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by Sharon Rondeau

Has Obama admitted his ineligibility and therefore, his guilt? Should he be charged with treason?

(Mar. 22, 2010) A Pinellas County, Florida man has filed a court document which states that Barack Hussein Obama II is guilty of treason by virtue of being ineligible for the office he holds.

The document, date-stamped March 18, 2010, was filed by  William Spencer Connerat III and claims that Obama’s failure to answer his requests for confirmation of his natural born Citizenship is an “admission of ineligibility” and “the basis for an act of treason.”

The two letters sent previously were dated November 11, 2008 and February 26, 2009, respectively.

The Florida Supreme Court had dismissed the original case filed by Connerat against the Florida Secretary of State, Kurt S. Browning, on December 19, 2008.  Connerat’s action received coverage along with other eligibility lawsuits by The Sonoran News at that time.

Connerat then filed a “Statement of Claim” at the Pinellas County Courthouse on July 1, 2009, the “cause of action” being “Tortious Negligence” arising from Obama’s failure to respond to Connerat’s previous two certified letters asking for proof of his eligibility to serve as president.  Connerat also asserted his right to a trial by jury “in light of the significance of fair, unbiased, and wise adjudication” of the case.

Connerat stated that he has mailed copies of the March 18 document to Attorney General Bill  McCollum of Florida and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, “who may find it useful if he is forced to file a lawsuit in Richmond, to show that Obama-care is not Constitutional. ”  Connerat contends that it is “fully enforceable in American jurisprudence.”

Document filed with the Pinellas County Circuit Court on March 18, 2010

The July 1, 2009 filing can be viewed in its entirety here.

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  1. I filed a sworn statement in November,2009 with US Attorney,WDNY,Kathleen Mehltretter.

    Four months later,after contacting her again,she said that it had to be sworn before a magistrate and that my notarized statement was “insufficient”.

    Trouble is,US Magistrates in the WDNY refuse to entertain my charges. I sent a recent letter to Kenneth Skretny,Chief Judge,USDC,WDNY who has yet to respond. Magistrate Scott of the WDNY was approached in order for me to swear out a charge against Obama and Pelosi.

    The Magistrate’s Judicial assistant referred me to the FBI,who refused to register my proffered charges of Treason and Fraud against Obama and Pelosi. Instead,they gave me a telephone number which I called.

    It was the Secret Service.

    Several days later two officers from the DOJ showed up at my door. I talked with them. I am still awaiting response from Skretny.

    Americans have the right to “petition the government for redress of grievances”. I informed Skretny that I HAVE a “grievance”. Since 1922,only charges filed by “Law enforcement” are entertained. Are Law enforcement officers the ONLY americans that can now “Petition the government for redress of grievances”?

    If they don’t take my charge,I will be forced to institute a lawsuit disputing the constitutionality of denying me said constitutional “Right” in derogation of the law.

  2. The problem is that we’re living in a nation where both parties have ignored The Constitution or twisted it to suit their latest ‘flavor of the day.’ iow, both parties interpret the document to be a ‘living constitution.’ So, major policy issues aren’t decided by what the Constitution actually says, but by ‘legal precedent.’

    That said, over the years, both parties have loaded the judiciary of the US with party hacks who owe the parties allegiance in one form or another.

    You’re not going to get a legal determination from our judiciary that will rock the boat and threaten the established balance of power between the two parties. Since at least 2004, it has been blatantly obvious that neither party gives a rip about freedom or liberty, let alone give a rip about justice.

    There is only one form of argument that tyrants and oligarchs understand.

    Use every peaceful means of resolution available to you, but stock up on the beans, bullets and band-aids …and get to know your local survivalist.

  3. The easiest way to kill Obamacare is to simply prove the truth we now all know. Obama is not and can never be a Natural Born American Citizen. He was actually born a Natural Born British Subject which at best makes him a dual citizen or possible only a Indonesian citizen if he gave up his other citizenships when his mother married Lolo Sotoro and moved to Indonesia and enrolled little Barry in their public schools. Only Indonesian citizens could attend public schools. Any type of dual citizenship precludes anyone from being a Natural Born American Citizen. Stop Obamacare NOW! Call on our courts to prove he either is or is not eligible to sign into law that Evil Communist takeover of our once free society. Our future is in our hands. But we have to fight this fight together. Join the fight today!

  4. I would be the last person to discourage anyone from going after the ‘0’ with whatever claim or action in whatever court they could get into, but, I have come to understand that the ‘0’ and his supporters have covered all the obvious bases and have ‘Alinsky’ responses for MOST of them.

    Until there is a Federal Court Ruling on the Constitutional definition of Natural Born Citizen it is not possible to attack him on those grounds.

    It is my intention to return to the court soon with the ‘standing’ issue that was deficient in my previous case satisfied.

    It will be possible to be more specific when I receive the responses from the Administrative Appeals Office of the Department of Homeland Security / US Citizenship and Immigration Service and the FOIA response from the same.

    You see, the ‘0’ has been successful in hiding his past and there is enough ‘elitist obfuscation’ over the 14th Amendment, the Wong Kim Ark and several other Supreme Court cases to keep the truth mired in rhetoric and distraction.

    But the ‘0’ and his supporters CAN NOT erase ALL of this great countries history, the writings of the Founders and the Common Sense of the America People.

    Article II Section I Clause V will take the usurper down this year.

      1. Re; JeanWTPUSA,

        Mario Apuzo’s brief is indeed ‘Brilliant’ and the Court that Rules on it will be the ‘Beacon Light’ letting American Patriots know which way that the winds truly blows within the Federal Judiciary.

        We ‘KNOW’ the current POTUS is a USURPER, we KNOW the Democrat Party is corrupt and a ‘front group’ for ‘MARXIST SOCIALIST COMMUNISTS WORLD PARTY’, (with as many names as the ‘0’ has), We ‘KNOW’ that many if not all ‘UNIONS’ across the Country are corrupt and infiltrated just as is the ‘Democrat Party’……………..but We are still holding out HOPE that our Judiciary has Fidelity to the Constitution, WE’LL SEE.

  5. No, tie the NBC in with healthcare. The court will then have to ajudicate it.
    This with the backing of the a majority of states could be a big problem for Obama. I was dispirited, but this may be what the fates intended for Obama. This is the last stand for SCOTUS cause Obama will get them if he gets a chance. This is the last opportunity to avoid a break up of the Union.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Perhaps Chief Justice Roberts will find the situation “very troubling” now.

  6. The gears of justice grind slowly…unless it is against you. Then, swiftly and unjustly you are the victim. The liar-in-chief can look the American people straight into the camera and repeat lie after lie without any flinch of conscience. There are clinical terms for this disorder. They have been diagnosed in certain murderers of notoriety. The main thrust of self importance to even some of the documented serial killers had this disorder.

    Obummer has an incurable case (apart from the regenerative heart work of a Holy God) of this disorder. Add to that, the disorder in plastic-osi (madam speaker) and several high ranking congress members and we have serious problems of non-diagnosis to the same disorder. No wonder health care is their main issue their own mental health lacks care.

    The greatest relief our Republic needs at the moment is TRUTH. Truth of Barry Soetero’s origins, truth of his fraud against the people, truth of collusion with his cabinet, his Congressional leaders signing off a non-vetted candidate as their nomination. We’ve been had. Since MONEY is the language most understand. The web site (can’t find it right now) offering a reward of obummer’s background with proof is the way to accelerate the exposure of smoking guns revealing his commie twisted, redistributing, brainwashed ideology. He HATES America. Send him back to INDONESIA. Let the Muslim’s show their affection for him.

  7. Why can’t someone file an Injunction against Obama signing this Health Care Bill until the legalities have been clarified, including his ineligilibility, and rights to sign anything ?

    1. Where would you file it, and what judge would sign it?!?!? Is there one out there that is not “bought and paid for” by Zerobama

  8. The Democrat’s gleeful, lockstep voting for the Government Takeover of America’s Health Care, was a disgusting spectacle beyond any logic, especially when we know that it is filled with corruption, payoffs, RICO activities, fraud, embezzlement, and done with Taxpayer and borrowed trillions of future Taxpayer’s Dollars, against the majority of America’s who clearly demanded otherwise. The truth is that the Democrats don’t care at all about Americas’ Health Care, they only wanted the Power Grab, and in Obama’s case he wants to destroy America ASAP, and convert America to Muslim, and Shariah Law, because al qaeda is within our borders, and winning. We obviously now cannot wait for the 2010 and 2012 elections to correct this, because by then there will not be a Country to correct. WE NEED PATRIOTS to step forward now, and show who this guy really is. I know who he is, but the average American Taxpayer doesn’t know. Where’s our Constitution ?, where’s our Court System ?, where’s our state AG’s and Governors ? Why are we allowing illegal new laws to be written that are totally contrary the constitution, by a usurper, phoney, pretend ,make believe president who really does not have the proper authority to sign anything, but should rather be arrested for high treason. Even if the Courts and others were complicit by their inadvertent laxness when looking at Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whoever, we certainly should now be asking all our Attorney General and Governor in every State, to immediately subpoena all Obama’s sealed records to be presented for public scrutiny. The first ones to do this will be Heroes, and we then will have made a small step towards saving America. To continue to let him hide his birth certificate, school records, law records, passport info, social security, records from the tax paying Americans is unconstitutional and makes anyone continuing to protect him complicit to the downfall of what was once the best nation in the World under God. We should by now be out of our recession, with full recovery to the problem of unemployment, no foreign debt, and with balanced budgets, but of course we are still going max rate in the wrong direction, always at the hands of Democrats. If you don’t get mobilized against this evil, then all will be surely lost. Certainly the guy can talk; and so can the devil !!! what is it about our make believe President telling us 100 lies a day that makes us think that he is trying to do good??? or that he just might eventually follow through with just one of his promises. If we keep letting this happen Obama won’t just have a tree ornament of Mao Zedong on his Christmas tree as in 2009, he will have full 20 foot portraits of Mao hanging in the White House, and he will then appoint Ahmadi-Nejad, Hugo Chavez and Putin as his latest Czars. Then we might as well paint the White House black, because we will only see dark days in hell from now on. This is no joke, it is unbelievably serious. GOVERNORS, ATTORNEY GENERALS; LETS GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD, anything short of your subpoenaing Obama’s sealed records can only lead to Civil War, and Outright Rebellion by America’s Taxpaying Masses. America needs to see who this guy is along with all his fraudulent records, and correct this situation; to do otherwise would be blatantly stupid. IT IS NOW TIME !!!!!.

    1. Bob, I think everyone needs to call their reps and demand action. Also, I intend to go to their websites and send them your letter. This is pure treason.

    2. Bob, excellently written! No American can ever criticize the Germans for letting Hitler incrementally gain the power he attained, and doing the damage he did, when all indications are that Obama is doing the exact same thing on this continent –while America sleeps. Ignorance and inertia are, indeed, permitting History to repeat itself!

    3. Bob that was the best letter I have seen in a long time! It asks every question needed to be asked of all our states leaders and those that would have any “delegated” power to do something about this that wasn’t on board the Long legged Mack Daddy runaway train. I also would like to use your letter in asking my state leaders the same thing. It is written so that there is no mistaking what is being asked. And it demands an answer!

      I think anyone who loves this country and holds our constitution as the law of the land as is, should be asking all these questions, loudly and often until we get some really good answers and action following.