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Guest Editorial

Glenn Beck, cable and radio personality

(Apr. 1, 2010) — I know that you are preparing a special program. I’m asking you to include in that program a discussion of a problem of upholding the U.S. Constitution – the problem that is frustrating a lot (maybe millions) of Americans. I know that you got a lot of emails about this problem from members of RestoreTheConstitutionalRepublic.com. I’m one of the members of that movement and I’m also sending you my letter.

Now about the problem. We all know that according to the Constitution, only a “natural born Citizen” (NBC) has the right to be President of the United States. The greatest concern for all those people, including me, who signed petitions, sent letters and emails, is the fact that Mr. Obama didn’t prove his status as a natural born Citizen, and it turns out that no government agency vetted him for it, either. For some unknown reason, the media didn’t inform the American people about this problem.  Without a doubt,  the results of the election might have been different if the voters had been informed of it.

The courts have also refused to discuss the  case  on its merits. Instead of showing all necessary documents and simply proving his “natural born Citizen” status, Mr. Obama chose a tactic of legal delays and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before December 15, 2008, the date the Electors met to cast their votes, all Presidential Electors were informed about this Constitutional problem but chose to ignore the warnings. All members of Congress were informed  of the  question but chose to ignore it. All of this put a lot of Americans who are already informed by now through the Internet in a state of deepest frustration. It’s obvious that eventually all Americans will know about this serious Constitutional matter.

I’d like to stress that this problem is of interest to any American citizen because it is a matter of upholding the U.S. Constitution.

Let’s consider just two fundamental documents that govern this country:  the Constitution and the Oath of Allegiance (and accepting The Oath of Allegiance I swore “…that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America…”), and we will then infer the following:

  • There is no need to obtain Mr. Obama’s birth certificate to prove his ineligibility to be President of the United States,  according to the Constitution.
  • There is nothing personal in this inference; it’s just a result of straightforward reading of those  two fundamental documents.

Consider both possibilities of Mr. Obama’s birthplace – abroad and in Hawaii (as he alleges):

1. If Mr. Obama was born abroad (there are allegations about that on the Internet):

In this case he committed a crime because he has stated that he was born in the U.S., and he must be  turned over to the Department of Justice to face all possible consequences. Of course he can’t be President of the U.S. in such a case.

2. If Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii (as he alleges):

a. According to the Constitution, there are two groups of U.S. citizens:  “natural born” and “naturalized” Citizens. The U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14, Section 1, states:  All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…”;

b. According to the Constitution, natural born Citizen and naturalized Citizens are absolutely equal except for one thing:  only a “natural born Citizen” can be President;

c. according to the Oath of Allegiance, naturalized Citizens are subject only to the U.S. jurisdiction. Persons wishing to become naturalized U.S. citizens have to take the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S., renounce and abjure any foreign jurisdiction and be a subject of only the U.S. jurisdiction. The words “renounce and abjure any foreign jurisdiction,” are the key. It means that only one jurisdiction is allowed for naturalized Citizens – only the U.S. jurisdiction.  It was a clear intention of the Framers not to have any foreign influence on U.S. citizens;

d. because according to the Constitution, citizens of both groups are equal (except for being able to become President).  Both a natural born Citizen and a naturalized Citizen are subject only to the U.S. jurisdiction. This requirement is automatically met for persons born to two U.S. citizens, so there is no need to take the Oath of Allegiance; if such children are also born in the U.S., they become not just U.S. citizens; they are “natural born” Citizens;

e. In light of the citizenship types mentioned above, persons born in the U.S. to a foreign parent and a U.S. citizen, which we presume is exactly Mr. Obama’s situation, cannot be U.S. citizens because they are subject to two jurisdictions at birth (not only to the U.S. jurisdiction). Such persons can become U.S. citizens only through the process of naturalization. After that, they cannot be a natural born Citizen.

That’s it.

I don’t see any flaws in this chain of five arguments. If you and your colleagues at Fox News cannot find any flaws in it, there is only one thing to do:  admit that unfortunately Mr. Obama isn’t eligible, according to the Constitution, to be President of the United States.

Everybody who agrees with what I believe to be an accurate portrayal of different types of U.S. citizenship can use it as his or her own proof.  Please just use it!

If you find a flaw, please send me an email with your arguments. I’ll consider them and answer without delay.

I repeat that the proof is based only on two fundamental documents: the Constitution, especially the 14th Amendment, and the Oath of Allegiance.


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  1. I’m pretty sure he was born in Kenya, there seems to be a lot of evidence for that.
    It also makes sense that he would work for the CIA in the middle east since he was born there. Probably knew Osama.

  2. Are you kidding me? Do your really think Glenn Beck cares about your logical argument? He is in large part a greater perpetrator of propaganda than CNN, MSNBC, ABC..etal. He tells just enough truth to make you believe he thinks like you, supports your concerns. He then laughs at you all the way to the bank. Why else ridicule those questioning Mr. Soetoro’s Constitutional eligibility? Why not simply present an argument to the contrary? No, Mr. Beck is a well-paid mouthpeice for George Soros, Saudi owned Fox, and Mr. Soetoro.

  3. I hope and pray that someday soon, a person in position who has a backbone,
    will decide to bring this fiasco to a halt and we can put our nation back together and live the way we are supposed to do. I’m afraid that trying to find someone in the Government with a backbone is FUTILE……

  4. Beck is an anti-birther. He has sold out to the powers to be so that he can keep his job.

    The only way to bring the truth forward is to hack baby hack. Not that I am advocating that anyone ever break the law.

    Can anyone imagine the rioting that would take place across America if the truth about Obama’s eligibility came out?

    It would be like in the movie Mississippi Burning except it would happen all across America except maybe in AK, WY, ID and a few other states with low black populations.

  5. Obama is not an African American–he is half white, having a white mother.
    This racism bait is being used to stir the pot and continue to keep him in office using the race card only.

    His “regime” and African American supporters know this but would never consider speaking of it since it would destroy their agenda. After all it is Obama himself who continues the racism divide in America.


  7. No one – including Beck and others at Fox and elsewhere – will touch the bc issue for the very simple reason that Obama is black. It’s not publicly uttered, but one of the major reasons BO was chosen by his handlers – e.g. Soros, Saudis, et al – was because he’s Black. They waited all these years for the perfect black man who could ruin America with no resistance – a smooth-talker and not too dark, else he wouldn’t get elected (evidenced by Sharpton and Jackson). They tasked BO with taking down America and installing communism/socialism/Marxism — and they knew the only person who could succeed would be a Black man. Why? Because, no one would dare to push back on a Black man when he did his dirty deeds – no one would dare, because they knew they would be called a racist. No white man could possibly get away with what BO has. We would immediately demand that he knock off the Marxist crap! But, with a Black man, we are intimidated, as we stand by, wringing our hands and watching him destroy our country – all for the simple fear of being accused of racism. Look what happens if anyone ever complains about BO or attempts to push back…they jump on the race card and throw it at us. Obama’s America-hating handlers were extremely smart and perceptive when they picked a black man to “fundamentally transform America”. BTW, BO knows this, and takes full advantage of the race card. There were many, many suckers – half the voters – who cooperated, and who continue to cooperate, with their plan. That’s why everyone dances around this bc issue. Obama could very easily be removed based on his comments in his book about his father being a foreign national. But, no, they timidly choose to delay his removal by focusing on where he was born. It doesn’t matter where he was born. Obama could’ve been born at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial – but he would still be ineligible based on the nationality of his father.

  8. I’m very thankful to Mrs. Rondeau for publishing this old letter to Glenn Beck (“a fighter” for upholding Constitution) that was emailed to him on 2/06/09 – before his “Project 9/12”. After that the letter was placed then on the site RestoreTheConstitutionalRepublic.com (RTCR) that suddenly stopped to exist (“died”) in Feb 2010. The site RTCR has died but the slogan “Restore The Constitutional Republic!” is still necessary and very well alive.

    You can see that the logic of that RTCR letter was used in the second part of a recent comment “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be President Of The United States (POTUS) according Constitution”; see



    Those who thoroughly read the RTCR letter and/or follow links above of course will come to the inference: It doesn’t matter where Obama was born; Having a foreigner father (Britiish) Obama had a dual allegiance at birth. So he doesn’t meet Constitutional requirements for citizenship at birth /14th Amendment/ or, in other words, requirements of being Natural Born Citizen /Article 2-1-5/. Thus he isn’t eligible to be POTUS regardless of his birthplace.

    Durus recently placed an info “Glenn Beck admits ignorance…”:

    Glenn Beck often repeats how much he likes to read and also that he reads a lot (almost without sleeping). Alas, that old RTCR letter couldn’t reach him then – probably (?) he slept at that time?! Maybe now when he began to admit his ignorance, there is a lucky chance??? Dear Glenn Beck, please read that RTCR letter together with “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be POTUS according Constitution”; I heard from you one more thing: “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!”

  9. Facts in evidence from Obama’s own admission closes the case.

    At the time of Obama’s own birth, he was a dual citizen:

    1) A citizen of Great Britain through his father.
    2) A citizen of the United States through his mother.

    Obama owed allegiance to Great Britain, a foreign sovereignty, at the time of his own birth.

    A dual citizen who owes allegiance to a foreign sovereignty, at the time of his own birth, cannot become a “natural born Citizen”.

    Only a “natural born Citizen” shall be qualified to become President of the United States.

    If a dual citizen cannot become a “natural born Citizen”, then a dual citizen cannot be qualified to become President of the United States.

  10. All I can do is to echo what others have said. I too have lost a LOT of respect for Glenn Beck and all of Fox News over their wall of silence on this issue. And after Bill O’Reilly making fun of people for asking logical questions about Obama’s eligibility, I won’t even watch him anymore, I can’t stand the sight of him, and I used to be a regular viewer. It must be threats causing them to run and hide— they can’t all be that dumb.

    So much for the “checks and balances” the mainstream media is supposed to be providing. But thank God there are still people like those we find here. Thank you Post and Email, maybe we don’t say that enough.

    1. I agree that many in the media must be under threats not to discuss Obama’s eligibility. O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, etc. cannot be so stupid that they believe the certifiably bogus certificate of live birth means, case closed, Obama is a natural born citizen per the U.S. Constitution. No one could be that dumb.

      If the same questions about eligibility were present for anyone other than Obama, it would be covered 24/7 by the media until the truth was uncovered.

      I am 66 and I have never seen a situation where something so important and so obvious as Obama’s lack of eligibility could be ignored and denied so completely.

  11. I don’t get why people keep saying “it doesn’t matter where Obama was born”, sure it does. If it can be proven he was born in Kenya, (and there is a lot of evidence of that ), then he is no longer the pretend president.

    Of course the natural born citizenship issue also makes him ineligible.
    Of the two, I think the born in Kenya reason is likely to be easier to prove than the attempt at getting a him kicked out because he is not a natural born citizen. Natural born citizen may seem clear cut to some, but it will be tortured into something else by Obama’s taxpayer paid Dept. of Justice lawyers.

    Both are important, as is was he adopted by Lolo Soetoro, as it appears. It so, and he didn’t legally change his name back to Obama, (no records exist on this), then everything he has signed in ivalid.

    There are many possible scenarios that should remove Barry from office, if they would just be pursued by the media, especially the conservative media that one would expect to cover this.

    They all seem afraid of the issue.

  12. Think about this…………how come you’ve never heard a caller to his radio show ever ask the eligibility question? Do you think it might be because the call screener’s were told (by FOX) not to patch those calls thru?

    I like Glenn Beck but I’ve lost a lot of respect for him, and will not regain that respect unless and until he address’ the REAL issue, which is the fact that Obama Sr. was not an American citizen! He’s not being honest with his audience!

  13. Here is the link to my second letter to Glenn Beck sent to him on 31 Jan 2010. It has a link to my first letter to Glenn Beck therein. Glenn Beck knows the true issues. He chooses to ignore them. That is obvious when he never uses the constitutional term “natural born Citizen” when discussing the issues with Obama saying merely that he believes Obama is a Citizen. Beck knows that the Constitution requires a special category of Citizen, i.e., a natural born Citizen to be eligible to be President. And Obama is not one since Obama’s father was not a Citizen of the U.S. nor was Obama’s father even an immigrant to the U.S. Beck is still ducking the real issue of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility and I still don’t know exactly why.


    CDR Kerchner

    1. CDR. Kerchner,

      Bravo Zulu for your dedication to this issue. Did you ever think that your country would become so corrupt?

      U.S. Navy Seabee Veteran
      Can-Do Regards

  14. At about the 8:50 mark in Jon Stewart’s show from 3/31/2010, Jon says, “Let me show you how a Natural Born Citizen does it.” Jon was referring to choosing teams for the basketball playoffs. Jon could only mean it as a jab to Obama. Here’s the link: http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/wed-march-31-2010-roxana-saberi

    The Congressional representatives from my state that bothered to reply both said this matter was settled, and that was before the election in 2008.

    Seems to me, it’s growing. If Jon Stewart will bring it up, and I’ve heard Stephen Colbert reference Obama’s ineligibility, I would think enough people are aware of the problem that it will have to be addressed.

    I am disgusted and ashamed of those in a position to do something and have not. I hope all that have been complicit in this cover up get punished for their acts.

  15. Glenn Beck claims that he has not looked into the Constitutional ineligibility of Obama, based on his exclusion from being a “natural born Citizen”.


    We Post & Email readers know different though, because we recall the two letters written to Beck where Charles Kerchner schooled him on the “natural born Citizen” ineligibility of Obama.

  16. Just anwer one question Glenn Beck………

    Since when did we in the U.S. start allowing Duel Citizens to become eligilble for President? Name that Amendment.

  17. Glenn Beck is controlled opposition.

    When TPTB realized that the people were really ticked off, they used Beck to channel them and lead them…. to nowhere.

    Remember the 912 project, when he said at the end of the show “see You in 6 months”.
    This should tell You what he is there for.

    Just recently he damaged the real constitutional candidate Debra Medina on purpose.
    This should tell You who he works for.

    1. Snap. I lost all respect for this guy. He keeps saying it’s time for action and the poor people that follow him are still waiting for some direction because they believe in him. He stuck his foot in it big time. This year will be a wild one…look for opeation chaos before the elections. All the reliable internet journalists need to be prepared to manage the misinformation.

  18. I have finally come to the conclusion that the reason no one with the fiduciary duty to verify and/or the professional integrity to question Obama’s eligibilty before he was sworn in and subsequent thereto was/has been out of fear of historic racial riots all over the country.

  19. I think Glenn Beck is no fool. He knows BO is not elligible to hold office but has probably been told to keep his mouth shut or his career is over. I find it interesting that Limbaugh and Hannity will make mention of it from time to time but never really hammer the issue as they should either.

    1. I think you’re right. I think that they have threatened to pull FOXs FCC license if they every mention it in the Broadcast. Then of course the ratings, FOX makes giant money off of the controversy this President stirs up.

  20. I think that we can surmise exactly why Beck doesn’t bring the issue up. He has often been quoted as saying the following:

    ‘There are many things that I believe that I shall never say. But I shall never say the things that I do not believe.’

    When CNN’s Lou Dobbs questioned Obama’s eligibility, he got booted from the network. The control over the media is terrible from the ObaMAO regime. However, as long as Beck doesn’t bring up the eligibility issue, he can say whatever he wants. He has awakened a sleeping giant in that the American people now know about Obama’s Marxist intentions.

    In the past, I have heard Beck say that the eligibility issue would be a losing battle. Perhaps he’s correct? Instead, he has chosen to focus on what he is currently passionate about – waking up millions of Americans and encouraging us to bring America back to our Founding Fathers intentions. Through faith, real, genuine hope, and charity, we can all help elevate our founding documents, principles, and values back to their rightful place in this Constitutional Republic.

    My guess is that one day, Beck and many other conservatives who have chosen to stay silent [for whatever reason(s)] on this particular issue will be able to share the truth about the ObaMAO regime’s corrupt rise to power and possible usurpation of the presidency. Perhaps that day will come after the House and Senate are no longer under Dem control. Then Obama will be a lame duck resident at the White House and his policies will no longer be rammed through against the wishes of We The People.

    Ultimately, the Obama Error will be over in January, 2013. I just pray for God’s continued mercy and protection over our nation until this national nightmare is over.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Hopefully it will be over long before then. Let’s keep praying that God will deliver us from this evil, especially during this Holy Week.

  21. Whoever wrote the above Editorial doesn’t seem to grasp the issue at hand.

    The author addresses whether Obama was born in Hawaii or abroad. What the hell difference does it make WHERE Obama was born?

    Obama could have been born in a manger on the White House lawn and it still wouldn’t matter as to his nationality.

    Barack Obama’s father was a citizen of Kenya visiting the United States on a student visa. Barack Obama’s father never was a U.S. citizen, EVER.

    Ergo, Obama CANNOT be a NBC.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe the author still stated that Obama cannot be a natural born citizen regardless of where he was born. He described the two scenarios to bring up the fact that if Obama was born abroad, he has lied about his background and therefore lost all credibility. Many news sources have reported that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia, which, if true, mean that Obama has been lying to the American people for many years.

    The author also stated that being born in the U.S. to two parents, one of whom was a foreigner, gives Obama foreign allegiance. At least that’s what I got out of it.

  22. AWESOME! I have seen shows where Beck starts to talk about the birthers and then denies that he believes in them. I suppose due to his status at fox he cannot and will not address this. I personally have written much the same as you adding British subject and Indonesian citizen via adoption, to no avail from him or Hannity.

    Obama is a dual citizen of Britain and Indonesia, therefore he is ineligible to be POTUS no matter what. He is NOT a NBC.

    What is so difficult to understand about this? These college educated politicians and SCOTUS know this is true and turn their backs on the Constitution along with the American citizens. None of them are upholding the oath they took——-absolutely none.

    Everyone of them that is involved in this scheme should be held accountable and sent to prison for life for treason against the US of America and her citizens.

    Keep up the excellent work. This is the only way WE THE PEOPLE will survive this coup and take our country back.