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by John F. Sweeney

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 in Ripon, WI

(May 2, 2010) — In discussions concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barrack Hussein Obama II for the office of President of the United States, many point out that if there were a real issue, the Republicans would have leveraged it in 2008 to retain control of the White House. But it was well-documented at the time, and additional documentation and analysis have established, that John McCain’s eligibility was in question as well. With that being the case, why would the Republicans nominate a candidate who might not be constitutionally eligible to serve in the office?

The answer may be a simple one – the 2008 race was going to the Democrats and the Republicans did not want a leading candidate for 2012 to lose or be roughed up during the campaign. So the solution – let the man who needed to win in 2008, if he was ever going to be president, run – even if he might not be constitutionally eligible. Was this a grand conspiracy by the Republican Party? No, it was just simple pragmatic political strategy.

The Republicans had few things going for them in 2007 and 2008. They had lost the Congress in the 2006 elections, and they had a president who was losing popularity as an unpopular war dragged on. Even if things had been going relatively well, history was against a third straight term in the White House. Since 1953, only once had the White House been occupied by a party more than eight consecutive years, and that was when George H. Bush rode Ronald Reagan’s popularity to take the 1988 election. Clearly, 2008 was not like 1988, and it was unlikely the Republicans were going to keep the White House. They knew it, and they knew it early.

So when John McCain showed some strength in the primaries, the other front-runners backed off. They knew the odds of winning in 2008 were long. So they avoided going into the 2008 Presidential buzz saw. John McCain had no choice but to make a final and gallant run for the office. The year 2008 was his last stand as a presidential candidate. He was 71 years old. No president has ever been elected for his first term after his 70th birthday. Stories and articles were popping up about McCain’s age in 2008, and polls showed it was a negative factor. If it was a negative issue at age 71 in 2008, it will be a killer issue in 2012 when John McCain will be 75 years old.

So for the Republican Party, the setup in the presidential race looked straightforward in 2008. There was almost no chance to win, no matter who the nominee was. So they nominated the only guy who cannot run in future races:  John McCain.

Was the Republican Party aware of John McCain’s potential eligibility issue? Of course it was. The issue was written about by major news organizations – The New York Times,  The Washington Post. They wrote about it in 1998. They again wrote about it in 2008. In February of 2008 the Panama issue was written about by these and other major news outlets. And unlike the mocking and sarcastic tone used when writing about Obama’s eligibility issues, these articles are written in serious journalistic fashion and raise the possibility of a constitutional crisis should McCain be elected.

But then the issue disappeared from view after the passing of the Democrat-led Senate Resolution 511 that declared John McCain a “natural born Citizen.” The non-binding resolution had no legal value, but it sent a message to the news outlets that the Democrats were not planning to make this an issue – at least during the regular election cycle.

With the non-binding resolution for cover, the Republicans could now send out their nomination letters to the states declaring John McCain a natural born Citizen. They probably knew  that they might have been committing fraud. But they knew that McCain was likely just a sacrificial lamb. And they knew that after 2008, no one would care about the details of a little-known constitutional clause about a special type of citizenship.

Or would they? If Hillary Rodham Clinton had won the nomination for the Democrat Party, then everything would have fallen into place as projected by the Republicans, and the damage from the fraud committed by Republicans in the 2008 election would likely have been forgotten. After all, Mrs. Clinton was, without a doubt, a constitutionally eligible natural born Citizen, and thus the issue of natural born Citizenship eligibility would have died. But when she lost the Democratic nomination to a candidate who also had eligibility issues, the natural born Citizen eligibility issue then lived on. And it is now at least a severe annoyance to the leaders in the Republican Party. At worst, it could expose wanton fraud on the part of the Republican Party in the 2008 election. This was not expected.

This scenario is why the sitting Republicans in Congress have not approached the issue of Obama’s eligibility. People in glass houses tend to avoid throwing rocks. The Republicans and Democrats who were in office in 2008 now live in a dangerous glass house created by the 2008 election. And it is all one house. If the rock-throwing of eligibility concerns starts, then the glass will cut not just Democrats but also the Republicans. And it is possible that somewhat of a “mutually-assured destruction” (MAD) pact is in place on the issue. This is why the issue is avoided and deflected by the Republicans. It is why the American people can no longer trust their representatives – Democrat or Republican — in Washington.

The following is a partial transcript from the Republican debate in 2007. Interesting statements, including the one from McCain himself.

MR. MATTHEWS: Okay. Let me ask you a question regarding immigration. One of prized guests here today, Governor Schwarzenegger. Looking this man in the eye, answer this question. I’m going to go down the line starting with Governor Romney.

Should we change our Constitution which we believe is divinely inspired – (laughter) – to allow men like Mel Martinez, the chairman of your party, born in Cuba, great patriot, senator from Florida , and Arnold Schwarzenegger to stand here some night?

SEN. MCCAIN: That depends on whether he endorses me or not. (Laughter.) He and I have many similar attributes, so I have to seriously consider it.

Other reference articles on McCain’s eligibility:













Editor’s Note: John F. Sweeney is The Post & Email’s photography expert whose work we have published here and here.

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  1. Also Me Jane,
    Going viral with that premise will surely force news orgs to mention if not cover the story.

    Let’s make NEWS!!!!!!!!

  2. Me Jane,

    Re: declare McCain ineligible first……….
    Briliant idea.
    If you follow-up with Orly Taitz and/or Mario Apuzzo, I will certainly
    back you up.
    Go for it!!!!!!! I’m sure others will follow and back you.

    1. Thanks Vic. I have already contacted Dr. Keyes and Orly Taitz. I have just recently sent Orly my idea in detail. Le’ts hope my reasoning is legally sound. As I understand it, “injury” is the key to a suit of this kind. Surely there is a foundation for financial injury. If I do not hear back, then viral it goes, Vic. Thanks again for the support.

  3. What I want to know is why haven’t any of the current lawsuits gone after McCain to prove his ineligibility as candidate, a 14th amendment citizen and not a natural born one? It is easier to disqualify McCain in terms of Article II. His records are available; no one is protecting him (as Obama is protected) but resolution 511 and the complicit RNC.

    Northern District of California Judge William Alsup ruled in the case of Robinson v. Bowen, filed by an elector pledged to third-party candidate Alan Keyes seeking an injunction to keep McCain off the November ballot. Two other challenges claiming that McCain’s birthplace in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 disqualifies him under the Constitution have been dismissed on standing because Keyes’ did not bring the suit. Please note the case was not thrown out on merit.

    I believe Keyes’ in particular still has standing for a new case against McCain, one that could set up a land mark a precedent proving that McCain was unqualified to run for the office of President. Indirectly this would affect Obama because it would legally define the natural born citizen clause in Article II. This would give cases against Obama much more strength as it would set up a legal precedent. While you cannot keep McCain off of the ballot obviously because there is no remedy for that as that is in the past it can be proved that financial injury occurred and election fraud was committed which hurt Keyes’ chances during the election by running against a fraudulent candidate. The people who voted for McCain in effect had their votes nullified by voting for an illegitimate candidate. The financing of McCain’s campaign was fraudulent and collected under the false pretenses that McCain was a natural born citizen, as per Article II of the Constitution. Had McCain been disqualified, (as he should have) and as this would have been addressed late in the campaign, the Republican’s would not have recovered, giving all others in the race, especially those on the Conservative third party side, namely Keyes, a greater chance of winning than he ordinarily would have in our two party system, again proving injury. If McCain had been disqualified Keyes’ candidacy would have come into play and being of African American descent would have made the election more on an even keel, neutralizing Obama’s “historic” candidate status. How do you rectify such a damage, maybe the entire election should be nullifiied? Certainly and without a doubt monetary damage was done to Keyes’ and the Republican’s who donated money or time to either candidates campaigns. Presidential campaigns are not inexpensive to run, they require work, time and money which was a wasted effort on Keyes’part and the part of anyone who contributed to or worked on his campaign or the McCain campaign for that matter because of this fraud.

    I believe that Resolution 511 was brought forth by the Progressives in Congress to give Obama cover. By protecting McCain’s ineligibility vulnerability Obama was also protecting his own vulnerability. If McCain were found to be ineligible, then so would Obama. Obama needed a way to get the Left off of McCain’s ineligibility because eventually if they succeeded in proving their case and it would have been his undoing as well. Resolution 511 also made Obama vulnerable because of the two US citizen parents portion of the resolution, which he signed and co-sponsored, but he lacked the very same stated qualification to be natural born according to that Resolution. He was evidently willing to take that risk to protect McCain that also in the long run protected himself. Resolution 511 is Unconstitutional Congress has no enumerated Power to change the meaning of the words, “natural born” in Article II.

    Another factor that damages McCain and this goes for all of our representatives is even though McCain was ineligible himself, McCain was duly notified of a potential problem with Obama’s Article II eligibility. His failure to at least notify the President of the Senate under 3 U.S.C. § 15 was negligence, and a breach of contract to all Republicans . . . especially those who contributed time and money to his campaign. His unwillingness to do this protected his and Obama’s crime.

    If we can’t get Obama, lets go after Progressive light McCain to get Obama removed.

  4. Even the mighty Clintons were surprised when they were dethroned! The corrupt, incompetent, lazy, selfish, go-with-the-flow, must-be-politically-correct Republicans were scared to death of the race card! None of them wanted to stir the pot to risk ridicule. Case in point, the much adored abolish-the-fed Ron Paul told his constitutent: ‘We are not going to do anything about it. We will be laughed out of Congress!’
    This outright fraud by all of them, Dem and Rep, is coming back to bite them – Dems elected a devil that destroys the Dem party; Rep thought they were smart to let a devil in to scare the people back to them, but they now find themselves in strait-jackets with no way out! If it is not so painful, we should thank them for their mis-step. We will thank them by voting them all out!

  5. Let me make this clear. I am a citizen of Louisiana. I like Bobby Jindal. Bobby Jindal is not eligible to be president of the USA. In the last 6 months, I have personally sent an email to the ‘official address’ of Bobby Jindal asking him to be sure that the Louisiana legislature passes a law insuring that anyone running for President provide proof that he/she is a natural born citizen of the USA before their name is placed on the ballot. The official site promises that each and every email sent to the governor will be responded to. As of today, I have received no response. This tells me something. Does it tell you anything?

  6. It’s not only congressional RINOs, but many in the “conservative” mainstream media have been assiduously avoiding the Obama eligibility issue, so I was very surprised and somewhat heartened to read the following Townhall column (probably would be good to give Ms. West lots of encouraging comments):


    My post in response to Diana West’s latest Townhall column:

    No longer Conservative In Name Only?

    I can’t believe CINO infested Townhall has allowed one of its authors to mention the natural born Citizenship issue. I quit reading Townhall in disgust about a half year ago because Townhall would not touch this fundamental Constitutional issue. I just found Ms. West’s article via a Goolge search. Perhaps I will have give TH another go (I was just about to officially cancel my subscription to save having to delete all those unread emails).

    To the still faithful TH readers out there, is Obama’s near certain lack of Constitutional NBC eligibility being discussed openly by any TH authors these days?

    Anyone who seriously researches the historical Constitutional meaning of “natural born Citizen” will find that it means to be born within the United States to parents both who are U.S. citizens (of any type).

    Although Obama has never submitted any evidentiary documentation proving where he was born (try referring to an internet JPEG image of your short form COLB when applying for a passport and see how far you get), the real issue is that he was born with dual allegiance/ citizenship due to his foreign father. Therefore, per the Founders, he can never be a natural born Citizen.

    Until Townhall mans up and starts truly standing up for our Constitution (all of it) and starts openly declaring Obama the usurper that he is, I will continue to look elsewhere for legitimate conservative thought.

    Just ask yourself, since Obama claims he was born equally a citizen of Great Britain and the USA, then he logically must be a natural born Citizen of both countries at once, right? Of course this is totally absurd, but is what many here would have you believe.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I also used to subscribe to Townhall.com and unsubscribed for the same reason. I wrote them a note of explanation, citing exactly what you said: that they refused to discuss the eligibility issue, with the exception of Diana West. I mentioned her specifically as the only courageous writer among their team who would mention it. I know her columns are published in other places, so she is the one with the courage, not Townhall.com. I had been a subscriber for at least ten years until that point.

    1. I just ran a Google advanced search on the phrase “natural born” limited only to the “townhall.com” domain and found no other recent articles on this subject – an absolute zero (you know, just like the _resident in chief). There *were* quite a few hits from reader comments, so a least they are not actively squelching any mention of the eligibility issue, but sadly it appears that Diana West is the only regular Townhall author who is willing to formally broach the subject.

      With that in mind, I think I will go ahead with my cancellation to Townhall.com and just keep an eye out for individual Diana West articles (it certainly will keep the email in-box a lot tidier).

  7. I say we need term limits. Government was never meant to be for the rest of your life. Kick every single one of them out forever and no benefits. They are all lying scumbag cowards. The Constitution is everything. We need real people in the government who will do their job or they’re OUT!!!! Recall laws in every state,
    Btw, Jan Brewer makes every politician, lawyer and AG look like pansies, weasels and scum of the earth spineless cowards….and they are too…all just sitting around doing nothing about it while Kenya Boy continues to destroy the country. This will NOT stand!!!!!!!!

    1. And that’s including Bachmann and Ron Paul, supposed constitutionalists who are allowing the infiltration of a Usurper.

  8. Nice theory but incorrect.

    First of all, Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the nomination to The Won. It was stolen from her.

    Then, although it could have been theirs, the GOP finished handing the presidency over to The Won. If they’d wanted to win in 2008, they could have done to The Won what he did to his opposition in the Senate race: They could have exposed his ineligibility only a week or 10 days before Nov 4, 2008, not allowing the DNC time to run and campaign for another candidate enough to give him/her a chance to win.

    Also, let’s not forget that McCain was in the lead just a week or so before Nov 4, 2008. Then occurred the first of many crises that must be dealt with immediately, no time to think about it, this first one leaving The Won looking like a hero and McCain appearing “unstable,” according to The Won, all with the help of the MSM.

    From the get-go, the fix was in for The Won. The Fix is the reason the candidacy was taken from HRC and given to The Won. It’s why the GOP let The Won run, knowing he’s ineligible but didn’t challenge the DNC on it. It’s why, when McCain was leading in the polls during the final days of the 2008 election season, a diversion in the form of a banking crisis was created by both parties, with help from the MSM in making The Won look like the hero who saved the day. It’s why McCain refused to call The Won on his many lies, his associations with terrorists, crooks and murderers, and his then-hidden Islamic faith, saying he was “taking the high road” and “fighting a clean campaign.” It’s why McCain’s campaign reigned in Palin and muzzled her after she once or twice brought up The Won’s unsavory associations and lies.

    Another piece of food for thought: Bobby Jindal was McCain’s first choice for running mate but Jindal declined. Since then, however, the GOP, with the help of Limbaugh, Gingrich and others, has been pushing a 2012. Jindal prez ticket. Jindal’s even been called “the GOP’s Obama,” among other comparisions of Jindal to The Won. One thing I know for sure that Jindal and The Won have in common is that neither are natural born citizens. Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, LA, to parents who were, at the time of his birth, citizens of India.

    The entire of WA DC is corrupt. We need to throw every last one of them out on their asses.

    1. This is sure the truth. Mobamba stole the election and the Democraps let it happen. Now look where the party is! There is a long HISTORY OF LYING by Presidents and their enablers and this is just the latest example. There is a good Internet Article here:


      Also some interesting videos.

      Poetry Critic

  9. 2008 elections was a Progressive dream come true. One had a choice between extreme liberal (Obama) and liberal lite (McCain). The only way America can reclaim its Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law is for conservatives to take back both houses and remain true to conservative principles. Swing left and we all lose.

  10. The country’s founders were not CFR members as seemingly everyone in government are today. The CFR choose Obama, as they have every president in the past forty years. The time has come to STOP THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS!

  11. The founders and framers were wise men and they predicted a day like this would happen and that we should be vigilant and guard against it destroying our Constitution and Republic. A great example of that warning is President George Washington’s farewell address. In it amongst other warnings to the future he warned of the day that the power and greed and personal ambitions of the leaders of the various political parties and professional politicians would trump the very Constitution and our Republic. That time came in the 2008 election cycle. Read Washington’s farewell address at:


    CDR Charles Kerchner

  12. I think we really have to ask ourselves, “Does anyone in Congress actually care about the Constitution”?. If I remember correctly, George Bush called it “just a piece of paper.” I don’t think it matters much to Democrats or Republicans, of course with a few exceptions. But the power players in Washington only care about themselves. I mean really, how do you become a millionaire, as a sitting politician, if you have any moral or ethical system at all. They want to get elected, they need money, they make promises, they have to fulfill their promises. It is pretty simple. Oh, by the way, if they can make their constituents happy at the same time, great! As John Adams said, “We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the
    government of any other.” In a nutshell, Mr. Adams, In a nutshell!

    1. jondos, you already know the answer, and our education system has been working very hard for the last 100 years to brainwash and dumb down potential Washingtons, Adamses, Jeffersons etc. The fathers of the Russian revolution have successfully exported the idea that early education decides everything.

    2. Strict Term Limits, please.

      Because far too many of us within our nation have become soft, ignorant and unbridled by morality, I think it is unreasonable to expect the average elected Representative or Senator to be able to long withstand the intoxicating and corrupting influences that afflict those with political power. Strict term limits is the only answer. It is a poor substitute for a higher standard of morality, but, at this point, it may be the only workable way left to get us to follow the Constitution.

      1. I believe the Senators and Representatives themselves have to vote for term limits, which means it will never happen.

  13. Absolutely the RNC leadership led by John McCain was in on the fix to allow ineligible candidates to run for President in the 2008 election. Three political party candidates were ineligible: Obama (DNC), McCain (RNC), and Calero (Socialist). And not a word was said about it in the general election by the two major party candidates who were both ineligible and this was all enabled by the both parties’ friends in high places and their enablers in the Main Stream Media. The FIX was in for the 2008 election!

    Commander Charles Kerchner
    Kerchner v Obama & Congress

    1. Your comments are good, but your summary doesn’t end at your conclusion. Taking the elgibility issue to it’s ultimate climax requires us to conclude that both candidates shared much more than merely a stage on the Presidential ballot. Do you follow me?

      Pay no attention to what Obama & McCain said, let’s look at how they voted in the Senate. Let me be specific, there’s ample evidence that both Senator McCain & Senator Obama were selected with exactly the same Progressive agenda in mind for the new Regime. If you doubt my synopsis, consider the type of legislative measures Obama & McCain supported.

      Unlike almost any other Republican, McCain his once mighty collection of Liberal Republicans RINOS voted frequetly together in bloc 48% of the time. This motley crew was praised by the fawning media of a mainstream ilk, but they saved their greatest praises for John McCain.

      By looking at their voting patterns, we can see why both McCain and Obama were considered the most liberal members of their respective parties. Strike that, the most PROGRESSIVE members of their respective parties. Now, why would that matter to the American people when selecting a presidential candidate? It’s all rather simple to conclude that these men share the same political goals regardless of their promises to the contrary.

      If I may be so bold to say, the American people didn’t have a candidate on the Presidential ballot that really represented We the People! Stop and look how McCain is suddenly a huge proponet of a border fence and Nat’l Guard troops? It’s amazing to consider his sudden new found revelation supporting closing of our much too porous boundaries.

      I’d like to leave all of you with someting to make you smile. Remember when the candidate’s debated for the first time in 2008? Media darling’s from coast to coast suddenly realized that all that stood between America’s first black president was their Once Upon a Time sweetheart Senator ‘Maverick’ himself; John Sidney McCain. Suddenly, they turned upon him like a pack of bloodthirsty jackals. His ever faithful ‘Straight Talk Express’ got egged repeatedly while on the campaign tour.

      Apparently, McCain didn’t read the memo. He never saw it coming, they began asking McCain tough two & three part questions about his first failed marriage, his notorious philandering and the ex-wife he had committed to an insane asylum. You could actually see steam rising off his forehead. The Senator looked like someone had hit him with a pole axe.
      After they had ambushed McCain, the next question to Obama went something like what breed of dog the Obama family would select for the official WH pet. You can’t make this stuff up!
      McCain was so visibly rattled that the camera swung back to him twice during Obama’s take charge attitude toward different breeds. McCain was mumbling to himself. Campaign officials for him to take several weeks off the campaign trail.

      McCain visibly blushes, a grimace sweeps over his face complete with a snarling knashing teeth. I’m convinced that if the midterm elections are held on schedule most incumbants will be removed. The DC elite will cooperate with the Obama Regime to remain in charge. I can’t put anything past them, even martial law. Vote them all out of office!

    2. Hello Commander,

      McCain claims he was born on-base rather than in Panama proper. As a man who sacrificed much in service of his country, assume he is an honorable man and that this is true (perhaps his birth certificate widely available on the Internet is bogus and differs from what he showed the Congressional committee investigating his natural born status).

      Some would claim that by E. de Vattel, to qualify as a natural born Citizen, one need only be born to citizen parents and be born free of any claim of foreign allegiance. Panama is a country that lays claims of allegiance by place of birth alone, so being born in a Panamanian hospital would clearly disqualify McCain according to Vattel, but if he were truly born on-base, then he would be born within U.S. territory and his case would be less clear cut, at least according to Vattel.

      To this I say look to the Naturalization Act of 1790 and its revision of 1795. The original stated: “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens […]” whereas, in the revised 1795 version, this was changed to just “citizens” (the natural born part was dropped).

      U.S. controlled territories are not States, and McCain was very clearly born “beyond sea” and “out of the limits of the United States,” so by the guidance of the history of the Naturalization Act, he cannot be a natural born Citizen.

      McCain = FAIL. The fix was in. We must stop our suicidal plunge toward becoming just another banana republic under the arbitrary rule of men and once again become a proud nation under the rule of law.

      Protect, preserve and adhere to our Constitution, each and every bit of it (including its well considered amendment from time to time – term limits anyone?).

      1. McCain is a natural born citizen according to Vattel. Children born in the armies of the state are reputed born in the country, even when born out of country, as the military is within the jurisdiction of the country.

        “… children born out of the country, in the armies of the state, or in the house of its minister at a foreign court, are reputed born in the country; for a citizen who is absent with his family, on the service of the state, but still dependent on it, and subject to its jurisdiction, cannot be considered as having quitted its territory.”

      2. To ksdb,

        I appreciate your thoughts and also have read that passage from Vattel. In the context of his time I suppose he would be referring to the entourage of wives and families that sometimes accompanied an army on extended campaign (including during an occupation). A modern day equivalent would be like when our troops were in post WWII Germany or Japan, but the situation in Panama seems more like a non-wartime business venture or like our troops being stationed in a friendly territory or country today.

        While at war the entourage is an encapsulated little bit of the home culture on-the-move. While stationed for long periods within the territory of a friendly foreign ally, the likelihood of mixing and absorbing the culture is much greater. The latter case seems, at the very least, like a gray zone situation more akin to an extended business assignment – I wonder what Vattel would have thought of that?

        Also, there is the history of the Naturalization Act that adds further restrictions beyond Vattel. Clearly the Founders (for they were still active at the time of the Naturalization Act and its revision) thought that to “be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States,” even if born to citizen parents, was not enough to make one natural born.

        At least that is how I see it. But I am open to convincing otherwise. :-)

  14. Excellent analysis, John. I might add that the Republicans have another reason to remain quiet about the eligibility issue — they have a rising star amongst their ranks who could be their presidential or VP candidate in 2012 or later. His name is Governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal is not a natural born citizen. He was born in Louisiana to parents who were both legal immigrants from India at the time of his birth. They later became naturalized, but that does not matter. At the time of Jindal’s birth, his parents were citizens of India, and so Jindal was born subject to a foreign power.

    1. Exactly!!! I have said this many times to supposed conservatives and/or Republicans who push some version of a Jindal ticket. There are so many people who see no distinction whatsoever between citizens and “natural born citizens”.

    2. Jindal is certainly not a natural born Citizen, as he was born in 1961 only 6 months after his parents arrived from India in the US. They were attending Grad school, and could not have naturalized until 5 years after they arrived. Somehow FreeRepublic took issue with my writing on this issue and banned me, after over 500 views, marking it with some weird ACLU “warning”. I think it may be because Jindal is Catholic, and FR has a very Catholic base.


  15. The Turncoat Terminator, Arnie, is now all pro-Obama, I hope this was not about putting in an Austrian after the Kenyan precedent, in the process tearing down our Constitution!

  16. Here’s some subtle propaganda put out by MSLSD just 2 days ago.


    Of course they say he can’t be POTUS because he is “foreign born”. Well yeah but he must also be Natural Born. My question is why are even right leaning media mocking or silent. I have direct confirmation from a radio host that she doesn’t want to produce the supposed “massive civil unrest” that exposing this issue would create, and prefers to oust him thru the ballot box. I don’t know if that is her superiors speaking or if she may fear for her safety, but there it is. So misguided and wrong. Mario Puzo was on the Kuhner show (DC) talking about it (podcast at puzo1). Lets see if Kuhner picks up the ball (it didn’t seem like he fully understood).

    1. From Mick:

      “I have direct confirmation from a radio host that she doesn’t want to produce the supposed “massive civil unrest” that exposing this issue would create, and prefers to oust him thru the ballot box. I don’t know if that is her superiors speaking, or if she may fear for her safety, but there it is.”

      I think the “massive civil unrest” that is feared if Obama was rightfully ousted from the presidency on the eligibility issue is grossly overestimated, massive celebration would be a more likely result…and anything negative that did happen would be a small price to pay for uncovering the truth and unholding the Constitution.

      If the charade continues until Obama is tossed out at the ballot box, there will be a flood of books talking about the great scam, and how it was carried out, with many written trying to cover the writers butt for their silence and/or complicity in the cover-up.

      1. I believe the radio host is concerned with massive civil unrest by minorities and other left wing radicals. Rodney King scenario ring a bell? But much much worse. But, let them. Go ahead riot in the streets and vent your rage. Who cares? I’m sure the states won’t hesitate to bring on the riot police. Pittsburgh riot police didn’t take any s**t from the protestors during the G20 Summit & they were not even violent! They were also called upon during a recent peaceful Tea Party protest in Illinois! If matters get too out of hand the states will call in the National Guard. If they are fired upon the NG will fire back!
        I say go for it. They drank the Kool-Aid.

  17. Money

    It’s probably about money. The Republicans took Federal money for the 2008 election, money they would have to return if the candidate was deemed in-eligible. Did you notice the Dems didn’t take public money, probably because they knew that would open a door into Obama getting vetted that they couldn’t allow. This means they already knew he didn’t make constitutional requirements for POTUS. Think about what I just typed, doesn’t it fit all the known facts.

    The smoking gun is Money, the illegal money that was brought in on ‘credit cards’ and ‘just appeared’ in the Obama campaign, and the public money John McCain and the republicans accepted. I believe your analysis of what the RNC thought of winning 2008 is correct, the actions and non-actions since are a result of this.

    Rumor on the banking street is that Obama’s campaign money was filtered in via Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. That doesn’t mean that the money originated there, only that it was funneled via those two entities. Foreign influence has become a big part of American politics, and Muslims and Socialist dictators wanted a vote and control of our military and economy—-now they have what they wanted.


  18. This is one of the few articles where it feels like Mr. Sweeney visited my brain and lifted information.

    When Resolution 511 was passed, it hit me like a ton of bricks: McCain was thrown to the dogs, the GOP did not want to waste a good candidate, they chose a governor from some “obscure” state as a running mate (I think they miscalculated her popularity), McCain is finished, etc. I’m not going to re-write your article.

    What I couldn’t understand is how, with very few exceptions, everyone from both parties, judicial system, media, people in general stand united on this issue and refuse to uncover the truth.

    I also cannot conceptualize the mayhem that may happen if we become brave enough to face what we’ve done.

    What a heartache.

  19. So let me see if I understand this article from Mr. Sweeney. For the sake of political strategy it’s now perfectly acceptable for those who swear oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America too violate and obfuscate U.S. Constitutional Law as long as there is something to be gained that favors that particular political party! It is because of this kind of nonsense WE THE PEOPLE no longer live under a Constitution! The Constitution has been murdered by the corrupt democrats and republicans!

  20. Explaining the failure of Republicans to defend US citizens from a fraudulent election on the basis that there were problems with both candidates is an interesting conjecture. However, it avoids the fact that the Republicans themselves actively participated in a review of McCain’s citizenship status with the congress, and did not indulge in any effort to hide or deny the issue. This is in complete contrast to the Dems, where any effort to approach the issue was mocked and suppressed. On this basis, I have to doubt that the “glass house” phenomenon was the dominant reason. I also can only speculate about what the incentives to Republicans to shut up may have been (fear? ignorance? threats? bribery? other corruption? reverse racism? cowardice? reaching-across-the-aisle syndrome?) but I do certainly agree that Republican leadership at all levels, local, state, and national, is thoroughly discredited by conniving in the silencing of this massive issue.

  21. Unfortunatey, the answer to this question is that the issue was and is avoided because Obama is half-black and anyone who would dare to question his eligiiblity — not matter how important that issue was and is — is figurativley ‘tared-and-feathered,’ denigarated by all and labeled a racist!!!

  22. Great analysis, John Sweeney, certain to cause much deeper thought and
    understanding of how we got to this point in time.