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by Sharon Rondeau

Dr. James David Manning is acting as prosecutor at the Columbia Trial in New York, where testimony and evidence are being presented refuting Obama's claim of having attended that institution

(May 17, 2010) —The following is an interview with Miki Booth, a first-hand witness to the Columbia Trial being held in Harlem, NY by Dr. James Manning, Ph.D., as previously reported by The Post & Email here.

SHARON: Tell me about your day in New York – how it started and what you heard as far as testimony.

MIKI: We went to Columbia University right outside the main gate and we assembled there because Rev. Manning was going to start the march at 9:00 a.m.  We got there at 8:30 or so and people kept arriving, and we saw some people with American flags, so we knew they were part of us.  There were quite a few of the area people and those associated with Rev. Manning’s church, and they’re all black.  There were probably about 50 of us, and about half were black and half were white.  It was great.  When Rev. Manning came, he and his wife Elizabeth, he was wearing a long white robe and he did a wonderful prayer to start, and then we all walked by twos, holding hands, whites holding hands with blacks, and a lot of guys from my neck of the woods that some people would call “redneck” whom I call patriots and fighters for our freedom.

Anyway, there were some little black ladies, and there was one lady I met who was 90 years old.  We walked for just about an hour; I can’t tell you how many miles it was, but there was a hill that we had to climb at one point, and we had to stop to get our breath.  This was the fourth day of the trial, and so they’ve had two previous days of testimony which I missed.  After the march ended, we all went to the church and there was quite a bit of testimony and we watched two documentaries because right in Obama’s own voice, he was making statements that were misstatements or just outright lies, I guess.

SHARON: Were these statements made recently or during the campaign?

MIKI: One of them was a documentary with Bill Hemmer of Fox News and I don’t remember specifically what we gleaned from that, because there was so much.  There was a lot that I didn’t know, and yet I feel as if over these last two years being involved in all of this, I thought that I had heard it all or knew it all, but what really made an impact on all of us was there was an investigator named Al Landry who called in on Skype, so we were able to see and hear him answer Dr. Manning’s questions.  He found out that Stanley Ann Soetoro lived in Karachi, Pakistan for five years at the high-dollar Hilton Hotel.

SHARON: Did he present proof in the form of documents or some other evidence?

MIKI: He was testifying by Skype, so he was just saying this as if it was in his head, and he didn’t have the notes in front of him but was just relating what he had discovered.  There is something interesting that he said:  in Pakistan there is a log or journal of all of the heads of state; kings, queens, that sort of thing, and he found on that list “Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States” and then “(Kenya)”.  So we don’t know what that means, but that’s a matter of record; people can go and look at that. As far as what we’d interpret from that, we’ve been hearing that he was born in Kenya and now that we know that Stanley Ann Dunham was in Karachi for five years working for Asia Development Bank, and at the same time that she was there, her mother was vice president of Bank of Hawaii.

And now because we know that he has used about 44 different social security numbers attached to his name, oh, and Asia Development Bank is a front for the CIA.

SHARON: It is?

MIKI: Yes.  So these multiple social security numbers is a way of laundering money.  That’s how it’s done; it’s the most common technique for laundering money – having fake social security numbers.  So these things are found out, but that really surprised me about her being in Pakistan and working for this bank.  It would be common sense that she had a passport from Indonesia so she could travel freely to Pakistan.  Same thing with Obama having a passport from Indonesia so he could travel freely also.  The investigator said that he traveled many times back and forth to Pakistan.

SHARON: Was this when he was a young man?

MIKI: When he was Pakistan, it was the years when he said he was attending Columbia University, so that was 1981-83.  At Columbia, Rev. Manning put on the stand several members of his congregation here, because over the past two years, they’ve been doing some investigating by going over to Columbia because it’s right down the street, right in their neighborhood, and there are two sisters, one of whom is named “Precious,” and I can’t think of the other’s name right now.  But they had been going in to the library and they testified that they were very noticeable when they went there because you just didn’t see many black students there.  They went through every record that they could spanning those years as well as the years before and after that.  They went through all of the yearbooks, and the year that Obama was supposedly a graduate, there is absolutely nothing.  There’s nothing, and they tried all of the different names and everything.  In Obama’s book, he says that he and his friend, and “darn me, I didn’t take notes and write down his name,” that they both transferred from Occidental to Columbia, so they also checked the name of that person and there was absolutely no record of him, either.

The year that Obama supposedly graduated, there were only about five pictures per page in the yearbook, so it was pretty easy to go through and be pretty accurate, and they never found anyone who looked like him.  They went by looks; they went by all the different names; he was just flat not there.

The year that he supposedly graduated, there were 42 law school graduates, and only two of them were black.  So they were saying that had he been there, people would have noticed him, and the two girls said that by all means, they would have noticed him because they think he’s good-looking and all…and a lot of people do.  And she said that even when they were in there, they got noticed, and somebody came over and asked if they needed help, and when she said what she was looking for and the employee thought that they were researching Obama, he was very unfriendly and unhelpful, and then he left and a woman came on and was very friendly and helped them to find whatever they needed.

SHARON: But they never found any trace of Obama at Columbia?

MIKI: Nothing, nothing at all.

SHARON: And Columbia doesn’t have a plaque saying that the 44th President of the United States, a black man, graduated from this institution?

MIKI: Nothing.

SHARON: So these two ladies testified today?

MIKI: Yes.  And then they showed the documentary, the one done by Bill Hemmer of Fox, and I think it was George Stephanopoulous originally who originally broke that story about no one knowing him from Columbia.  Then Fox picked it up and said that they interviewed 400 students and not one remembered him.

SHARON: Has the theory come out yet as far as testimony or evidence as to where exactly Obama was during those years if he was not at Columbia?

MIKI: No.  It just came out today with Al Landry, who said that he found out about the mother.  I was thinking then that Stanley Ann’s mother worked at Bank of Hawaii at the same time that she was working at the bank in Karachi, and he did make that connection.  I had already made it because I know about her working at Bank of Hawaii.  In Hawaii we call it “Bankoh.”  Anyway, they brought up that connection.  I know that it’s just speculation on Rev. Manning’s part, but he was saying that the grandmother broke her hip and was in the hospital and somebody interviewed Michelle Obama and asked how the grandmother was, and she said, “Oh, she’s fine; she’s leaving the hospital today,” and that was about the broken hip.  And didn’t she die of cancer about two months later?

SHARON: I believe that’s what the reports said.

MIKI: This is all just so curious.

SHARON: I read an article last week that said she died “after a long battle with cancer,” but we had never heard that before until after her supposed death the day before the election.

MIKI: This is all too curious.  And she voted on an absentee ballot; I remember reading that.

SHARON: And Auntie Onyango was granted asylum today, too.

MIKI: Who?

SHARON: Remember the aunt or step-aunt…?

MIKI: Oh, you’re kidding…they granted her asylum?

SHARON: That’s what the AP is saying, and it’s all over the internet this evening.  Even though she was ordered deported in 2004 and didn’t leave, and then she was staying in public housing in Boston at taxpayer expense, she got an attorney and there was a hearing, and the judge granted her asylum.

Switching topics, have you heard anything about testimony scheduled for tomorrow?

MIKI: They’re going to put me on the stand first thing in the morning and I’m going to show the various birth certificates.


Editor’s Note: This interview will be continued on May 18.

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  1. Dear Pastor James David Manning,
    I just want to say THANK YOU for all that you have done the last two weeks, the last two years, etc; you are not only a Patriot but rather “A True Hero”. I can understand your being exhausted, after what all you have been doing to save America from “The Obamanation of Desolation” standing where he ought not. Like your goodself, I’ve had a few tests in my life, which has only brought me closer to God, and as such, I recognize a true man of God when I see one – “You”. With your great work, we are winning, but the biggest problem as I see it is teaching Americans where our blessings flow from, and if we don’t very soon get our act together and get back to Almighty God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” as our Rock and our Foundation, then you and I may be OK, but America just won’t make it. I’m sure we are in the end times anyway, so when I see so many American’s incapable of looking ahead, or to even comprehend the danger they are in, I get very frustrated. I’ve written a few comments to The Post & Email from time to time, but that doesn’t compare, or even come close to the fantastic work which you are doing. I’m learning, thank you.
    God Bless you my Brother !!!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Bob, you should send this to Pastor Manning if you haven’t already.

  2. I was speaking of actual documented proof of who shot JFK.
    Recall that he had made many enemies inside and outside of government, and did directly threaten to totally trash the CIA over the Bay Of Pigs fiasco.
    I was 19 years old when he beat Nixon in the Nov59 election, and not
    yet eligible to vote.
    I wouldn’t trust that JAMJ ‘s words either.
    Thank You!

  3. I thought they were going to have actual evidence. Skype testimony with no documents or proof or cross exam stinks. It doesn’t look real at all. Im dissapointed and now I know why no one is covering this in the media. Maybe we should be happy.

  4. This was submitted elsewhere by another poster who goes by the pseudonym “jiminycricket000.” Don’t know if it’s original or recycled, but it is so accurate, to-the-point and chilling that I just had to share it here (and it is on-point to one of the questions central to the trial):

    “Summing Up Obama (So Far) – It’s still a legitimate question: Who is he?…”

    He is whom he’s shown himself to be, that’s all. And what has he shown himself to be?

    a profound liar
    self centered
    unable to lead
    immature, willing to blame others for his failures
    limited in ability
    dangerous to freedom
    dangerous to prosperity
    willing to destroy himself and his country to take his revenge
    a coward
    a pretentious buffoon

    in short, —

    a tool God is using to chastise America for her apostasy from faith, morals and sound judgment. Obama isn’t really the problem, he’s just the face of it. WE are our own worst enemy because we’ve abused our God given freedom and prosperity. At this moment in time America deserves Barak Hussein Obama, and there are about 45 million ‘aborted’ babies to prove it. These little ones have been replaced by illegal aliens and non-assimilating immigrants who were needed to fill the void. It is these people who have helped put Obama into office, but it is we who have made all this possible by believing we don’t need God, His Kingship, or even our own children. It won’t be Republicans who will eventually defeat this pretentious, arrogant Tool in the White House, it will be conservative Christians. The RINOS will follow once they begin to get it.

    1. I could not agree more … not only with the description of “the obomination of desolation”, but also regarding the self inflicted chastisement; and if we don’t get our act together damn quick, we will find ourselves back in bondage, and be quite deserving of it. “IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY”

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated. When you look at all of the information that is not being reported on any news media outlets, why would anyone continue to watch TV? All of them are corrupt including Fox News. Since the Saudis now control Fox News they have made a drastic shift in the last few months. Sadly they can no longer be trusted. The massive cover up of this complete fraud in our White House will be exposed thanks to the brave efforts of patriots like Pastor Manning.

    1. Yep, some months ago when Barry was complaining about his treatment by Fox News, he used his crackberry to call his Saudi billionaire buddy, and said something like this:

      ” I need you to buy part of Fox News so you can influence how they cover me on the most watched news channel in America. Don’t buy the entire network though, that would be too obvious.”

      Now Fox News is for the most part just an Obama echo chamber like the rest of the state run media.

  6. The following two links post reporters inside the church during the Grand Jury. The coverage couldn’t be more different. However, along with your interview, Mrs. Rondeau, it’s the only information that I’ve come across.
    The first tends to focus on the information and the witnesses; the second tends to focus on the motives and the prosecutor(Manning). Both are making their reports from cell phones with rotten battery life!