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by Sharon Rondeau

We can break through the cloud that is hanging over America

(Apr. 21, 2010) A CBS report from yesterday demonstrates how willfully irresponsible the “mainstream” media has become. The writer of the story states that the White House “slammed former Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado Monday for his recent remarks suggesting President Obama was not born in the United States,” yet she gives no examples of that.  The only remark she quoted, from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, was, “I could probably fill the better part of my afternoons responding to the general lunacy of somebody like Tom Tancredo.”  If that was all he said, that can hardly be called a “slam.”

Further, the writer, Stephanie Condon, provides no context or background as to why Tancredo might have made such a comment.  Instead of providing a link to a story with the video of Michelle Obama stating that Kenya is her husband’s “home country,” quoting from the transcript, or even questioning how Tancredo arrived at that conclusion, she incorrectly stated that there is “overwhelming evidence he (Obama) was born in the United States — including his 1961 birth announcement, printed in two Hawaii newspapers.”

Two birth announcements for an unnamed child from 1961 are not exactly “overwhelming evidence” when the Minister of Lands and member of the Kenyan Parliament states that Obama was born in his country, as did the Kenyan ambassador.

The ludicrous position of writers such as Condon is becoming more evident by the day.  In spite of their previous attempts to squelch all discussion about Obama’s background, they are admitting that the doubts about his birthplace and other details of his life have “steadily persisted” from the campaign through today.  But they dare ask no questions, or seek information, and it has been up to blogs, e-newspapers like this one, and other online news sources to do the old-fashioned investigating which the media used to perform.

The media is getting desperate, and that’s because all of us are doing the job they used to do.  This is one job that Americans are more than willing to do!

The irresponsibility, dereliction of duty and downright leftist agenda of the major media are the factors which installed Obama in the Oval Office, most likely in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  While the sycophant writers working for CBS, the AP, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News and ABC are busy trying to do damage control as more and more people are learning that Obama has lied about his background and is probably constitutionally ineligible to serve, we are working to uncover the truth and expose the deception which has been perpetrated for many years, quantified by the ascension of the most anti-American, foreign, ineligible imposter this country has ever known.

If there weren’t something phony about Obama, then CBS and the AP wouldn’t be mentioning that there are rumors he was born in Kenya.  They wouldn’t be accusing Tancredo and others of making “incendiary remarks” but failing to quote them.  Their shameless shilling for Obama during the campaign now has them in a deep funk, as they can no longer ignore the “birther movement” and all of us who have been out there informing our neighbors.

There are many more of us than there are of them.

All of us have a circle of influence.  If each day, we tell one new person about Obama’s highly questionable eligibility, we are doing our duty by informing our fellow citizens of the constitutional crisis we face.  The sooner every adult in this country knows what we are up against, the sooner we will have the numbers to do something about it.  We don’t have the luxury of remaining quiet because we think someone will argue with us or suggest we get a brain scan.  Samuel Adams, George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Hancock and all of the other Founding Fathers didn’t care what someone thought when they talked about liberty or death and breaking away from England, which only 30% of the colonists at the time supported.  They meant what they said, and they did something about it.  They founded the greatest, freest nation on earth, and even though we are held hostage now by an illegally-installed dictator and his criminal cronies, we can do something about it.

So every time you meet a new person, say something.  Every time you run into an old acquaintance, say something.  Talk about the situation we’re in and what can be done about it.  Recruit others to help us get the old America back, the free one, the one in which personal ambition and hard work could be combined to produce whatever future a person could envision.  Not Obama’s America; our America.

We are the media.  Let’s keep the pressure on, and eventually the dam will break.  It has to.  Because the truth will always emerge, sooner or later.  And you can all be part of making that happen.

This national nightmare can be over if we all work hard to spread the word.  That’s how they did it back in 1776.  And we have many more ways to inform others than they did back then.

Critical mass is building.

We’re almost there.

Here comes the sun.

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  1. For Chuck Clemens (Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 11:23 AM) and dotdotcom
    (Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 6:10 PM)

    I tried to place “detailed instructions” but this system doesn’t allow to do that so far – don’t know why. So here is my advice – click every link in my post(s) and eventually you’ll easy arrive at posts with flyers and with “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be President Of The United States (POTUS) according to Constitution” (and a related stuff too). That what I meant – “read through”.
    P.S. My name at Resistnet.com is the same as here.

  2. dotdotcom says:
    Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 2:07 AM
    “…Not long ago, an owner of a website gave me a page to post my letters plus all the contact info. so now I have many more people who have joined me in this campaign…”


    Please read through my comment under yours

    and consider placing on your web page the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!” (and also another one – “Old buddy” /Common Sense/ – with adding the same lines at its end:

    (In short: Having a foreigner father (Britiish) Obama had a dual allegiance at birth. Thus he isn’t Natural Born Citizen /Article 2-1-5/ and not eligible to be POTUS regardless of his birthplace). ).

    1. btw says:
      Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 9:20 AM
      dotdotcom says:
      Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 2:07 AM
      “…Not long ago, an owner of a website gave me a page to post my letters plus all the contact info. so now I have many more people who have joined me in this campaign…”


      Please read through my comment under yours

      and consider placing on your web page the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!” (and also another one – “Old buddy” /Common Sense/ – with adding the same lines at its end:

      I am having ahard time figuring this out. Please clarify where we may view the letters and the contact information.

      1. Chuck, btw’s post confused me too LOL I’ve posted the link to my page a few times on this website but sometimes it doesn’t make it through moderation so I’m guessing they don’t want me “advertising” the page here? Why that is, I don’t know because it’s a page designed to help people take action on this issue and is free for anyone to use. I will send this comment in without it to make sure you know what’s going on, then I will make another comment with the link in it and hope the moderator approves the post. So, if you don’t see another comment with the link for you, you will know that the moderator didn’t allow it but you will know I tried.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, please see our comment policy under “About Us.”

      2. Chuck, it was not allowed, sorry. Mrs. Rondeau, I read the comment policy as you suggested. First, I apologize if you think I have broken any rules but the only part I saw that you might think applies is this: “Comments expressing personal opinions or seeking publicity for other news items or organizations will not be published.” I just wanted to say that I do not consider the page I put together as an organization, it’s just a page which is available to help people get involved and it has tons of contact info. all in one place. I do hope you will go look at the page because then I believe you would want to tell people about it, it’s a very useful page meant to educate and provide tools for people to help apply pressure demanding action on the ineligibility of Obama. After all, the goal of everyone on this site is to have this illegal usurper removed…the page is free and is just there to help us reach our goal. If you won’t post it, I hope you can at least let Chuck know where it is since he asked. And, once you’ve looked at the page, if you would like to post the link, please do…I’ve had many compliments about how helpful the page is and I believe your readers would all agree. I love your site here and I would certainly never purposefully disobey your rules :)
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I will pass the information along to Mr. Charlton. Generally if people want to publicize their own websites, it is better to do that through private email.

  3. This issue has been my passion and focus for well over a year now and I have been doing everything I can think of to educate others and bring this issue to light. I started doing my own fax campaign…came up with 5 separate one page letters and have faxed them to almost all Republicans in Congress and the Senate, Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, etc…everywhere I could think of that I could find fax numbers and emailed them to places with no fax number. Not long ago, an owner of a website gave me a page to post my letters plus all the contact info. so now I have many more people who have joined me in this campaign. The most frustrating thing is that I know which Republicans have received these so I know that THEY KNOW Obama is NOT a natural born citizen and yet they are silent! There are a few that I thought would stand up like Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint and a couple others but their silence is deafening! The same goes for Glenn, Rush, Hannity, Michelle Malkin, etc…they have all received the FACTS (definition of natural born, dual citizenship, fraudulent social security numbers, etc) and they continue to either remain silent or worse, pull Alinsky tactics on us and ridicule, denigrate, etc…it’s disgusting!!! When all this is exposed, everyone in Congress, the Senate and the media should all go down at least for complicity right along with Obama in this biggest fraud in American history!

  4. Congress will spend days or even weeks vetting a nominee for the Supreme Court but failed to even ask the “basic” questions about Obama’s eligibility for the highest office in the land. Why is no one being held accountable for this failure? And why is the Supreme Court failing to pursue this case, that if true will rock the foundation of our government for years to come?

    1. “And why is the Supreme Court failing to pursue this case, that if true will rock the foundation of our government for years to come?”

      The Supreme Court is not willing to be the cause of the huge political disaster the truth about Obama’s ineligibility will be for the party now in power. Maybe a few of the Justices are willing to hear the case, but not enough.

    2. When a proper case with Standing is brought before the Supreme Court, they will hear it. Justice Scalia told Orly that in March of 2010. His exact words were, “Bring your case…I will hear it.” I wrote a Brief for Orly and a Motion for the case to be brought directly to the Supreme Court, but she never filed it. Instead she went off on the Easterling diversion.

      I am an lawyer licensed in Tennessee who took an interest in Constitutional Law after seeing BHO steal the primary elections from the Democrat Party in 2008. I heard Former President Bill Clinton say that the qualifications for the Presidency are contained in the Constitution. I heard Chief Justice John Roberts say, “Read the Constitution. It’s not that hard to understand.”

      I read everything that Phil Berg, Leo Donofrio, Mario Apuzo, Dr. Sam Sewell, Larry Wells and Orly Taitz wrote on the ineligibility of BHO. I communicated with all of them. I wrote my first essay on the Constitution for Orly’s original Blog. For weeks, I spoke with and/or communicated with Orly almost every day. My daughter, Olivia, and I attended the National Religious Broadcasters Convention as her quests. I wrote legal briefs and motions for Orly.

      The Supreme Court did not drop the ball. The lawyers dropped the ball by not properly filing cases. The people dropped the ball by not exercising their rights to form Citizen Grand Juries.

      Form your Grand Juries, render your Indictments. Be prepared to serve your Indictments early in May. We will be serving our Indictments of Criminally Corrupt government officials in Tennessee in May. There will be Hundreds, if not Thousands of cameras recording these events.

      But as my Mom always told me, “Don’t talk about it. DO IT!”



      1. American Grand Jury has done just that…they’ve held many hearing and all unanimously voted to indict. They have been serving their indictments everywhere…members of congress and senate, many courts, judges, sheriffs, AG’s, etc…even every justice on the SC…they’ve all been served, they all refuse to do anything about it!

    3. The Supreme Court cannot legislate, only adjudicate. Should one of the cases make it to the SC, they may take it. They should not give the impostor a pass on his State of the Union diss to the SC.


    I would like to see this quotation “bannerized”

  6. God bless you Post&Email!!!! We will keep up the pressure.

    I will never let this go until justice is served for every single one of them…media, the Congress who do nothing while Kenya Boy destroys this nation and weakens the military, the SCOTUS who will pay dearly for what they’ve done and failed to do, and ALL other guilty parties. I have made this my life’s work, and I will never stop working for our freedom, and I never give up. I love my country with all my heart and soul.
    God bless LTC Lakin, Cmdr. Fitzpatrick, all the military and their families, and God bless all our patriots and everyone who loves America.

  7. The mainstream media did what it was told. They were all brought in, by the Bush Admin, and told not to discuss the birth thing. They were threatened with getting their FCC license pulled. Now, I believe they should have said something anyway, but this was back during the campaign before there was SO MUCH evidence. So they hushed up and they’ve just been playing the cards they were dealt since.

    Currently, it is being brought up because the White House wants it brought up, albeit in their own way in which they can control. Remember about 2 or 3 weeks ago the White House was frantically trying to cut deals with the various reporting agencies in the WH press pool? They would get “total access” in return for “not reporting some things right away”? Well this is part of it. The WH is trying to get out (its own way with its own spin) some of the insane things we all know are true. They are trying to spit some of this out with their spin because they know that the Columbia trial starting on 5/14/10 is going to be devestating to them, particularly the evidence that is shown. So the WH is spoon feeding the mainstream media certain “facts” with their own spin so that when this stuff comes out next month, it won’t “seem” so outrageous to the American people. They will have been “exposed” to some of this, albeit with the WH’s special spin, and they are hoping the “Oh My God” factor will not be so huge as if Dr. Manning presented his case and evidence at the trial and because of the evidence, the public won’t be able to dismiss it and it would be like a giant SLAP in the face to Americans. But psychologically, if the public has heard some of this, it’s not as publically destroying.

    My point being is that I read all the time about how can the media have ignored this, actually helped to push it under the rug? The media (mainstream) have always done this. Fortunately this time, enough people are tuned in and consider this a big enough issue. But don’t wonder how the MSM could do this, they were doing what they were told to do and it wasn’t anything they weren’t used to doing before.

    What I want to know is how the American people could be duped so badly. I knew this stuff was out there long before the election, and trust me, I’m not a rocket scientist. I guess what has burned my breeches the most out of this whole thing isn’t what to lengths politics and politicians can go, or what lies and coverups can be passed off by the MSM. The depths of my despair originate with a single concept that I thought was a fundamental truth, that I’ve now come to realize is not: I truly believed I lived in a country of my peers. Generally speaking, the same level of common sense, loyalty, integrety and honor. This situation has shown me that this is not the case. For anyone to still “believe” the Obama rhetoric, they must be stone cold morons. And I believe the majority of the country does still believe, not a vast majority, but a majority none the less. And those who don’t, don’t understand what the big deal is about the Constitution. “So what if he wasn’t ‘officially’ qualified? He won the election!” For anyone to feel this way has no understanding of, and therefore loyalty to, the Constitution. Yet again, I fear they are in the majority.

    So my darkest despair is a result of realizing that I don’t live among peers, and whose basic and fundamental ideas of our (my) life are 180 degrees from my own. I feel like I woke up from a dream, this wonderful beautiful dream, to find myself living in a foreign country, not understanding its laws, customs or even language.

    I don’t know what to do.


    Raymond E. McCabe

    1. Mr. McCabe, great post.

      When you mentioned the White House press it reminded me of the
      “unprecedented” act of Obama about 2 weeks ago. At about the same time that the Kenyan Parliament meeting minutes with many references to Obama being born in Kenya were released, Obama ditched the WH press pool and was gone for 2 hours without them. The press was told to show up at 11:30 AM to be with the Obama during his day. Obama left the WH at about 9:20 AM and was gone for about 2 hours. WH spokesperson said he was attending one of his daughter’s soccer games. A quick check of Sidwell schools athletic schedule showed there were no soccer games scheduled, and that is was not even soccer season. As the Press showed up and where told where he supposed to have gone, they started to leave to find him. They were stopped and told he was returning, so no one ever knew for certain where he was. There was never any mention by the press or the public of him being at a soccer game.

      Where did he really go? Almost certainly to the Kenyan embassy to tell them to stop posting stuff on the internet saying he was born in Kenya.

      Among other things, Obama is suspect to being blackmailed by those who know the truth about his eligibility, which at this point is just about everybody.

      1. …Obama is suspect to being blackmailed by those who know the truth about his eligibility, which at this point is just about everybody.

        And no doubt they’re being paid off with taxpayers’ money. Great. Just great.

    2. Thank you for eloquently saying, in your last paragraph, my feelings. I would have been felt better if the SCOTUS would have addressed the issue, at least to make it look like we still had a working government. When the Constitution is not upheld, which all civil and federal law is based upon, we are no longer a nation of laws. That is a foreign country.


  8. The counterargument i found to be the most effective so far is to point out that any question or statement starting by “I believe” or “I think” that Obama was born in Hawaii, presents the answer in itself . As long as no one can say I KNOW for sure where the POTUS is born, there is a problem.

    That usually gets the attention of the other person and from there I go onto the whole argument of Natural Born vs. dual citizenship.

    1. Well said.
      Normally “I believe” refers to a belief and “I think”, an opinion.
      Introducing myself, I’d say, I’m Charles (for it is a fact); I don’t say “I think I’m Charles.”

  9. The difference between the citizen journalists v/s main street media is:
    Citizen journalists are curious, they have nothing to gain (except a country) they are beholden to no entities, all the material they quote is documented.
    Main street media has phonies with no documentation and a dwindling readership since no one believes a word they parrot anymore.

  10. Don’t you think it’s rather pathetic and a sad commentary on contemporary life in America when a law ( as in Arizona) must be made to require a reluctant and suspicious U.S. President to show his identification, just like the rest of us must do practically every day of our lives!

  11. As others have said and I will repeat…Keep up the pressure!!! Even if you don’t think the e-mails you send to various news agencies, or the calls and letters to your congressional representatives, or the postings you make at every website where this is possible are doing any good, the opposite is true.

    Barry has not had a regular news conference in months. I believe this may be because he fears his love affair with the White House press in over, and he just might get questions about his eligibility and Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the Kenyan Parliament and other things he doesn’t want to discuss. He is hiding and running scared.

    The truth is near!!

  12. In the former USSR, there were two central government newspapers – Pravda and Izvestija, which are The Truth and The News. People did not read them, however. Why? Because The Truth did not have any news, and The News did not have any truth… Today, our mainstream media mirrors this situation. Apparently, this comes with the territory…

    1. In Red China, they say that the only thing true in the “People’s Daily” is the Day and Date of the issue. The Communist is the ring leader of the Left; Obama is a Marxist and therefore “bosses” the left leaning media.

  13. Well said Sharon! The lack of intellectual curiousity by the mainstream media is unbelievable, especially given that intellectual curiousity is what being a reporter is all about.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That’s where “we the people” come in!

  14. The CBS propagandist makes a remarkable statement:

    “…overwhelming evidence he (Obama) was born in the United States — including his 1961 birth announcement, printed in two Hawaii newspapers.”

    Who is ever described as being a citizen through “evidence”? Evidence? The “evidence” she provides wouldn’t stand up in a court of law. The propagandist is tacitly admitting that she really doesn’t know for a fact that Soetoro is a citizen—she merely thinks it likely due to “evidence”.

    1. They evade (as Clarence Thomas said) the fact that he has no court-vetted evidence.
      And even if he was born in Hawaii, no statutory citizen can EVER be a natural born citizen.

    2. “…overwhelming evidence he (Obama) was born in the United States — including his 1961 birth announcement, printed in two Hawaii newspapers.”

      There is overwhelming evidence that I was born in the United States of America: My long form birth certificate listing my two citizen parents and the delivering physician. There very may be a birth annoucement in the archives of the local newspaper, but it is of no consequence; since it really does not prove anything in itself. I was born at my Grandparents house, and my grandmother could have easily placed an anoucement in the newspaper! It would only serve to further substantiate the legal certified copy of my birth certificate on record at the local health departnent in my county of birth. I have obtained copies several times in my lifetime the most recent of which cost me $10.00 as I recall.

  15. When newspaper announcements are used as evidence, it means there is no document.
    The mainstream media having lost their souls, are now losing their heads to assume that people would buy their cheap “evidence.”

    The world sinks when the left reigns!