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by Harry Hunter

Archibald McNeal Willard painted the "Spirit of 76" for the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876

(Jul. 4, 2010) — On this July 4, 2010, my city-sponsored “Skyfire” celebration is under way as I sit down to write this. Last year it was canceled for economic reasons. Right now food, music and other entertainment are being provided to the crowd. In about two hours the fireworks will begin, but I am not participating in the festivities this year. In fact, I am not so sure that America is really independent anymore.

In the Gulf of Mexico our nation’s ecology and natural resources are being subjected to ruinous exploitation by a foreign entity, the British Petroleum company, which deliberately neglected proper, safe drilling methods for the fast, dirty methods typical of an imperial power exploiting a colony. BP cared little or nothing for the well-being of our people, economy or coast.

Speaking of the economy, we have by no means recovered from the financial crisis inflicted on this nation and indeed the world in the fall of 2008, right before the election that put an illegal president in the White House. Who inflicted this crisis and why? I shall not attempt to compile the evidence to make a legal case but merely summarize my impression of what took place. Immensely rich and powerful forces, centered in western central banks that are largely controlled by an international-minded cabal centered most intensely in the City of London, crashed our economy to ensure the election of Barack Hussein Obama, an international-minded socialist who was born with British citizenship and who still holds foreign citizenship in perhaps three countries: Great Britain, Kenya, and Indonesia. He has yet to establish as a fact that he is even a citizen of the United States, much less a natural born Citizen as required by our Constitution.

So it appears to me that the United States is under occupation by foreign powers.  On our southern border a struggle is under way for whatever scraps of sovereignty remain down there, with our federal government in active collusion with the Mexican government to undermine our national identity as well as the laws of Arizona.

To top it all off, a few days ago, on July 1, our putative president sought to further diminish what “American” means when he spoke at, of all places, the American University School of International Service in Washington, D.C. In his anti-patriotic zeal, Obama announced that being American “is not a matter of blood or birth.

His view seems shamelessly self-interested, since he himself may actually be an undocumented worker who came here as a foreign student and wormed his way to the pinnacle of power without ever bothering to become a citizen. What Obama means is that America belongs to whomever wants to take her, and he has earnestly practiced what he preaches. His father was no American but a foreign Muslim communist British Colonial, who literally or figuratively passed all those qualities to his son at birth. So now, naturally, the Numero Uno American says blood and birth don’t matter any more. Reminds me of how Numero Ono declared we are no longer a Christian nation, either.

Now it seems almost dark outside because of heavy clouds, but they will not start the fireworks until the appointed time. It is also looking dark in America now, and perhaps very soon we shall see fireworks of a different sort lighting up the skies of this former republic.

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  1. The citizens of America need to be reminded of the “JEFFERSON PRINCIPLE!” It’s so blatantly obvious that the current entire crop of elected officials in Washington D.C. have abandoned the U.S. Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE for their own personal gain! All elected officials in D.C. should be considered as “PROFESSIONAL TRAITORS” who have turned their backs on America! PEOPLE WAKE UP AND STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY….YOUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU! JEFFERSON PRINCIPLE NOW!

  2. “Immensely rich and powerful forces, centered in western central banks that are largely controlled by an international-minded cabal centered most intensely in the City of London, crashed our economy to ensure the election of Barack Hussein Obama”.

    Sorry, but I need to know how Soros The Horrible fits here. Is he working for the cabal, working with the cabal, using the cabal?
    He tried and somewhat succeeded in breaking the Bank of England. Would not these British interests have resented the hell out of that? Or did he need the help of some of those leftists/Marxists to accomplish the task?

    Just asking. Not attacking.

    1. We know that George the Source of Evil was behind Obama 800%, so the logical conclusion would be that George was working with or for the cabal, in my opinion. I doubt that anybody could use the cabal. You are certainly right that George is in the Big Picture of Obama’s coup, and thanks for pointing him out.

  3. Accurate observation is that we are no longer a country ruled by law, but are, rather, a country ruled by the tyranny of man. Our federal government no longer serves the needs of the people or the states and should righteously and legally be disbanded. As soon as possible. The huge central government has long violated the terms imposed on it by the Constitution and is operating outside the law. It is a rogue government at this time, and no longer represents the American people. It now operates as a communist regime.

    If we look at actions by the federal government in this light, we see that it will never self-correct because it has gone too far into lawlessness – the whole system is corrupt. We can thank our enemies, the progressives, Marxists, communists, socialists, and others, as well as our own naive and stupid people who are settling for handouts from the government rather than being in charge of themselves and of their government.

    We have acted stupidly. We have not done the right thing for ourselves and for our children.

    I’m not certain we will be able to save the United States of America, but the federal government we have right now sure ain’t working very well, and it will be forced to change. Let’s hope and pray that enough American people wake up and cause the kind of change we can all be proud of.

    It is at times like these I wish the CSA had won the war, as they clearly understood the subjects of state’s rights and limited federal government.

  4. Yes! And I will add that the people in their complacency have brought this upon themselves! Now they are either too helpless or just to damn busy watching TV and going to movies to do what’s necessary to set themselves free….the government says life will be easier if they become serfs and slaves and the people listened!