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by Sharon Rondeau

Columbia University claims that it awarded Obama an undergraduate degree in 1983

(May 18, 2010) Columbia University claims here that Obama was a graduate of that institution in 1983.  However, to date, none of his college records or theses have been made available to the public.  Columbia’s statement places equal emphasis on Obama’s being the “first African American elected President of the United States” and his alleged graduation from the institution, and it does not discuss Obama’s coursework or contributions to Columbia while attending.

SHARON: How many people would you say marched with you around Columbia University this morning?

MIKI: I think about 50-60.  We were 25-30 deep.

SHARON: What time did you arrive?

MIKI: We were there at 8:30 a.m. and the march started at 9:00 and took about an hour.  After that we went to the church and the trial started at about 10:30 or perhaps 11:00.

SHARON: Who is acting as prosecutor?

MIKI: That would be Rev. Manning.

SHARON: I heard that he has some lawyers serving or helping with the proceedings.

MIKI: Yes, but I don’t know who they are yet.  I haven’t met the members of the jury.  I can tell you that Alan Keyes was supposed to testify and he had a long talk with Rev. Manning after he spoke with his lawyers, who said that because he has a number of cases ongoing, attending the trial might hurt him.  So we didn’t come, and then there was someone else with the same situation where they wanted to be here, but again, it wouldn’t be in their best interest to attend the trial, so they bowed out as well.  That goes for anyone who has an open case.  However, they all gave their support to Rev. Manning, the trial, and for all of us.

I got to meet Capt. Pamela Barnett here.  I don’t know if she has testified during the past few days or so, but Rev. Manning gave a briefing of some of the other things that went on.

SHARON: This was your first day there, correct?

MIKI: Yes.  Getting back to the march, it was the most spiritual thing…it made me feel so happy inside to be walking hand-in-hand with people who, if not for all of this that has happened, I never would have seen myself in Harlem, being among the local folks there, whose hearts are so big and they’re such good people, and they know that this is wrong.  They’re praying to God that we break this open and prove this guy is a fraud.  It was just such a spiritual thing, and I felt good inside.  I was noticing that it’s a liberal town, and people were looking at us with raised eyebrows and strange looks and yet, you would also see the people who felt good about seeing us in the march.

SHARON: Do you think most passersby not associated with Dr. Manning’s church know what’s going on?

MIKI: No, I don’t think they do.  There’s a member of American Grand Jury named Rudy who brought the signs depicting a Taliban member on it who made signs out of the flyers and there were about four of them, and he passed them out and some of Dr. Manning’s parishioners carried those.  One of the jurors brought a gigantic American flag.  There were probably about 10 or 15 American flags that parishioners brought as well, and they passed those out, so you could definitely tell by looking at us that it was a patriotic group.  Patriotic and religious because of Rev. Manning leading.

SHARON: Going back to what you said at the beginning about blacks holding hands with whites:  because of that, it would seem that there really isn’t a racism problem in this country.

MIKI: Yes, there were just as many blacks in our group who believe Obama is a phony.

SHARON: Do you know how Dr. Manning or any of the witnesses prove that Obama did not attend Columbia?  Can he actually prove that he was in Pakistan or wherever he was instead of at Columbia?

MIKI: I don’t know how we prove it, but the only thing that makes sense is that it’s all the CIA.  That would explain why all the records are scrubbed.  There’s one thing that they can’t hide, and that’s the Social Security numbers.  Again, how do you prove that he used those to launder money?

SHARON: Is the theory that the CIA gave Obama a new identity?

MIKI: Absolutely.

SHARON: Did they actually assign him all of these social security numbers, or do you think he did that on his own?

MIKI: Again, if the CIA was behind it, they would be involved in every single aspect of it, because the money that he was getting went to help the Mujahadeen fight the Russian invasion.  Here’s another really interesting thing:  the story is out there that he attended Patrice Lamumba University.  About three weeks ago, I finally found the website for Patrice Lamumba, and it said, “Distinguished Alumni,” and on the list was “Barry Soetoro.”

SHARON: Really?

MIKI: Yes.  And it took you to the Wikipedia page all about “President” Barack Obama and his history.

SHARON: Could that have been set up as a hoax?

MIKI: That was set up as a red herring to throw everyone off the trail of the Pakistan connection.  Anyway, I saw it, and they mentioned that, and someone might have testified about it earlier in the trial.  However, it was brought up again today, and I remember when I first heard about that, it was right after Rev. Manning put out the word about the trial, and right after that, he did a YouTube video where he said, “They’re lying.  They’re going to say that he was actually in Russia attending Patrice Lamumba University” to throw us off.  He also said, “You watch; they’re not going to deny it; they’re going to let you think that that’s where he was, but don’t fall for it.  He was really in Pakistan.”

SHARON: If the CIA gave Obama a new identity or identities, why was he not stopped when he put his hat in the ring to run for president?  Has anyone discussed how he got as far as he did if all his records were scrubbed?

MIKI: We can probably find out.  I heard that he signed an Executive Order to seal all of his records.

SHARON: He did; I recall reading about it shortly after his “coronation.”

MIKI: So no one can get his Punahou or other records.  The ones that they absolutely don’t want anybody seeing are those that were scrubbed such as the passport records which involved Brennan, who worked for that company which worked with the CIA.  They have the means, the wherewithal, to be able to scrub those passport records, and it’s known and reported about that breach where all three, McCain, Clinton and Obama’s records were breached.  So the theory is that the late Lt. Quarles Harris knew something and he was supposedly working with the investigator, but which investigators we don’t know; perhaps just the local cops.  And then he ended up being murdered.  The only person who had a key to open that door was snuffed out.  So that was discussed, and this is material that we had already heard.  But again, there is the CIA connection.  There’s Brennan, and now what’s Brennan doing now?  So it’s just all too cozy.

SHARON: No one could have known 20 years ago that Obama was going to run for president.  Is there a theory that he was recruited by the CIA because he could speak the language?

MIKI: Yes.

SHARON: Why would there have been a need to provide Obama with a fake past?  Others have worked undercover for the CIA but the CIA perhaps doesn’t go to these lengths to hide it.  What is your theory about that?

MIKI: Well, tomorrow they’re calling a witness who is an ex-KGB agent who wants to talk and feels that his life is in danger and he may as well get it out there.  But getting back to the CIA, we know that the United States was financing the pushback against the Russian invasion.  We were working with them and gave them money and guns.  So where do you find these people to recruit to get them to do that?  You look for someone who will fit, with a Muslim background who can speak at least a dialect of their language.  And where do they recruit these people?  They find these loners like Barack Obama at Occidental who are on a foreign-student status (again, those records were scrubbed), but he probably held a passport under the name of “Barry Soetoro” from Indonesia.

SHARON: Has any evidence come out about that yet that you’ve heard?

MIKI: No. There again, those records were either scrubbed…it’s all hidden.  And it’s only the CIA that can do all of this.  No matter how much they did, things have still leaked out.  Almost everything that we’re hearing now we already knew.  It had been leaked out, or we knew about it, and they couldn’t hide that.  But wherever they could hide stuff, they did.  But I think what happened was that they never expected that he would run for president.  First he was a state senator in Illinois, and he used thug techniques to knock off the competition.

SHARON: So nobody was asking about his background then?

MIKI: Not really, because nobody had any reason to wonder about this guy.  So if he didn’t go to Columbia and he was in Pakistan instead, the kind of identity that they would give to him, they pretty-much just remade him.  He had a good start by already having the name “Barack Obama.”  They just tried to get rid of anything that said “Barry Soetoro” so any records with that name such as a passport or anything like that is long gone.

Supposedly the story that they made up was that he attended Columbia and from there, he got into Harvard.  There was another interesting piece of evidence, and I can’t remember his name, but he wrote the letter recommending Obama for Harvard.  That’s another thing that’s been out there but nobody really did anything with it.  So all of these things need to be brought back up so that when people see the timeline, how can they deny that all of this really happened?

How does a “C” student get into a law school like Harvard which only accepts the cream of the crop?  And out of 1,000 applicants or so, how many do they pick?  Fewer than 100, probably.

SHARON: Has the evidence shown so far that he did attend Harvard, or is that in question also?

MIKI: We believe he really did attend Harvard, but the only connection for him to get in there seems to be the president of the school.  Everyone thinks we’re just nuts because they wonder we got this person or that person or all of these people to commit to this conspiracy?  But really, when you narrow it down, it’s really just a few select people from Hawaii.  You’re really looking at one person.  Okubo, is that her name?

SHARON: Okubo is the Health Department spokeswoman and Dr. Fukino is the Director of the Health Department.  How about Governor Lingle, who recently declared that the Health Department’s initial press release stated that Obama was born at Kapiolani?  The press release did not say that.

MIKI: That’s right.  And the hospital will not verify that Obama was born there.

SHARON: Has anything come out on the birthplace that you know of?

MIKI: No.  In fact, Rev. Manning was saying that this whole trial will not address the birthplace because it’s focusing on the Pakistan/CIA/Columbia issue.  We’re focusing on Obama’s character.  Another issue to be covered is that both he and his wife surrendered their law licenses.  They’re trying to find out what happened with Michelle Obama’s license, because it’s been reported that it was revoked, but they’re trying to find out why.  We want to know why both of them apparently lost their law licenses.  You probably have heard this, but after Obama got out of Harvard, he was inspired to help in the poor areas of Chicago.  But before he did that, he said he sent out (and this is in his book), hundreds of resumes for community organizing but couldn’t find a job until he met two ladies in Chicago who helped him get a job.  So that’s his story, but it would seem that he could have acquired any assignment at any prestigious law firm who would want someone with Obama’s background.

SHARON: One would think so.

MIKI: He ended up passing the bar and got his law license and everything, but we think the reason that he went to work for Michelle Robinson’s law firm was that she could manipulate his past, whereas if he had applied to any other law firm, they wouldn’t have hired him because of his sketchy past.

SHARON: Perhaps they might have asked to see his college transcripts?

MIKI: Yes.

SHARON: And if he didn’t attend Columbia, then he wouldn’t have had a legitimate undergraduate degree to show them.  If he didn’t go to Columbia and graduate, how could he have gotten in to Harvard?  Was this also the CIA’s doing?

MIKI: Absolutely.  We believe that’s the deal they made.  Plus he has an unlimited supply of money from the Arabs and everyplace else.

SHARON: Do you know if many reporters been covering the trial?

MIKI: Someone from The New York Times showed up.  At first, Rev. Manning said he didn’t want the press there, but he reversed that position.  However, the Times reporter didn’t stay; he just came in, looked around quickly and looked.  So he missed Al Landry’s testimony on Skype.

Another thing we’re going to pursue which might not come out during the trial is the issue of voter fraud.

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  1. Warren Buffet owns Geico Ins.

    Barry and Michelle never put their licenses on hold–they were suspended from practicing law. That info is all over the media and blogs.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I had read that Michelle’s was suspended in 1993 and Obama voluntarily did not renew his in 2008 because if he had, he would have been subject to sanctions for being untruthful on his original law license application. The Post & Email will be studying this further to clarify.

  2. Were the Dunhams also part of the CIA and what were they doing in Lebanon? Stanley Dunham Snr was passing aircraft secrets to the Germans. He had connections with the Syrians too. Not much more is known about Stanley Ann’s subsequent education until she reappeared a few years later at Notre Dame de Jamhour, a Jesuit school in Lebanon. There is a photo of her in school uniform with her parents. The uniform has the logo NDJ.
    Read this: http://www.whale.to/b/nicoloff5.html

  3. I expectantly watched the whole event. I followed the conservative brawler.com for days. All I got was a one line event notices. Never any substance. I complained about this alot. With such an event, you would think the organizers would at least have reporters to document, step by step, what was happening, to the world. I suspect that this is going to be a pay per view type thing to generate money, and I hope I am wrong.
    Statements were made, without any documented evidence, that a court could use to prosecute. Peoples testimony was read from a website posting, without permission from the author. No physical evidence was presented from Columbia. People from the school were interviewed with no evidence other than their word. I do not even know if they were sworn to tell the truth.
    This trial was much less than I had hoped. IMO they did not produce evidence which would be useful is a real trial. The CIA link was facinating, but I never heard of it until the Guilty Verdict was read. We have no proof that Obama was a CIA agent, other than the word of a “Disgruntled” former CIA agent. It is not clear if the same agent made all the statements or if there were 2 agents.
    Statements were made that Obama had a Kenyan passport when he travelled for the CIA. Lets see, his father was Kenyan, so at birth so was he, which is a British Protectorate, but at 5-6 he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, so he was Kenyan/Indonesian, and was then Indonesian until his 18th birthday, by not returning to Indonesia, he could lose his citizenship…wait, he did return to be with his Mom.
    No evidence was presented that PROVES he had or used a Kenyan Passport, so its heresay.
    Understand People, I wanted this to be filled with evidence, I wanted it to have teeth. Unless they can show that it did, which they have not so far, this was a waste of time.
    I had hoped to bypass the MSM and send this all over the internet into every home and before every American. I wanted that to happen. But it fell woefully short of it potential.
    This was nothing more than circumstantial evidence with no real evidence to back it up.
    I hope they can prove me wrong, sadly, I don’t think they can.

  4. Not to try to get off subject, but I have just received information from an investigative reporter who has uncovered George Soros owns Progressive Insurance, and United Airlines. I have been trying to get this info. for months but it is well hidden from the American People.

    Also important: Miller Beer who also owns Coors, Heiniken, & Dos Equies
    have all backed La Raza, and the illegal immigrants. Spread the word
    for America.

    1. Thanks for the info True Patriot. I wasn’t aware of any of this except Progressive Ins.
      Good thing I’m a BudLite fan.

      I found the link below about 2 mos. ago & I’m now fully aware of what we are up against. I just hope it isn’t too late to save this country. With the enormous amount of evidence for plans to overthrow our government; where is the FBI, CIA, Pentago,Dept. of Defense, etc.? How is it possible for them to simply ignore TREASON? For the first time in my life I fear my government and for my children’s future. It seems the only true patriot willing to step forward is locked up in jail w/a questionable attorney! Great! I keep hearing, “Well, just wait til November. That’ll show ’em”! Maybe true; but, I fear we may not have the right to vote in November unless drastic action is taken now to remove the usurper. Or is this the calm before the storm?


  5. The radical left is going nuts over this Columbia Treason Trial even though they try and act like it is no big deal. They are personally attacking Pastor Manning & the witnesses because they are trying to keep a lid on this fraud in our White House. They are scared; make no mistake about it.

    When you look at the political history of America, & examine how attempts to cover up explode in the face of those involved in the cover ups, can you imagine when all, and I mean all, of the lame stream TV media’s corrupt cover up of this usurpin fraud in our White House is exposed.

    The Columbia Treason Trial is only the first of many.

    As for Alan Keyes, he is involved in some serious legal battles with this fraud in our White House, and therefore could not help with this trial. Pastor Manning understands that and Alan Keyes is a great patriot for America.

    The other big problem the radical communist left is having is they can’t call Manning a racist, nor Alan Keyes, nor Lt. Col. Allen West who testified. The left is having a really tough time using their same worn our racist propaganda they are so used to shouting.

    All of the radicals left in this country should be in jail, not in the highest offices in the land.

    1. These powerful REAL AMERICAN black men Manning, Keyes, West, etc. standing up to the wimpy fraud merit our highest esteem. They prove that we can love and respect one another, that we can, we have, overcome, we embrace them fully and only want to move forward TOGETHER. Enough of the divisiveness of those malevolent types who use that weakness for their own power!

  6. I believe I read an article that stated the Obamas put their Law Licenses on hold to “avoid” having to handle
    (mandatory?) “pro bono” cases. (I can’t find the link to it) It said that they can take some type of test to reinstate them after they pay any owed dues. (sounds reasonable, but I really do not know)

    I also saw that Obama never put any alias (AKA) names on the Illinois Bar Exam….(which proves he lied, which should make Illinois take away his license) They are all criminals!

    Vote the incumbents OUT. Make ALL New Candidates, “Pledge to bring up the natural born Citizenship issue” and
    protect Our Constitution.

  7. I knew he was a islamic muslim during his campaign–one cannot hide what one is. He is a traitor to America and by who and what means put him in our WH and why?

    If the CIA is behind this, they are traitors as well like JFK knew and died for. We have a lot of house cleaning to do. Our prisons are going to overflow with these criminals.

  8. editors

    Susan B. lost, ruled ineligible

    “The state Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that Democrat Susan Bysiewicz (BYE’-suh-witts) isn’t legally qualified to hold office as Connecticut’s top prosecutor”

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, I mentioned this in my latest article about Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, as Bysiewicz was seeking his job.

    1. So quick to slap down anyone but the true Usurper! The Supreme Court as well as Blumenthal are nothing other than crooked deceitful hypocrits!

      Bye bye, Blumenthal Thug! What goes around, comes around. Tee Hee.

      And Specter…I told u so when u arrogantly responded to my concerns. HaHa.

  9. sorry if i missed it, i went back to look but couldn’t find it in the article…what foreign language did he speak that was vital for this assignment in Afghanistan?