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June 30, 2010

Rep. John Boehner, Republican Minority Leader, serves Ohio's Eighth District

Dear Editor:

Today I submitted the following email to the office of Rep. John Boehner, House Minority Leader:

From: Tom Arnold
To: AsktheLeader@mail.house.gov
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 7:48 PM

This, Rep. John Boehner, is what your staffers are telling people who call or communicate with your office about their concerns (we’re talking about nearly 50% of polled Americans who have these concerns) as to whether Barack Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, is qualified by our Constitution, i.e., whether or not he is a natural born Citizen (look it up, if you don’t know what it means), to be president of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces (the man who couldn’t possibly even be cleared for a routine government/military security clearance).

Even one of your compatriots in the House of Representatives has said that Obama was not born in Hawaii, as Obama claims. Another has said on the House floor that no one has seen Obama’s birth certificate.  Last year, Senator Richard Shelby said he could not be sure that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Recently a former Honolulu elections clerk went on television stating that Hawaii did not issue a long-form, original birth certificate to Obama.  This man says he is willing to testify to that fact.  He said he asked about it in preparation for the 2008 election, and his supervisor told him it doesn’t exist.  Why do you insist on saying Obama was born there when there is not one shred of evidence to support it?

With all of the reports made by Kenyan Parliament members and an ambassador, how can you say without a doubt and against all evidence that he was born in the United States?  How do you know?!  Obama’s step-grandmother was honored recently in Kenya for her work with widows and orphans, at which occasion she said, “This is a show of blessing from God, since I have always dedicated my time to tend to the orphans. Even the US president passed through my hands.”  What else could she possibly mean except that Obama was born there, as she and so many others have insisted?

This, Rep. Boehner, is shameful!  What you are telling your constituents and what you are telling We the People at large, is a lie!  It may even be misprision of treason on your part (look it up)!  The truth of the matter is that Obama/Soetoro was most likely born in Kenya!  The overwhelming preponderance of available evidence today indicates that Obama/Soetoro was, in fact, born there, and Obama/Soetoro is doing everything he can to hide this from the American people and even from the soldiers whom he putatively commands! The man is a despicable fraud!  He very well could be another Adolf Hitler, but then, Rep. Boehner, you don’t seem to learn from history, do you?

This is one email you’ll never respond to, right?  Geez, Rep. Boehner, for God’s sake, let’s not stoop to allow our politically-sensitive eyes or ears to see or hear of such heresy, right!  You might even end up being in jeopardy of losing your precious “job!”

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  1. All of you are right to question both the legitimacy of the putative POTUS but equally all of congress. At the moment it is simply a matter of process of law that NBC status has not been met. That does not mean anything to an honest citizen who knows how to read and conclude what the truth is, the entire government is operating without any respect for the law because it is controlling access to justice. That is a violation of principle which reveals a contempt for the right of society to be secured by law. Hamilton expressed the utter contempt for law, http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/documents/v1ch3s5.html . We are under such an example of such a law that is used to deny law. I would think it proper to seek posession of all documents without respect to any conditions put up to conceal the truth.

  2. I’ve been fighting this on my own for 2 years. They will never admit that they’re wrong and they NEVER listen. Congress, every single one of them, will NOT stand up for the Constitution or the country. All of them have to go, and I mean every single one. If we ever get Kenya boy out of the WH, Sotomayor has to go and so will Kagan. I realize that has never been done before, removing judges from the SC, but he IS a USURPER. It’s going to be up to us. I don’t see any other choice, and one day soon we will know everything.

    1. Not just Obama’s Supreme Court appointments will have “to go,” Live Oak, but all the bills he has generated also! I am patiently waiting for that day, which may never arrive in my lifetime, unless stronger action on the part of the American people is taken soon.

      1. I too am wondering if they are going to be able to carry this charade out too long for me to get the satisfaction of seeing it finally uncovered for all to see.

        If Obama makes it until 2012, and is no longer the president after the 2012 election, I can’t believe at that time there will not be a bunch of books, TV specials etc., released, detailing the biggest fraud carried out on America’s citizens in history.

        It’s also going to be real interesting when they start trying to get Obama’s lie-brary built somewhere in Hawaii……the lies are going to pile up to the breaking point.

  3. Expose the Radical Communist Muslim Usurper Bastard now so he can be removed to prison for treason & fraud with all of congress

  4. When you, Mr. Boehner, and your Republican colleagues confront Obama and force him to prove his citizenship, then and only then will I take you seriously. Until this is done, all other issues before us are pretty much a moot point!

  5. Tom, the problem with anybody in Congress admitting that Obama wasn’t born in the US is the fact that all of them were part of the fix to get Obama elected as president in 2008, all the Democrats and Republicans in Congress alike. They had their chance to challenge his birth credentials. To admit now that they ignored the evidence before the election that Obama would be a usurper and that he is one now is for all of them to admit their complicity in one of the greatest ruses ever played and still being played on the American people.

    The fact that Obama was a CIA operative with a phony history with all kinds of forged credentials (like his numerous social security numbers) adds to the problem. The CIA has its dirty fingers all over the scam. That may be well why Lt. Quarles Harris, who was involved with the passport break-in, was killed. He quietly serves as a warning to all Congressmen and women as well as the mainstream media that they as well as their families are expendable.

    I have done several Web pages on the Obama birth certificate issue, and if one is interested in seeing a lot of pictures and testimony dealing with the subject, they could begin with my http://einhornpress.com/TheSecretHistoryofBarackObamaandtheColumbiaUniversityTreasonTrial.aspx page and continue with several more from there.

    I have done everything so far I can think of to expose the fact that we do not have a legitimate president in the Oval office—even donated substantially from my small Social Security check to Lt. Col. Lakin’s legal fund, but the military too appears now to be in Obama’s bag. Mrs. Rondeau has done and is still doing even more to expose Obama for the Fraud he is and all of those in power in the American government and the mainstream media who are passively standing by. I have just about given up on my efforts in this area.

    Some people say pray, but that only works if we use our God-given tools to act.

    Some people say, “march” but that does little good when the mainstream media barely reports on the protest, like the millions of protestors that swarmed into Washington last year.

    Some say vote them all out this November, but that only works if we send representatives to Washington who won’t sour after they arrive, while the lobbyists conduct business as usual.

    Some say power comes out of the barrel of a gun, and that will work. After all, our Revolutionary forefathers plainly proved this to the British. Let’s hope we don’t have to resort to this choice again to gain more respect for the Constitution and oust that Presidential fraud, Barack Hussein Obama. But this may be the only action that will in the end work.

    If a newly elected Congress with fresh faces seriously challenges the diabolical deed the previous Congress has done in allowing Obama to reign, violent revolution can be avoided; but it will be fighting against a lot of lingering incumbents who won’t want to admit their involvement.

    Before I vote for any representative this fall, however, I plan to ask him or her where they stand on challenging Obama’s credentials to sit in our President’s chair.

  6. Notice how they never answer the question. You say that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, and their answer is that “he was born in the US”, when even that is up for further review, and certainly doesn’t answer the accusation. Since when is a pic on a website (of an organization that once employed Obama) proof of anything? You mean I can go to the passport office with my laptop and show them a pic of my BC on photobucket or flicker? They have brought up the website pic in court cases, but they certainly can’t present it as eveidence. Since when is hearsay evidence from an unsworn source admissable in court?

  7. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=12062

    Posted on | June 30, 2010 | 1 Comment

    I asked Dr. Ron Polarik to check the video where Obama supposedly states that he was born in Kenya
    Here are his findings:

    “Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ”

    It’s a phony voice-over collated from many pieces of other recordings; like
    “I was born in” [Recording #1]+”Kenya”[Recording #2], etc…Had his back turned when he “allegedly” said this. When facing front, lips don’t match audio…
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That could very well be the case. However, the other videos within the video have not been debunked. We know the Kenyan ambassador said what he said because it is a matter of record, and the Michelle Obama “Kenya home country” video has not been debunked, at least not yet.

  8. The video that is attached, where was Obama giving the speech where he said he was not born in Hawaii, and is there a complete tape with the full context?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We will investigate.