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by Sharon Rondeau

The Jawala Scouts in Philadelphia

(Jul. 18, 2010) — A scouting program for boys and young men in which the enrollees dress in paramilitary uniforms is active in the state of Pennsylvania and based in Philadelphia.  According to its website, boys ages 7-17 may enroll, and the group’s motto is “The Qu’ran is Our guide and the Sunnah is Our Practice!”

The organization was founded and incorporated in 2005 in Philadelphia.

The program “is designed to teach, train and impart to Muslim Youth” the qualities of “courage,” “leadership,” and “survival,” among other things, “in both rural and urban settings.”  The list of activities offered begins with “Military Drilling.”

Universal Companies, owned by Ken Gamble, aka Luqman Abdul-Haqq, describes itself as “led and founded by a highly committed, dedicated and skilled core group of Muslims” with the purpose of redeveloping South Central Philadelphia.  It operates its own school, “Workforce Development Center,” medical center, market and Technology Center utilizing the “Islamic da’wah” model.  Universal has built a mosque, bookstore and “affordable” housing complex in the area.  The company works in tandem with the United Muslim Movement, whose home page depicts Jawala Scouts in paramilitary dress.

U.S. taxpayer dollars are helping to fund Gamble’s plan for a Muslim-only “enclave” in Philadelphia about which Gamble has said, ““We are not here for Universal, we are here for Islam.”

An article from the UMM website claims that Martin Luther King’s struggle for civil rights for “African-American people” would translate to the Palestinians if King were alive today.  Recognition of Black History Month in February 2008 included the statement, “Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States; the majority of the populations embracing Islam are African Americans.”

A May 1, 2010 event was entitled “Muslims in the Age of Obama.”

Along with Leon Huff, Gamble became a successful songwriter and music producer who formed his own production company in 1971, developing the genre of “soul” music, which eventually surpassed the Motown style in popularity.  He helped to produce the early albums of The Jacksons.

A video describes Universal Companies as “one of the more successful Muslim enterprises” and asks Gamble how he “came to Islam.”  During the interview, Gamble describes the Nation of Islam as “a tremendous brotherhood that promoted self-help” and a valuable entity needed by African-American communities.

Gamble claims that his projects include all religions, hence the name “Universal.”  His “Clean up the Ghetto” campaign, which had its beginnings in Philadelphia, is also operating in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

FrontPageMag has reported that Gamble is on the Board of Directors of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), whose goals are:

(1) to establish the strong presence of viable, healthy and dynamic Muslim communities, neighborhoods and institutions that meet the religious, social, economic and political needs of the Muslims in this land;

(2) to call humanity actively and systematically to the life-giving message of Islam with wisdom and beautiful teaching;

(3) advocate and work for just and righteous remedies to ills impacting North American society in general and Muslims in particular.

It has also been reported that MANA is one of many Islamic groups which support  “killing innocent men, women, and children whom they allege ‘oppress Islam.’”  One writer describes MANA as “a black supremacist Islamist organisation founded by cop killer Jamil Al Amin and Muslim Brotherhood adherent Imam Talib Abdur Rashid.”

A report of recent attacks on Caucasians by blacks in Philadelphia, Ohio, Missouri and Michigan can be found hereEditor’s Note: The word “censuring” is incorrectly used; the correct term is “censoring.”

Another report states that MANA was founded “in response to the arrest of cop killer H. Rap Brown” and that it “coordinates a vast network of mosques and Islamic organizations.”  Brown joined the Black Panthers in 1968, and, while in prison, converted to Islam.

The Black Panthers is the group which faux Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to prosecute for voter intimidation.  The leader of the group publicly denied that the New Black Panthers is violent, but its private meetings indicate otherwise.

MANA has stated that Obama’s approach “differs dramatically from his predecessor” in regard to the Muslim world, including:

Obama has managed to build his nuanced approach on a public persona bereft of stereotypes, whether they are racial, political, or religious. Skills learned on the campaign trail to manage his identity are shifting up a gear. He is careful not to overplay his hand. Conspiracy theories common in the Muslim world are crumbling. Even Al Qaeda seems somewhat spooked.

When Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan underwent surgery early in 2007, Gamble reportedly prayed for him along with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), “Col. Mu’ammar Gadhafi, leader of the Libyan Revolution and Commander of the World Islamic People’s Leadership,” and other Islamic leaders, including Dr. Ingrid Matteson, president of the Islam Society of North America (ISNA), who was “the first person to offer a prayer in the National Cathedral the day following… Obama’s Inauguration.”

A black imam has been called “the Saudi Obama” amidst evidence that blacks have been discriminated against by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia which prohibited them  from becoming Islamic leaders.  An imam from that country defended Islam against any claims of racism, saying, ““Our Islamic history has so many famous black people.  It is not like the West.”

Muslim-only communities are being planned in various parts of the United States as well as Islamic seminaries.  According to The New York Times, “Many American universities have Islamic studies departments, and a program at Hartford Seminary accredits Muslim chaplains.”

Somali communities where Arabic is taught and welfare programs are freely accessed have taken root in Lewiston, ME; southwest Kansas; Clarkston, GA; Jamestown, ND; and East San Diego, CA.

A 13-story, $100,000,000 mosque and community center are being planned several blocks away from New York City’s Ground Zero where approximately 2,700 people lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  A former Islamic terrorist believes that the purpose of the mosque is to  lay down the “general fundamentals” of an “Islamic democracy” rather than a multi-cultural education center to include “religious dialogue,” as the imam in charge of the project has claimed.

Daniel Pipes, an expert on the Middle East and Islam, likens “militant Islam” to “the danger within.”

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  2. These “Islam first” sorts of organizations no matter how well disguised are merely methods of trying to spread Sharia Law as widely as possible in the US to aid in political domination by Islamicists.

    All of the precepts of such efforts are seditious as are the contents and specifics of Sharia Law – which is totally in conflict with the laws we live under in the US. If these Islamic organizations and individuals wish to live under Sharia Law they should be required to do so elsewhere.

    Pretending that such precepts are part of a “religion” which is merely a pagan, barbaric “kill all that are not us” philosophy is showing that it merely is a political philosophy in the Islamic attempts at world domination.

    Sharia “law” should be completely illegal in this country and those who attempt to practice and promote it should be deported to a place where they can happily hate the rest of humanity.

    1. Islam is an ideology wrapped up in a religion. It’s using its religious aspect to spread Islamic ideology across America via protection of religious freedom by the Constitution. This will continue until we force our leaders and our justice system to see that Islam is an ideology first and foremost and that, because it is diametrically opposed to American freedoms and laws, it cannot exist in America.

  3. Today’s cute Jawala Scouts in paramilitary outfits are tomorrow’s “all in the name of Allah” suicide bombers walking in to our schools & malls. “Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States; the majority of the populations embracing Islam are African Americans” – Another sad display of a cult preying on the weak & desperate AND Blacks (always the victim) being their own worst enemy.

    1. That US prisons and jails are fruitful recruiting grounds for Islam may also help explain why the majority of converts are black. With the majority of criminals being sociopaths and Islam, the creation of a sociopath, being so attractive to sociopaths, prisoners and Islam are a match made in – well, not in heaven. Consider also that prison poulations are divided along race lines, each race being, more or less, a gang that hates the other races/gangs. The white prisoners join up with other whites and at least pretend to be white supremists if they don’t buy into that crap completely. White supremists won’t go for Islam because they’ve vested themselves too deeply in twisting Scripture to support their hateful beliefs. To many Latinos, Catholicism is part of their heritage, going back many generations, and so much a part of their identity that even those fall away from their faith so much that they break laws and eventually become convicts remain (thankfully) disinterested in conversion. Black convicts, however, are more open to Islam, with their enemies behind bars, the white supremists, having claimed Scripture as their own and using it to put them down. Add to that the typical convict’s perception that his incarceration is anyone’s fault but his own and the Islamic recruiter’s willingness to play upon that (mis)perception, and it’s plain to see why black convicts are drawn to Islam.