Obama Can Do Anything He Wants Because the CIA Has His Back

DID THIS WELL-KNOWN SOCIALIST HELP TO INVENT A HISTORY FOR OBAMA? by Miki Booth (Oct. 26, 2010) — The evidence is all there for anyone to see if they take the time to look. Zbigniew Brzezinski has “spoon-fed” Obama ever since he took him under his wing from Occidental College in 1980, apprenticed him through […]

Columbia Trial has ended with “guilty” verdict

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY AND OBAMA ACCUSED OF LYING AND DEFRAUDING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by Sharon Rondeau (May 19, 2010) — According to eyewitness Miki Booth, the Columbia Trial ended yesterday with a verdict of “guilty” on all charges after a three-hour deliberative period.  The Post & Email has covered the events of previous days of the […]

Report: Former KGB officer to testify at Columbia Trial

HAS THE CIA CREATED A PAST FOR OBAMA TO HIDE HIS ACTIVITIES FROM 1981 TO 1983? by Sharon Rondeau (May 18, 2010) — Columbia University claims here that Obama was a graduate of that institution in 1983.  However, to date, none of his college records or theses have been made available to the public.  Columbia’s […]