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by Sharon Rondeau

Los Zetas, a violent drug cartel, is committing murder close to the Mexico-Arizona border and possibly inside the U.S.

(Jul. 24, 2010) — The Examiner is reporting that the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas, has seized control of two ranches in Laredo, TX. The report states that “Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding and they would continue to coordinate with U.S. Border Patrol today.”

A second source shows a map of the area and cites local law enforcement as having confirmed the activity of Los Zetas, a violent Mexican drug cartel. The Tucson Citizen is reporting the same story as The Examiner.

A separate report states that Los Zetas has not seized, but rather, has “acquired” a ranch at which it is training “its members to ‘neutralize’ competitors in the United States.”  Another source states, “No, Texas Hasn’t Been Invaded.”

Los Zetas had reportedly threatened to kill a U.S. border patrol agent over Independence Day weekend and has been described as “the most ruthless gangsters in Mexico’s underworld.”

A CNN report from last year stated that the cartel was formed by deserters from the Mexican army during the 1990s.  The group is reportedly involved in kidnappings and assassinations on both sides of the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

On July 7, 2010, WorldNetDaily reported that 21 people were killed in Mexico near the Arizona border over Independence Day weekend.  An undated local television report which appears recent states that the Department of Justice has issued a bulletin warning the states of Arizona, Texas and California to “expect to encounter Los Zetas in the coming months.”

Arizona recently passed a law requiring law enforcement personnel to ascertain a person’s immigration status if they find reason to believe that the person is in the state illegally which is scheduled to take effect on Thursday, July 29.  The Obama regime has filed a lawsuit against Arizona over the new bill, stating that border enforcement is a federal responsibility.  Arizona Senators Kyl and McCain called the federal lawsuit “premature.”

Fox News has reported that the State Department has warned U.S. citizens in three Mexican border cities to stay indoors as gunfire has broken out between two armed drug cartels fighting over “turf.”

A report today regarding the alleged takeover of the two Texas ranches states:

…it became apparent to those investigating it that there is more to the story than people are being led to believe. None of the officials at either the Laredo Police Department, The Webb County Sheriff, or the Border Patrol in charge of that region are willing to go on the record and deny such events have happened. Instead offering statements such as “we cannot confirm NOR deny such events have taken place”, or “nothing to report at this time”.

Other reports say the initial reports were false.  Michelle Malkin is reporting that the ranches have not been seized, but that “gun battles” have taken place in the area of Laredo, TX.  However, the link from the AP report she cites is dead.

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has stated that the initial report is probably false.  However, another report from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, stated that the “sound of gunfire alarmed Texans on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande.”

Editor’s Note: A television station report dated July 27, 2010 states that a Justice Department memo has warned  that “The violence will spill over the Mexican border into the United States and law enforcement agencies in Texas, Arizona and Southern California can expect to encounter Los Zetas in the coming months.”

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  1. Leave those illegal alien invading thud scum ALONE!!!!!!!!

    Obama and MANY other politicians adore the invaders.

    Also, those invaders are a very useful tool for those engaged in class war against We, the People since the multi-MILLIONS of invaders are an excellent method of dividing the people– the age-old divide and conquer strategy.

    “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    I believe the USA ruling elites and their lackey, minion, lap-dog scum such as Obama and MANY other politicians (and much of corporate USA and wealthy/powerful special-interest groups) desire the ongoing invasion since it will assist in the lusted-for oligarchy as seen in many countries below our southern border.

    Defy the ruling class and their lackeys at your peril. View USA history.

    Anger or worry the masters and MANY penalties can befall you. Even murder as seen at Ruby Ridge when a mother with babe in arms, weaponless, was murdered by a “patriotic” lackey of the masters, loyal to pay and pension, an agent of the FBI, a well-paid highly-trained sniper who blew the brains out of a USA citizen… but she WAS a mere commoner so her death is not really important as is the death of an invader from the south.

  2. There’s been some buzz on the ‘Net that this is an Internet rumor. Wanting to know the truth, I did a little reasearch and I’ve discovered that it depends on who’s telling the story. Before P&E News is accused of rumormongering, I’d like to share these two reports with you.

    Officials know nothing of rumored Zeta standoff on Mines Road
    By Nick Georgiou http://www.lmtonline.com/articles/2010/07/25/front/news/doc4c4b6b53d2179200438464.txt
    There are comments posted to this article that confirm that nothing’s going on there and there are comments disputing that claim. I noticed the comments that confirm Georgiou’s report read like those of Obamatons: they’re short, they’re almost word-for-word identical to one another, and they’re often mean and nasty in tone. Many of them work in the word “racist,” as well.

    Mexican Cartels Invade Texas
    Texas National Movement
    Just as the lamestream media has an agenda (supporting The Won), the reporters for TNM have an agenda of Texas secession. However, the following is included in their report.

    Another independent news source, the Cypress Times based in Houston, said the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo had posted a warning to citizens on its website.

    “We have received credible reports of widespread violence occurring now between narcotics-trafficking organizations and the Mexican army in Nuevo Laredo,” the Consulate’s website indicated. “The consulate confirmed that fragmentation grenades were used in the attacks and that suspected drug-gang members had blocked several roads, adding that it advised ‘all U.S. citizens in Nuevo Laredo to remain indoors until the security situation improves.”

    Who to believe?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That is why The Post & Email’s report presented both sides of the story, as the facts still are not clear.

  3. perhaps a map of the Laredo area would be more helpful … it’s not too close to the area shown by the map of the beautiful country around Flagstaff.