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by Richard Douglas

Why has Obama taken the side of pro-Hamas terrorists disguised as "activists"?

(Jun. 9, 2010) — Obama’s “throw-you-to-the-dogs” political style unleashed attacks by the United Nations as the UN lashed out at Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to cancel a meeting with Obama to return to Israel when the Israeli blockade of Gaza was attacked by a Turkish-backed flotilla.

The premier had been scheduled to meet… Barack Obama in the Oval Office, but postponed following a deadly clash between the IDF and activists trying to break the Gaza blockade earlier in the day.

Obama’s pro-Arab/Islamic/Muslim theocracy agenda has once again reared its ugly head. The Obama regime is using the same tactics against Israel that it is using in this country against Arizona’s defense of our border. Obama shows a true lack of balance and experience in his dealings with leaders at home and abroad.

Obama’s “Swing-the-Cat-by-the-Tail” politics is becoming commonplace as seen here at home where Obama regularly swings the “Far Left Liberal Cat By the Tail” and also on the international scene when he swings the “Arab/Islamic/Muslim Theocracy Agenda Cat” by the tail if he doesn’t get his own way, which in many cases is not the American way. Once Obama starts to “Swing the Cat by the Tail,” the cat claws everything within reach.

The same tactics used to push Health Care through Congress were used by the United Nations to push statements or resolutions through the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) against Israel.

Obama plays “Swing the Cat by the Tail” with Israel using the UN: Obama Abandons Israel to UN Feeding Frenzy:

In the past twenty-four hours United Nations bodies have engaged in a frenzied attack on Israel over the Turkish-facilitated effort to end the naval blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza. In the process, the Obama regime’s Israel policy has been outed.

With virtually unprecedented speed and only hours to go before the Lebanese presidency of the UN Security Council expired at midnight on May 31st the Council unanimously agreed on a Presidential Statement – with American approval. And in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) unanimously decided to invent new procedural rules and hold its first-ever “urgent debate,” with no objection from the United States.

It also could have put its toe in the water and waited until 12:01 a.m. when the presidency would have been transferred to Mexico, thereby slowing the campaign for a middle-of-the-night UN grenade lobbed without time for informed consideration.

The Obama administration has become overtly hostile towards Israel against the wishes of a vast majority of America. Israel still has the support of many Americans and Obama has turned his support to terrorist countries. The same countries that are violently evangelizing the world with Arab/Islamic/Muslim religious crusades and  which are keeping terrorism alive throughout the world quickly passed measure after measure against Israel in the name of the United Nations. Obama does not have the support of America on this issue and many others.

Obama, like any spoiled child, is becoming so predictable. If you don’t give him his way, and I emphasize, His Way and not necessarily the American way, you had better get ready for his “Swing-the-Cat-by-the-Tail” politics. The tragedy in this is there are so many lives at stake worldwide.

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  1. Someone should grab Obama by his traitorous userper tail and swing him (along with his wife and kids) back where his wife has twice said his home town is…Kenya.

  2. Most terrorism is springing from a religious ritual called Jihad. There are over 160 ‘verses’ in the Quran dealing with Jihad and it is not entirely turned against Israel but against anyone considered an ‘infidel’ by the Arab/Islamic/Muslim religion. Israel being a prime target goes back to Sarah and Hagar the wives of Abraham. The heirs of both are still at each other’s throats today. Everyone that does not accept the Quran, even the atheist, is an infidel and considered an enemy of Allah.

  3. Yeah… can’t wait to see Michelle and kids in burqa’s. They can set the example for the rest of us and Michelle can finally cover up those arms.

    1. I don’t really see the American woman adopting this style of dress. When someone tries to make American women wear burqas is when the really intense fighting will start.