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by Sharon Rondeau

Rev. Jeremiah Wright served in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Navy, receiving training as a corpsman, before earning his DM in 1990

(Jul. 24, 2010) — As progressives attempt to effect damage control over the Journolist scandal, a member of the Obama/Biden campaign has been found to have been a member of the online group which conspired to cover Obama’s failings and questionable associations as well as label those opposed to him “racists.”

Ironically, above the photo of Jared Bernstein, who was an Obama campaign adviser, is a rotating advertisement by Google which at times presents the question, “Where is Barack Obama’s real birth place?”  However, when the reader attempts to “vote” for either “USA” or “Abroad,” he is taken to a completely different poll regarding Obama’s intentions on Iran and is never given the opportunity to weigh in on the birthplace question.  Google has checked off the box next to “USA.”

Google is evidently aware of the controversy as to whether or not Obama is a “natural born Citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution to be president but does not expound on the matter.

Bernstein described his position on Journolist as a “surrogate,” which appears to have violated the first rule set forth by Journolist founder Ezra Klein.  Another report states that Peter Orszag, who recently departed the Obama regime, was also a member.

The Journolist organization has been described as a group of liberal journalists and others from the world of acadème who “appeared to veer towards collusion, from how to protect Barack Obama to how to tar conservative critics.”  It appears that their “counterstrategy” was to label opponents “racists” when there is actually evidence that Obama himself is a racist.  Eric Holder, faux attorney general under Obama, refused to prosecute the New Black Panther members who advocate “killing white babies.”

The object of the controversy, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has made anti-Semitic remarks, has been acquainted with Bill Moyers of PBS for many years, and was a guest at the Clinton White House in 1998.

A Los Angeles Times headline openly admits that Google “employees supported Obama and four Googlers served on his transition team.  Now the Internet giant hopes to win support for so-called network neutrality and expanding high-speed Internet access.”

Further, the article, dated January 24, 2009, begins with:

Another inauguration took place in Washington this week — Google Inc. officially became a political power player.

In October, Google was only hours from being sued by the Justice Department as a Web-search monopolist. Today, less than three years after it made its first Washington hire, the Internet giant is poised to capitalize on its backing of President Obama and pursue its agenda in the nation’s capital.

So that it could “gain greater access to China’s fast-growing market,” in 2006, Google had no problem filtering information in compliance with the Communist Chinese government, aka “the authorities.”

In October 2008, the Los Angeles Times refused to release video footage of a dinner held for Palestinian supporter Rashid al-Khalidi during which Obama allegedly had been “bashing Jews and Israel.”   One well-known blogger states that al-Khalidi was “best friends with Bill Ayers.”  In April 2008, The Los Angeles Times covered the al-Khalidi-Obama relationship here.  However, two short paragraphs from the article are a mild indication of where Obama actually stood:

And yet the warm embrace Obama gave to Khalidi, and words like those at the professor’s going-away party, have left some Palestinian American leaders believing that Obama is more receptive to their viewpoint than he is willing to say.

Their belief is not drawn from Obama’s speeches or campaign literature, but from comments that some say Obama made in private and from his association with the Palestinian American community in his hometown of Chicago, including his presence at events where anger at Israeli and U.S. Middle East policy was freely expressed.

Several Journolists advocated “government power” being utilized to “take down Fox News,” which is a clear violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Several journalists condemned George Stephanopoulos of ABC News for asking Obama during a debate, “Do you think Reverend Wright loves America as much as you do?”  According to The Daily Caller, journalists from Salon, The UK Guardian, The Politico, Time, and The Huffington Post all expressed outrage over “how Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.”

An alleged partial list of participants in Journolist is here.

Rev. Wright was Obama’s pastor at Trinity United Church for 20 years and gained notoriety during the 2008 presidential campaign by his anti-American rhetoric. However, The New York Times failed to report Wright’s incendiary remarks in a piece apparently intended to convince the reader of Obama’s Christian faith, while ABC News presented more balanced coverage.  even when he stated that his faith was “Muslim” to George Stephanopoulos in an interview shortly before the election.

Journalists have become so slipshod in their reporting that at times, their sentences make no sense and they are unable to spell.   Perhaps they are too eager to destroy anyone working to uncover Obama’s birthplace and other related information which could determine his eligibility to be president.  “Journalist” Martin Wisckol of The Orange County Register injected his contempt for Dr. Orly Taitz when he reported her alleged request to verify the signature of Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when he made the statement that “an editor” commented to him, “She should ask for his birth certificate while she’s at it.”

Mr. Wisckol obviously did not contact Taitz regarding her motion.  The Post & Email did, and Taitz told us that she not only questioned the signature of Justice Clarence Thomas but also appealed to Chief Justice John Roberts regarding the sanctions, something Taitz mentioned on her website but which the writer conveniently did not.  Wisckol also apparently used the word “approval” instead of “denial,” which Taitz told us appeared on the Supreme Court docket eventually.

Taitz stated that if necessary, she would appeal to each Supreme Court justice in turn, “all nine of them if I have to.”  Dr. Taitz also told us that last week, she had checked the Supreme Court website for a response from Associate Justice Clarence Thomas but found none as of Friday, July 16, but that on Saturday, she began to receive comments on her website that a denial had been posted, backdated to July 15.  Taitz told The Post & Email that she thought it strange that a decision from anyone on the Supreme Court would be posted on a Saturday and questioned whether or not Thomas had actually reviewed her appeal.

Wikipedia is arguably more objective about Orly Taitz than is so-called “journalist” Martin Wisckol.

Regarding her case against Damon Dunn, Republican candidate for California Secretary of State, Taitz told us that she filed an appeal with the California Supreme Court on July 14, and later that same day, the court’s Chief Justice resigned and her appeal was denied.  Because her filing was over 100 pages long, she doubted that the chief justice, who tendered his resignation the same day it was filed, would have had time to read it, yet a decision was still rendered.

Rather than find out the facts, the Orange County Register is too preoccupied with being sarcastic and producing stories such as “How to Predict an Earthquake with a Donut,” and “Five Things we’ll Miss the Most about Star Tours” while, Obama, Congress, the courts and government employees continue to dismantle our freedoms and way of life guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution by passing crippling banking restrictions with more government oversight and ability to interfere in private institutions, health care mandates and rationing, and government-funded abortion.

Breaking news today is that Anita MonCrief will file an FEC complaint against the Obama  campaign for “illicit coordination” with ACORN.  MonCrief is in possession of his campaign donor list and claims that The New York Times turned down publishing her story before the election, stating that it would be a “game-changer” for Obama if they did.  MonCrief claims that ACORN conducted and admitted to a “massive push” for Obama in 2008 instead of fulfilling its purported role of a “non-partisan” organization.

MonCrief’s website, which contains the donor lists, was launched on July 23, 2010.

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  1. I watched NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams tonight. He did a segment on the law that passed several years ago to make all buildings accessible to wheelchairs, etc. He ended the segment with the observation that this law “TRANSFORMED” our nation, it made things so much better, what a wonderful and needed change it was, etc. Immediately, my gut reaction was OMG this is subtle propaganda, this is how the media will push the sheeple to accept Obama’s agenda to transform our nation into his evil vision, they will push all kinds of examples of how transformation is a good thing so that the sheeple will accept whatever they want to do. AM I NUTS/PARANOID OR AM I RIGHT??? If I’m right, this may just be the beginning so be on the lookout for stuff like this…one more example of the media being complicit and owned by the illegal usurper and his masters, minions and thugs!

    1. No, you’re not nuts. You might be paranoid, but justifiably so. I know I’m paranoid and I don’t like it, either. But as they say, just because I’m paranoid, that doesn’t mean that no one’s following me.

      The socialists in the media are conditioning their audience, or trying to, anyway. I don’t think it’s going to work as well now as it used to because so many of us, like yourself, are on to them and so few trust them or what they say, anymore. We know more of their methods and tactics and we know what their end goal is. They confused our naivety for ignorance and our polite patience for stupidity. They were wrong.

  2. Could any consumer of the mainstream media not have figured this out? It has been obvious from the time of the Clinton debacle and escalated during the trashing of George W. Bush.

    Journalism is dead in our country. The DNC murdered it.

    These traitors who call themselves journalists are more like the deputies of Rev. Jim Jones Jones. Their job is to distribute the cyanide. But we’re the ones who first gave the kool-aid to our kids in the form of trillions in debt and now we’re drinking the kool-aid of unemployment, shrinking pensions, and a medical program intent on disposing of the elderly and chronically ill.

    These so-called journalists should be called propagandists, but they are really nothing but liars and traitors.

  3. The bias against Hillary Clinton and later Sarah Palin was so extreme….
    This was the first election I witnessed after moving here.
    The consequence for me was that we have no TV anymore (a lot of sport events You can watch online).

    Americans should just completely boycott the MSM. The numbers show they already do. Drive them out of business.

    Long live the alternative media :-)

    1. I think you’re right. The idea of patriotic Americans piling into DC, gridlocking the streets and making mobility through the city and especially into and out of Federal buildings impossible is starting to look like the best plan to get their attention and force them to realize we mean business. Short of violence, which none of us want to see, a Million Patriot March may be the only way.

      1. AuntieMadder, I’ll second that. If I may, let me jump in here and repeat my previous figure: 16 million. The 16 Million Patriot March on D.C. If an attempt is made to gridlock the streets and generally clog up the wheels of government, then it needs to be a serious attempt. A half-hearted attempt with ‘just’ a million Patriots is not going to be enough to do the job right. My figure, as I said earlier, is based on the same five percent of the population that fought the Revolutionary War.
        Just let me know when the rest of you are ready to go so I can get my car packed.

  4. The bottom line is that these so-called journalists are nothing of the kind. They seem to make no pretense whatsoever of being honest, or fair, or ethical, or objective. The disturbing thing is that it seems they saw nothing wrong at all with what they were doing. Nothing at all.

    From the opinions being expressed throughout the lamestream media, now that the story is finally being reported, they’ve decided upon variations of this spin,

    Ho hum. Who should be surprised?

    We/they were exercising their free speech rights.

    What’s the big deal? We’re/they’re human, after all.

    We/they were speaking privately; it wasn’t supposed to be made public.

    The last is the most ridiculous of all. So it’s okay to plot how to use your positions in the media to further your own political ends (instead of to do the job you were hired to do, probably as objectively as possible), so long as nobody learns about it? It’s only wrong if you’re caught? Otherwise, full speed ahead. What happens on journolist, stays on journolist?

    In their minds, apparently, the ends justified the means because as Spencer Ackerman, then of the Washington Independent, said: they didn’t like “being governed by RACISTS AND WARMONGERS AND CRIMINALS.”

    So it seems that they annointed just such a person to govern the US.

    How arrogant are they? They hide the TRUTH, fudge the TRUTH, obfuscate the TRUTH, outright LIE to the American people, to trick them into voting for the person they have decided should be POTUS.

    A fiction. Trick the people into voting for a fiction.

    Given that people associated with Obama’s campaign were on this list, no wonder Obama was so supremely confident during the campaign and since. He knew they were in the tank for him. We knew it, too, but couldn’t prove it until now.

  5. To Thomas: Do not roll over that easy. It only appears as if the liar-in-chief has invalidated our cherished document of freedoms and liberty as citizens of the Republic. It is not over until it is over. The spirit of our heritage is not one to allow this Marxist clown to do anything of permanent consequence. However, those elites tugging all his puppet strings to implement what fattens their wallets may be a different battle. Barry Soertero himself is a follower not a leader. The tell tale signs are written in his neon narcissism of self gratification. He denies himself nothing. The strongest indicator of his leadership is the weakness of self pleasure. That is, golf, white house parties, vacations like no other president and constant campaigning. The chief liar campaigning for incumbents actually hurts them. His purpose to appear before cameras as teleprompter reader of the year is to further his own importance using grandiloquent but vaporous words.

    Most folks now have him pegged as an empty suit. Those that continue drinking the political hallucinogenic (not seeing who he really is) kool aid
    are sipping the liberty killing poison at their own peril. Liberals at one time fought voraciously for citizen rights. Now they sell their soul to the “collective” without knowing the full extent of the context or content of their allegiance. Or, if they do understand it and pursue with diligence the course of obama-nation they then, have revealed such limited intellect for future outcomes of personal freedoms. They are to be most pitied.

    “We shall overcome”. And to that I say, with a vengeance. Everyday new information comes out revealing the corruption of barry’s chicago way in reference of doing things. Time will meet out the justice soon enough.

    1. In an article at The Daily Caller titled “Obama wins! And Journolisters rejoice,” which throroughly sickened and enraged me, there is a link to a post by Adam Serwer at American Project in which he waxes poetic about the “historical election” he helped cause. His article sickened and enraged me even more. So, I left this response to Serwer at American Prospect. It sums up my feelings about the JournOlisters for their part in this travesty they helped heap upon America and Americans.

      “So, you ****** the country over by using your position as journalist and reporter to distribute “non-official campaign” propaganda for the candidate of your choosing. What’s worse is your choice was based upon how you’d feel upon his election. Well, you got to live your “historical election.” You got to cry your tears of joy and declare yourself “not a racist.” Most satisfying, you got to watch the old black women and men cry tears of joy as you secretly felt like a benevolent god who gave that gift of joy to them through your undercover work on their new president’s “non-official campaign.”

      Now, almost two years later, how’s that change working out for you? What’s it like, reporting on “the most transparent administration ever,” the administration of the president you selected for the country? Does he keep his door open, phone ringer on, and himself available for you, as a reporter? Has he healed and united the nation as you and he promised he would? Has he “restored” and “repaired” America’s reputation and standing with the other nations of the world? Has he created the “green” jobs that would put the country to work and save the planet? Did he close GITMO? Bring home all the troops that were stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Has he demonstrated his superior response and sense of urgency in situations of catastrophe and tragedy?

      No, none of those promises were kept. But he makes you feel good.

      You and your co-conspirators (that’s what you are, you know, conspirators) sicken me. You deemed yourselves the wiser and therefore most capable of choosing not only for yourselves, but also more capable to choose for the other 300,000,000 of us than we are for ourselves. Over 200 years of freedom and choice, and then you came along. You will never be forgiven for the travesty you hoisted upon this nation, not by me, that I can promise you.

      You can be sure, however, that I’m not the only one who will hate you until the last breath leaves my body. ”

      Note: “Non-official campaign” is what the JournOlisters called themselves.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Nothing personal; just following Mr. Charlton’s rules.

  6. This explains how they managed to ignore any negative news about Obama, during the campaign and since his election.

    It explains how and why they blacked out stories, or didn’t “report” them until they worked out how to spin them to Obama’s benefit.

    This also explains how they independently, but simultaneously, wrote stories seemingly using the same outline and sometimes even the same words!

    How they executed that lightning-fast character assassination of Sarah Palin. How many journolisters were up there in Wasilla the day after McCain chose her, rummaging through her trash?

    These weren’t journalists. They were campaign aides. Obama should be made to declare their assistance as campaign donations. They were invaluable to him.

    In lockstep, the lamestream media continue to repeat lies, such as the Tea Partiers spit on black members of Congress and called them the n-word; Obama put his birth certificate on the Internet; FactCheck and Politifact are non-partisan, award-winning organizations; Breitbart is dishonest; Tucker Carlson took the journolist emails out of context.

    This is also where they decided en masse to call us “birthers” or that disgusting epithet “tea****ers. Now we know exactly how they accomplished putting Obama, the least vetted candidate in history, into the White House.

    We need to make our voices heard to their employers. Without power, they can’t abuse their power.

    1. A commenter at The Daily Caller said that these journOlists could be charged with campaign fraud because of Federal funds that support journalism or something like that. Someone more knowledgable than me about Federal funding would know and could explain it better. There could be other charges, too, made against both the individual journOlists and their employers but I don’t remember them all. I think some of them had to do with the FCC. Again, someone more knowledgeable than me would know which laws were broken by these propagandists as well as their employers.

  7. As America is Destroyed because the Constitution is no longer Valid , these people that helped place ” OBAMA ” into the Fake Role as ” President ” more than likely will have some role in the ” Socialist ” Empire that is in the making !! They make me Sick !!!

    1. I’m sure that’s what the JournOlists think, too. But from what I know about communism/socialism/Marxism, which, admittedly, isn’t a whole lot, the useful idiots who assisted with the takeover, optimistically thinking the new govt run system would bring about Utopia, are often the first ones to be “disappeared.” I think it’s because they know so much – too much, actually – and may be willing snitches when they figure out the Utopia promised them will never become a reality.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, and also because they are actually the weakest. Communists go after the weakest link first.

      1. And if the weakest links do not exist or are not weak enough, they make them so by manufacturing a crisis. A huge number of currently unemployed is a new weakest link in the making. The famous Lenin’s baseline principle is that the revolutionary situation is created when the lower classes cannot live as usual and the rulers (the capitalists in this case) cannot rule as usual. Then, the communist party comes in and takes over… and creates a proletarian paradise – just look what happened in the former USSR after the revolution until it finally disintegrated. Do we really need to repeat it all here?

        The problem is that our schools and universities have educated generations of marxists and progressives and they are now doing what they were programmed to do.

      2. Yes. The Communist will kill them first. They know if one will betray their own country they will certainly do the same to them.