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by Sharon Rondeau

At least a dozen states are discussing legislation dealing with illegal immigration. Many have already passed measures aimed at curbing employment of illegals.

(May 7, 2010) — Numerous states are pursuing legislation similar to that which was passed by Arizona on April 23.

A proposal has been introduced in Pennsylvania which would give law enforcement “full authority to apprehend illegal aliens.”  State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, the author of the bill, has stated that Pennsylvania is spending more than $700,000,000 each year for medical care, incarceration and education for illegal aliens.

Yesterday lawmakers in Minnesota introduced a bill to deal with illegal immigration which is modeled after Arizona’s new law and  “would impose many of the most controversial measures put in place by that legislation.”

Other states considering measures to control illegal immigration are Colorado, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, and Missouri.

A Fox News poll today indicated that 61% of American voters surveyed believe that the law passed in Arizona was the right thing to do in light of the federal government’s inaction on the issue.  On March 27, an Arizona rancher was shot and killed on his own property, which some believe urged the passage of the new law last month.  The rancher’s suspected murderer is a “Mexican who was in the U.S. recently.”

The state of South Carolina passed an immigration reform bill two years ago aimed at prohibiting employers from hiring undocumented workers.  However, the legislation also included a provision which made the harboring or transporting of known illegal aliens a felony.  At the time, the law was deemed “the strongest in the nation.”  South Carolina is now considering legislation similar to Arizona’s.

According to The New York Times, the passage of the Arizona law “galvanized Democrats and led the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, to declare that the Senate would act on an immigration bill this year; he suggested that a new immigration bill could be introduced before the end of May.”  Previous proposals discussed at the federal level by both Democrats and Republicans have encompassed allowing illegal aliens to remain in the country if they submitted to a criminal background check and paid retroactive income taxes.

At least one county in Georgia adheres to a program called “287G”, which allows law enforcement personnel “to arrest and deport people who are in this country illegally,” similar to the Arizona bill.  The 287G provision was passed by Congress in 1995 and outlined a “partnership” between local and state law enforcement officers and federal ICE authorities.

A sheriff in Ohio is planning on launching a petition drive to gather signatures for a proposed ballot initiative for November of this year dealing with illegals in a similar manner to the Arizona bill.

Utah passed a bill in 2008 which takes effect this summer.

Heated debate over illegal immigration and their cost to the communities in which they reside was occurring at the state level in 2007.  At that time, at least 18 states reportedly passed measures to “limit illegal immigrants’ ability to obtain jobs, find housing, get driver’s licenses and receive many government services.”

A citizens’ group in Arkansas plans to approach state legislators about introducing legislation during the next session dealing with illegal immigration, citing financial reasons.

As of February 2010, a bill in Idaho was defeated in committee and two others remained pending in the state senate.

California, once the state with the highest percentage of illegal aliens, is reportedly experiencing a drop in the rate of illegals crossing its borders.

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  1. The Dems are going to try to turn immigration reform into the defining issue for upcoming mid-term election in order to take the focus off the HCR law that nobody needs or wants. Current RCP Poll average shows the approval/diapproval of HCR at 40.9% favor, 51.6% oppose.

    Moving up immigration reform will be disguised as advocating the civil rights of minority illegal aliens when in actuality Dems are only addressing IR as a means to further their radical left political ends. They also know that bi-partisan support will be nearly non-existent. It is political exploitation of the worst kind.

    There have been a least two polls (Fox and IBD) that show a solid majority of Americans (60%) support the new immigration enforcement law in AZ.

    If you thought last summer was hot, just wait until this summer’s townhall meetings commence. If you give someone enough rope they will eventually hang themselves.

  2. Are states like California, Illinois, etc headed for the similar fate of Greece?
    In simple terms, like the recent humorous view states,
    the socialists and unionists in Greece have indeed run out of other peoples money to spend.
    Sad commentary but proof galore of the failure of big government socialist policies.

  3. My state has the highest amount of illegals in it, probably due to the agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. Los Angeles has the 2nd highest population of Hispanics in the World, 2nd only to Mexico City. The town I live in is 95% Hispanic. Taxes here are outrageous, and we pay higher in everything, mostly due to illegals. What we have gotten in return for our generous tax dollars are hospitals closing down because they are bankrupt (illegals using ER for things like sniffles, then not paying for services), higher crime, more gangs & gaffiti everywhere, correctional facilities filled to overflowing, fear to go walking anywhere night or day because drive-by shootings are rampant, education slowed way down to accommidate the hispanics that don’t speak English, we see one person with several different IDs in his wallet under different names, each of which he will collect welfare checks and food stamps under (from our tax dollars). I could go on and on, but my husband & I (& all taxpayers in CA) have paid enormously over the decades in higher taxes for illegals’ social programs. Is it any wonder California is bankrupt? Our state gvmt is mostly liberal and spend just like those who are out of control in Washington, DC. It is rediculous, but sadly, Arnold Swartzenegger is not even thinking about doing anything like Arizona just did.

  4. It is about time that We ( True Americans ) Took America back , Next We ( Americans ) Need to pass a Nation Wide Bill ( Law ) IN ALL 50 States that requires PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY to run for PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A.
    [ Natural born Citizenship (both parents must be U.S. Citizens )]If D.C. does not care , then proceed w/out D.C.

      plus ALL “persons” involved in aiding the usurper into Office
      who swore an Oath to protect Our Constitution
      should be prosecuted, fined and jailed. Politicians, Military,
      and Judges alike. All are guilty.
      We have “LAWS” to prosecute them. It’s time we enforce them!
      They work for us. Period.

  5. If Reid and Co thinks an Immigration bill is their ticket to survival for the mid-terms, they have another thing coming!

    With unemployment at (officially) 9.9%, the States struggling to pay their schools teachers and other basic services, such a bill is the best gift the Dems can give their opponents. If they think Townhalls were hot last summer, they have not seen anything yet.

    Looking at footage of the Tee-shirt High School incident were a crowd of youngsters were attacking a disabled man chanting Mexico, Mexico, pretty much sums up the situation. How many of those youngsters were being educated in that high school on our dime while here illegaly and obviously with allegiance trully not for the US?

    I am a legal immigrant. I came thru the front door. It took me 12 years to get my citizenship. I never took a dime of public assistance of any kind. I cannot stand the arrogance of those illegal immigrants. I cannot stand that in Miami you are addressed first in Spanish.

    They want to manufacture a fight on Immigration… They have no clue what will be coming their way. Let’s roll !!!!

    1. Brigitte-I’m so glad naturalized citizens are speaking out against this illegal immigration. I am from the suburbs of Chicago and most of the naturalized citizens became citizens just like you-the hard way. We admired them greatly and helped when and where we could, they also taught us how wonderful it was to be an American-it is always good to be reminded. By the way name a country-for us it was every country on the planet.
      Therefore I remain shocked at the arrogant attitude of the current crop of illegals, from what I have seen they act as if illegal immigration and everything that comes with it is some kind of entitlement program. Everyone else has paid in, in some fashion-our current legal citizens, our forebears and their attitude seems to be take, take, take and then demand more. Due to the Federal government shifting burdens to the states-economic, political etc. the states are doing what is necessary to survive. This issue will not go away this time, WE THE PEOPLE have had it in more ways than one. The Tea Party will make sure both parties behave-we will continue to bring these issues forward with candidates who can and will solve these issues.

  6. Amen, True Patriot! We The People need to take back our country. The crooks in the White House, Congress and Senate need to be sent scurrying back underneath the rocks from whence they came!

    The illegal aliens need to be sent back where they came from, too. Deport them and their anchor babies and put the National Guard on the border with orders to “shoot to kill”. If the federal government can’t handle it, let the states take charge!

  7. I agree with true patriot but will add it is all of them not just one party or the other. Add in hollywood, all those with tons of money and access that want a one world order.

    What honest sane person could stand to be working with people like these scumbags in office today.

  8. I am a 5th generation Texan; however, I now reside in Pa. & have for quite some time. I’ve only seen a handful of Hispanics; but, if I were an illegal in this state my advise would be…run. The Pa State Troopers are pitbulls & will not be deterred by frivolous accusations of racial profiling.
    Cheers to Pa. & the rest! It’s about time.

  9. With the extent of ineffectiveness of the federal government on all levels, it may be time for each state to take total power over the feds. The only thing linked to efficiency in the federal government is overtaxing its citizens.

    When you cut off the money you cut off the power. The arrogance of the White House, Congress & Senate are out of control in this new “dictator” like attitude of push and shove legislation that is hurting America at every turn.

    1. I think you are right. I now understand what Ron Paul meant when he said:

      “Soon the people will just ignore the federal goverment.”

      This great nation is not embodied in the federal goverment which has become an entity unto itself with no connection to reality. This is life imitating art.