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by John Charlton

Janice S. Okubo: detail from a candid photo in the Hawaii Department of Health offices.

(Feb. 11, 2010) — At 10:02 AM, Honolulu time, Janice S. Okubo, the Communications Director for the Hawaii Department of Health, issued a public statement in response to the numerous requests and communications received regarding Obama’s Vital Records and UIPA requests to obtain them.

The Post & Email has extensively covered the activities of the Hawaii Department of Health and that state’s Attorney General’s Office in regard to public inquiry into the alleged original vital records of the individual claiming to be “Barack Hussein Obama.”  You can read our past coverage through this link.

Recently, I reported the rumor that Janice S. Okubo had seemingly resigned, due to a very ambiguous statement made by that department’s Director of Human Resources.  Though Okubo has subsequently exchanged emails with me, she has not yet denied the report, but is evidently still in that position.

However, the Director of Communications has honored my request to “speak” with The Post & Email, so that we could publish, unedited, whatever statement she would like to make.

This is her statement, issued today:

The Department of Health is entrusted by the people of Hawai‘i to protect the vital records it maintains.  The Department operates within the confines of the laws that govern state and federal agencies and will continue to do so.  No amount of bullying or spreading rumors and false innuendos will persuade the department or its officials to break the trust of the people, operate outside of the law, or misuse the information it is entrusted to protect.

Janice Okubo
Hawai’i State Department of Health

Please note that in the Hawaiian language the name of the State is spelled “Hawai’i,” which is the common usage locally.

Previous to this statement being issued, I had recommended to Miss Okubo that the Office of Human Resources adopt a policy of denying rumors of resignations, unless other indications were had by that office, as this would greatly assist the public and the press in such circumstances wherein they would attempt to know the current status of officials with the Department.

To say that Okubo feels “embattled” and has issued a statement of “defiance,” I think would put it mildly.

Citizens who would like to demand the release of Obama’s Vital Records are encouraged to sign on to the Hawaii Petition, which asks the State Government to make special intervention to order the Hawaii Department of Health to release them.  You can read that petition through this link.


You can sign that petition through this link:


And you can promote that petition locally, through this link:


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  1. Has anyone ever determined why the dates (July 27, 2009 and October 31, 2008) were chosen to release Dr. Fukino’s Public statements on Obama. Knowing the reason for these chosen dates might prove fruitful.

  2. Jonah,

    Okubo’s response make no sense. Unless the receipts go through Hawaii Department of Revenue. Might want to check. Seems like were getting to Okubo. Let’s keep the pressure and don’t give her an inch.

  3. John I hope you write her back and point out, as we talked about in a previous story, the LAW gives her the authority to release uncertified copies of documents.

  4. I wonder if anyone tried to request info on a person (not obama) & see if they get the same info that the DOH is refusing to release on obama? If this is the case then… the world will know the truth. But even if this does NOT happen… If & when the day comes when the truth comes out, & if obama did lie then, anyone & everyone who who was connected… including the DOH officials, Democratic Party members, Politicians, etc… should be prosecuted convicted then jailed…. period!! NO exceptions!!


    Mr. Charlton replies: Look, Dr. Fukino already said that Obama was a “natural-born American citizen”, words evidently chosen to signify that he is eligible to hold the office of president; if she does not issue a public statement stating that is not what she intended to signify, she probably will get life imprisonment for conspiracy to overthrow the Constitutional form of governement we have; and all who conspired with her in this. And for treason, there is no statute of limitations.

    I frankly believe, however, that Dr. Fukino was cajoled by someone to say those words, and has not the foggiest idea of the legal quagmire she’d been put in: because Obama always throws others under the bus to defend himself, that has been his modus operandi since running for Illinois Senate…

    1. Fukino may very well have been cajoled. But at this point she is a pawn. But in the opening moves of a chess game its the pawns who are traded, compromised and sacrificed. Fukino is stonewalling – now. But her public statements have opened the door. She may mave been talked into (or other cooersion tactic) to make unsolicited but politically valuable statements that are in conflict with her current stance. But another pawn has spoken. – Gibbs and his statement “its on the internet”. Fukino and the entire DOH should use Gibbs quipp to exit this situation by claiming that the record(s) are in the public domain and no harm can come from confirming at least the details of the ‘internet COLB’. The problem is that if the records matched the artificial internet images they probably would have already done this. So they probably are sitting on powder keg and trying figure out how get best seated for the inevitable explosion.

    2. I 100% agree on the “cajoled” part. The question that Fukino and company should have to answer is: “Who asked them to issue the statements and why?” And, if they will not answer (which they won’t), is “why won’t they answer?” This has nothing to do with “protecting the vital records it maintains” ….. instead, it is about protecting someone or something from unwanted further scrutiny. So please, do not talk about the breaking the trust of the people …. that is already very much broken.

  5. Remember that the OFFICIAL spokesman (Gibbs) for the office of the President of the United States provided the following response when asked if the Certification of Live Birth will be release said – “its on the internet”. That statement from an official of the White House staff, in fact, the official press secretary would seem to acknowledge that the document and the information in the document are fully in the public domain and that they COMPLETELY ENDORSE them. Based on this there can be no reason the state of Hawai’i should not release certified copies of the same document. ANY and ALL expectation of privacy would appear to be completely waived by Mr. Gibbs statement. It is a formal acknowledgement, acceptance and endorsement of this document as a publicly available document.

    Donofrio made a statement in regards to the actions of the DOH but the same statement applies to the White House. “You can not use the same statement as a sword and a shield.” The White House has used the “Internet COLB” as a sword. The Hawai’i DOH and Obuko have no right to shield this document.

  6. I’m definitely not saying the DOH and OIP are operating in the best interest of the public that feeds them.

    I’m just saying the buck stops with Obama. He’s the one that asked us to entrust him with our lives and our children’s lives.

    Only a POS would be so smug yet hide behind his mommy’s skirt.

  7. In regard to Barrack Obama’s COLB posted on the internet and UIPA requests:

    I made a Hawaii UIPA request to the Hawaii DOH for the receipts that accompanied all requests issued during June 2007, for records pertaining to the child born to Stanley Dunham on August 4, 1961. I explained the child’s surname may be Dunham, Obama or Soetoro. June 6, 2007 is the date stamped on the Obama COLB posted at
    http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_the_usa.html .

    An “OFFICIAL RECEIPT” accompanies requested records from the Hawaii Department of Health and reveals WHO made the request and the DATE of the request as well as the NAME OF THE REGISTRANT and the REGISTRANT’S PARENTS. It would show if the REGISTRANT’S NAME IS DUNHAM, OBAMA OR SOETORO. Usually, birth records are only released through requests from parents or siblings so IF there was a request, Barack Obama probably made it.

    After several email exchanges, I was stunned by Janice Okubo’s last response:

    “Receipts for payments are issued to the requestor when the order for a certified copy has been filled. The department does not retain a copy of the receipt. It is printed and given to the requestor. Therefore, the department does not have a record responsive to your request.”

    I hesitate to say she is lying but aren’t’ there laws that require government agencies to retain records of all transactions issued through their department? I received family members’ Hawaii COLBs in 2008 and my own receipt from the Hawaii DOH has a date and a “Receipt Nmbr”, 2008-xxxxxx . (my number omitted for privacy) A receipt number indicates some kind of tracking system, don’t you think?

    But IF the DOH could verify that Obama’s COLB is valid don’t you think they would? And IF what Okubo says is true, THERE IS NO WAY THE HAWAII DOH CAN CONFIRM THAT THEY OFFICIALLY ISSUED Obama’s INTERNET COLB. It could be a fake as many suspect.

    Obama needs to come up with HIS “Official Receipt” to prove his COLB is authentic. Or present the document for forensic examination. If it is a fake then Barack Obama committed fraud against the citizens of the U.S.

    Is fraud a high crime or misdemeanor; perhaps justification for impeachment?


    Mr. Charlton replies: Jonah, can you remember when you made this UIPA request? Email me…through our contact form at the top of the page…

    As for your final question, yes, Fraud to obtain the presidency is a high crime, since it attacks the integrity of the entire governement and suborns the rights of all voters.

  8. Pure bunk!

    Unilaterally issuing public statements on their website to further the Obama narrative (ambigous – truths or half-truths?), consulting with the state attorney general behind the scenes about a “native” born citizen (oh, practicing constitutional law on the side as well), denying UIPA requests while ignoring their own rules, hiding behind thinly-veiled rationale, etc. … I say let the world continue to shine a light on their activities and expose them for what they are.

    How could anyone, based on their actions to date, possibly think that they would “break the trust of the people, operate outside of the law, or misuse the information.” How indeed, Miss Okubo?

    Okubo says that the DOH “is entrusted by the people of Hawai‘i to protect the vital records it maintains.” It seems to me that their sole interest is in trying to protect the Obama narrative. Let the truth come out whatever it is. Let’s hope that Okubo is forced to explain someday how her actions have been “within the confines of the laws that govern state and federal agencies” – preferably under penalties of perjury before a federal grand jury. Let’s see how that story looks then. /Lizard

  9. John,

    How can anybody have their identity protected when they are using a fake ID themselves?

    How can the Governor of Hawaii deny access to Obama’s birth certificate by authority granted pursuant to Section 338-18 of the Revised Statues, a provision her office claims is to prevent identity theft…
    when licensed private investigators have said that Obama has used numerous social security numbers and the one he is using now was issued in CT, a state where he never lived?

    “Probably the most telling evidence of fraud is the fact that the social security number most commonly used by Obama from 1981 until now is a number issued in the state of CT to an individual born in 1890. According to licensed investigators Susan Daniels and Neil Sankey Obama has used numerous different SS numbers that belonged to deceased individuals and numbers that were never issued. 39 such numbers were used according to National Databases, none of which were issued in HI.”

    In light of the fact that Ms. Nagamine has indicated that Hawaii’s Attorney General’s office will not corroborate Dr. Fukino’s statement declaring “Obama Hawaiian-born and a “natural-born American citizen”, could this be used as a wedge to re-address the issue with the Governor’s office and seek clarification?
    Could Ms. Nagamine be asked if Gov. Lingle can hide behind Section 338-18 if evidence to social security number fraud can and/or has been submitted to both the AG and Governor’s office?

    How can anybody have their identity protected when they are using a fake ID themselves?

    Since Obama posted a forged COLB, that in and of itself should deny Obama the right to deny access to his records at the DOH. But how could the State of Hawaii afford identity protection to someone violating: The felony fraud provisions of the Title II
    programs found in 42 U.S.C. § 408(a)(1)-(8)
    of the Act.

    • forging or falsifying SSA documents;
    • using a Social Security Number (SSN)
    obtained on the basis of false information or
    falsely using the SSN of another person, for
    the purpose of obtaining or increasing a
    payment under Social Security or any other
    federally funded program, or for any other
    • making or causing to be made a false
    statement or representation of a material fact
    for use in determining rights to Social
    Security benefits, Medicare, Supplemental
    Security Income, or Black Lung benefits

    “The Ninth Circuit has held that an alien’s use
    of a false SSN to further otherwise legal conduct
    is not a crime of “moral turpitude.”
    Beltran-Tirado v. Immigration and Naturalization
    Serv., 213 F.3d 1179, 1184 (9th Cir. 2000).

    How can it be legal conduct if it is a false SSN?

    Did Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle verify that Barack Obama was born there?

    Never give up until you get to the TRUTH.

    George Orwell:
    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    John Trapp:
    “Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy.”

    Pixel Patriot

    1. Besides the obvious criminal implications of using multiple fake ssn’s, could we tie it in to the birth certificate question? Was using fake ssn’s not just a choice, but a necessity by virtue of problems obtaining a real one?

  10. It’s horrible that Obama won’t end her/their nightmare of having to cover for him.

    He makes the little guy/gal jump through hoops to cover for him because he is weak and small. He uses people, it’s SO GROSS.

    Ultimately, this is all Obama’s fault.


    Mr. Charlton replies: Seeing that Dr. Fukino has discretionary authority to release all the information on the original vital records [cf. H.R.S. 338-18(d)], as I mentioned in my recent letter to Miss Okubo, it is well nigh impossible for an impartial observer to exclude consideration that the Department of Health officials have received some sort of promise or threat from Obama, which is obliging them to NOT use their discretionary authority to completely authenticate or debunk his birth story claims.

    As I believe there is sufficient material evidence to suppose that the purported original vital records lack the evidentiary quality to prove Obama’s claims, not to mention that they most likely would prove he is not a NBC, by confirming that his father was a British subject or that he himself was originally claimed to be born overseas; the continued stalling by the Department of Health, by claiming to follow the minutia of Hawaii Law, while aiding and abetting thereby the usurpation of the Presidency and the theft of trillions of dollars from the National Treasury, makes it impossible not to find fault with their supposed ethics.

    It’s the proverbial “straining of gnats” and “swallowing of Camels,” that Our Lord Jesus Christ denounced 2000 years ago; but maginfied in its malice and indifference a thousand-million fold!

    LET ME MAKE IT QUITE CLEAR TO HAWAII OFFICIALS: Your ethical duty requires, that in a matter of a very public claim of possessing a document issued by your office, that you disclose the originals and all supporting material to either confirm entirely or disauthenticate in part or wholly the said claim. This applies to any government authority. There is no obligation to protect privacy interests, where all privacy intersts have be waived by such a disclosure. To continue to claim to be observing HI Laws in this regard, is a complete legal farce of epic proportions, which no lawyer with any integrity would defend in court!

    Rather, it is your duty as public officials, to uphold the integrity of the trust placed in you and authenticate or debunk such a claim, made in regard to the disclosure of any claimed govt. document.