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by Kathleen Gotto

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.)

(Apr. 23, 2010) — Army Major General Paul Vallely (Ret.), chairman of StandUpAmerica and well-known Fox News military analyst, has expressed his support for the position taken by Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a U.S. Army medical doctor and flight surgeon who has refused to follow all orders until Obama proves that he is constitutionally qualified to hold the position of Commander-in-Chief.

Lakin was formally charged yesterday on two counts, “disobeying a direct order” and “missing movement.”  Lakin had been due to deploy to Afghanistan for his second tour when he announced his intentions on March 30, 2010.

In an interview on the internet program Evil Conservative Radio, Vallely stated, “I’m not convinced that he is [a natural-born citizen].”

Vallely is a West Point graduate and was commissioned in the Army in 1961. He served in South Vietnam, Europe and the Pacific Rim.  While in Vietnam, he held the positions of intelligence officer, infantry company commander, operations officer, aide-de-camp and military advisor.  He has more than fifteen years of experience in Special Operations, Psychological and Civil-Military Operations.  He has also served as a senior military analyst with Fox News and authored and co-authored several books.

Recently Vallely has joined forces with Brigitte Gabriel, president of Act! for America, a group dedicated to fighting Islamic militancy in the United States.  Together they have founded a joint venture, Veteran Defenders of America, whose mission is “to create a nationwide volunteer network of veterans who, through education, information, training and preparedness, will serve as a key part of America’s frontline grassroots ‘eyes and ears of freedom with respect to threats to our national security and our freedoms, such as the threat of radical Islam.with the purpose of meeting the threat of growing radical Islamic terrorism.”

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  1. Forgive me if this has been linked already, but here’s a great essay on the Lakin dilemma, by Alan Keyes:


    The comment by John G. Freeman
    Commander-in-Chief’s Guard and Escort to the President
    U. S. Army, Washington, D. C.
    1980 – 1983 | Carter and Reagan, April 29, 2010 1:05 AM
    is worth reading.

    Any news on the Lakin front?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Mrs. Hemenway told me yesterday that the Lt. Col. and his attorney will be on Anderson Cooper’s show on Thursday evening.

    1. Thanks. Very interesting. Anderson Cooper? I don’t usually watch but that may be worth tuning in for. Something tells me Lakin may be taking hostile fire.

    2. Why would SafeguardOurConstitution and/or his attorney allow Lt. Lakin be thrown to the wolves of CNN? Anderson Cooper recently posted an article; but, deleted ALL comments except for those who mocked anyone questioning the usurper’s eligibility. Does anyone believe the lamestream lapdog media is going to defy the “Anointed One”? I see a complete disaster in the making. Does Lt. Lakin know how CNN makes fun of him? Does he actually believe this will have a positive outcome? Has his attorney lost his mind or is he plain stupid? Maybe it’s true he has only three months’ experience in Military law. This is nothing other than a setup.
      Pray I am wrong.

    3. Sharon: Do you know anything about the recent death of Mrs. Hemenway’s brother-in-law John? This is being reported as an unpublicized murder. There are obituaries online and even a guestbook, but nothing to indicate that his death was anything other than natural. It seems an intrusion into the family’s privacy to ask, but it is concerning that rumors are flying around that he was murdered.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I spoke with a member of the family on Wednesday evening, and the untimely death of Mr. Hemenway might not be for the reasons we all thought. I was told that the family is safe and will get through this.

      1. Thank you. I will pray for them.

        Whatever happened to the interview with Lakin, on Anderson Cooper? Preempted by order of the WH?

  2. Isn’t it strange BO will be at Walter Reed Hospital today? “Visiting wounded soldiers” according to Fox around 7:15 am EST.

  3. Heather and Bob,
    I agree. I have tuned out of O’Reilly and Beck as well. They have no respect for their viewers thinking that we cannot see through their erroneous reporting on the eligiblity issue.

    1. I never understood the attractiveness of Beck. I was overwhelmed with the ignorance of O’Reilly on the eligibility issue, but by no means was this a recent phenomenon. I remember in winter of 2008 or ’09 he said that “they had checked about the birth (certificate) issue and there was nothing to it.” It was in an internet talking points video which can be seen on youtube. When he finally admitted what he knew (which was limited to the birth announcements in the papers) as the reason why the Obama inquiry was crazy, I was absolutely astounded with his ignorance of the points of the “birthers” and their questions/criticisms, which are well founded. If you take a birth announcement in a newspaper as anything official and then rattle off the standard Obot conspiracy argument that “What, they lied and thought he might be president someday?” you just didn’t even consider the issue. As we know, occam’s razor on the point is that anyone would want US citizenship for their son for a vast number of reasons. Of course presidency wasn’t on their mind. To call a group crazy or fringe, you have to confront their issues and address them. O’Reilly didn’t even scratch the surface of the manifold issues.

      Utter and thorough ineptitude on the part of O’Reilly, and really, quite disgusting indeed. Anyone in the media perpetrating by intent or ignorance I hope apologizes with egg on their face once this deceiver is exposed. Then I will forgive them for at least being mature and admitting they were wrong. If they don’t, we’ll then know who the true enemies of truth are, which will be useful moving ahead.

  4. KUDO’s General Vallely and, of course, LtCol Lakin! I’m a Vietnam Era Veteran in Rockville Md (within 10-miles of Walter Reed Army Medical Center), semi-retired at home, and available to help LtCol Lakin however I can. Would someone at the Post & Email please give my email address to LtCol Lakin, or his attorney, so we can discuss how I may help. Thanx.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You can go to the website established to assist Lt. Col. Lakin at http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com. There is a comment/contact form there which you can fill out if you’d like to help or have useful information for his case. Thank you.

  5. Mrs. Rondeau – my thoughts exactly–I believe that the army knows this and is allowing Lt Col Lakin all the room he needs to prove this, all the while letting Lakin be the mouth piece – good cop, bad cop! The FBI knows–.

    I watched the interview with Megan Kelly on O’Reilly last week and wanted to throw anything at the TV, what spin. She was supposed to have investigated this and instead allowed O’R to do all the talking and of course it was all spin and then they showed the bogus BC and newspaper ads. So what-I said, they are fake and why didn’t Megan do the job of a real journalist and do a full investigation which consists of speaking with Lakin, which she did not. She was a flop-really had nothing to say or seemed like she couldn’t say what she wanted, hence letting o”r do it for her. What a shame-to not stand up for the hero that is standing up with his life and career for America and keeping her and her new baby alive and free. These fakes will eat their words and when the truth comes out and we win and Lakin is set free, I want to be around to see the devastation on the faces of the traitors.

    1. Right On Heather; as soon as I saw O’R and MK trending off in their bizarre, non-factual, direction, I immediately had to switch channels. I have not watched O’R since and will not watch until he gets back to truthful reporting, which will probably be never. I stopped watching Glenn B a month ago when he got off the rails. Possibly they will now see their numbers start to dwindle like CNN’s. I am seeing more and more where they all seem to skirt around that which in most important to address, being that we have a usurper in the White House, who is daily dismantling our Nation. Fox News “fair and balance” is a bunch of crap too, because that only means what little truth comes out of one person is buried in lies by the liberal progressive. The real news now a days is truly The Post & Email, Pastor Manning and a few others. We the people certainly have our roll to play too. God Bless !!!

  6. http: // canadafreepress.com / index.php / article / 22221
    canadafreepress.com article 22221. We are getting close my friends.

    Suggest everyone that reads this, to post this link to as many internet “news” sites as you can find.

    Suggest everyone make copies of this article and give to everyone they know.

    “They” can’t stop this Immutable Law of Marketing: All of the advertising [in this case, propaganda] in the world can’t overcome or stop word of mouth advertising.

    It is word of mouth from one American to another that will overcome, the government-media conglomerate is not to be trusted, spread the TRUTH AND FACTS by word of mouth, it is the ONLY way.

    1. The problem is that the article … doesn’t tell us anything new or actionable.

      Also problematic:

      “Even the most far left member of that court, Justice Ginsberg, is on record proclaiming that a “natural born citizen” is a birth child of TWO legal US citizens.”

      I’d love to see this verified. Somehow I don’t think I will.

      Keep spreading the facts about the President’s shadiness, but let’s get something actionable. Arizona finally is on the stepping stone to open Pandora’s Box …
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I recall seeing the statement about Ginsberg elsewhere, but we didn’t print it at The Post & Email because it was not verified. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      1. This is the source:
        Tuan Anh Nguyen v. INS – Oral Argument

        “Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg rejects de Vattel formulation”

        “Jus soli citizenship is based on the land of birth and jus sanguinis is citizenship based on parentage. In the oral arguments of Tuan Anh Nguyen v. INS (No. 99-2071), Justice Ginsburg made it clear that her view is that natural born citizenship can be conveyed by parentage alone and doesn’t necessarily require birth in the United States. She rejected the formulation of de Vattel, in The Law of Nations, that birth in the country of citizen parents is necessary for naturels.

        Here is the relevant section from the transcript:

        Justice Ginsburg: …My grandson was born in Paris of U.S. citizen parents. I had never considered him a naturalized citizen of the United States….

        Justice Ginsburg: There is a debate over whether my grandson is a natural born citizen. I think he is.


      2. Ginsburg is saying that the McCain example is a NBC. I agree with her.

        I also maintain, like everyone here, that a NBC is a son/daughter of two citizen parents.

        She does NOT comment on the scenario of having ONE citizen parent and one foreign parent, however (Obama’s case).

        Put another way, just because you say that someone born (in Paris) of two citizen parents is an NBC doesn’t mean that you hold that someone born to one citizen parent isn’t.

        That’s why the CFP article is deceiving. I don’t like deception. That’s what we are up against. Let’s find the facts and fight the fight, get this deceiver out of there. Deception does not uncover deception, only truth does.

      3. Not actionable? A member of the FOX stable has publicly expressed support for LTC Lakin. Are you suggesting, Mr. Maine, that folks can’t action this against the Denyers, Beck, O’Reilly, Kelly, et al?

  7. According to Fox News website April 23, this case doesn’t stand a chance for discovery. And Jensen has only 3 months experience in military law. Great.
    Is Fox merely taking a “hands off” approach? Why would Lt. Lakin risk hiring such inexperienced counsel?

    1. Some people may think I’m a hard bargainer on this board, but I give doses of reality to make our side stronger. I want to see the deceiver exposed. Acting like we have a chance of doing so when we really don’t doesn’t help us, it hurts us. We need to focus all energy on the methods that will work.

      For example, do you think Hollister, Fitzpatrick, etc. had a chance? No. Why? The Army just said, “Bugger off. You may be right, but we don’t care what you do or where you go.”

      I have no reason to believe that Fitzpatrick was lying when they [Secret Service or Army officials] virtually admitted (or through his use of reasoning with what they said) that Obama either was not or could not prove NBC. The problem is that with this avenue the army guys leveling the charge don’t seem to have the power. Therefore, they fail.

      I have a hard time all of a sudden, when things are getting worse for Obama, they are going to open up a full court proceeding AND discovery. Think about it. Why would they do it now if so vehemently against it before? It makes no sense.

      Sorry, this is dead in the water.

      Let’s support Arizona. The Governor signing that bill is the last step. And with Obama shaking his finger about the immigration bill, if Brewer doesn’t sign it, no one ever will. The man is a 1-termer anyway, but if we pass that he’s a 1-termer AND we get to make him look BAD (+ get a definition of NBC from the supremes because suits will challenge it).
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I wonder if the military knows that Obama is ineligible and is going forward with an investigation of Lakin so as to prove it?

    2. Well, FoxNews has lost a LOT of credibility with conservative patriots, so I really consider the source at times as far as they are concerned.

  8. How long will it take to prepare the dereliction of duty charges against the
    Congress? Such a conglomeration of WIMPS! Not one person with enough
    guts to say ” What the Sam Hill is going on around here?” ” We’re here to do the will of our constituents, not tear the country apart on the say-so of an
    ineligible Usurper. STOP all activity, FiND out whats wrong, CORRECT the
    problem completely, Proceed with the business ar hand in a democratic way. Replace everyone who has violated their oath of office by not taking
    proper action and letting things get out of control. PERIOD

  9. http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com/support-the-foundation.html
    This is the site of American Patriot Foundation, Inc. – T Lakin Defense Fund.

    From that site:
    “American Patriot Foundations’ defense fund will pay for a lawyer and for Terry’s legal defense. We must raise $50,000 in the next ten days in order to assemble a top-flight legal defense team for LTC Lakin.”

    I sent my donation to this Foundation through PayPal that allows also to
    “Add special instructions (note) to the seller”. So there is a way to send your donations with some thoughts.

    My note:
    Please use this information – read it through:

    Follow all links on your way – in particular this
    and this (“The ultimate proof…”)


    Win this battle for upholding the Constitution!

  10. THANK YOU Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely!!! Wish the English language had better words to express my more deep appreciation, but it doesn’t, so “THANK YOU” has to suffice. God Bless you for standing up for Truth and the Constitution. I am very, very worried about this administration’s support and protection of Islamic/Muslim infiltrations into this country, while at the same time insults those nations who have always been allies.

  11. This man is a heavy hitter with major media credentials. I doubt that he would make public his support of Lakin unless he thought that it was highly likely that BHO will soon be legally removed from our White House.

    1. Leo,
      I hope they all get removed….Peloser, Reid, EVERYBODY and charged with treason. There is so much work to be done even when Kenya Boy is out.

    1. No is talking about it because Fact Check has not come up with a decent cover expose of falsehoods like the COLB fraud. So the record – that is even more of a mess than the COLB – is not discuss in the MSM at all.

  12. I read some details of what he said on WND. This is good to hear. It would be even better if one of these fine soldiers professed an understanding of the dual citizen argument, which is based on the fact of Obama’s non-US citizen father — a fact which by itself makes Obama not a natural born citizen and not Constitutionally eligible to be President.