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May 7, 2010

Dear Editor:

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle stated on Thursday that Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center, despite state law which prohibits the release of birth information

I tried last night and again this morning to send Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle the following e-mail.  Both times I got a “system down for maintenance, please try again” message. I plan to resend it throughout the day.

Dear Governor Lingle,

I see that you recently stated Obama was born in Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu.

It is very important that America know if the man in the Oval Office is actually Constitutionally eligible to be president. I am asking you to clarify your statement on his birthplace.

Where did you get the information that says Obama was born at the Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu?  Contrary to your recent statement, neither you nor anyone from Hawaii ever mentioned the name of the hospital where Obama supposedly was born.  Therefore, your statement is inaccurate and misleading.

Did you see Obama’s real, long-form, vault copy birth certificate and hospital records, or did you just say he was born at Kapi’olani because that’s what Obama (sometimes) says? I believe there has been a search (or searches) of the hospital’s birth records, and nothing showed up indicating Obama was born there. Are the Kapi’olani Hospital birth records from 1961 now freely available to the public? Since this birth is no longer a secret, could the records showing the doctor’s name and other information please be posted online to help clear up the mystery of where Obama was born and to whom? As you know, many sources, including numerous members of the Kenyan Parliament, Obama’s grandmother and an aunt, Michelle Obama, and various worldwide news sources have referred to Obama as having been born in Kenya.

Also, I thought Hawaii law forbids discussion of any birth record?  On the Hawaii Department of Health web page, it states that birth records are not released to anyone who does not possess “a tangible interest” in the record.  Has that law been changed suddenly?  Is it a law you recently signed?

Is the plaque finally going to be hung at this hospital saying Obama was born there? If so, I want to see the source used as proof he was born there.

I am going to call the Kapi’olani Hospital, as I plan to visit Hawaii and would like to see the birthplace of America’s first black president. I will ask them if there is a marker or a plaque or something at the hospital I can take a picture of.

Please use my contact information to reply as soon as possible.


A Concerned Citizen

PS…Are you aware that Reverend James David Manning is having an American Grand Jury trial of Obama in Harlem, NY, starting on the 14th of May, 2010? He claims to have proof of Obama’s ineligibility to be president. It could be interesting. Perhaps the ineligibility is related to Obama’s father never being an American citizen, or maybe to Obama’s apparent adoption by Lolo Soetoro while they lived in Indonesia, rather than where Obama was born? We will soon see.

Update: I sent my email to the office of the Lieutenant Governor after several unsuccessful attempts to send it to the Governor herself.  I received the following email from the Lt. Governor’s office:

From: LtGov@hawaii.gov
To: Redacted
Cc: Gov@hawaii.gov
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2010  6:37 PM
Subject: Re:  Clarification of statement by Governor Lingle

Aloha Redacted:

Per your request, we are forwarding this email to the Office of the Governor.  Have a good day.

Office of the Lieutenant Governor
State Capitol – Fifth Floor
Honolulu, Hawai’i  96813
(808) 586-0255

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  1. Dear Governor Lingle: Exactly what is in it for you ?? I mean why dont you release any and all documents about ” OBAMA ” ? , It is clear that even if he was born in Hawaii ( Big If ) He stll only had one ( 1 ) Parent that was a U.S. Citizen , eventually this entire Scandal will unfold , then what will you say ?

  2. It looks like Hawaii has a “Don’t ask; Don’t tell” policy of their own. They have told the people “Don’t ask”, and they have told their relevant departments “Don’t tell”.

  3. Gov. Lingle IS NOT LYING. Why???? BECAUSE, you can’t lie about what you haven’t seen. Did you read what she said:

    “So I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.”

    Gov. Lingle is just HEARSAYING stuff. She has never seen it so how does she know anything???? She is just listening to other people. Why doesn’t she go look at it herself and THEN say something?

    OR BETTER: Why doesn’t Mobamba just COUGH UP the Long Form!!!

    Girl Reporter

    1. How about we have Governor Lingle explain how it is that Dr. Fukino, who is not a Constitutional lawyer, can make the legal that determination that Obama is a “natural-born American citizen”?

  4. I recall reading online somewhere that, in one of his books, Obama says that when he was high school age he found his birth certificate folded up inside a magazine/newspaper containing an article about his father. If that’s true, doesn’t it open up a whole new can of worms?

  5. Movie of the Century: Obama as ‘The New Manchurian Candidate’

    How many times have you watched a suspenseful movie, and believed that you fully understood the main plot, only to discover a surprise subplot at the end of the movie that proved you wrong? Darn it! Why didn’t I see that subplot coming? With that thought in mind, I would like you to consider the possibility that the folderol surrounding President Obama’s eligibility to serve as President resembles such a movie with a subplot twist.

  6. If Gov. Lingle is telling the truth, then she had to have been shown the long form vault copy birth certificate. I doub very seriously she has seen anything legitimate however. But assuming that she has been shown something, then we should be able to FOIA and documentation regarding any correspondance related to that viewing and have all of the relevant facts regarding what prompted the viewing and who the parties involved were. I would also assume there would be an official document authorizing such from the President as well. That would be the interesting thing to submit an FOIA request for. I’m still hoping good will come out of the Lt. Col. Lakin’s hearing and that they will be granted discovery.

    1. She’s in with part of the long line of ignorance. She was told something and perhaps Fukino checked something, in concert with Bob Bauer and his team directing what information could be revealed or relayed. Lingle has not seen anything. Why would B.O. show her and not anyone else? It doesn’t make any sense.

      I can’t get over how shady the activity and cover up is here. How many more “just trust me” statements can there be? Why should we trust elected officials when they can so easily show us how they come to a conclusion?

      Lakin’s would-be court martial will be just that: would=be. 3 others in the past were released before any such court proceeding. You think the gov’t is going to finally open it to him and allow anything? No way. He’ll be on his merry way soon and no one will do anything. Nothing will be opened.

  7. She never said Barack Hussein Obama II was born at Kapiolani. Is she playing cutesy in trying to say that the president had another name at birth? Or was she referring to president of her bingo club?

    Also, we’ve heard of absentee fathers at births, but absentee mothers? Stanley Ann Dunham Obama was never a patient at Kapiolani…unless Obama just magically appeared in one of their hospital rooms…he is the messymessiah afterall.

  8. Why other contacting her … clearly she’s lying – just one of a long line of RINOS destroying their own credibility.

  9. Another important points always to be mentioned when confronting the Hawaii governor:
    1) will you vouch that the COLB photo tauted by Daily Kos (and piously mentioned by Gibbs), is a correct photo of an authentic Hawaii COLB?
    2) And can you inform us WHO obtained that COLB, WHEN, and WHAT payment was received by the Hawaii HD?
    3) Excitedly awaiting your prompt response –

  10. Try sending your email to the Lt. Gov at: ltgov@hawaii.gov. I have done that in the past and he kindly sent it on to Lingle.

    (Gosh, with all the system downtime for Lingle’s email, kinda makes ya wonder if something is wrong with their work processes…or something…..)