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by Arnie Rosner
Is Obama a foreign Muslim bent on destroying America?

(May 23, 2010) — View this link and the solution should also become obvious to you.

Ship this agent of Islam, a lying deceiving, illegal alien, who has misrepresented himself as an American, defrauded the American people and continues to attempt to destroy the very fabric of the American republic, back to Islam where he belongs. I will even pay for his ticket out of my personal funds. Not taxpayer funds as is his practice.

But let us take this a step farther; let us also ship out all of the members of our government who have supported this illegal alien along with him. Those members who have also committed treason, fraud and violated their oath to protect the Constitution.  Without their complicit cooperation, the illegal recognition of this impostor would not have been possible.

I am sorry, ladies and gentlemen, this betrayal of America is a very serious matter to me, one so serious, no manner of apology is acceptable. In my view, those who have engaged in this conspiracy will be dealt with in the most serious manner ever experienced in our republic. There will be no amnesty. There will be no forgiveness. Let the record be clear: on this matter there will be no turning the other cheek.

As I see this situation, each and every member of this government has had more than ample opportunity to step forward to address this matter of illegal usurpation. All levels of government, including the Supreme Court, have been placed on notice. Let there be no misunderstanding, my fellow AMERICANS, the act to participate in this conspiracy was a conscious and voluntary decision.

There have been many opportunities for them to have come forward to honor their oath and to protect the Constitution, and yet every member of government, and it is a matter of public record that they are all aware of this criminal action, have voluntarily made the conscious determination to commit this crime, with premeditation as well.

In a moment of humanity, I have endeavored to understand the nature of possible reasons the members of our government have sold out America this way. I have attempted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But, my fellow Americans, there is nothing that I can conjure up that could possible justify selling out America in the manner that our elected officials have conspired to execute.

Now along that line, let us not forget to include those members of the media who have also participated. There can be no forgiving them for this failure to honor their responsibility to provide the American citizens with a truly independent version of news and events. Their decision to join into this conspiracy, to violate the traditions and the ethics of responsible journalism, is equally incriminating.

Let me make this point very very clear:  this whole matter has nothing to do with politics, as the courts will attempt to wiggle out of their culpability by labeling such a condition a political question or one without standing. My response is simply, BULL!

This is clearly a matter of constitutionality and the rule of law. We will not accept any divisive interpretation to distort the truth here. We have had quite enough of that from the incessant stream of lies emitting from the illegal alien.

Therefore, may I suggest that those of you who agree with my sentiments expressed here exert every effort humanely possible to pressure your elected representatives to come to their senses and take action to restore a legal balance of power between the three branches of government as quickly as possible so the legitimate political process can be restored.

The key to a complete restoration of the political balance lies in the resolution of the ineligibility of the usurper. This is a matter of the highest priority, a priority that supersedes everything else.


I, for one, have had enough!  What about you?


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  1. Thanks, AuntieMadder (Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 8:13 PM) for your attention to my post.

    If you make just 3 clicks, you will arrive at my comment on WETHEPEOPLEUSA site


    where you’ll see:

    1) the link #1 to “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be President Of The United States (POTUS) according to the Constitution”;

    2) the link #2 to additional materials pertaining (in details) to Obama’s Ineligibility;
    What to do about that:

    3) the link #3 – my call to ACT with a very short reasoning; you may ignore this link at first because after 3 clicks on your way you’ll reach the link #4;

    4) the link #4 (“Ladies & Gentlemen…” at the top) contains (at the bottom) the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!”. The second link in that flyer leads to “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be President Of The United States (POTUS) according to the Constitution” (mentioned above); the third link leads to a related stuff. You can get this flyer as the attached file if you click on its first link (but in such a case it would be better if you put this first link instead of the first top link in that attached file).

    So if for you it is enough to have only the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!” (leading to “The ultimate proof…” /and some related stuff/), just go to the link #4. it’s up to everybody’s consciousness and conscience what to do after reading that flyer with “The ultimate proof…”

    If you wish to read the whole stuff (and also to use another flyer “Old buddy” / Common Sense/), please follow all links on your way (I don’t think it’s too difficult).

    Thanks again for reading all of this. I hope there will be ACTIONS – I don’t think that we have time for any procrastination. On a recent Tea Party I already saw signs “Obama 2012” brought some infiltrators.

  2. Arnie,

    Great article. I long ago concluded that pressuring our elected representatives is futile, so I’m running for Congress to take direct action. I’m a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander and a conservative Republican. My platform is comprehensive and is in complete accord with your article, but I have many more solutions. Read it and watch my YouTube. You’ll be pleased.

    Ernest Huber

  3. Good commentary…I have said many similiar things over the last couple of years (yes, even before the usurper entered the White House) and I also said, “I don’t care where he was born, he is definetly not an American!”
    And to answer your question, “Is Obama a foreign Muslim bent on destroying America?” Yes he is!
    I’ve also agreed to support any group large enough (sort of like a million-man march on Washington) to litterally throw the bum out…our Congress won’t do it so the American people have only one choice for it is written, “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute a new government…” It’s about time we exercised that Right.

  4. To moderators:
    Sorry I repeat this post in order to have the correct appearance of the link (below).

    12thGenerationAMERICAN says:
    Monday, May 24, 2010 at 9:13 AM
    Again I say: “We need a little less talk and a lot more ACTION?!!??!?!”

    My answer to this would be the same as earlier (I still hope that somebody will read this answer through and ACT accordingly):


    1. I’ve followed the numerous links to your solution left in the comments sections at P&E News. Each of these links are to comments left at another site’s (or other sites’) comments sections that include links back to comments left at P&E News. These comments also include links to sites outside of P&E News, with links back again. Initially, I found this to be frustrating but after clicking through the circuit of links numerous time now, it’s bordering on disturbing. (I feel like the Aggie in the joke about how to keep an Aggie busy for hours: Put him in a round room and tell him to sit in the corner.)

      Please, in a comment or article, outline the action that you would like for us all to take.

  5. THE MAO BULB on our national Christmas tree, a defiling of a symbol of our Christian heritage and our national identity. I will remember this forever, and I hope every person on this site will also.

  6. Just to let you know, I posted this story at my blog, at Free Republic, at Dr. Taitz’s Fans Facebook page, Plains Radio and Mr. Hale, and Mr. Apuzzo’s blog. It must have worked because last night YouTube was so busy it wouldn’t load forever!

    Girl Reporter

  7. Arnie i wish i could have written what you wrote –i think you said every thing i want to say–i will be the point man in any arrest or further action i am American Indian and think scalping is in order –this is done while alive –skinning one square inch at a time is also acceptable–in the real America

  8. OH! That is a DISGUSTING video. I am going to put it on my blog too so more people can see it. HOLY KORAN nine million times. OH, just go back to Kenya and you can be a MUSLIM!!!

    Girl Reporter



    Pakistan was in turmoil in 1981 and ruled of martial law. Millions of Afghan refugees were living in Pakistan, while the Afghan Mujahedeen operated from bases inside Pakistan in their war with the Soviets. One of the leaders that based his operation in Quetta, Pakistan was Usama Bin Laden (The Sheik).

    Can you picture in your mind a scene where a young CIA agent helping with
    dollars and weapons to defeat the hated Soviets, meeting, shaking hands with, sharing a “smoke” with the infamous Usama bin Laden.


    Picture a carefully constructed political ad, a split screen photo (not photoshopped) of Obama dressed in local garb reaching out a hand in friendship toward a second photo of Osama reaching out to Obama.

  10. Since before the election, many knew who he was without the MSM help. Many knew he was Un-Constitutional and yet Liberals called us birthers, racist, or we were part of a Conspiracy. They have taken our Country and divided it, not just black against white but black against black, white against white, the government against the Military. They don’t listen to the People, they do whatever they want with no regards to anyone. I say start building more rooms at Gitmo because they are going to have company.
    God Bless America and God Save the Republic.

  11. It’ll be so good to have an American president again.

    Someone with a legit birth certificate, ssn, and selective service registration.

    Someone who sides with America and not its enemies.

    Someone who will use the force of law to protect Americans instead of the terrorists.

    Someone who will get us out of our mountain of debt instead of adding more to it.

    Someone who has a pretty wife.

    1. yo, that’s so cold. :)

      They haven’t all had pretty wives. But pretty is as pretty does. I’ll settle for one who loves her country. And a president who tells the truth.

  12. He states outright in that video that he was visiting the region where Islam was “revealed.” Have you ever heard him state, unequivocally, that the Bible was “revealed?”

    He refers to the Koran as the “HOLY Koran.” Have you ever heard him refer to the Bible as the “HOLY Bible?”

    I could have done without watching him look so raptly, happily, and awe-struck at the defaced Christian cathedral in Turkey, now turned into a mosque.

    Given his take on (rewritten, bogus) “history,” he probably believes that the beautiful Church of the Holy Wisdom of God was built by Muslims, who, after all, brought civilization to backwards Europe, in their warped view.


    1. Yes we do need action. Most of the country knows the real story now that the Columbia Trial is over. We need to arrest the Clintons,Panetta, Kenya boy and Michelle, and everyone else who is against the American people and the country!
      HOW MUCH LONGER?????

  13. This must be repeated again and again.
    We MUST have the military on OUR side of this national ordeal.
    When push comes to shove, and I’m certain it will,
    OUR military must stand up for OUR CONSTITUTION and NOT be loyal to the man, the ALLEGED President/Commander-In-Chief.

  14. Rush, Hannity, Levin, Beck, all of them can go with him. They are the false protectors of the Republic. They refused to stand for the Constitution they so self-servingly say they defend. They disgust me.
    John Roberts can hitch a ride w/ them also. He weaseled out of making a judgment, and never swore Obama in in public. A POX on all of them.
    The discovery of the overdue Vattel’s Law of Nations book proves that G. Washington is speaking from the grave, and that divine intervention will come. I think that is the only way this gets resolved.

  15. Yes Arnie!!!! Ship them all off to Iran, every single one of them, and Soros and SCOTUS and Brennan, and the politically correct military,the whole lot, and deport all the muslims too…they’re either CAIR stealth or enablers taking over this country. Look at the huge mosque going up in NYC!!!!!
    I want my country back and no one is going to do it but us, We The People. It’s awfully late, and time has run out!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, live oak, INDEED!
      And did you notice the News, and even Fox is referring to some of these TERRORISTS as HOME GROWN?
      Home grown, my foot.
      The day will come when those moooslum symbols will disappear from the landscape.

  16. There was a time, back when ElRushbo said he hoped the ‘0’ would fail, when a lot of people were still urging to give the ‘0’ the benefit of doubt…….I refused then, not because I’m any brighter than anyone else, but understood that the ‘0’ was smart enough to know, having an Alien Foreign National British Colonial/Kenyan Subject/Citizen as a father, he was/is not a Constitutional Natural Born Citizen.

    He has never vocally said that he is insofar as I have heard or seen, but he allows his supporters to do so. The lie is in the deceit and deception which only makes the lie even more egregious.

    But just as many insisted on giving him a chance with the benefit of doubt in spite of his own words the professional politicians have for years and continue to count on the good nature and willingness of the American public to give everyone the benefit of doubt and a second chance………..THAT luxury must be put away with other childish things……..accountability or banishment, the Constitution MUST be supported, protected and defended against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

    1. slcraig:

      Oh, but he HAS stated that he is eligible to be President – in writing and notarized. He has also said in that same document that he meets the requirements of the United States Constitution. one of which as we know is to be a “natural born Citizen”.

      This was done in a filing for the 2008 election in the state of Arizona and is readily available on the web. Just Google-up something like (without the quotes):

      “arizona 2008 form 16-242 obama”

      OR use one of these links to see a copy of the actual signed form:



      It’s all there in all of its beautiful, fraudulent glory. Obama, despite the claims in this document by him and all over the web by his lackeys (aka Flying Monkeys), has never shown himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies …

      … and that’s precisely what the Kerchner et al lawsuit now in Federal Appeals Court (on its way to the Supreme Court) is all about.

  17. slcraig, when I stated America is no More , I did such for a couple of reasons ( 1 ) Was to see who would respond to such & I am pleased with your response , because I as well am not Dead I am still 100% American & I feel ” OBAMA ” should be tried for treason against the U.S. of America , but unfortunately I do feel that a Lot of the People in Power to do so have tucked their tails and run. That is the part of America that is gone !!

  18. Sorry Thomas, but the last AMERICAN is not dead yet and that means AMERICA lives.

    It is easy to get discouraged and depressed. That is how EVIL works, by wearing down the will to resist and insisting on Truth above lies.

    Truth will overcome this EVIL and so will AMERICA.

  19. Yes, this is an older video and I have seen it several times. Once again, it just proves that he lied all the way through his campaign when he professed to be a Christian to the American people. The man cannot open his mouth without lies spewing forth. None of the lawsuits have included this because it isn’t against the law to be Muslim, however, one would think there would be something in the law that should keep candidates from out and out LYING about it. I’m sure that in Obama’s case, they gave up trying to track all of his lies after the first couple of months. There must be volumes by now if anyone decided to track and record it all since the beginning of his campaign.

  20. I seen that video a while back , Yes it is very evident that ” OBAMA ” is a devoted Muslim. It is also very evident that America has become a thing of the Past. It is very SAD to realize this, but Why are so many people allowing this to happen? Because AMERICA is no MORE !!!!