama’s impeachment and/or arrest.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think there’s someone who might do that if the federal case against Arizona is heard?

MR. HUBER: I’m working on it.  This is just one issue, though.  Arizona is just one issue.  You have so many others.  First of all, Obama and his gangsters are engaged in “total war.”  You’ll have to research a little bit about what “total war” is.  “Total war” is a doctrine of warfare popularized most classically by the communist Chinese military, and they’re waging this against us.  It’s in their war-fighting doctrine, which means they’re attacking the United States short of nuclear warfare any way they can:  economically, politically, educationally, religiously, via entertainment and the media; any way that you can think about it, they are attacking us to undermine and bring down the United States as a constitutional republic.

This is precisely what Obama is doing; he’s attacking every pillar and archetype that he can in our nation; I don’t care if it’s Christianity when he says we’re not a Christian nation or the auto industry, the banking industry, or education, or trying to turn race against race.  Anything that is possible to undermine and cause conflict and chaos to justify a dictatorship he is doing.

This is way beyond treason here.  We’re talking about war.  We’re talking about total war.  Obama and his gangsters are waging war against the United States.  If there’s anything from this interview that I want to get out, it is that Obama, his gangsters, his regime, and his fellow travelers, handlers and lackeys are engaged in war against us and the United States, and they intend to destroy the United States.  That’s what their “fundamental change” means:  the destruction of the United States, and that is warfare.  These people are committing war crimes, and they have to immediately be taken into custody.  They do.

MRS. RONDEAU: Is there a way that an average citizen could advance a complaint of treason?

MR. HUBER: Well, once again, we’re in a situation of first impression.  This is new to us.  The closest we’ve come to this was with King George III back during the American Revolution.  But he was overseas; we don’t have a king in our country trying to destroy us.  So I’m saying, “Keep your options open and do what works.”  There are so many variables and so many different fact patterns that could change, and the dynamics are so interlaced.  It’s always moving, and it’s a four-dimensional problem, and people just have to take advantage when they can and where they can.  Have situational awareness, and courage, and faith in the Lord, and we will get through this.  But we won’t get through it sitting on our duffs.  We have to get up.  Everybody is in this battle together.  But yes, you can file a criminal complaint.  It doesn’t mean it will work, but it doesn’t mean it won’t work; do it.  Keep doing it and doing it, and if everybody does that…But learn from your mistakes.  There are a lot of foolish petitions and emails and phone calls going through that fall on dead ears.  So go around the problem and do what works.  Be pragmatic about it.

People sometimes say, “Ernest, why aren’t you taking donations?” and I say time and again, “You’re in this battle with me, and it would be just like if we were on a patrol in the military and you said, ‘Here, I’ll give you some money if you go on patrol for me.’  No, no, no, that is not what we really do; this is a different situation; I’m not a political entertainer; I’m not your mercenary; I’m not your hired gun.  We’re in this together; you’re going to stand behind me and watch my back, and we’re going to win this war.” Everybody is a rifleman in this conflict now.  This is not politics as usual; it’s not a spectator sport; this is battle.  And you’re either for us or against us.  It’s that simple.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why do you think Obama is going after Arizona?

MR. HUBER: Well, it’s not about votes; it’s not about getting the Mexican vote.  That has nothing to do with it.  It’s about destabilizing the Southwest, and it’s about overthrowing the government.  They’re using the Mexicans as their pawns.  It’s very obvious.  When they try to get amnesty, which means giving them all the money that they can, this could mean more balkanization, which will further break us up into districts that will never talk to each other.  We’re not E Pluribus Unum anymore.

Not all cultures are equal.  Ours is the best.  This is the best culture in the world.  We have to be proud to admit that.  If people come here and don’t assimilate, then they’re not part of it.  They have to assimilate or they’re not citizens.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think there are forces outside of the country which are directing Obama’s actions, or are his actions his own?

MR. HUBER: We have an Islamic World Order; we have a communist Chinese World Order; we have a New World Order; we have a lot of World Orders, and these are forces that are jockeying to control the earth.  Certainly, there are forces outside of the United States that hate our away of life.  They hate it irrationally, of course, because we’ve blessed them more than anything that they can imagine.  But for whatever reason, they’re our enemies.  So the short answer to your question is “yes.”  These alliances and allegiances are fairly temporary, and they’re of convenience for all parties, and they’re shifting.  I always avoid conspiracies because I don’t need to look at them to fight the battle.  I’d like to use a military analogy because we’re in a battle right now.  I’m concerned about the guy on the other side of the trench shooting at me.  I’m not concerned about the guy in the supply line who’s in the back of the rear lines or the generals in the echelon; I’m concerned about saving my life.  Once I get past that guy, then I’ll go to his sergeant, then I’ll go to his lieutenant, then I’ll go to his captain and work my way up the chain until I get to the command and control structure.  If I have the opportunity to neutralize the command and control structure to stop the soldier from shooting at me, I will do that, but most of my effort has to be spent with immediacy.  I have to stay out of the ivory tower; I can’t fight the battle in an ivory tower.

MRS. RONDEAU: Have you been following the case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin?

MR. HUBER: Yes, but it’s kind-of dropped into a black hole.  I don’t know what’s going on recently.

MRS. RONDEAU: I heard his court martial is expected in the fall.  I know you have a J.D.  Do you think he will be denied discovery?

MR. HUBER: Well, I’m not a practicing attorney, but there’s always a way.  If history is any indicator, they probably will deny it.

MRS. RONDEAU: What do you think would happen if they did prevent discovery?

MR. HUBER: A lot will depend upon the complexion of Congress.  Were it I, I would certainly most strongly talk to the Joint Chiefs about overriding any of this nonsense, and I would certainly become the colonel’s advocate.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why do you think the Joint Chiefs are acting as if they know nothing and will not pursue the issue of Obama’s eligibility?  For instance, Lt. Col. Driscoll issued a statement which said that it’s not the purview of the military to determine the president’s constitutional eligibility, but rather, of Congress.

MR. HUBER: Probably for the same reason that the federal judges don’t address it.  They’re all subject to political pressure, even in the military.  One of the things I have learned is that judges are political animals, and that’s how they usually get into office, through politics.  So they’re very sensitive to it; they pick up the phone and ask the other person how they should rule on an issue.  The convening authorities are political animals just as much as the federal judges are.

MRS. RONDEAU: We seem to have seen that with all of the lawsuits against Obama.

MR. HUBER: I think that begs the question of what we should be doing.  Once again, we need to do what’s fruitful, what works, what’s pragmatically sound.  Do we still want to go down this path?  We have other issues that are far more pressing.  We have the border issue, and as I indicated in our prior interview, Obama is like a hit-and-run driver without a license driving down the road.  We’re not concerned about his license; we’re concerned about stopping the deaths.  We have a fait accompli here.  Obama is in office.  He is exercising the powers, whether de facto or de jure or not.  He is de facto president.  He has the powers and authority of the president, so the only way we’re going to change that will be long and arduous.  In the meantime, he does immeasurable damage.  We have causes of action now that we can utilize that are at our disposal that we should be using and not be preoccupied with wild goose chases.  In my opinion, this is a wild goose chase.  His eligibility is kind-of moot at this point.

MRS. RONDEAU: Regarding the legislation that has been passed, such as the financial reform and health care bills, can they be undone if we change the Congress enough in November?

MR. HUBER: Sure.  That’s what I say in the first part of my website:  I’m going there to repeal those, to defund them, and to gridlock further legislation by whatever administrative procedures are available to me.  In order to do that, we have to change the complexion of Congress, and to the extent that it changes, that’s how successful we will be in reversing this legislation and passing good legislation.  But I’m telling people right now:  don’t fall for this little song and dance about job creation because it’s not going to happen when you have these people in office.  No amount of legislation that you write at this point, as long as you have the Obamunists in control, is going to work.  There’s not going to be any job creation; they want federal jobs because federal jobs destroy private sector jobs, and that destroys the economy, which increases their power.  So the only way we’re going to have job creation is to purge the system of the bad guys.  We can’t go back there with our business plans and three-piece Harvard suits…we can’t do that.  That’s for dumb people to do that; dumb people think that way.  We’re not dumb people.

MRS. RONDEAU: We have more Harvard-, Yale-, and Princeton-educated lawyers in the halls of Congress and government than regular citizens who will support and really defend the Constitution.

MR. HUBER: The guys from Harvard try to make inroads into my campaign about once a month.  They send feelers out, saying, “Hey, let’s get together; let’s talk about this stuff,” and I say, “I don’t want anything to do with you guys!”  They’re poison!  I’m not going to talk to them!

MRS. RONDEAU: What date is your primary?

MR. HUBER: It’s a mail-in, due date August 17.

MRS. RONDEAU: What will you do between now and then to garner as many votes as possible?

MR. HUBER: I’m going to get my face out in public as much as I can.  I’m talking to people personally on the phone and doing a lot of sign-waving.  A lot of volunteers are doing a lot of calling, and it’s a grassroots effort.

MRS. RONDEAU: A lot of candidates this year answer their own phone and email, which is quite a change!

MR. HUBER: Yes, I do.  I had an Iraqi veteran who sent me an email in which he said, “I was in Iraq and my regimental CO asked, ‘How many of you guys know the Constitution?’ and maybe a handful raised their hands.  So he said, ‘On your stand-down, I want you all to read the Constitution.”  So this guy said to me, “Wouldn’t it be a good idea if we could have a law requiring all the military to read the Constitution?”  I said, “Yes, not only would it be a good idea, but I will introduce that as legislation, not only while they’re on active duty, but before they take their oath of enlistment or commission.”  I said, “As a matter of fact, I will have you come and testify when I introduce this legislation.”  That’s just one recent example of hands-on, answering the phone, talking to people, and solving problems on the fly.  Just doing it.  No committee stuff, no getting together with the community and discussing issues…we need leaders now.  We don’t need bureaucrats; we don’t need board room members; we don’t need insulated millionaire elitists.  We don’t need any cowardly millionaires any more.  That will kill us.

MRS. RONDEAU: Regarding the Constitution, are you saying that most military members have never read it?

MR. HUBER: That’s right.  And most of the Congress has never read it, either.  And they don’t follow it even if they have read it.  But we will get them out of there.  We’re going to put them in jail or wherever they need to go.  It’s not politics; it’s counterinsurgency, and we have to win this one, or the lights go out.

MRS. RONDEAU: The U.S. has always been considered to be the last bastion of freedom.

MR. HUBER: It is, and every generation must fight to preserve it.  We’ve been slack.  But the opposition is pretty slick, and they’ve gotten slicker.  So we just have to keep up on it, and keep on them.  This battle won’t be over; we will always fight this battle.  After we get Obama out, it will still go on.  There will be more Obamas.  We just have to be vigilant.

MRS. RONDEAU: Our generation has not had to go to a conventional war as our parents did in World War II or Korea,  and we probably never thought we’d have to.

MR. HUBER: That’s right.  And they know that.  The bad guys use every little artifice and scam they can to wheedle themselves in.  They’re snakes; they slide in wherever there’s an opportunity, so we have to close those opportunities.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you have a closing statement, Mr. Huber?

MR. HUBER: Obama and his gangsters are waging war against the United States.  An amazing thing is starting to happen.  People are telling me that they want me to be their president, and when I hear that, it makes me want to cry.  I just want to go to Congress and fight those bastards back there and put them in jail so that we don’t lose it all:  Western civilization and Christendom, and so that our precious Constitutional Republic will not have been all in vain.  I have to get to Congress to do that.  And if my trip to Congress is one-way, so be it.

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  1. I appreciate the eligibility arguments. Obama is just a replaceable part in the bad boys’ game. He’s their mediocre figurehead. Repeatedly relying on the same legal arguments and expecting a different result indicates foolishness at best. Trying to prove a negative, i.e., that Obama is not eligible, is virtually impossible. The best case is that he can’t prove he is eligible, which no de facto President has ever been required to do. The courts will always avail themselves of the “political question” argument and properly refer the plaintiffs to the Legislative branch which, as currently constituted, will take absolutely no action. Assuming best case, and a court orders subpoena duces tecum; Obama refuses to produce under executive privilege, or says he lost the birth certificate, or provides affidavits supporting eligibility, then what? Impeachment? How long will that drag on? What damage will he and his gang do in the meantime? There are grounds right now to proceed against Obama, if we get control of Congress. May I presume everyone here is actively campaigning to make that happen?

    1. I have more confidence in We The People getting together and demanding to see proof of Obama’s eligibility than I do in Congress saving us from the coup in progress. It’s not that complicated…Obama is eligible or he isn’t. If the ball starts rolling and Obama starts scrambling for proof of his eligibility, the charade will quickly unravel.

      If nothing can be done about this blatant, obvious case of a usurper in the White House, then we have lost the Constitution, it has been rendered moot by the refusal of the majority of it’s citizens to demand that it remain the document our Republic is based on.

      There have been de facto presidents that we knew were not eligible before, and we let them get away with it? If so, does that mean we effectively changed the Constitution, without amending it, to make eligibility something that is no longer required?

      How do we know what would happen if just the Republicans in Congress would all, (or even most), loudly demand that Obama prove his eligibility NOW? They have done nothing so far except send out a few form letters telling us his COLB is on the Internet.
      We are witnessing a fear of the Obama regime that has created an “opposition party” that is afraid to oppose anything other than what the party in power allows them to oppose.

      At the very least a concerted effort by those in Congress who actually value their oath to defend America against all enemies, “both foreign and domestic” would force coverage of the eligibility issue by the main stream media, which includes Fox. That would expose details of the issue to millions who have only heard the “truth” from “journalist” on the journal-list.

      In view of the cowardice of those currently in Congress, how much confidence are we supposed to have that the next batch won’t also try to sweep the most important issue of today…and tomorrow, under the Congressional rug?

      Letting Obama, his enablers and his puppet-masters go quietly into the night is not OK.

      Of course I will vote and campaign for those, like you, that I hope will remain true to the Constitution, it’s what I have always done, but sometimes doing the same thing can result in different results.

    2. We don’t need to ask for his birth certificate or other documents. He fails the 2-prong test of Article II natural born Citizen (born on US soil to 2 US citizen parentS); therefore he is NOT eligible to be the president!
      If only Congress or the Supreme Court will clarify according to our founding fathers’ intent what nbc is, obama will be nobama in a minute! His ineligibility is the only silver bullet that will remove him.

      Just look at his very own resolution 511 where they resolved that McCain was born to 2 US citizen parents and therefore he is a nbc and elig to be president. How then can Obama, born to only 1 US citizen, be a nbc? Ask Obama this!

      You are right that we have wasted too much time giving him all the time to pile on the destruction – not because we pursue his inelig issue but because we don’t go after his inelig, instead we fight his heinous legislation one at a time to no avail!

  2. good american. eligiblility is the issue! this is an illegal govt. run by an illegal alien. everyday, that fraud and his communist govt. are in power, is another day that america squanders. we don’t have time for this! either the military remembers their oath’s or civil war will come soon. i believe that to be the deal.

  3. Many commentators hit it right on – remove the source (Obama) and stop it all! We fall right into his trap of avoiding the main issue (his constitutional eligibility) that they fear, the main issue that can bring them down, but waste precious time fighting his heinous policies/appointees one at a time to no avail!
    Here is a great opportunity to demand the removal of the usurper –

    9/6 thru 9/9 ‘Usurpathon’ at DC,

    organized by Dr. Kate. Nothing short of millions of people descending upon them for days will resolve this. They want war, we will give it to them, peacefully. For a few days, or however long it takes, we will leave the keyboard and be there physically to oust the usurper! Please check it out and spread the words far and wide to ensure a huge turn out:


    or come over to Resistnet to share ideas


    1. Thanks for the information.

      I don’t think this is true of Mr. Huber…but, in many cases the people who are saying “fight the issues” are actually doing so to try to protect the usurper from the only issue that can stop him cold, and even reverse the destruction that has already been done to our nation. Fox News and their talking heads are a good example. Keep your ratings high by making the people believe you are “fighting” the Obama regime, while completely avoiding, or worse, ridiculing and mocking, the one issue that could remove him and his enablers, czars and illegal appointees from office…NOW!!

      We don’t have time to fruitlessly pursue the issues, try to fight executive orders that we often don’t even know about, and watch our nation under siege and dying.

      We have an issue that can save us; we must get together and use it!!

  4. I agree with most of what Huber said, but when he said:
    ‘Obama is like a hit-and-run driver without a license driving down the road. We’re not concerned about his license; we’re concerned about stopping the deaths. ‘

    Hello! Stop him to demand his license. If you can’t produce it throw him in jail and we stop the deaths he causes!
    How else can we stop him driving around killing people? Just pick up the dead one at a time and let him keep barreling down the roads to kill more so we have more dead bodies to pick up?

  5. I applaud Mr. Huber. But the issue is and always will be Obama’s ineligibility-chasing the shotgun spray of what he is doing causes us to disperse our efforts-concentrate on disarming the shotgun and we won’t have to worry about the pellets.

  6. Sharon-I have a question re: this statement
    “And most of the Congress has never read it, either. And they don’t follow it even if they have read it.”
    In Illinois years ago you could not graduate high school without passing the Constitution test. We weren’t studying to be Constitutional lawyers, but when we were finished we did have a basic knowledge of the Constitution, where we learned to really appreciate its value, judging by the comments on most blogs similar to Post & Email I would assume most people had these same criteria in their educations. Hopefully those in Congress who do not support, protect and defend our Constitution will be voted out in November. Who needs them? and working against WE THE PEOPLE means they have gone way over the line-criminal in many cases.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: With progressives having taken over the education of our children, at least in the public schools, I am not sure they learn anything about the Constitution today. Those with children in public school should ascertain that they do, or withdraw them and either home-school or send them to private schools where our heritage and the Constitution are taught in their entirety.

  7. Well, I guess this comment page may be reduced of contribution following the advice by Mr. Huber, “to get off our keyboards”. The medium has changed to the affect masses via the web. and he states his full usage of Facebook, Twitter, emails, web presence, etc. Ummm?

    The diligence of emails to Senators or Congressmen on important issues may or may not affect the outcome. I use FAX, phone, and web/email methods to contact the representatives in my district. And yes, by ALL means the eligibility issue is paramount to all that concerns us. Once barry soetero’s fraud is exposed for ALL to see the executive orders, the signed bills, the proposed legislation will be NULL & VOID. A pretend POTUS is not our founding document’s legality. ONLY a natural born citizen can occupy the office of POTUS. So far, there is no proof barry soetero qualifies to fulfill those requirements. And yet, he is there usurping the position coming up on two years since elections.

  8. Thank Goodness for men like Ernest Huber. There are not many Americans left who have the moral courage to stand up for a noble cause. In this case, the noble cause is ignoring self and sacraficing for freedom.

    There is a war on America but unfortunately our Citizens think it is caused by the randomness of a market or uncontrollable circumstances. This war on America is deliberately orchastrated from generations of hatred towards our beloved country and by those in positions of power who sold us out long ago. God Help Us.

  9. Quote in reference to eligibility of Obama:

    “We have causes of action now that we can utilize that are at our disposal that we should be using and not be preoccupied with wild goose chases. In my opinion, this is a wild goose chase. His eligibility is kind-of moot at this point.”

    I disagree, the issue will never be moot IMO. The time being wasted is the time being devoted to trying to stop individual things, like Obamacare, business takeovers, bailouts, and who knows what else…and failing, when we can stop the entire charade.

    If half the energy was spent on Obama’s ineligibility, and massive fraud that got him him into his fake presidency, as is being spent on the “issues”, we would be watching Obama and his enablers head for jail today.

    We have not made anywhere near enough noise on the eligibility issue, and certainly not too much.

    1. Bob1943, both strategies make sense and I understand the logic of each.

      If Oilbama were ousted due to his ineligibility to serve, then the nightmare, or at least this part of the nightmare, stops, all legislation written during his regime nullified, etc. That’s what I’ve wanted to see happen.

      On the other hand, I think Huber is saying that Oilbama will not be ousted over the ineligibility, that the scum in the other two branches of govt who helped place and keep him in the Oval Office thus far will continue to protect him and keep him there. If past actions and behaviors are indicators of future actions and behaviors, he may be right about this.

      I’m not sure there are enough seats coming up this Nov in each house or enough candidates who can be counted on to pursue the eligibility issue to fill them for us to realistically believe it could happen after next Jan. Just as bad, I suspect the SCOTUS will drag out the Kerchner/Apuzzo case for as long as they need to, possibly until Oilbama’s only faux term ends. While we’re waiting for him to be ousted, his regime, aided by the legislative branch, continue to socialize (or communize) this country at their current breakneck pace.

      But still, I haven’t forgotten the time and effort we put into stopping Oilbama’s health scare bill and how that didn’t work out so well for us. Further, anything he wants to do that either Congress absolutely will not get on board with or that he doesn’t want to go through Congress because he doesn’t want the news coverage, he simply writes into law himself by way of executive order.

      I don’t know…

      1. Auntie,

        I respect Mr. Huber and I value his opinion and willingness to serve his country.

        Still, you aswered the question of what is MOST important very well with this:

        “But still, I haven’t forgotten the time and effort we put into stopping Oilbama’s health scare bill and how that didn’t work out so well for us. Further, anything he wants to do that either Congress absolutely will not get on board with or that he doesn’t want to go through Congress because he doesn’t want the news coverage, he simply writes into law himself by way of executive order.”

        The issue of Obama’s lack of eligibilty is the only issue the Marxist/Communist who have taken over our government fear, because only it has the ability to stop the takeover…..now.

        Even if we take over the House in November, the puppet has two more years of executive orders, radical appointees, more looney leftist Czars to appoint, and the desruction of America will continue, surely to the point of no return if we are not already there.

        I will continue to try in every way I know to expose the usurper and his enablers for the lying con-artist they are…..win or lose, for me that is the right path for the Constitution, for America, and for me.

        And yes, I will support and vote for people like Mr. Huber……….

      2. Yeah, Bob1943, it keeps coming back to removing the usurper, doesn’t it. It’s still a good thing to work on both the ineligibility and the unConstitutional legislation, and it’s okay that some people prefer focusing on one or the other while some of manage to shift focus back and forth. In the end, as with the health scare bill, it can’t be said that Oilbama and Congress weren’t aware that most Americans didn’t approve of the bill and didn’t want it signed into legislation.

    2. Bob1943 has made this point for me. Our framers probably intended the ordering of the articles of our Consititution. Every act initiated or approved by Obama lacks Constitutional authority since he is in violation of our Constitution’s second article. With the blitzkrieg of actions the resolution of Obama’s authority seems the most likely path to restoring the rule of law. Otherwise political activists and legislators will have decades of employment attempting to undo unconstitutional law.

      But if Mr. Huber were running in my district I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him. I don’t think he would oppose the activities of Cmdr Kerchner or Mario Apuzzo to demand equal protection and adherence to the words and meaning of the Constitution. He might prefer that Cmdr Kerchner and Apuzzo be fighting health care provisions in New Jersey, or the justice department in Arizona, or banking laws or effective nationalization of the auto industry. But, while every one of those acts is illegal, I would prefer that a smart and commited attorney aim at the larger target.

      I know that most claims about alternative energies are nonsense without the invalidation of the First Law of Thermodynamics. If there were a public understanding of this, explaining and reasserting the validity of the law would be more efficient than attempting to contest every little news item about the wonders of windmills, solar collectors, electric cars. Our chief executive is only empowered by our rule of law, and this one doesn’t even pretend to abide our natural law foundations.

      A congressional candidate from Oregon, Arthur Robinson, has asked if we shouldn’t pass an amendment to restrict congress to non-lawyers, since lawyers, who profit from discord, have a conflict of interest in making new law (Robinson is a chemist who headed the largest group of real scientists to sign petitiion questioning global warming). Huber is a lawyer, but at least, apart from his view on eligibility, whose views I share. He home schooled his children, and, enviably, produced (with help) ten of them. I also like that he worked in the intelligence community; that means he understands the risks (though Mr. Brennan shows dramatically that an intelligence background doesn’t mean you don’t chose to fight for the enemy).

      Another remarkable interview. Post & Email and Sharon Rondeau are replacing the old voices of the the left; WAPO, NYT, and sadly, even the WSJ are showing the corruption by the ‘ruling class” (from the excellent analysis by Anthony Codevilla in Am. Spectator).

  10. Is the ghost of John Wayne living inside Huber?

    I was sold on this:

    They should have turned their backs on Calderon when he was down there addressing the joint session…if I had been there, I would have stood up and thrown something at him. That would have been the message.

    Elect John Wayne! Uh, I mean, Elect Ernest Huber!