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May 8, 2010

Dear Mr. Cooper,

Anderson Cooper, CNN "journalist"

Forgive me, sir…I must have misunderstood the intent of your show.  Was I wrong to believe you were a component of the free press, a professional journalist?

I was very confused about the manner in which you attempted to attack your guest, Lt. Col. Lakin, as opposed to engage him.  Did I miss something?

Maybe I got it all wrong, Mr. Cooper, but it looked like your intentions were to discredit this principled, highly-decorated, honorable warrior, who demonstrated his dedication to the Constitution and the American people.

Unlike you, sir, Col. Lakin has put his life on the line on many occasions just so ingrates like you could heap abuse on him. He is obviously a much better man than you.

Now in my book, your conduct last night places you in the same incredibly unique category as that of Ms. Ma’am Boxer.  You both represent an insult to the American people and especially intelligent society.  You knowingly participated in disseminating false and misleading information with regard to the eligibility issue, a subject about which you proved your gross incompetence. Because I believe you did so deliberately, in my opinion, you are also guilty of the crime of misprision.  Further, in my view, this is a violation of the FCC license under which your broadcast network operates.  So in principle, at the very least, CNN should be sanctioned and fined for your transgressions.

But not to worry, Mr. Cooper; the damage has been dramatically contained due to the small size of your viewing audience.  That is with the exception of those like me who just tuned in out of curiosity to see CNN live up to its reputation for biased reporting.  I am happy to say you certainly met my expectations!

Your actions and behavior were classic Alinsky-style techniques.  It is hard to imagine that the management of CNN and you really are this stupid. Hey…but I suspect you drink enough Kool-Aid and as a natural consequence it has distorted your judgment, your ethics, your morality and your humanity.

But take heart!  The American public sees right through your treachery.  A brief glance at the CNN ratings confirms this fact.

The losses at CNN continued a pattern in place for much of the last year, as the network trailed its competitors in every prime-time hour. (CNN still easily beats MSNBC in the daytime hours, but those are less lucrative in advertising money, and both networks are far behind Fox News at all hours.)

But it is all relative, isn’t it, Mr. Cooper…CNN beat out MSNBC in the ratings.  WOW…what a coup.  Next thing you know, you will start paying viewers to watch you, maybe even offer unimaginable incentives…compliments of the American taxpayers, of course, via the White House.

So maybe the viewing public is not as dumb as you first thought….Maybe the public sees through your criminal intent. Maybe, just like Rep. Joe Wilson, the viewing public does not like liars and propagandists.  What do you think?  But really, who cares what you think; certainly not most of your viewers.

You know, Mr. Cooper, throughout history, every traitor has had a price…what was yours?



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    1. Mr. Fredrick, that was a great letter to Anderson Cooper. I only hope he actually reads it.

      I have your book, The Obama Timeline, and it contains a lot of useful information about Obama’s past and his mostly unsavory associates.

      I hope it’s OK if I send your letter, giving you credit of course, to my two democrat Senators.

    1. Hey. I submitted a “Cooper is a real-deal teabagger” comment a few days ago and it was rejected. I now cry “Foul!” ;) :b
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The reason was that we try to keep the site child-friendly, and that term has a very lewd meaning, too lewd for young readers.

      1. Mrs. Rondeau, I totally understand. I understood, then, too, why my comment was rejected. I also understand that moderators are people, each with her/his own perspectives, opinions, sensibilities and sensitivities. I assme there are at least a couple of moderators here at P&E News and while one was okay with Lucas’ comment, whoever wasn’t okay with my comment probably wouldn’t have been okay with Lucas’, either. I’m not offended now nor was I offended then because I didn’t get by with posting what some find to be an offensive comment. I leave that kind of hypocrisy to the libturds.

        As my emoticons indicate, I’m just messing with you guys and gals, something I never do to those I don’t like.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: Auntie, it’s OK! You can submit certain words with abbreviations or asterisks in the place of letters, and that will usually fly. We just don’t want to contribute to anyone being exposed to terminology which they do not need, nor their parents want, them to know.

  1. Bravo-excellent letter!
    Also, the BC issue, although important, is a diversionary tactic. Ask yourself, “Why would Anderson Cooper even interview Lt. Col. Lakin?”
    There must be an agenda for CNN to give ANY attention to the issue. I didn’t see Lakin on Fox.

    Obama and his minions must make the public believe that a natural born citizen is the same as a native born citizen, thus requiring the false premise that born on USA soil is good enough to be a NBC. NOT!

    Natural born citizen = born to 2 US citizen parents at the time of birth +
    born on US soil.

    I think Anderson Cooper is looking for a date from the usurper Obama so he is doing his dirty deeds (and he’s not very good at it).

    1. Jan,

      I don’t know how to stress this enough. The BC IS NOT a diversionary tactic. I’ve said time and again that I agree (like all of you guys believe) that he is not a NBC. There’s just one little problem here … it doesn’t matter what we think. It matters what the Supreme Court thinks — AND MORE IMPORTANTLY — Will they take the case? This is the Leo Donofrio line of thinking, and it is not faulty, but if obsessed on, it is extremely dangerous to our cause. We can yell about what a NBC is until we are blue in the face but what’s it worth? The deceiver is still president.

      The fact is that Leo WAS and IS wrong. The BC/Vital statistics are clearly damaging to Obama. He isn’t going to spring them all of a sudden and then say, “Hahaha, I was just pulling a diversionary tactic! You fools!”

      Quite the contrary, he is doing everything in his might to suppress their release. That means the BC is VERRRRRRY important. Ronald Polland just proved that the online COLB is false. Since it is, how is it not important, given what I said? You’re missing the real point if you think NBC status (which is not even defined) is the issue. It isn’t. YET.

      So what to do?

      First, do all we can to show the online COLB is a forgery. Second, pursue methods to show HE WAS NOT born at Kapi’olani.

      I know how to do #2, but no one wants to listen. I thought real journalists were still out there.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The Post & Email has been exposing the facts which do not support the claim that he was born at Kapiolani.

      1. I agree with Joseph, the birth cerificate may not be the only important thing, but it is extemely important. Those who have said that Obama will one day spring out the real long-form birth certificate and say “gotcha” are wrong…ain’t gonna happen.

        Keep up the pressure on all fronts…………

      2. Mrs. Rondeau,

        Will you email me? I like you. I just want someone to be shocked into responding. I know you have it in you. You want to nail this fraud as much as I.

        Bob … I see your comment below. You are a smart man. It is SO easy to get your eye off the prize here. Think soundly and let’s get after what matters. I provide tough love on so many of the people interested here when they say ridiculous things, I admit —> but it’s because I want us to pursue the right angles.

        The BC/vital stats are damaging. And they aren’t just “My grandma said I was born here”- type things. If that were the case he would have just come out long ago and said, TOO BAD, you can’t prove what we said is false, take it up with the stupid/shady state of Hawaii.”

        BUT HE DIDN’T. Just like he didn’t allow Kapi’olani to publicly announce or show ONLY a record that he was born there. That renders any BC meaningless and proves us all wrong.

        But he didn’t. Why? He defrauded the online COLB and the Kapi’olani thing is a lie. Guaranteed.

        The real documents put not only his eligibility into question, they show his life story is a corrupt lie. It’s that damaging.

      3. I just posted this comment, relevant to this discussion, at another blog site.

        …Most of us “birthers” know the difference between a native born citizen and a natural born citizen and that only a natural born citizen is eligible to serve as POTUS. We also know, however, that it will most likely take years – at least the rest of his first term – to get this to and through the SCOTUS. Even after all of that time, there is the possibility that the SCOTUS judges, being the cowardly, corrupt bunch that they are, will rule that the Fouders meant no difference from native born citizen when they used the wording of “natural born citiizen” in their outline of the eligibility requirements for the POTUS. That would be a shame and a furthering of the destruction to the US as it pertains to Obummer because that difference is irrelevant; he was born in Kenya and therefore is neither a native born citizen of the US or a natural born citizen of the US.

        The SCOTUS needs to address the difference native born citizen and natural born citizen before we see a native born citizen run for POTUS. Even then, we can only hope they will rule correctly and honestly, something that is more likely to happen when and if it means no one running for election to POTUS will be removed from the race and no one illegally elected to the presidency will be removed from office.

        In regards to Obummer, the fast track to getting him and those who helped put him in the White House out of our government, off our streets and behind bars where they belong is by exposing his Kenyan birth.

      4. The birth certificate cannot prove his eligibility. It can only further disprove it, should it show a birth outside the US. But does anyone think that the most powerful man on the planet, backed by billionaires, will be unable to “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth? Unlike the birth certificate, there does not exist a document which will ever show that Obama Senior was a US citizen.

      5. TexomaEd, if Obummer can produce a convincing phony BC, then why hasn’t he? After the admitted forgery of the COLB that DKos produced and then placed online, what attorney worth his/her salt wouldn’t check it against the state registrar?

        Everyone keeps saying that NBC means born on US soil to two US citizen parents. While I believe right along with them that it’s a fact that that is what the Founders meant by NBC, I also know that it doesn’t matter what we believe. How the SCOTUS would rule is all that matters. I have no more faith in them rule against Obummer than I have faith in Obummer, Pelousy, and the rest of DC. You heard Clarence Thomas joke – JOKE! – about the SCOTUS “evading” the NBC issue. After that, I don’t understand how anyone can believe that they’d not “interpret” the Article II clause in a way that protects Obummer.

    1. It has not been proven that Maya has a HI COLB. There have been numerous UIPA requests for her index data, and all to my knowledge, came back “no records exist that are responsive to your request.”

      What is unknown, is which index did the DoH search? There are four indexes: General, Certificate of Hawaiian Birth (not to be confused with the COLB), Delayed, and Foreign brith. Unless the requester specifically requested a search of the foreign birth index; the DoH likely only searched the general index.

      I suggested sometime ago that someone who is not on the vexatious requester blacklist, should make a request for search for Maya’s index data from the foreign birth index. The cost to search the index is $7.50 per search.

      There is one other caveat: SAD in all likelihood did not live in HI within one year of Maya’s birth. This is a prerequisite to obtain a HI COLB for a foreign birth.

      It is however hard to say whether or not SAD maintained an official HI residence while living in Indonesia. If she did, then she might have been able to obtain a COLB for Maya.

  2. The right thing to do would have been to actually antagonize the US Military. Do you guys really think they are going to try Lakin? No way!

    He will be allowed to walk just like all the rest. The CIC will not show his birth certificate, and that means that they won’t charge Lakin with anything, because they cannot risk anything going to discovery to prove his position/defense.

    I would have trumpeted this and said, “Mr. Cooper, would you like to make a wager? I bet you any amount you would like that the Army will NOT bring charges against me. They will let me walk. Why? The Commander in Chief is not only hiding details of his birth, he absolutely will not show a real birth certificate. Will you have me back on when they give me my ‘get out of war free’ card?”

    It would be hysterical and definitely the most effective. Think about it.

  3. As bad as Cooper was on the interview he at least is consistent in his attitude on all things pro-Obama. That is a lot more than can be said of that sell out Beck an avid anti-birther and who sold out to Fox’s Saudi ownership in calling Geert Wilders a fascist.

  4. Lt. Col Lakin and his lawyer missed a golden opportunity to deliver their point. Any liberal in their place would have immediately spun the question and presented his/her point very succinctly, disregarding Cooper’s barking. But they wanted to be nice and wasted too much time by politely responding to the barking.

    1. Tim, you are assuming the attorney and Dr. Lakin wanted to deliver any other point. The layers and layers of unverifiable allegations cannot even be described in fifteen minutes, and likely never will be resolved. Obama is the face of very clever and devious people, people for whom the end justifies the means. If there is a cogent argument, perhaps in legal process, for ignoring “born on the soil of citizen parents” I have never seen it described. I hope there is because the web site of the group supporting Dr. Lakin whom I’ll assume well meaning, but ignorant of the words of our framers., is bereft of the the fundamental Constitutional explaination of why having been born of an alien father disqualified Obama.

      Having read Samuel Adams, James Madison, James Kent, John Marshall as well as those precursors of Vattel, there is simply no argument if truth still has validity, that our framers intended other than what John Marshall repeated. Vattel was far and away the most cited and quoted legal authority during the four decades after ratification. The considerable attention to detail parsing non-responses by Hawaiian officials, the trips to Kenya, the document examiners, seem, and may be, intentional misdirection. The polemicists running the Obama minsinformation department gauged the lack of attention, the minimal education in U.S. history (myself included!) and the significace of their owning the state-run media.

      I applaude the sentiment expressed by Dr. Lakin, having once faced the possiblity that I might not return from a military assignment. The Obama team certainly knows that the military could be a problem. But seeing warriors tried because they might have slapped the admitted murderer of three U.S. civilians, some in the military cannot be trusted to “Defend and Protect” the Constitution, and non-citizen non-uniformed combatants granted habeus corpus, the military has been compromised. Our last recourse is to inform “The People” for whom the republic was created, many of whom are reqlinquishing their Constitution to presumably keep their pensions and union jobs.

      Being born abroad of patriots as McCain was is not dangerous to our republic, though our framers had sound reasons for restricting presidents to those born on our soil. I would support an amendment stipulating that extension, though it has been proposed and rejected more than once. Being born of parents who do not believe in the protections afforded by our Constitution is the danger Jay, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and Franklin were concerned with. The dreams Obama II acquired from his father were clearly of a Marxist Muslim society, incompatible though the two belief systems Islam and Marxism are. The the requirement of citizen parents (in 1788 the wife was naturalized by marriage, but Marshall, Waite, Daniels, Gray, Hughes all used the term citizen parents).

      There is a direct path to the truth. Since my families and my freedom depend upon truth, Dr. Lakin’s team is distracting from that undeniable truth, and their motives deserve scrutiny. If an Army doctor is shown to be asking questions which don’t get answered, or which are quashed by the grudging revelation of some document, since he has no living relatives to confirm his story, solders will realize their leadership will not support them, minimizing a chance of a military coup when they are ordered to do something they belive contrary to our former Constitutional principles (such as denying overflight of Israeli aircraft headed for Iran as the U.S. has already threatened, or threatening Israel not to respond after a chemical or nuclear attack, but offering no protection).

      Too few understand that Obama is an alien, both by his birth to a British subject, and by his rejection of our Consittution. That is what our framers sought to protect us from by the most restrictive qualifications on just the president and vice president for any federal office.

      1. I think it’s the other way around. Obummer knows the SCOTUS judges will rule in his favor. Therefore, he’d prefer to have the NBC issue taken to court than have his Kenyan birth verified and revealed. That’s why he boldly stated on his campaign website that he was born of a Kenyan father. That’s why he’s spent $2million (at last count) in legal fees on suits demanding he produce his BC. If the Kenyan birth/BC issue was simply a ruse to distract from the NBC issue, he would have presented the Hawaiin BC at one or more of the suits. After doing that, anyone attempting to present the NBC issue in court would look like the racist Republican, disappointed that his guy lost to a black man, that Obots accuse us all of being.

        Dualers have it backwards. He’s got the SCOTUS judges in his pocket. It’s the BC that he can’t produce.

  5. Arnie’s letter expresses perfectly my disgust with Anderson Cooper’s outrageous and disrespectful treatment of a senior U.S. military officer, until he concludes the letter with the complimentary close “Respectfully”.

    With this sentiment I am in total and complete disagreement. Anderson Cooper and his many colleagues in the mainstream press who are covering up Obama’s crimes are nothing less than traitors, and deserve only contempt.

    1. My apologies for my subtleness. You obviously do not know me very well.

      That “respectfully” was intended in a way that was anything but respectful….!

      Contempt expresses it rather well. Now you can probably enjoy sleeping better tonight.

  6. Among all the other excellent points made here, what really stood out was how Mr. Pooper kept insisting that the Lt.Col. speak for himself, rather than allow his lawyer speak for him. We’ve all seen many, many talk show guests accompanied by their lawyer. I’ve never before seen any talk show host even question the lawyer speaking for their client, much less insist that their lawyer remain silent! Everyone, including Mr. Pooper, knows the lawyer is there specifically to speak for their client and protect their rights going into trial. Mr. Pooper did this as a diversionary tactic, which did not work. It revealed his extreme fear and panic that the truth of BO’s illegal occupancy of the WH is coming out. I’m certainly not a regular viewer of CNN and Mr. Pooper, but I’ve seen him in action enough to recognize that he was practically apoplectic in this interview, compared to his interviews of other subject matters.

  7. Anderson Cooper was downright rude. Before the show, he was near the top of my favorite’s list of news commentators.

    It was obvious from Cooper’s first long, drawn-out statement that the so-called interview was nothing more than a cheap shot at making points for Obama, his agenda and affirming the liberal media’s attempt to continue the ruse of the birth certificate issue. Cooper’s behavior was like that of a schoolyard bully. As a result of this show, I’m no longer a fan and will cease to watch it from this date forward.

  8. Know thine enemy: I tune in to every Obamgeddon speech and monitor CNN, NYT, LAT, etc., even though it makes me ill. Study them, ferret out their many weaknesses, defeat them.

  9. Mr. Anderson Communist with Communist Network News was doing exactly as expected. Reading a list compiled for him by the White House. What we got to see was the difference between a great American Hero like Lt. Col. Lakin, and a Communist Dirtbag with no class. None of these people have a soul. They have all been bought by the devil. Godless, gutless filth.

    1. Well said, True Patriot, as your last three sentences so aptly describe Obama as well. I’m glad that Lt. Col. Lakin went on this worthless network, because it makes your distinction ever more vivid, “for all to see.”

  10. I caught at least part, if not almost all, of the interview and it went as expected. LSM kool-aider smearing an honorable man and depicting him as a nutcase for even questioning the veracity of the on-line COLB.

    The on-line COLB, the DoH statements, the birth announcements, etc. should/would never be admissible evidence in a court of law w/o an established provenance and therefore it should not be treated as such, regardless of which side of the issue one is on.

    I will note that it disheartens me to know Lt Col Lakin and his attorney will consider the matter closed on the outside chance O coughs up the long form b/c showing HI as his birth place. They are not even addressing how the dual citizenship at birth contradicts the definition and intent of a NBC.

    Lt Col Lakin may however accomplish what no one else has able to do: “show me the birth certificate”! At least we would know what lies ahead to remove the “Uspurper-in-Chief”. Born in Kenya: Slamdunk. Born in HI and/or adopted: Not so easy; it will require a SCOTUS intervention to determine the outcome.

  11. This was all political theatre. Cooper would have NEVER let this attorney on if he were going to speak about Obama’s dual citizenship at birth, which alone disqualifies him and is Obama’s Kryptonite. This is a setup. This whole case is a fraud (don’t know if Lakin is involved or is a dupe).

  12. Thanks to each one of you who believe in America and her people. You all here, make me proud!

    Obama is a dual citizen-british and indonesian—never can be a natural born citizen of the United States of America.—Never!

  13. The attorney missed a chance to get it straight – educate the people that the bc is irrelevant, explain briefly that Obama is not an Article II natural born Citizen because he was born to a non-US citizen father – nbc means born on US soil to two US citizen parents – as such, Obama is ineligible to be POTUS, no matter where he was born!

    The Post and Email can reach them. So please contact them to tell them to discuss with Mario Apuzzo regarding how to set it straight next interview, if any!

    We must pull the wool off people’s eyes once and for all. They have gotten away with it for too long – getting people on a wild goose chase after the stinky bc! Forget about the stupid bc. He was NOT born to US citizen parents; therefore, he is NOT eligible to be POTUS. Case closed.

    1. Another good source for LTC Lakin would be Commander Kerchner. And, as they are both military men, they could develop a good rapport.

  14. It was as I expected. A conspiracy theorist might suspect that the cross-examination and talking points were sent to Cooper direct from the WH.

    NOW we know WHY

    1. Hawaii changed their system to MAKE the COLB BECOME the “birth certificate”, but only AFTER Obama’s birth status became an issue; and

    2. WHY Lingle suddenly put out that statement about Kapiolani and asking her Health Director to view the birth records: So that Cooper could cite it as evidence in this interview on worldwide TV.

    Notice how the lead-in to this video mentions “native” born NOT natural born, which is the issue under the Constitution, as we well know, if Cooper does not:


    Indeed, it WAS a hostile cross-examination, not an interview. There was no attempt to hear the Lt. Col.’s side. Cooper was disrespectful to the man and his lawyer. He would not let them answer questions as they wished. He talked over them and badgered the lawyer and the Lt. Col. Cooper also made numerous false statements, which the lawyer had little, if any, time to rebut. Did you catch the not-so-subtle implication of racism?

    I wondered why Cooper would deign to expose this topic. Now I know why. It was a show trial. It was orchestrated to humiliate and ridicule the man and the issue.

    Let’s not forget that Cooper played a huge, probably similarly orchestrated role in perpetuating, if not inventing, the disgusting epithet “teabaggers.” He, of all people, ought to know better.

    Can we place in time Obama’s first use of that term with its use by Cooper?

  15. Vanderbit Anderson Cooper, the true American – wasn’t he the reporter who staged a “live saving” in Haiti a few weeks ago? First he was praised by everyone in MSN, then suddenly, they dumped him as a second Geraldo Rivera –
    As far as liberals’ holographic patriotism – how dares this creep criticise a honorable military man like col. Lakin, when his essential reading is Philip Agee, and ‘ther “baby killers” stuff?

  16. Lt Col Lakin needs to proceed armed with what we do know to be the truth:

    “Resolved, That the Commitee on the Judiciary be instructed to inquire on the expediency of so amending the law on the subject of naturalization, as to EXCLUDE THOSE FROM THE PRIVLEGES OF NATURAL BORN CITIZENS WHO are or shall BE BORN OF PARENTS who have been removed or shall remove, from the United States, and have or shall take the oath of allegiance to the Government in which they so reside, until such persons shall become naturalized LIKE OTHER FOREIGNERS, agreeably to the laws that now do or hereafter may exist on that subject.”(my caps)

    Source:The New Englander L Rev Vol 3 1845
    “Massachusetts & South Carolina” P414
    “The expression ‘citizen of the United States’ occurs in the clauses prescribing qualifications for Representatives, for Senators, and for President. In the latter the term ‘natural born citizen’ is used & EXCLUDES ALL PERSONS OWING ALLEGIANCE BY BIRTH TO FOREIGN STATES; in the other cases the word ‘citizen’ is used without the adjective & excludes persons owing allegiance to foreign states, unless naturalized under our laws.”(my caps) Note: “The New Englander” was a publication that stood, in great measure, as a tribute to patriot and Revolutionary War hero General Joseph Palmer He sacrificed his life & fortune for ‘the cause’

    U.S. Congressman, abolitionist, “Father of the 14th Amendment” John Bingham confirms understanding & construction Framers used re birthright & jurisdictIon in the House March 1866:
    “I find no fault with the introductory clause which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen..”

    The ADMISSION via “Fight the Smears”
    The Obama Campaign states that BO Jr was subject to British Law at birth. This is FACT not allegation
    “… As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose CITIZENSHIP STATUS WAS GOVERNED BY The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act GOVERNED the status of Obama Sr.s children

    1. I have seen all of these sources before, but not the one from the Journal of the House of Representatives from 1839. I have read it over a few times, but not sure I understand what it is saying. Can you explain further? Thanks.

  17. I didn’t watch the interview, but I’ve seen and heard Cooper in action before, so to speak, and I can imagine how nasty he must have been with LTC Lakin.

    Great letter, Arnie. I doubt it’ll mean much to Cooper, but it means a lot to other patriotic Americans like you and me.

  18. I heard recently that Leo Dononfrio and Stephen Pidgeon would like to help on Lakin’s case. Phil Berg and Mario Apuzzo should help out any way they can. Alan Keyes could also help too. Bring Major Stephen Cook, Capt. Connie Rhodes, Scott Easterling and all of Orly’s military plaintiffs to bolster Lakin’s position.

  19. I could not watch it (we don’t have cable) but from the comments made here and in other blogs, I’m glad I didn’t see it. What can anyone expect from these lamestream media idiots? When I heard it was going to be on CNN, I just groaned. Who, in their right mind, thought Cooper WASN’T going to do a vindictive hatchet job on Lt. Col. Lakin to try to make him out to be a right wing kook? Our media is dead and why we don’t have cable.

  20. I thought my anger would be best served to just email CNN/Cooper. Too long, Americans have been intimidated in keeping quiet about the militant homosexual agenda being crammed down the throats of our children at the lowest grade levels, and in movies, in television, ad nauseum (that depravity, IMO, is what drives the likes of the Anderson Coopers in our country). Too long have Christians been intimidated in speaking out against the gross sinfulness that has poisoned our society on all fronts. Yes, that includes adultery, but homosexuality is even more perverse for the destruction it wreaks on all those so enslaved. Too long have we played “nice” and decided it was better to keep quiet and not be labeled as “intolerant”. I think it is time we picked up the sword of truth and let “them” have it.

    My email to CNN: “Anderson Cooper’s interview of LtCol Lakin was nothing less than a smear job of a real American. It appears that Cooper’s time in Hanoi corrupted any love for his own country if he ever did have any. Lakin is putting his career on the line for truth, something that Cooper obviously is not interested in. Cooper knows that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to serve as POTUS, and the truth WILL come out. We really don’t need “mainsteam media” anymore; the alternative media has done a fantastic job in publishing facts and truth and in outing those who wish to harm this country. And yes, that includes Cooper and Obama both. Neither appear to have any love or allegiance to this country that has given both of them so much.

    Unfortunately, as is true so often with other sexual deviants, Cooper is driven not by bonafide professional standards or even the pursuit of truth and facts, which is the norm in his chosen profession, but by his own perverse and disgusting view of the world. America will never forget or forgive Cooper’s disgusting and morally depraved use of the term “tea baggers” to try and caricature normal Americans concerned about our country as depraved and perverted sodomites. That title belongs to Cooper and other flaming homosexual militants who are trying to pervert the rest of America to their own sick lifestyle. His very unprofessional and combative treatment of a decorated Army officer reflects badly on himself, a very damaged individual who spews forth nothing but contempt and hate on God-fearing, America-loving citizens. Go back in the closet, Cooper, and keep your sin-sick self from contaminating the air waves any longer. And CNN, you lost credibility a long time ago. The best thing you can do to improve your ratings is to clean house. You might want to start with Anderson Cooper.

  21. Much like People used to hide monies in Swiss bank accounts , Now People are aware of how to hide their identities via obtaining a Hawaiin Certificate of Live Birth , One only needs one other person to Claim they were born @ such place , no other proof needed !!!!

    1. The research that LTC Lakin and his lawyers need is that of the dual citizenship issue — the fact that Obama’s father was not a US citizen, which makes Obama not a natural born citizen and ineligible to be President even if he has born in Hawaii. However, it appears that they are myopic in this regard, and that is unfortunate, as LTC Lakin is a good and patiotic American. If he is reading these comments, I urge him to get his lawyers educated. It is not too late.

      However, one thing LTC Lakin should know, is this: If he goes forward with the dual citizen argument (in addition that of the birth certificate), he can count on getting no further interviews with the MSM. This is because the MSM cannot and will not entertain this question:

      How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the United States of America be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain (as stated on Obama’s own website)?

  22. I am not sure if the attorney understands the entiety of the issue. He should have discussed the Dual citizen issue. Hopefully that is part of the defense, but I can’t tell from the Libby interview or this one whether the dual citizen issue will be brought up. Predictably Cooper regurgitates all of the Left talking points throughout. Traitors all. I just hope that Lakin is not some kind of plant, that seeks to redefine the definition as simply Native born. When will one of these people clearly state the real issue, and why have they not as yet?

    1. Mick I agree with that. Although the BC has merits its hard for the average person to internalize and make a fair conclusive opinion out of all the crap that is being spun. You really can’t spin the fact that Obama himself and in effect admitted to his Citizenship in his book “Dreams of my Father”.
      Cooper was as demeaning as they come and he should be ashamed of himself for lying out right about the true b.c. part of this issue.

  23. Remember this CNN piece of work so called news-comment segment on Dec 7th, 2010. I hope Ted Turner (and former wife Jane Fonda) is proud of his off-spring network issue coverage.

    I guess Hawaii should be called a “citizenship title-washing state” and be given a full faith and credit pass to generate natural born citizen POTUS/CINC US constitutional eligibility titles to the foreign national fathered births delivered world-wide to female citizens of the great State of Hawaii — site of the original Pearl Harbor event where various senior (O-5 and above) line officers in HI and DC somehow missed the call on Japan fleet movements related to Hawaii.

  24. I just viewed the interview by Mr. Cooper with Lt. Col. Lakin and his attorney and quite frankly, I am not surprised that a tool of the Devil like Mr. Cooper would act that way. His agenda is not to get to the facts but to malign and degrade and divert people’s attention from the facts. Barack Obama will not and cannot prove that he is a natural born citizen of the United States and Cooper knows this along with all of his associates. Legitimate journalism has been dead in this country for many years and Cooper’s lack of journalistic integrity not only reveals that but shows why he is still on CNN. What will the liberal media do, when Lt. Col Lakin’s case exposes to the light the massive coverup and fraud that has been done to the American people. Lakin will be exonerated IF he is given a fair hearing. The likes of Mr. Cooper do not want to see that happen because they hope for a socialist world even though they know the idea of a free press would immediately go by the wayside. The liberal media is just a propaganda machine for those who want to overthrow America.

    1. Rev McAfee, Cooper et al also don’t want to see the truth about Obummer brought into the light because they’re into the coverup so deeply now that ordinary Americans – their viewing audience – will then know that they, too, are guilty of foisting this travesty on America.

  25. As dishearted as I am due to the constant refusual of any court to hear this case on the merits, I am opposingly happy to see what is taking place in our great country. More than ever Americans are educating themselves to the U.S. Constitution and the intentions of our Founders, and more and more the CNN’s, MSNBC’s, & Chris Mathew’s of the world are fading into oblivia!
    I’m not a practicing religious person, but I believe in God and “In God I Trust”. He will NOT let this great country be taken over by the Socialists!

    1. tom,

      I have to agree with you. I probably would never have learned so much about our constitution if they had not gone on their rampage to shred it.

  26. What a disgusting display by Pooper Cooper(PC). I could not believe the total disrespect displayed by PC. That was the first time I have tuned in to cnn in 3 years. I will not ever again either.